“HOPE,CHANGE,STABILITY” 2009 Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini has this report on the OX enters for more mayhem in 2009 http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/95628. and it has been a year too where the Rat has played its significant part in the political Tsunami of 308.

The ox is unlikely to bring about effective reform or drastic change in governance at federal level, especially in teasing out the tangle of powers in the executive, legislature and judiciary, despite ongoing token efforts.

The quality of life is expected to erode further – social ills, contagious diseases, environmental pollution, ‘man-made’ natural disasters, corruption, poor enforcement and crime will prevail.Abuse of power, neglect of human rights and absence of free expression will persist through the year.

Audie 61 and its crew however would like to wish all its readers,well wishers,supporters,friends,allies and also the administrative staff of Malaysiakini a year of  “HOPE,CHANGE and STABILITY”. We do hope that due to the rise in unemployment there will be hope of jobs elsewhere for some and that social unrests will be checked and the country will be free from any racial breakdown.

2009 will provide a lot of challenges as the country will be facing a downturn and its up to each and everyone of us Malaysians to ride the storm. WE WILL OVERCOME and MALAYSIA BOLEH!! Have a BLESSED YEAR AHEAD….

PKR “Adopted Son..?””Adoption..?”Mockery..!!

Never mind the “Gossips” but the reality of the ban of the Kedah MP Gobalakrishnan took another turn when PKR President was interviewed by a local daily on the report which appeared in Malaysiakini which had this http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/95542 Entry Ban”Adopted son Gobala a local”

PKR Hulu Rajang division chief Frankie Manjah Bedindang, a former ‘wali kota’ or mayor of the Upper Rajang town of Kapit, told Malaysiakini that Gobalakrishnan went through the rituals, also called the miring ceremony, as part of the traditional Iban adoption process.

Gobalakrishnan was subsequently was given the name, Jugan Jugah, at the June 16 ceremony which was conducted in Tuai Rumah Jugah longhouse, Ulu Sut, witnessed by residents of the 30-door community.

James Masing when interviewed said,”“It’s rather unusual for a grown up man to be legally adopted by an Iban family. I would love to see the adoption papers. I hope this MP isn’t trying to pull a fast one on my community then his act is a mockery of Iban customs.A real adoption process is more than just words of the mouth (during the ceremony).” 

In an immediate reply to today’s FRONT PAGE news,PKR Hulu Rajang division chief Frankie Manja Bedindang told Malaysiakini ,” Masing should not just dismiss the adoption of any person by way of Iban tradition and custom because this practice has been entrenched in the adat(general customs) of the Iban community.The traditional adoption of a person was, in fact, included in the ‘Adat Iban 1993′.

Frankie Bedindang however said this,”I do not dispute Masing’s contention it is not a legal adoption in the sense there is no legal documentation. But to us, it is a practice that has been going on for generations among the Iban community. It would be dangerous for the community if an Iban leader were to take the stand that traditional practices were always illegal because of the obvious implications.

It seems that the groundswell is now taking on a different scale. The dayaks awakening has taken another form and they are now using the platform provided for them by PKR. The state BN parties in PBB,SUPP,PRS and SPDP will face testing times ahead. They have gone through worst political scenarios and survived.

 The inroads made by PKR will be not much impact if the penetrations in the dayak hinterland are not solid. It seems that its old wars coming to the fore with different platforms in PRS and PKR (aligned to Larry Sngs faction)mostly and also defunct PBDS. Same old stories to tell, same players in the game and same designated rural areas says a political observor. Who will make it in the next elections.? Will your guess will be as good as mine.? We shall see…Hmmmm…….. 

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“Sarawak’s Gossip of the WEEK”

Malaysiakini reports the headlines of the ‘Top 10 News of 2008 and it has spilled over in Sarawak with some political developments concerning SUPP and PRS.The full report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/95539 Groundbreaking change does not happen overnight, at least not in Malaysia where it takes a special blend of circumstances to rouse people to fury.That process started late last year and spilled over into this year. From then, it was only a matter of time until pent-up frustration burst. And it did.

Of particular interests is the news surrounding the Weeks Gossips is within the Chinese community in Sarawak is “SUPP members in “contact” with DAP” and also fast forward towards the March 2009 reshuffle of State cabinet in that “James Masing is to be dropped as Minister” 

If I may,RPK was saying to the news network Al Jazeera in which he was interviewed,” he clearly said that in his writing the 99 % of the rumours/gossips turns out to be the REAL THING. Are we challenging something which has not happen yet but may happen?

SUPP has been in the news lately with the  recent elections in which not all members are happy with the status quo of the Supreme Council and only 3 new faces,2 of which by virtue of them being the newly elected Youth and Wanita Chief  of the party. The same team will be led by Dr.George Chan(SUPP President) in the impending Sarawak State elections.

Word has it that the rumours started with DAP has “many soldiers BUT not enough top Guns” So the opportunity arises and presents itself to some of the younger set of SUPP leaders and they see it as a WAY OF MAKING THEIR OWN STATEMENT to the SUPP hierarchy. In politics we have to be selfish in order to realise our dreams and this saying is being MAXIMISED and CAPITALISED FULLY  by some. 

It was out in the open yesterday and in some local internet forums and the journalists took advantage of the rumours and questioned the VP of SUPP and also Deputy Works Minister Yong Khoon Seng and he replied,”From where did you hear the rumours..?” When he was further cornered he replied,”Everything is possible is politics.As I look  at it , there may be a possibility (of people jumping party) but the percentage of this possibility is not high now.”

It was reported in a Chinese daily yesterday that the DAP Sarawak chairman Richard Wong had met some SUPP leaders who had expressed interest in joining DAP. A phone call was made by audie61 to Yong’s residence and the daughter Brenda answered,” This will be even better,I’ve joined PKR.” Wouldn’t this make headline news just immediatedly after yesterdays Q & A from the local journalists. She reiterated that ,”In politics there are a lot of speculations and rumours and only the TRUTH PREVAILS”. She even said that my dad is by her side now and these are his words.”he is not joining another party” Surely,as a party man Yong will ensure that SUPP survives whatever crisis and to us its simple,” THE PERSON CAN GO OR LEAVE BUT THE PARTY SURVIVES”

audie61 thanked Brenda for her political views and she said what about the RUMOUR OF JAMES MASING BEING DROPPED in the next reshuffle? huh! seems that the gossips have even reached the SUPP’s VPs daughters ears and the market is really abuzz with this rumour. Even the former legal advisor of PKR called me this morning to check with me on this latest development. Who has been cooking PRS Presidents Name in the Hot Frying Pan? Who is responsible? Why now?

The only reason is that,’more and more PRS members are joining enbloc and leaving the party. This report ,”Jawah Gerang and his supporters join PKR” which can be read HERE.  Today a local chinese daily has the PRS Rejang Basin Divisions of 3000 strong in Nangka,Bawang Assan,Bukit Assek,Pelawan and Katibas in a simple ceremony finally receiving their membership from the Central PKR.  Ngemah PKR assemblyman Gabriel Adit handed over the membership cards to all the successful members through the branch leaders. The question here remains that all these members were all aligned to Larry Sng(Assistant minister In Chief Minister’s Office) and since Larry failed in wresting the Presidency of PRS they have become irrelevant. They have taken the fight outside to PKR meaning,”If you cant fight them from inside fight them from outside.”

Where does this leave Larry? More and more of his LOSING ARMY are joining PKR and the 9th of  January there will be more PRS urban Kuching members joining. Put your THINKING CAPS ON and the solution is easy. Who is Larry Sng? He is the son in law of Ting Pek Kiing and also the son of  Sng Chee Hua. They have been the movers and shakers of not only Sarawak Politics but also Malaysian Politics.

The chinese saying has this,” When you are astride a tiger you are very powerful and very few people dare face you unless in an act of respect. But once you get tired and decide to get off the tiger,then you are eaten alive in an instant.The bottom line of course is ,once you are astride a tiger and in this particular case not one but two,you must never get off. You need to ride the tiger until you die or unless you decide otherewise by resigning. Your guess is as good as mine on how Masing’s fate will be.

CM Taib will not be drawn now into facing another angry tiger in the horizon. He needs to keep all his tigers in check and he knows how also to pacify the President of PRS. These are all hearsays of  James Masing is going to be dropped as he is after the Ketua menteri Sarawak Posts. The CM after 27 years in power knows what is coming and he has even survived the Ming Court 1987 revolt which was against his uncle Tun Abdul Rahman. This time its the Pakatan Machinery with Anwar Ibrahim going after his position and the State.

Any truth in the rumours then? The Top News in Malaysiakini has, ” When Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced the dissolution of the Parliament on Feb 13, many BN politicians thought that the 12th general election would see the ruling coalition retaining its two-thirds majority in Parliament.

However, Malaysians decided otherwise on March 8 after a 13-day campaign, and deprived BN of its majority in the House. The opposition won 82 out of 222 parliamentary seats, with an all-time high of 31 seats for PKR, 28 for DAP and 22 for PAS.Equally devastating for them was that opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat won four states and retained Kelantan – all of it contributing to BN’s worst results in electoral history.

Will Najibs takeover in March be a boost for the ruling governement and the Sarawak State  Governement? Time will tell, as we know the mindset of Sarawak voters are not going to change overnight. Even the world faces a crisis and a credit crunch, Sarawakians are still able to manage and will not just easily influenced into making RASH DECISIONS.

The RUMOURS will go on and this is the way POLITICS is in Sarawak……..Brenda did say,”Let the TRUTH PREVAIL.”

PKR SARAWAK ‘Working as a TEAM”

Sarawak reports on PKR,SUPP and Anwar Ibrahim taken over the leadership of State chairman has really caught on with the younger set of voters in Sarawak. Malaysiakini for the past week has had many reports and one amongst which has drawn the BN Sarawak leaders into a frenzy is this http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/95428 headlined Anwar Ibrahim has been appointed PKR’s state chief for both Sabah and Sarawak – the two frontline states for the opposition party.

Baginda Minda the outspoken (former PRS Information chief of Baleh) called audie61 at 4.35pm and the first words were,”PKR SARAWAK IS NOW WORKING AS A TEAM” and not as reported in the local tabloid which is trying to create a bridge of MISTRUSTS and to start a FEUD amongst the PKR leaders in Sarawak. Of course, before the appointment was made various PKR Sarawak executive members were consulted and the decision was only arrived at after A LENGTHY MEETING AND AGREEMENT.

Baginda said,” When Kelantan was in problem didn’t PM Abdullah headed as Director of Operations.?” Isn’t there any capable leaders then and you need someone from Penang? Whats the difference if Anwar takes over as he will oversee that all matters are looked into and solved amicably and if we wrestled the State( Beginda said) the CM will be a local and that’s 100 %. That is why there is a COMMANDER in Chief , Generals,Liuetenants,Captains and Soldiers in War time continued Baginda and PKR Sarawak is now working as a TEAM. 

The whole story unfolded as one can read through this link in the local tabloid. The Headline reads,”No way Pakatan can take over the State Gov’t” George Chan. In another interesting twist a young Iban graduate of 44 years old has set his mind on taking on the seat of N15 Muara Tuang(14303) in which the incumbent is the brother of CM Taib. He was making known to a number of PKR Sarawak leaders that this will offer a very CHALLENGING CHANGE and whether the Sarawak multi racial theme would see PKR Sarawak making the impossible happen by winning comfortably. It represents the mindset of the younger generation and he knows besides BN and Pakatan the people will look at genuinely harworking candidates now. TIMES HAVE CHANGED and these words were also echoed to audie61 by Beginda.

George Chan should keep to his words says Beginda and not lead the party to another disastrous outing in the next elections. He should have made way and now Beginda calls him the “LAST EMPEROR OF SUPP”  as previous Chairmans of SUPP in Stephan Yong and Wong Soon Kai has also fallen.Sih Hua Tong the youth chief was also lambasted by Beginda as he says PKR Sarawak is not like before now we are a TEAM and we will let our Commander in chief know what are the underlying peoples problems and solve them. He said,'(Sih) should have just kept his mouth shut as Anwar was a former DPM and who is Sih? 

Is this the statement that has send shivers down the spines of BN leaders as reported in Malaysiakini.?  “Recognising that the welfare of Sabah and Sarawak has long been sidelined by the Barisan Nasional government, the selection of Anwar as the state liaison chairperson is the right move to ensure a change occurs as well as to show PKR’s commitment in championing the struggles of the people – from Perlis to Sabah and Sarawak,” said party president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.  

The groundswell is really building up for the last PKR Political roadshow on the 9th of January in Kuching before the serious political PKR machinery steps into the BN heartland. Many of the incumbent BN YBs are not taking it lightly as they know that no matter what they do if the PEOPLE  ARE TUNED FOR CHANGE there will be some SHOCK WAVES. Political Propaganda are very strong powerful tools that will strike the very bones of the people and BN is only too wary of all these. Even the Gobalakrishnan ban to Sarawak as this report suggests  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/95516 is the talk of the town now and the SUPP Chairman has now even thrown his name into the oil pan. Will this create a chorus of replies from PKR..?

Anwar WHY YOUR KEDAH MP stepped on YOURS TRULY LAH….ref Malaysiakini

What is there to dispute..? Its like MP Gobalakhrisnan has suddenly wokened up the tiger and made it very, very, very, ANGRY. Even in this Malaysiani report,” Having visited Sarawak many times, Gobalakrishnan said he did not face any problems with the state immigration until this week.The full report  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/95516.

There seems to be a sudden change of mind on the hospitality shown as he said the state government had invited him to attend the Gawai Day celebrations in June. Even last week he was in Lubok Antu helping the locals in their Christmas preparations.

The only seemingly justifiable answer is that ,”GOBALAKHRISNAN has irk the Sarawak State Government and the state secretary has instructed the immigration officers to stop the MP from entering. This will be down to Anwar as opposition leader and PKR Sarawak chairman to deliberate the matter in Parliament in February.

The most obvious reason for now is that according to Gobalakhrisnan in the Malaysiakini report is that,”he was kicked out of the state because the opposition is increasingly becoming a threat to the Sarawak government and for his speech in Parliament attacking long-time Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud.

Do we need to say more..? One can cry foul until the sun rises and sets but the fact is that he is banned from entering the State. This will certainly kick up a political storm but I’m sure the BN hierarchy knows how to handle the situation. But for now,a solution needs to be found around the problem and its of no use whatsoever for the MP to be agitated or fuming. REMEMBER SARAWAK HAS 30 MPS and the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO LISTEN TO US. Do you need further clarifications..? The numbers are on Sarawaks side.

Malaysiakini report on PKR Assemblyman BAN is “HOT NEWS”

The local tabloids even quoted ,”a news portal Malaysiakini played up the issue since Dec 24,the latest being a claim that Sarawak may use its immigration powers to deny entry to more Peninsular Malaysia based politicians,including de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim in the face of what is seen as growing local support for the opposition.”

PBB Vice President Daud Abdul Rahman was quoted as saying this MP Gobalakrishnans no-entry as an “isolated case” and that the government has even allowed personalities like Anwar and Lim Kit Siang to enter. The headlines in the local tabloids,”ANWAR,LIM’s VISITs to SARAWAK show State Gov’t not SCARED” and also ‘DIRECTIVE TO DENY ENTRY FROM STATE SECRETARIAT”

Daud when told of the MPS denial into the State by the State Secretariat he said he was in the dark.”I don’t know.I was not in the picture.But then again it’s up to the discretion of the immigration department.”

The MP Gobalakrishnan according to political sources have irked the CM Taib and his family as he touched on infrastuctural development particularly that of Kapit and of Hulu Rejang,corruption,oil royalty and NCR(native customary land) in Parliament.

The debate http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/95475 which can be read might also be a part in the ban of Gobalakrishnan. Do we need to put our THINKING CAPS on for this political saga? Seems that the officer in immigration department had it all along with the directive from the State,”Tuan bukan rakyat Sarawak,tidak berhak untuk masuk Sarawak ke Sarawak tanpa permit atau pas Akta Imigresen 1959-1963″ …(You are not a citizen of Sarawak and are not eleigible to enter Sarawak without a permit or immigration pass)…

The MP said that although the Immigration Department had refused him entry by virtue of Section 66(1) of the Immigration Act 1959,he claims that the state could not simply use its autonomy on any immigration on any MP. He also claims that by virtue of Section 66(1)(c) no member of any convention in the country should be prevented from entering Sarawak or even Sabah. By “convention” he meant any MP or State assemblymen in Malaysia because these are members of a “convention” like Parliament and State legislative assemblies.

Meanwhile Tian Chua the PKR information chief  had some words on this subject,”that he could not agree with the denial of entry of an MP just because he is from the opposition.How can that be when we are living in a democratic country and that in itself is an abuse of power.” 

It is getting serious as when we wrote earlier of  another MING COURT 1987 OF A REVERSE VERSION where the Dayaks are playing the puppet game on the surface but striking it hard quietly as they advance from their rural base.

 It seems that BN Sarawak has woken up and putting their foot down and will not tolerate anymore accusations and allegations hurled at them.Would Pakatan have done the same..? One wonders but I’m sure it will be by a different way,methods and approach.That we to live long enough to see it happen if ever in Sarawak. Sulaiman ,the deputy minister of  Tourism has even warned Gobalakrishnan that he intends to finish off PKR in Sarawak and this was made known to Malaysiakini by the Kedah MP. 

audie61 received a lot of calls enquiring of who is joining PKR in January 9th at the function. Its a lot of hearsay(speculations) at the moment and just like 916 it might just not materialise. Take Wong Judat’s case for instance and the assemblyman was supposed to open the floodgates for more BN Aduns and MPs to join in the bandwagon.

BN YB Names such as Aaron Dagang,Billy Abit,Richard Riot,Tike Lafe,Alex Linggi,Yong Khoon Seng has all been used and thrown out in the open but so far”HAVE THEY JOINED PKR..?” No,no,no, and you ask yourself these simple question..? If the mathematics is right they would all have just WALKED ACROSS THE PARLIAMENT FLOOR.” Winston Churchill did that and WHY NOT THEM..??  Immediatedly BN would be the opposition right…correct me if I am wrong..

The comforts of the ruling government is far greater than the enticement of being in the opposition. The legislators know that only the PEOPLE can change them and that is through the BALLOT BOXES. The rests of the “hear-says’ ‘Concepts” “speculations” and “rumours” are all POLITICAL PROPAGANDA AND GIMMICKS.  

Gabriel Adit  joining PKR what is the BIG DEAL..? He is after all partyless and an independant who defeated Alexander of Parti Rakyat Sarawak at the last elections. Will he be able to withstand it this time round..? Of course,there were also “rumours only” then at the last elections that SPDP boys were assisting Gabriel and also unseen PRS members in Ngemah area. Another State elections and another BALL GAME APPEARS and BN will not just sit and watch Sarawak succumb to the tremors or tsunami that hit Peninsular Malaysia. 

Humans are afterall “creatures of habit” and that in itself is enough to see through the HABITS OF SARAWAK VOTERS whereby the State of Sarawak REMAINS a bastion for BN. No matter how HOT it gets the  FLAMES will be doused down when the TIME OF RECKONING  is upon us. I will say it again and not for the first time that the Malay/Melanau areas are the ones that Pakatan needs to work on and not the dayak majority areas. 

Still, of course one would say,”BELUM CUBA,BELUM TAHU…....”

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Sarawak ‘A New Battlefield” for PKR

Malaysiakini reports today highlighted the “ban of PKR N Gobalakrishnan ” of him entering the State of Sarawak. Lim Kit Siang said it was reminiscence of his ban 30 years ago. The full text of the report can be read http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/95469. Malaysiakini correspondent said,”the state government may use its immigration powers to deny entry to more Peninsula-based politicians, including PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, in the face of what is seen as growing local support for the opposition. When one plays up a statement like “may use its immigration powers”  this in itself is stirring up political  feelings.

On November 4th we mention that there are “PUPPET and the PUPPET MASTERS” at work and an extract,”the BN needs to really address the situation before it gets out of hand. Why..? BN must not be in DENIAL MODE anymore and says that the tsunami 308 will not occur in Sarawak. From the ground it seems that most Dayaks are looking at Beginda’s outburst with not only CURIOSITY but another MING COURT 1987 OF A REVERSE VERSION where the Dayaks are playing the puppet game on the surface but striking it hard quietly as they advance from their rural base.

 Even Dominique Ng (ADUN for Padungan) told “Malaysiakini today that while he appreciates the importance of the special provision in the Immigration Act resulting from the 1963 agreement in the formation of Malaysia to protect the interests of Sarawakians from being swarmed by workers from other parts of the country, the action against Gobalakrisnan was however politically-motivated.

Of course,this Christmas the dayak opposition leaders have gone down on the ground and trying to woo more dayak youth intellectuals and graduates to join PKR. Ming Court was headed by Tun Abdul Rahman and he is the uncle of Taib. But this time the word is Anwar Ibrahim is the Chairman of PKR Sarawak and they intend to see the end of Taibs rule. Timely one should say as the announcement was made just before Christmas. There is a lot of merrymaking in the longhouses no doubt BUT the latest in political developments are also being shared.

Anwar has made his move and Sarawakians sees that its a growing up process,” 21 years LATER AND THE ADULT HOOD KEY” is given to them on a platter. Time to forget the dayakism but look at multiracial concept and this is being capitalised. The dayaks say that they will deliver the seats as they did in 1987 but the Malay/Melanau seats are the ones that needs to be wrestled or it will be another percentage figure “IF ONLY”. 36 seats is the magical number to win the simple majority and this figure is attainable says a number of seasoned politicians. The wave is imminent and these words from a Dayak PKR member to audie 61.”ABOI CHAI BRO.” has got the feel of “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE and EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE” 

Even Gobalakrishnan said to Malaysiakini he later met Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud’s son Sulaiman who is deputy tourism minister, in the Parliament lobby.

According to Gobalakrishnan, the deputy minister had warned him that he (Sulaiman) would finish off PKR in Sarawak.
Sulaiman, who took over the parliamentary seat of Samarahan from his father at the March 2008 elections, was said to have been angered by the PKR MP’s remarks about his family-controlled business group, CMS, in Parliament.

So what is to be read into all this sudden political developments in Sarawak? The 9th of January 2009 is another date jotted down where more than 2000 it is believed PRS urban members aligned to Larry Sng(Assistant Minister in CMs office) will leave BN and join PKR according to an informed source. There were also calls for them to join another component BN party in SPDP but this failed to convinced them.  There will be “SUPRISES” this time round we will not disappoint the PKR members where Wong Judat  ADUN  Meluan was supposed to join in Miri but aborted his plans. A new Battleground it will be, but for now lets just usher in 2009 in  5 days time first as the state elections are not due for another 875 days.

Malaysiakini Wishing You and Your staff “Merry Christmas”

On behalf of audie61 and the crew we would like to wish all your staff a Happy and Blessed Christmas. We would be back on the 26th and we hope that everyone will drive carefully and safely on the road.

We would also like to wish all our readers,supporters,allies and friends a wonderful time this Christmas and thank you all for your continued support.

SUPP Chairman responds to Malaysiakini report

Supp Chairman Dr. George Chan has strongly denied that his party has failed to highlight the plight of the dayak community as claimed by a blogger in Malaysiakini.

Dr.Chan said as far as SUPP was concerned,we have never neglected the interests of our Dayak members as welll as the Dayak community in general.Dr,Chan went on to say that ,”in any planning and implementation of its programmes,there was no need for SUPP to mention specifically this project is for this race..that project is for that race..as he believes that would veer from the party’s multi racial stance. 

The report carried by Malaysiakini portal was highlighted this morning in an english tabloid and this has caught the imagination of the general public at large.  SUPP seems to be facing the anger and frustrations of this dayak blogger site and the press has capitalised on it. More issues will be highlighted and the opposition parties in DAP,PKR and SNAP will run the gauntlet down on SUPP.

The full report in Malaysiakini http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/95284 “Ignoring the interests of the Dayaks can be fatal to the party’s survival more so when the opposition is making major inroads into the rural areas,’ It also adds judging by the results of the last state elections, Supp’s position appeared to be shaky in constituencies where Dayaks form a sizeable number of voters and he wondered if the party can continue to ignore the interest of the Dayaks.

This statement in particular leaves a lot to be desired,”Supp leaders and members were discussing ways and means on their battle plans for the next state elections, especially in recapturing the eight seats which it lost the last time around.”

audie61 has highlighted in our earlier posting ,”even before the battle gets underway for the next State Elections, the referee has blown the final whistle for SUPP in the Kuching area to wrestle the lost seats back . It made all the Chinese tabloids and it is headline news and the POLITICAL DAMAGE IS IMMENSE

According to a political pundit SUPP would be better of swapping seats with the other BN component parties in PRS,SPDP and PBB and make it a really component consensus to help each other during their hour of need. There has been much talk that Padungan seat currently held by PKR Assemblyman Dominique Ng will be the surprise package and as one BN member would say,”IF PKR WANT CHANGE,WE WILL GIVE THEM CHANGE”

The battles have begun for the State elections and SUPP has been taken to task. It will get fiercer and more politicised if SUPP does not  clamp it  down. Its all in SUPP’s hands and Dr.Chan know it………

“DAP and PKR” making Inroads in Sarawak

Oooh..!! ‘Kakus’ you better watch out we are coming. It seems that this Chrismas a lot of conversations will be on the inroads made by PKR and DAP into the interior and rural bastion of BN. This Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/95239 in which DAP largely seen as Chinese-based and Chinese-oriented, is moving into Dayak areas in Sarawak. Of course, its not a sudden decision as YB Wong Ho Leng ADUN Bukit Assek, who heads Sarawak DAP, said the plan was approved last month.

Now it seems that DAP is working closely with its partner in PKR as word has it that Anwar Ibrahim defacto leader of PKR will head SARAWAK as Chairman of PKR Sarawak and also oversees the selection of candidates in which DAP/PAS /PKR will go head on with BN Sarawak. There will not be anymore DAP/PKR/BN three cornered fight in any of the constituencies. 

Now the internet will play a bigger role in the decimation of information to the rural areas. It seems that now PKR knows that the information technology will be used to inform the RURAL areas of the CHANGES happening in the world and ensure that the dayaks are no more ignorant of the FACTS.  The TEAM has now looked into this strategy as all PKR information will be downloaded and PHOTOSTATED and DISTRIBUTED into the rural areas. Now with the influx of PKR dayak members into the fold these Valuable information will be an added PLUS. The PKR senior member sounds upbeat after talking to Natasha of audie61. “ALL IS AT A TOUCH OF THE BUTTON AND THE KEYPAD NOW” 

When  Wong said to Malaysiakini more DAP branches will be formed in rural areas in the coming months he is really looking at the bigger picture of working hand in hand not only with PKR/ PAS but also other local opposition parties in SNAP/STAR and yet to be registered MDC.”(This shows that) we are not (merely) content to work in Chinese areas. We are determined to go rural and to see improvement in the lives of all (communities), in particular the economically (challenged) Dayaks.

These areas should have DAP Iban leaders to serve them. They should go for change (by booting out the Barisan Nasional).”Wong said the Iban leaders who addressed the branch meetings had dwelt on a common theme – that the state BN government has neglected their needs.

They also complained about “threats and intimidation by BN leaders” who have dissuaded them from joining opposition parties.

It seems that DAP has made their move and with the thought of Najib using the ‘HONEYMOON” period to call for the GE13 when he takes over as practised by former PM Mahathir and Abdullah, the DAP hierarchy has set their machinery into gear first in Sarawak. There seems to be a lot of activity in the opposition camps as after Anwar, Lim Kit Siang also descended into Miri  last weekend. 

The Pakatan group knows now that their archilles heels are Sarawak with 31 seats and 25 seats Sabah. If the GE 13 is called simultaneously with Sarawak the chances of Anwar and other leaders from the Pakatan group will not be able to lend a helping hand. They will be too involved in protecting and campaigning in their own seats in the Peninsula. 

Will CHRISTMAS COME TOO EARLY for Malaysian Voters next year..? Read into the signals and Kuala Terengganu and Pensiangan  Parliamentary seats will gives us all some indications.  Anyway Sarawak elections are due to be called in 879 days. Will being too early backfire..?? 

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