“DAP SARAWAK…Finally and SPDP Whispers..??”

The smses have been flying across the cyberspace and the blogsphere has not been spared as news filtered through with the National English main stream coverage of ,” Sarawak’s Voon puzzled at being left out of panel.” 

What are the implications….?? Need we say more as we have covered it quite extensively with our version of ‘Storm Warriors”…The can of worms have been opened up and its up to you all to make your own assessment for now. Has Voon finally caught the imagination of the National DAP Council’s attention?

The following are the postings which culminated in Voon being caught in a corner by the FEROCIOUS WOLVES

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  4. http://voonleeshan.blogspot.com/2009/12/public-reaction-of-my-exclusion-from.html

It seems that Voon is really caught up in the party factional warfare and his exclusion came as NO SURPRISE to the warlords. SPDP meanwhile seems to be facing some disgruntled and unhappy defeated candidates. There is a swirling rumour which according to our preferred sources will take some doing to stop it from hitting the party like a Tidal wave. All legal matters need to be looked into before actions are taken according to the source.

It will take into the New Year 2010 and for us at audie61, the crew and management would like to take this opportunity to wish all our friends,supporters,allies.members,blog buddies and YOU ALL  A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS 2010. Dont forget  to say a little something nice to all the unfortunate people and us in your daily prayers to the ALMIGHTY CREATOR and we look forward to a very meaningful year ahead.

Wolves…”Gracious After Defeat”

In any elections be it NGO elections,party elections, State or Parliamentary elections  our intellectual property(i.e our mind and all its various parts- the Brain will push us and say,”Failure is not an Option.” But if we are defeated usually it leaves us with a bitter taste in the mouth and the question that constantly bombards our mind is,” If Only….

Sometimes its a little too late but in all fairness and truthfulness not always as many before us like Junichiro Koizumi and Winston Churchil have proven to us. They became Prime Ministers of their own countries didnt they..? 

My better half who usually does not meddle in my political life said this after I read the sms from Philip Ngo the defeated Deputy Presidential candidate.”Failure Does Not Mean You End Your Struggle HERE.” Pick up the pieces and come back for more as in the end the truth will prevail. We could sympathise with what Philips wife had to endure after all the threats and abuse the husband has to overcome when she said,”the party does not deserve him’

The sms which was sent to audie61  was very gracious in that it said,” I was surrounded by a pack of Ferocious wolves,I did not flex my muscles and I just smiled and swallowed at what was thrown at me.I thank them for what they have done and I remember what CM Taib said,”Swallow your pride and you will come up on Top”  We pursued the goal of democracy and we paid for it win or lose and for me “I shall return

That is very bold and it also brings me back to  YB Voon Lee Shan who was bitter but gracious and on top of that  he hates factional politics but Loves the Party Most. Voon and Philip though both from different political divides would put the party first before themselves and will not succumb to the “wolves in sheep skins in the party. As former MP Sim Kwang Yang who not only pens for Hornbill Unleashed but also the internet portal  Malaysiakini I quote this especially from his current article,’ We witness how men and women in political parties jostle shamelessly for positions of power without any pretense to any sense of honour

Though mosts of us would do a post mortem and move aimlessly the two defeated candidates in their respective parties have got up and move on. Voon is seen moving around and meeting his people and also surrounding areas and wishing the public “Merry Christmas and also doing what he knows bests “Hands on Politics” Philip even went on to attend to a public function a day after his defeat in the elections. Do we need to push leaders like that.?

Many as we know,read and hear about after losing in elections will seek greener pastures to escape the humiliation of defeat but not these two tough COOKIES.  Know of anyone that does that..?

Its certainly is up to their parties in DAP and SPDP to find the right PLATFORM FOR THEM to serve the public and to ensure that the party stays relevant after the next State Elections. Of course one would say how can we compare both of these man to Junichiro or Churchil..? I will say it again to all of you out there,”Never ever write anyone” off and the former DeputyPrime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is a leading present example in todays Malaysian politics.

Even the Prime Minister Najib had this to say which is covered by Borneo Posts an English daily,” Past achievements, successes and good track records of the Barisan Nasional (BN) cannot be used by the coalition as a yardstick to measure the people’s feeling towards it in any future elections.“Today people want to know what BN can do for them in the future, therefore, the coalition’s future plans will determine BN’s fate in the future.”

Isn’t this statement strong enough? Do we need to push ourselves? What does this tell the YBS or MPs from both the political divides.? One can cheat the people once ot twice but not all the TIME and forever always…Wonder how many defeated legislators are as gracious after defeat and in recent GE308 Kho Tsu Koon Gerakan President was very gracious I must say and salutations to him for that.

The party elects and the party can discard but the President of SPDP stands tall especially with his statement,”that they will be no disciplianary action against those who who challenge the Presidents lineup,”Menu or Chai Tua” He also called all members to place the partys interests first before self and also to observe party solidarity and unity. 

Our sources also told us that Mawan does not read blogs but for SPDP to stay relevant its time his aides do it for him and ensure that he stays on top of the political  game. We know for a fact that the CM is a very well informed man and he knows what is going on the ground to the higher echelons of Malaysian and World politics.   

Its time to move on to the next chapters in their political lives and one should remember the “wolves’ are always n the prowl and waiting for the next victim. Dont be caught during FULL MOON. Aaahhhhhhhh Woooooooo !!!

201 to 66

The sms from an insider that came at 18.35 pm from the counting centre reads,” 201 to 66 Nyarok retains  Deputy Presidency of SPDP.” Just then another sms came in from our privelege source and it read,” We did not make it but we won a moral victory. To all the supporters tq  for your support.

A political analyst telephoned audie61,” If Nyarok is not supported fully behind by Tiong King Sing it could have gone either way. It also shows that the Supreme council lineup mosts of the people can be considered/aligned to  Tiong. It just shows that he is still a major player in the party affairs and with him at the helm SPDP will need not worry too much as he has got so much influences ” 

Meanwhile one of Nyaroks close aide sent an sms ,”Thank you very much for your all your help and assistance” while Philip who also sent in an sms ,’ I am relief and rejoicing.I have done my part for the people.I hope this will enhance change. The Party has won and congratulations again to Nyarok.”  A SC member also said ,’what a relief to have retained my position…Pheeew” 

SPDP has completed its TGA and next in the BN Sarawak coalition will be PBB followed by PRS. The party will look forward to a good outing in the next state elections due to be held in 2011.


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  • Anwars”Political Whirlpool” Voon and Philip….??”

    Never write anyone off. The Malaysian political landscape has changed dramatically ever since 308 and this is due to the persistence of Anwar Ibrahim in his quests to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. The title he has so far from it all is only “Opposition Leader” in Parliament and to his inner circles as  “PRIME MINISTER IN WAITING”

    audie61 was talking to a senior veteran PBB member who said that there might be changes in PBB in the next delegates conference scheduled and slotted to be held in March. Even the status quo of SPDP is being challenged and this is due to the part of the young being hot blooded and demanding to see some changes in the upper echelon of the BN parties. This seems to be the signal that is being used by the older disgruntled and sidelined members to push the “young and dangerous’ to step in the political whirlpool.

    Once you are thrown in there is no point of return. The “shining stars” will have to protect their own with their own group of tough and dedicated “machais’ and its not always so smooth sailing. The President of SPDP is trying to protect the party with a “status quo’ and so will the other BN component parties like PBB,PRS and SUPP. But will this come at a price?    At least it seems some SPDP grassroot members are making their intentions known. 

    The veteran politician equates it very simply to a “harmless knife”. Anwar was harmless in UMNO but when he was pushed to a corner and after spending 10 years in the wilderness he has come back with the knife ready to slit the throats that has harmed him. Is he succeeding?

     The people in the corridors of power are so afraid of their own shadows and they are using all methods,strategies and non existence political ways to ensure Anwar  does not even smell the aroma of PUTRAJAYA for his second stint as the top leader in the government of Maalysia.

    Surely, if Anwar cannot succeed so quickly what chances can we give to the deputy Presidential candidate Philip Ngo challenging Peter Nyarok for the deputies posts in SPDP. He says that if Anwar is polishing up the knife to ensure he maks it. A knife is traditionally used for the bests of purposes in our daily living but nowadays we are faced with too many instances where its used for ulterior motives.

    When the very essence of our democratic principles used to run the country is being abused by the warlords in all parties “democracy will reengineer itslf back.” The people can be fooled once or twice but not forever.

    Who is Philip Ngo to have generated a front page talking headlined as compared to Anwar Ibrahim? Has he seen the light that is flicking at the end of the tunnel? Many in the Pakatan fold are still using the Anwar factor to push for their own survival. The next person cannot save you  and you need to be above it all or you get swallowed up.  Its just simply,”share of the spoils”. The whirlpool will never stop in politics and as a DAP assemblyman said to audie61,” I just cant stand factional politics and I always leave it to the people to fight for me.

    Philip has challenged the status quo and the BN parties are looking at it with interests. The floodgates have just being  opened  up and for BN to stay relevant they need to see a change as it re-engineers,re-invent and re-styled. Democracy cannot be compromised and many still forget the very essence on how political parties are formed and they fail to turn to their very own party CONSTITUTION for guidance. Mosts however only look for loopholes to attain and sustain power.

    Anwar and Philip might be miles apart in terms of their political resume and poltical divide but they have breathe fresh air to the political scene in their respective journeys. We have had the Storm warriors in DAP convention two weeks ago and ( check this story out ) now we are seeing the whirlpool making its presence felt in SPDP.

    Wonder if  Najib and Anwar on both political divides are picking up those who are swallowed up by their parties warlords. A good leader knows that those who are the shining stars are always shot down not due to their inabilities but the jealousies of their party comrades and politcal minefields that they stepped on.

    Many have fell by the wayside but in politics we never discount anyone and they will come back and haunt you. Those who are sitting comfortably in their zones will do well not to forget the KNIFE. It’s a politcal whirlpool out there and Philip ,Voon and  Anwar knows bests what their PRINCIPLES AND IDEALS are.  

    Good man will always come back  to restore the equilibrium and the very existence of DEMOCRACTIC GOVERNANCE.

    “In 48 Hours Party Wins Nobody Loses”

    With just 48 hours before the party elections Philip Ngo challenger to Deputy presidents Posts reiterated that “ ITS NOT ABOUT ME,ITS ABOUT THE PARTY.” I have been seen as going against the Status Quo of the Presidents Lists but as he said in the main stream media he told audie61 again its what he believes in and that is for the democratic process to work in all BN parties.

    In the spirit of  Barisan National he says ,”If we just following the “Main Menu” or “Chai Tua” we will be seen as dictatorial and it will not be good for the long run of the BN coalition. Its not against the system as we must uphold what SPDP stands for and that is Sarawak Peoples Democratic Party. The delegates will need to be given the mandate to choose their leaders and if the leaders do not perform or has outlived their usage its time for them to make way.

    Nyarok if he loses will still be an Assistant Minister while for me if I lose I will just go back to my business profession. Nobody loses,the party wins and SPDP will be seen as having an family election held in the spirit of BN. He stressed the mosts important thing is,” I am not someones PROXY but i stand by my ideals and principles and that is for the delegates to CHOOSE THEIR LEADER. This is democracty and for the good of BN in the long run as it re-engineers,rei-nvent and re-stlye itself to face a common enemy in the opposition Pakatan Rakyat.

    He wishes all delegates a fruitful convention and win or lose his heart and soul will be with SPDP and the BN government.  As perceived by many, he wished to make it clear that to Nyarok  ” he has never ever harboured any ill feelings and he has always respected him and for what he has done for the party.

    Win or lose  we will sink and swim with SPDP as it looks forward to the future. This is Mature Politics.

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    “Abuse to Illegal Deputy Minister”

    It seems when BN are really going all out to flush/tree shake those they consider not a “TEAM PLAYER”. Natasha received an sms that PPP.”They are at it again” Stories and details posted soon. 

    On the 24th we covered an article which was “Ministerial Abuse of Power” and now our insiders in PPP are saying that the  infighting has not stopped but has deteriorated. Its farcical as far as they are concern and this article will be capitalised by the opposition. Or has PPP become irrelevant to the Pakatan alliance…?? PPP dreams to once again rise from the ashes however there are obstacles in their way for PPP to be a vital coalition for BN. Its remains a distant dream.

    The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) deems Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Senator T Murugiah to be an “illegal deputy minister” because of his refusal to give up the post although sacked from the PPP in June.

    kayveas hq pc 050609PPP president M Kayveas, however, said he was leaving it to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to determine Murugiah’s position as the senator had refused to give up the post voluntarily despite the appointment coming under the PPP’s quota for ministerial posts.

    Kayveas told this to reporters at the PPP’s Christmas open house held at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) today.

    He added that Murugiah was an ungrateful person in that he did not champion the PPP’s interests but instead used the opportunity to pursue his own political ambitions to become the president of PPP and in doing so tried to “stir trouble” in the party.

    Among the VIPs who attended the open house were Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor and Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Minister Senator Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin.

    “Ministerial Abuse of Power…???”

    A BN supporter said ,”Politics also not stopping for Christmas“. How could it stop as its all over the main stream media and with this headlines too,” Pertandingan satu lawan satu bagi merebut jawatan Timbalan Presiden SPDP itu disahkan oleh Mawan.”

    The elections screening committee is due to meet in two days time and vet through all the contestants but the main agenda will be the “fight for the  Deputy Presidents Posts.” Both candidates election machinery are in full swing and audie61 received an sms at 13.03 pm and after verifications from the source we decided to upload.

    The sms,” We received report from the ground that my honorable opponent  is going round to ask delegates to sign a petition to support him.We are monitoring the situation,should there be any element of ministerialpower abuse we may consider making REPORT TO THE RELEVANT AUTHORITIES.”

    This is a serious matter and the Presidential candidate and our Preferred source in SPDP also concur with Philip Ngo that if there are abuse of power the Candidate must TAKE THE HONOURABLE STEPS AND MEASURES….It’s for you to judge the man himself and we leave it to him.

    Meanwhile an upcoming prominent young lawyer who has an eye for one of the SPDP areas met audie61 and said that that President Mawan shoud just leave his “machais” to do his work especially with the elections as he is seen now being “dictatorial‘ and not democratic. I thought SPDP means ,”Sarawak Peoples Democratic Party” and this is even worse than the the Communist bloc Parties.  Lets see a change here or else the people will change the YBS of SPDP. 

    SPDP TGA will be held on the 28th-30th December in Kuching at the Civic Centre and all eyes will be focus on the candidates who will be vying for positions in the Leadership.  

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    “Cobra …Christmas Carollers Ho Ho Ho”

    Taman Primrose Riveria seems to have it all at the moment and the 110 houses at the outer ring road in Kota Samarahan is beginning to draw the attention of mosts people. Is this a coincidence..? Doubt it as just two days ago a cobra came too early for Xmas and visited the area.

     What about the Visitations of the Bees.???

    Today at around 9pm around 35 SIB carollers came a calling to the area and sang their hearts out in wishing the Residents by walking through the “Lorongs-Lanes in English” siging We wish you a Merry Christmas

    It was very impromptu on the part of the carollers and on behalf of the residents of Primrose ,Taman Riveria we would like to thank them for the  wonderful and joyous rendition of Christmas songs. The leader of the group thanked everyone and handed Chritsmas gifts as they passed by.

    If it was all pre-planned it would not have such an impact and their sweet voices and smiling faces was more than enough to spread the fellowship of the Christmas spirit amongst all in Primrose. It seems that Primrose has its fair share of  activities in the last 8 months and we might just provide the tonic for a Friendly 1 neighbourhood  in the making.

    Thank  you SIB carollers for Sharing the Joyous Songs of chrismas with us in Primrose.

    On behalf of audie61 management and crew we would like to wish all our friends,readers,supporters and alliances a very Merry and Blessed  Christmas and Peace to all Man. God Bless you all  and we would be taking a well deserved break for the Holiday period. We should be back and kicking and punching our way around on Boxing Day!!!!

    Political SPDP “Love” Triangle


    Wednesday LATEST 22.05pm It seems over dinner and eventhough the Youth Chief Posts held by Tiong King Sing will see a tussle between Nelson Balang and Raymond Abong it has not even caught anyones attention. The focus is still on the Deputy Presidents posts and the interests weighs heavily on the two candidates in Nyarok and Phillip. The question is who is backing Philip..???

    Wednesday LATEST 18.05pm . Confirmed after Mawans Press Conference “There is a fight for the SPDP Deputy Presidents  posts” 

    Wednesday LATEST 18.00pm Received smses asking to inform Philip Ngo to “ASK HIM TO WITHDRAW FOR PARTY SAKE.” 

    Wednesday LATEST 17.31pm:- audie61 received this sms from deputy Presidential candidate Philip Ngo,” It really is not about me or any individual or personality in the party.It is about the right of our members.,their shared dreams and visions.it is about creating a culture of respect,honor,trust,promoting goodwill and peace amongst man,where strive,envy,divisive and selfish spirit could not find a place.Its about steering the party towards the right direction together.It is about creating a better world and a better tomorrow.

     Wednesday LATEST 16.55pm:- Philip Ngo wasting his time says an sms to Joey of audie61. No problem for Nyarok. He is in the Presidential Lists.  

    Wednesday LATEST 16.15pm:- Words of encouragement from  Ngo’s supporters,” nyarok is now in Julau campaigning. We think that he realised that he cannot take you for granted. keep the spirit burning and alive. We are with you my friend…”

    Wednesday LATEST 16.12pm:- Joey received an sms from a source from Philip,”Together we can,together we bring CHANGE.Agi Hidup agi ngelaban.” 

    Wednesday LATEST 15.55pm:- audie61 telephoned an SPDP left hook puncher and he said that Philip Ngo should withdraw as he is facing a 90/10 fight. this is latest from the ground and its reliable..Getting interesting or is Nyarok playing mind games..??

    Wednesday LATEST 15.50pm:- Supreme Council  members of SPDP says its a close  tussle 50/50.Its HEALTHY and DEMOCRATIC for the party. 

    Wednesday LATEST 15.45pm:- Our Privelege source received an immediate response from deputy Presidential candidate Philip Ngo,” We r doing this for our shared future.If we don’t reengineer ourselves,come next elections,we may find ouurselves on the wrong side of the fence. Tks.”

    Wednesday LATEST 15.05pm :– Joey of audie61  just receive smses news that Nyarok is on the offensive.Sees Philip Ngo as threat and he is busy campaigning in Julau.

    Tuesday LATEST 22.49pm :–The fate of our generation depend on us.Lets give it a shot and NO TURNING BACK…(Philip Ngo sms)

    The Presidents lists” I leave it to you to make your own judgement. What was said in the main stream media covered by an English daily was repeated by Philip Ngo SPDP deputy Youth chief to audie61. Of course, as a good poker player he would not reveal which posts he will be going for in the main body.He has received overwhelming support from many close aides and delegates to the SPDP TGA ever since he has made his intentions known.

    Phillip was earlier speculated to challenge William Mawan for the top posts but upon very sound advice and good political manouverings he was given a clearer path that the Deputy Posts is within his grasps. Close sources in Mawans camp were clearly relieved as their President Mawan was telling them he has had many sleepless nights.

    Our Privelege source also confirmed that Mawan can now concentrate in overlooking and ensuring that the TGA will run smoothly as the party welcomes the Prime Minister for the first time. The focus is now on Peter Nyarok the deputy.

    Nyarok has never been elected into the posts as he was elevated by default moving up from Senior Vice President. This will be his first challenge of any sort within the party hierarchy and voices of dissatisfaction are coming very clearly from some very close Mawans aides. They are already political whisperings of ,’ MAWAN IS NOT 100% BEHIND NYAROK..?”

    If Mawan can do it to us by omitting us ,what chances of him not being betraying his No.2 for a choice which is preferred by the majority. Philip Ngo does have some of the cards on his side and also AGE might just play a very vital factor in this deputy contests.

    Many even said that Nyarok has just outlived his usage in SPDP. Our Privelege source even says this is Longhouse Politics Brother… and Nyarok must know what is coming towards him. Of course all is not losts to Nyarok as he has with him the tag of Deputy President and Assistant  Minister to help him through. Will this be enough if the Presidents man are advised to look into the alternative…AaaahhhhDuuuHhhhH for Nyarok..

    The Prime Minster would not be around to witness the elections and even if he is he would welcome a fair,friendly and healthy contests as what Philip Ngo told the Press. Wouldn’t we just be surprised if the PM said,” SPDP is leading the way with a very Healthy FamilyElection and no one will say that SPDP is not democratic and its up to the delegates to choose those who can lead the party to greater heights” Can we read the PM’s mind….hmmm 

    An innsider surce said that with contests in SPDP line up its good or else the party is no different from a communists party with just “One Menu” or “Chai Tua”.At least SPDP can claim itself to be a democratic party. Mawan should just let his “machais’ do the talking instead of entangling himself in a very precarious position with UN-Presidential statements. The Pakatan group are watching closely these developments and any possible  cracks within SPDP will be good for the Pakatan coalition in the next elections

    Philip will have many advisors with him and amongst names that are thrown in to assist him are Peter Gani(Vice President) George Gerai(Supreme council) and both are divisional heads with voting strenghts and they just might have more than a say in the elctions. Some grassroot supporters  say they were believed to be given a “Golden Handshake” to stay out of the race but our privelege source thinks otherwise. (They were not even considered for the Presidents Lists..Wow!!!) 

     The shift of gears is to see that one does not overstay in the positions accorded in the party hierarchy or else the party will not move forward and will be stagnated. Philip Ngo has made his stand and he stands on the very principle of what the party constitution is and where the party should be heading. Could he be the right man for the Deputys posts? We will only know after the elections on the 30th of December.  It could be a good year ahead for either one of the two candidates. We wish both of them well and all the bests………….. 


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    6.16 pm an emergency call was made to 999 by the owner of No.19 Primrose Taman Riveria that he has a close encounter with a very deadly reptile. The reptile “a cobra” measuring around a metre in length must have just had its feed as it rushed to the No.18 house to rests at the corner.

    Neighbours upon hearing of a cobra rushed out in droves and soon the numbers swelled to almost 100 persons. No matter how dangerous the cobra might be, but still people as curious as they may be are not too worried of being bitten but as long as they are well informed to tell a tale. Sounds familiar to some ,”news does travel fasts ……”

    Of course the excitement of making phone calls rests to some and the answers from the operators with regards to the response team were..”.They are out for dinner..They are on the way..Nobody is around …We will keep you inform

    999 being  a centralised hotline and the operator Salimah passed the line through to JPA. The above were the answers from JPA. True enough the bomba responded faster and after the incident only then did the JPA arrived ten minutes too late after the Bomba had done their days work and there was a thunderous applause. Hooray..!!


    Phone calls were also made to both BN and DAP legislative assemblyman. YB Voon Lee Shan was quick to respond and both of them did their bests to call the authorities concerned. An incident like this can throw the whole  neighbourhood together and with 110 houses in the Primrose area in Riveria imagine what benefits it will be for a politician . Need we tell you more….

    This Primrose area has seen three incidents so far with the Bees attacking the LAMPOSTS  three months ago ,dengue issue with Health authorities and Samarahan council where the whole area was intensely fogged, electricity issue very fresh with the Council,Sesco and Naim the developer. Read This( https://audie61.wordpress.com/2009/07/02/what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-our-mentalityblind-spot-and-t-a-t/

    This Cobra has indeed turn up too early for XMAS but its a way for mosts of us to greet each other a Vey Merry and blessed Christmas. Thanks Bomba and JPA. However its up to the YBs concern to bring up this issue of a quick respond. The cobra was finally caught at 7.23pm.

    The cobra did take an hour of our time to create and enhanced the neighbourhood to 1Primrose.Hmmmm..