Adenan..Logging No..!!”

It’s crystal clear what Adenan Satem Minister in the Chief Minister’s Office and Special Functions Minister has said in a Press Conference to the media at his Office. However there are many out there who still have their own interpretation on his tasks. Adenan a trained lawyer would only say what he knows is right and will not try to hookwinked the people into believing him.

One must know that he is not in the chambers to be challenged says a staunch supporter. Adenan would silently do his required tasks eventhough there are some disgruntled voices and whispers in the corridors who are justs willing him to fail. He is doing to serve the rakyat to the bests of his abilities and will let the POLITICAL SIDE meander its own course.

Of course, Adenan being quick witted knows that some are using the media to corner him and he stressed on the particular subject of logging licences but reminded them that ,”I’ve got no power” 

It will be a testing time for Adenan and his colleaques in the new cabinet lineup but he knows all will gell like Clockwork in no time. 

Someone’s Watching…

Sarawak Revamped Cabinet Ready for GE13

Sarawak was abuzz with different news filtering through that there would be a major cabinet reshuffle when CM meets the press today at the 22nd Floor. Names as usual were thrown into the “hat” and some were even lobbying through their proxies/parties. Did we not tell you that on May 15th 2008 we wrote,”A former personal aide of the CM mentioned to me once that the CM will go through the lists at least 7 times and will only disclose the names on the day of announcement. It is pointless to speculate on “CM’s Team” in the cabinet re-shuffle. After all it’s the Chief Minister’s exclusive privilege on the Cabinet lineup.

We have written on numerous occasions and some of them have already been appointed:- 1.  2.

While this was going on, one BN YB in MP Hulu Rejang was busy going on the ground. He knows very well that he has to up his ante.

He knows that there are others who are lobbying to be considered in the largest Sarawak constituency of Hulu Rejang. Names are also surfacing from the BN coalition and also present independant YB for Pelagus George Lagong is also considering to join the fold.

We wrote earlier on this subject which is “PRU 13 Kuasa  Rakyat..!!”and this is an extraction which he mentioned very clearly,”Today 22/8/11 he said “he was aware of a move by a small group in Kapit to come up with their own candidate to replace him.I am not stealing the seat from anybody but instead some peole are trying to steal it away from me” It seems the MP from Hulu Rejang is saying,”Come take it away from me,I am more than capable still to stand and defend the seat.

The new Sarawak Cabinet line up of new faces of assistant minister knows what it is like to be overlooked and also to serve without much fanfare but staying LOYAL and their time is now. A senior media man said,’ Clearly the CM has fixed his eyes on the next GE13 and the appointment of the following listed would be an extra help to assist the BN Parliamentarians.

The new assistant ministers are Julaihi Narawi, Abdul Karim Hamzah, Len Talif Salleh,Robert Lawson Chuat Vincent all from PBB,Rosey Yunus  (SPDP) ,Dr Jerip Susil (SUPP) and Liwan Lagang (PRS).

The ministries they will serve are as follows:-

  •  1.Julaihi will be appointed as Industrial Development Assistant Minister (Investment and Promotion) and Rural Development Assistant Minister.
  • 2. Abdul Karim as Housing Assistant Minister and Social Development Assistant Minister (Youth Development).
  • 3.Len Talif will be appointed as Resource Planning and Environment Assistant Minister (Environment) and Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Office (Technical Education Promotion
  • 4.Robert Lawson Chuat Vincent will be appointed as Welfare, Women and Family Development Assitant Minister.
  • 5.Rosey Yunus will be appointed as Welfare, Women and Family Development Assitant Minister
  • 6.Dr Jerip Susil as Local Government and Community Development Assistant Minister (Public Health).
  • 7. Liwan Lagang as Social Development Assistant Minister (Culture and Heritage)

The new faces are ready but it was indeed a pleasant surprise,divine meet up and also exchange pleasantries with some familiar faces. A well known blogger and he said all our “YBs will work hard to ensure a resounding success for the coalition.”

The feel good factor is surely being raised to move the troops ahead in preparation for a big battle and this one will take no prisoners. Sarawak New Assistant Ministers would be in the thick of action together with this versatile blogger. 

The GE13 will be upon us soon and Sarawak is ready…….

Undilah in November..??”

We’ve heard this once too often ,” I Told you so.Now do you believe me.See my predictions are correct as I was informed.”

One political observer even said this to us ,”True,true i read it here you go and see:-

Whatever it is, Whenever it is, the Country will surely have to go to the polls by 2013. The people will need to give their stamp of approval to the political parties or individuals who are/will be  elected to be Malaysia’s Members of Parliament.

The Video Undi-Lah has been racking in the number of hits in the blogsphere and has its fair share of criticisms from various sources .These are extracted links from the internet portals:-

Malaysians will go to the Polls and it could be very soon.

Could it justs be November??

SPDP “Separatists 5 Lifeline…!”

There is a limit to what one can do and not do. The question now where is the thin line where the party is prepared to sacrifice? Will the party come out of this little ‘crisis” which is more like “a miscommunication plus brotherly misunderstanding” stronger or a little weakened. Its up now to the party faithful from the grassroot level from within SPDP to the top including those in the BN leadership and its component parties to say “Enough of this Nonsensical squabbling”

We are going into the 13th General Election which will be a “mother of all battles” and we need to draw every available strength as partners and not as FOES. The word is very clear and its “UNITED WE STAND,DIVIDED WE FALL” Let the EGO’s stand down and come together for the better good of the party SPDP. 

There are no two BUTS about it and a good and fair statement came from this article published in the English Daily Borneo Posts:- Fate of SPDP 5 hangs in the balance

THEY are at the brink of crossing the Rubicon. After almost two years of displaying what inner political circles describe as unkindly acts of insurrection and quiet disobedience, much to the chagrin of the majority, the party leadership has decided collectively to crack the whip and bring them to book.

The fate of the SPDP five now hangs in the balance and it appears their only lifeline is with the disciplinary committee whose findings on the alleged misconduct and behaviour of the dissenting group will be known in a fortnight’s time. But two weeks is a long time in politics and anything can happen along the way. Clearly, the rule of law now applies, and when it comes to the force of the letter and spirit of the constitution there are no two ways about it.

After holding out for such a long time, they may begin to wonder whether it’s been worth the effort after all as they now find themselves pushed to a corner and gradually isolated. Obviously, on their own, they would have become a spent force and would not have the energy to prolong the political skirmishes against the leadership of the party.

As they are now placed at the critical crossroads, two powerful images must surely stare them in the face. First, it is the fear of losing their positions in the party and, therefore, their powerbase, and this may have far-reaching implications on their future in politics. Next, rather asymmetrically, is the need to collect enough courage and humility to step out of their denial mode and seek forgiveness and reconciliation in the interest of party unity. It may well be the moment of truth and reckoning, notwithstanding the much-touted assumption that they may have an alternative course outside the party.

No one is bigger than the party, not even the president himself, and it is a fundamental principle in democratic representation that has to be upheld, or else the party risk being held at ransom by individuals with self-serving agenda and access to vast external resources. Consensus has long been the hallmark of SPDP politics, and this has been repeatedly stressed by the party president and its leaders at past conventions and to leaders at state and branch levels, and no one can dispute that it is the constituent core of the democratic process.

However, it is to be acknowledged that in matters affecting the interest of tens of thousands of members where the plurality of views is bound to surface, no consensus can be achieved totally without the element of compromise being managed effectively along the way. But too much of compromise can also be stressful for the party. Even then, the interest of the party must override that of individuals and groups.

The saga of the
SPDP 5, which began as a trivial disagreement or disappointment over the allocation of positions in the supreme council, has seemingly veered into a new ballgame that may eventually precipitate into something larger and more lethal than they are capable of handling. This raises the question of whether the group’s earlier claim over the alleged bias of the president in the appointment of key members in the supreme council is still the key factor keeping their current political pursuit alive. If they continue to stand their ground as they had done so wittingly prior to the decision of the supreme council to subject them to investigations by the disciplinary committee, they know they will be treading on shifting sand as the majority of the party members will stand on the side of the law and uphold the constitution.

According to well-placed sources, the challenge against the leadership did not happen after the party election, but had its roots in the run-up to the party convention where there had been reported instances of insubordination by some members of the gang of five towards the president. This was reportedly espoused in speeches made at some of the meet-the-people sessions with the message delivered at a public gathering in Beluru, one known to many as a tell-tale sign of an affront on the party leadership.

This gave rise to the question of compatibility and more specifically on the choice of appointed supreme council members, including the secretary-general, who could work with the president and supreme council in the interest of the party. The president must have known then there was a scheme to derail his leadership, but he chose to stand above the intrigue that was brewing and look at the bigger picture of the unity and stability of SPDP and Barisan Nasional. Compatibility is a stabilising and unifying factor in any party. To the president, the secretary-general is his right-hand man who must function to uphold and defend the position of the president and struggle of the party without the slightest doubt. Anything short of that will put the party leadership and its agenda in jeopardy.

Instead of reacting to immediately reprimand them, the president had decided to take a soft approach and give them the benefit of the doubt. Winning an argument against another fellow leader(s) was not in his mind.

Notwithstanding their incessant complaints and grudges against the president, their absence without valid reasons from almost all supreme council meetings in the past two years alone is enough to land them in legal entanglement, and they may even get the boot when the force of the party constitution is applied. They have the constitution to conform to and the rule-abiding members to explain to on their out-of-step action.

Any experienced political observer with a hawkish eye for what is beyond the written line and spoken word, will not hesitate to suggest that the group vis-a-vis the party is now placed in a Catch 22 situation. Nonetheless, it is not too late for them to make amends and start afresh on a conciliatory course in order to reinstate peace and enhance fortification in the party. Anything less than that would put them through a turbulent passage and it would be difficult for them to challenge, let alone defy the letters of the law as provided in the party constitution.

There is a point where political intrigue cannot and must not cross and that is when the rule of law and force of the constitution take their course. If the interest of the party and supporters matters more than their personal interest or ambition, the gang of five should be magnanimous enough to set aside their personal differences with the president and other members of the supreme council and accept in good faith the olive branch extended to them by the president. It may serve them well to take heed of the advice of South African freedom fighter Nelson Mandela who was often quoted as saying “a good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”

Any observer with an inquiring mind cannot be blamed for harbouring the view that the group may be drawing their support from some external sources if they continue to stand their ground and not budge despite the uncertainty they face in the party. But it is misleading to suggest that the group is being backed by some unseen elements with links to the ruling coalition as that would run contrary to the spirit and established code of conduct in the Barisan Nasional, although such a wild suggestion would give them some sense of security and lead some people into thinking that the group is not alone but part of a group of people with links to the corridor of power. If there is some truth to it, then there is reason not to brush aside the suggestion that the group of five may already be considering a alternative course for their political survival should they fail to make any headway in the party amidst the present internal crisis.

This raises the disturbing question of whether the so-called external linkup is consequential to the internal leadership dispute in SPDP or the two have all along been part and parcel of a bigger narrative.

Given the BN’s stringent code of discipline and conduct which, among others, prohibits a member or leader from resigning from his party to join another component party in order to remain in the BN and continue to the enjoy the privilege of power, one cannot imagine how the BN leadership would allow the group of five to conveniently take shelter in another component party, or join a newly registered party in the hope of being admitted into the BN family. To do so would mean breaking the “rules” and prescribed code of discipline of the BN and setting an unhealthy precedent. It is tantamount to shooting at your own feet. Among BN components, it is regarded as back-stabbing. If you stretch the argument further and view the implications from a broader perspective, the practice would not augur well for political stability, unity and collaboration across the BN board as it would create a lot of mistrust and confusion right down to the grassroots level. Once that trust, which has been built over the years, is lost, it would take a long time to regain and reinstate it. Even if the wound of ill feelings is healed, the scar may remain and will occasionally remind of a disturbing past.

Breaking away from the party and pursuing their struggle through a new political vehicle outside does not automatically guarantee their place in the BN as the newly-registered party must first get the consensus of all exiting BN component parties before their membership application can be approved. In light of the present situation, it will not be easy for the new party, with the gang of five roped in as members, to get the support of one or two component parties to endorse its application to join BN.

Obviously, the gang of five is facing some kind of conflict within themselves and with others. But trying to resolve a conflict in hand by creating a bigger conflict is not going to help either. On the contrary, it will worsen the situation and enlarge the conflict area. What they hope to achieve at the end of the day must work to their interest and satisfy their conditions, although that may run contrary to the wishes of the majority of the party members.

The hours and minutes are ticking by and the moment of reckoning is drawing near for the gang of five. The only amicable way out of the conflict for them is to engage in reconciliation and commit themselves to a peaceful return to the party. While this takes place, let no external force disrupt or frustrate the process. In the words of Winston Churchill, “Humility and patience are the tools for resolving conflict”.

Sarawak New Entity..”SDGLA..??”

Expectations are running high as news of this new entity is being mooted. After the PRS Supreme Council James Masing in his statement at the Press Conference mentioned engaging with “hostile” groups rather than alienate them.

A group of dayak Law graduates has started to put their “wig heads on” and is in the process of forming a registered association with the ROS.  A “protem’ committee has already been set up and their tasks will be to look into the membership,committees,education,activities and foundation purposes.

There will be interesting times ahead for this dayak based graduates association says a spokesman in John Antau linggang who was not shy to be interviewed. We will be looking at about 300-500 membership for starters.

Moreover this association will be dedicated exclusively to the needs of  lawyers/graduates and the community service projects will be ones that they will feel most passionately. Everyone expects and we will have to deliver or we will be left behind says the spokesman to audie61.

GE13″Ready for Cyber Warfare..!!”

The English Daily”Borneo Posts” headlined this article in the front page. The State BN/UMB team has set an example. It is hope in the coming GE13, every state will have a united and a togetherness team.

United we Stand,Divided we Fall” played a big part in realising this entity UMB/BN Sarawak. The Sarawak State UMB team is helmed and under the leadership of Abdul Aziz Tan Sri Adenan from PBB and supported by all the component BN parties in the State.

Click HERE for full article :-

SPDP “Separatists 5 Guilty..??”

A BN sympathiser said to audie61 on the SPDP 5 ,”Oh No! Its come to this has it. Are they guilty?” Yesterday,we tweeted and also on FB and we were swamped with calls before and after the PC .Today,it has been a day full of political discussion after what has appeared in the main stream media . Now its time for both parties to put on their thinking heads ,move on and make their next move.

Is there still a window for a Negotiator?

Why?  A BN YB said “This crisis involves on one side 2 Aduns and 3 MPs and the other 4 Aduns and 1 MP. This will be BAD for BN as a whole and it leaves a bad taste on both sides if it is not solved amicably. 

The question comes back  Guilty.! No, not just yet but public perception has indeed swung back to the party and the President Mawan. 

We attached below what has been published and the opposite camp told us in a telephone conversation yesterday that there will be reactions from them. Why do we have to face the disciplinary committee when we have done no wrong? You ask Mawan what he has done and he has losts his credibility in our eyes.”

Today a veteran political analysts said “Its not about being who is guilty but we musts look at it from the angle of 1. Interpretation and 2. Constitution.

In Interpretation the party is being held hostage and the 5 YBs plus 3 others continues to defy the party as a whole by not turning up for the Supreme Council for 2 years and 7 times in totality. They know even if they are not seeing “eye to eye” with the President or some other members they should have used another platform to fight them and that is the party’s annual General meeting instead of jeorpadising and sacrificing the interests of the party.

They are selfish in a way but they are correct in a way taking advantage of the “kind heartedness of the President” The limit has been breached and the President has spoken“Its time and its my turn

Constitution- we look at the rule of law and if there are no rules how is the party going to continue to perform and remain relevant. SPDP has the constitution and”to the members of the party they must be upheld and not taken lightly and broken as and when a member decides. They know the Disciplinary pages are from pages 89-94 which is Article 24 of the party constitution. The constitution is a guidline for the political party to function as required by the ROS Societies act of 1966 and if there are any problems the party will turn the pages for assistance.

The 5 plus 3 will be hauled up for a hearing and if they defy and absent themselves they will need to use a political intervention of a “negotiator”to solve or see an end to the already uneasiness  created by both sides.

NO one is wrong justs yet until the SC meets again.

Extracted from an enbglish daily attached below:- 

 The so-called ‘SPDP Five’ have been referred to the Disciplinary Committee for failing to attend the party’s supreme council meeting for the past two years.

Party president Tan Sri William Mawan said this was decided by the Supreme Council during a meeting at party headquarters in Jalan Badruddin here yesterday.

The ‘SPDP Five’ are senior vice-president and Tasik Biru assemblyman Datuk Peter Nansian, vice-president and Marudi assemblyman Sylvester Entrie Muran, vice-president and Mas Gading MP Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe and two supreme council members – Bekenu assemblywoman Rosey Yunus and Batu Danau assemblyman Paulus Palu Gumbang.

The unanimous decision was made by 21 out of the 33 supreme council members, Mawan said, adding that the five persons were referred to the party’s disciplinary committee as they had “reached the party’s limit”.

Mawan said the five-member disciplinary committee was headed by Professor Dr Safiq Abdullah. They were not members of the supreme council.

He said the committee had been given two weeks to investigate the matter and to come up with a finding.

“The time has come. I thought it was a joke. But I, as the president have to put the party in order. There is a line nobody should cross. There is a limit to what you can do and cannot do in the party.

“This thing will never end and the party’s existence may be threatened and that discipline has been discarded. An individual or a group’s interest is subservient to party’s interest,” Mawan told a press conference here yesterday.

He also said that the actions of the five persons had caused confusion to the party.

“But let the due process takes its course. There is nothing personal here,” he said.

He, however, warned that the five persons could face expulsion from the party if they were found to have breached the party’s discipline.

But Mawan, who is Minister of Social Development and Urbanisation, was also quick to assert that he would not mind meeting with them to sort things out as he is “the most peaceful president”.

When asked why it took him two years to make such a drastic decision, Mawan said he had been liberal and democratic in his approach and had given the five persons plenty of time to come to their senses.

He added that the five would be informed of the outcome of the meeting.

Mawan also announced that the party had a new set of constitution which had been approved by the Registrar of Societies (ROS) “to bring better discipline and make the party stronger”.

The SPDP Five has started their ‘silent rebellion’ since the party’s last triennial general meeting (TGM) end of 2009.

Their main contention is that Mawan had not kept his promise to ‘keep the status quo’ in the party’s line-up that he announced before the TGM.

Meanwhile, when contacted, the SPDP Five refused to comment on the matter except to say that “they will cross the bridge when they reach it”.


Bekir for Samarahan,Mukah or PetraJaya..?

Where will Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib stand to be MP candidate for GE13?

 Surely no one would go against “the anointed one” The motion has been set and mosts leaders from PBB Bumiputra Wing who are aligned to CM are jumping on the bandwagon and giving their endorsement freely. The lists includes State Assembly Speaker Awang Asfia Awang Nassar, Senator Idris Buang,Minister in Chief Ministers Office Fatimah Abdullah,Chief Political Secretary to CM Karim Hamzah,Youth Information Chief Aziz Adenan and the latest being Second Minister of Planning and Resource Management Awang Tengah Ali Hassan.

The Chief Minister has already said he hopes that Bekir is ‘serious in serving the people” in response to his son Bekir’s statement of “I am always interested in Sarawak politics but no one has yet called me,” Last weekend Awang Tengah joined in by echoing his boss CMs words,”“I am very happy for him and I hope he is serious”.

A few murmurs from the political circles are coming out with their own analysis from a different perspective. It might not affect the choice but certainly its worth to hear their views.Mosts of them are in agreement that,”Its good the leaders are coming out to endorse but something is missing.”

The 3 main factors includes  namely

  •  1.Why are the grassroots leaders in these two areas P197 Samarahan and P213 Mukah keeping mum?
  •  2.There is definetely a deafening silence and hardly a whisper of support from any dayak leaders from PBB or any component parties?
  •  3. Why is the Youth Chief Fadillah Yusof quiet?

In answering the first question there has been a tinge of disappointment in Samarahan Constituency for Bekir’s brother Sulaiman.The grassroots felt that that they were let down by Sulaiman eventhough they put so much hope on him. They felt now they needed somone else besides Sulaiman’s brother as the saying goes,”Once bitten twice shy”

Even Karim Hamzah told a reporter that each individual is different and that claims that he too will let them down is unfounded will not easily erase the ‘fear of another misjudgement” Bekir needs to consider this factor too as eventhough his brother in 2008 garnered 15559 votes against PKR candidate Hussain Abang Apok 4148 this time round it will not be so smooth sailing. One of the seats earmarked by PKR is also P197 Kota Samarahan and Baru Bian has already said this,”We have spoken to the people on the ground and so far the response is very encouraging.”

P213 Mukah the incumbent Muhammad Michael leo Toyad who is already in his seventh term has already made his stand by saying,”well,I have no wish to step down.I am still able to work at the moment also I am still working to develop my constituency,so I am ready to defend my seat. Bekir would know that the incumbent has twisted his words saying the above as on one hand the incumbent says… “its all depends on the party’s decision if I stay or not.”

Bekir too knows that that Leo Toyad who was once a Roman Catholic and now converted is not well received by his constituency,there has been calls of him being replaced by new faces and there are names being thrown around in Alphonsus Dorhat,James Pieng with others even before Bekir’s name emerged. There seems to be a very loud calling for a Christian Melanau assemblyman to serve this notably christian dominated constituency and in the lasts elections the signals were very apparent. Bekir will have his hands full as Leo Toyad would not give up his seat so easily.

The second question is the dayaks feels that the Melanaus are building their dynasty. If any of their leaders openly support not one of their own they will be scorn upon by their own community. It has been reverberating for some time now that the dayaks are hoping that one of their own take the helm and if endorsement is given to Bekir it will hamper any dayaks from getting the coveted chair. The dissenting voices speaks loudly,”Another thirty years no way..!!”

In keeping their distance the current crop of second echelon dayak leaders would know they will not be ‘singled out”by any group in the Bumiputera wing. There is already a known ‘power struggle’ amongst certain leaders and the grouping is getting clearer as the days goes by for the CM to finally call it a day. The dayaks are not only keeping out of endorsing”Bekir’ openly but avoiding being dragged into the skirmishes which are happening behind closed doors. 

Thirdly,one parliamentary seat which Bekir looks as challenging to stand out on his own would be the P194 Petra Jaya seat. The incumbent a deputy minister is also the Youth chief of the party. Bekir knows this area very well as he has his house located in this constituency and he knows that there are at least 5000 and above opposition voters. PKR has already indicated that there are signs that they will be able to win this seat and wrestle it from PBB. This even makes it a stronger case for Bekir has he is known to “love challenges.” Even DAP MP and Adun Chong Chieng Jen has thrown a challenge to Taib Mahamud his dad that he should move away from safe seats to fight the opposition in urban or semi urban areas.

Bekir would like to win this seat handsomely and tell DAP and PKR that he managed without using his dads influence. His dads preference would be for him to stand in Kota Samarahan or Mukah. The people of Mukah yesterday called audie61 and said,”Toyad still wants it and nobody else but only Bekir can take it away from him.”

 Bekir knows that he needs to be serious to please his dad and he would not just pick up P194. He has to wriggle out to prove his worth in the political field and a platform right in the middle of Kuching Division where the voters are semi urban and winning it would be the icing on the cake for him. Fadillah has kept quiet on this matter and he might just be thinking of “changing his seat” to maintain his parliamentarian status. Will he be given a “safe seat..?”

Year   Barisan Nasional Votes Pct   Opposition Votes Pct
2004   Fadillah Yusof (PBB) 18,236 75%   Wan Zainal Abidin Wan Senusi (PKR) 5,420 22%
2008   Fadillah Yusof (PBB) 19,515 78%   Mohamad Jolhi (PKR) 5,118 20%

PKR Sarawak Women chief Nurhanim Moksen even mentioned in a telephone call to us that he finds the challenge of Bekir to be interesting and she says winning for PKR will not be so easily as Fadillah would have been easier to challenge. They know how to handle Fadillah as they have kept track of his movements and will use it as “atomic bombs” on him and oust him. PKR must be confident enough on this seat as it was unveiled recently that P194 is also amongst their winnable seat.

The Bekir factor will be a twist in PKR’s works and Bekir a “fresh face”succesful businessman and also with good political linkages would be able to win back the majority of the constituents to the BN fold. Many in this semi-urban enclave would be very happy to give him a chance to improve their Petra jaya constituency as they know he does thrive on challenges. Bekir knows the option of P194 stands out eventhough the safe seats of either P197 or P213 are as good as him being given on a “silver platter” an MP seat.

It’s really Bekir Taibs Choice dont you think..??

BN/SPDP “Supreme Council Meeting….Full Turnout..?”

The agenda has been sent out to all members of the Supreme Council of SPDP via fax and registered posts by the Secretary General of the party. There will also be follow up phone calls by the administrative staff of the party a day to the supreme council. This is our normal procedure and it has always been practised by the party says an aide to the President of SPDP.

There is enough quorum for the meeting which is scheduled for 13th of September 2011 at 1 p.m at the party headquarters. Many will be asking what is in the agenda and our source reiterated to us as at audie61,”Usual and its the normal agenda in political meetings. ”

When pressed further he added,”Hopefully all SC members will be available,present in the meeting ,we will be able to deliberate matters for the better good of the party and the BN coalition as a whole. If some are missing we will cross the bridge when we come to it.”

A SPDP member mentioned to us  and said,” they should know the time and the place of the meeting too ” Just remind them its at Badruddin road and show them the picture.