PKR Beginda Minda-“So Many Possibilities”

PKR Congress was the talk of the town and many political analysts within or outside PKR are trying to find the right words,slogans and terms to describe the just concluded three days event. In this Malaysiakini report even Sarawak CM was not drawn and dragged into Anwar’s apparent next target that PKR is working towards taking over the state.  Surely, there must be reactions but unfortunately all the reporters,mass media got were simply,”The PKR leader had failed to live up to his promises of taking over the federal government on Sept 16.”  Yesterday we wrote 1. Sarawak Pakatan Takeover or Destroyed 2. PKR,”Let’s look at the List and Tell Me..!!”

 Beginda Minda in an exclusive telephone interview from KL said he was upset on the remarks by the DCM and we post it here extracted from Malaysiakini. He knew about it as he was notified and said JABU is WRONG. WHY..??…I will Tell You..

DCM Alfred Jabu was reported by the Borneo Post today as saying that Adit, a former BN member, was being selfish by joining the opposition. Moreover, He said Adit and former PRS MP for Sri Aman Jimmy Donald’s decision to join PKR would backfire as it would bring losses to the community they were representing. He accused Donald of joining PKR out of frustration, after he was not re-nominated by BN to defend his Sri Aman seat.

Beginda Minda said the reason why they support PKR is not for selfish aims but the “LANDASAN” is Correct as the peoples mindset has changed from communal politics to multi racial concept. POLITIK DI MALAYSIA SUDAH BERUBAH” He was referring to the Tsunami 308 and before that PKR was termed (party kurang relevan) mosquito party with only 1 MP and 1 ADUN has now in its ranks there are 31 MPs and 42 ADUNS. What a revelation and now there are so many “POSSIBILITIES”. It is nearly eight months that PKR and the Pakatan Rakyat alliance stormed into power in five states and captured 81 parliamentary seats.

What wrong with the sixth state in the Pakatan fold said Beginda. We are new but we will know how to administer the state with new refresh ideas,injection of new blood and those who are not picked as candidates will need to be ready to accept the CHANGES. At one point he was referring to one particular person holding on to 3 posts in a Government Linked Companies which infact should be shared. This is absolutely putting too much power to one person and even shows that there are not enough qualified and capable leaders. Ridiculous..!! In the Pakatan Government everyone is given a chance as long as he/she is qualified be it Malay,Chinese,Indian,Iban,Melanau,Orang Ulu,Kadazan,Bajau etc etc.  

When asked to elaborate further on what he meant by “NOT BEING PICKED AS CANDIDATES” he said not everyone can be a candidate. I myself, is also not looking at that as IT IS UP TO THE PARTY and the LEADERS to pick the correct person to be the parties candidate. The most important thing is to WIN THE SEAT FOR PKR.  There are only 71 seats in Sarawak and we have to bagi bagi bagi lah!

He went on to have another dig and told the DCM that to look around him and see what he sees.”PEOPLE WANT CHANGE” Even Daniel Tajem,Adit and Jimmy Donald have found their TRUE PLACE and PKR is the right platform to fight for all Sarawakians irrespective of race and religion as PKR is indeed a multi racial party and the people have chosen CHANGES and we must be in line and tandem with them. Telling Jabu if you are still stuck is ‘time warp’ the PEOPLE WILL CHANGE YOU and Jabu must “TUKAR BARU”. In other words Jabu must go before he is replaced said Beginda.  

On the 14th PKR will be having a function in Miri and it will be for 100 tables dinner while on the 19th in Kuching the venue yet to be decided is to accomodate for more than 6000 people. Both these functions are to be attended by Anwar ,PKR MPs and invited guests.

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