Hishammuddin….The Journey.


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Born on 5 August 1961, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein has all the hallmarks of a potential Prime Minister.

That he has successfully steered away from the current controversies and is safe (at least for now) from darts, arrows and missiles and has not been embroiled in ongoing raging issues shows he has truly come of age as a Malaysian politician.

His portfolios have been nothing but impressive and all have given him the edge over other contenders to take over the helm of government should there be a change of leadership.

His journey to the top (or almost at the top) has been marked by an astounding record of achievement.

Currently, he is Minister of Defence of Malaysia, a portfolio he has been holding since 16 May 2013.

Datuk Seri Hishammuddin was Minister of Home Affairs from 2009 to 2013.

For five years, he was the Minister of Education  from 2004–2009.

Prior to that position, he served as Minister of Youth and Sport (1999–2004).

As acting Minister of Transport (2013–2014), Datuk Seri Hishamuddin achieved international prominence in March 2014, as the minister responsible for investigating the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

His eloquence when contending with questions from international press, his composure when all else seemed to be falling apart, his compassion when dealing with bereaved families left a lasting imprint in the hearts of all who the brilliant manner in which he handled the challenging post-MH 370 scenario.

In terms of organizational structure, as one of the party’s three vice-presidents and former chief of the party’s youth wing from 1998 to 2009, Datuk Seri Hishamuddin is definitely a man of substance within UMNO.

Notwithstanding, he is also the son of Malaysia’s third prime minister, Hussein Onn, and the cousin of the sixth and current prime minister, Najib Razak. His mother, Suhaila Noah, was from an illustrious family and his great-grandmother (mother of Hussein Onn), was a Circassian from Turkey.

With such an impressive background in bloodline and experience, there seems to be only one spot in his record book – the kris waving incident at the 2005 UMNO convention. Through time, it appears this has not been a setback in his political career as he has come forth stronger than before.

When Mahathir made the announcement of his retirement Hishammuddin was pacifying Tun with Rafidah n others. Does this not show he is a favoured one?

angusHe even visited Taib Mahmud and when he went back to peninsular he was down with heart problems. Does this also mean that he is not destined?

Najib does not want Hishammuddin to be in front yet or else he too will be brought down.

Yet, the question remains. Why is Najib keeping Hishamuddin in the shadows?

As a dark horse, given the experience and breeding he has, Hishamuddin may just race to the
front and overtake all other contenders to the PM’s position.

We will have to wait and see.


Wikipedia, Internet sources, my friend Natassha and Audie.

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Working Together in Baram Constituency

The message is very clear as audie61 and crew sat down with Jacob Sagan Senior Vice President and Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry at his home today.

These are his words,”We have to settle all our differences,we have a common enemy,this is a winnable seat”

Many will say we are polishing him up for the sake of the party to win the seat. Why not? Why shouldn’t we? He is afterall our SVP of the party and a loss in this constituency will affect the party badly. The party have named him and chosen him to defend the seat and we need to be realistic about his chances and see a solution to all the accusations,allegations and defamatory statements hurled towards him and his family.

You and I know that facts and statistics dont lie and if you Jacob Sagan sorry is not a working MP would the following be uploaded here:-( We would also join forces to pull him down. That we will do and Jacob knows that.. )

Total Voters: 24,425 Race Percentage: M: 6% C: 11% I: % B/Sab: % B/Swk: 83% L: %
1. Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan (BN) (7,996) 2. Kebing Wan (Bebas) (3,952)
Majority: 4,044 Total Votes: 12,115 Percentage of voters: 49.6% Spoilt Votes: 167
Incumbent: Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan (BN) (Majority: 3,310 undi)

Furthermore unknowing to him we also did some homework on the man himself.According to his family members the MP himself has dedicated his time and efforts mostly to the constituency as this area is so complex and large. He has hardly have time for us and accusations of ‘not being around” “not on the ground” are the work of the opposition and those who have ‘personal vendetta” against the party he represents and not BN as a whole.

There are Two ADUNS( Dennis Ngau from PBB and Sylvester Entri “BN Club”) in this Parliamentary seat of Baram. There are around 13000 voters in Dennis Ngau’s area in Telang Usan while Sylvester Entri 11000 voters.

Jacob said,”Dennis is working very closely with me and he is putting in a lot of effort to ensure BN retains this seat. He is keeping his fingers crossed that the other assemblyman who was sacked from SPDP for insubordination will work closely too with him. Jacob told us,’I have never ever uttered anything bad about the ADUN in question and this is what should be posted.

The Ibans in the area appreciate that and he told us to post this,

“How can a BN man claim he is a BN Man but on the samebreadth want to destroy a candidate sanctioned by BN”

I have kept very quiet and you know i do my work without much fanfare but recently we have received taped ceramahs from the ADUN that he will go all out against SPDP candidate in the area as they have sacked him. Jacob said this personal vengence or “anger” against the party is not in the spirit of BN. Didn’t the Deputy Prime Minister Muhyddin said that “traitors” will be dealt with accordingly? This must stop and it is no good for BN unity.

The Deputy Minister was puzzled as why there is so much focus on him eventhough he won so much as 4000 over votes while his MP neighbour in Limbang who scrapped through by 676 votes is not even mentioned on the same breadth? Why is there so much scrutiny on him and not the others?

We told him all his opponents are using not only Perception to run him down but he must do something to rebutt all the accusations. He knows some websites  have carried articles against him and he said dont worry audie61 “The Truth will prevail.”

    Moreover he was also informed that there are certain forces within the State BN family who have even suggested the name of Anyi Ngau to be nominated. In this he said,Who are they to dictate who the party nominates? We do not want to have another Ba’Kalalan where we losts the State seat to PKR Baru Bian. There must not be anymore of this helicoptered candidate in the last minute or BN will suffer losses.

This has to stop now he said.

Jacob also showed us all his projects completed under his jurisdiction and he said there are so many lies out there which have hurt him and his family greatly. The mention of the “watertanks” which he applied from federal for the state in which Sylvester Entri implemented says so much for the deputy minister. This are all done for the people of Sarawak and when we do good we get accuse.

On another note he said,”many have even given Baram a grey/black area. However Jacob reminded us that he has received tremendous support from the likes of Temonggong Pahang Ding Anyie,Penghulu Herbert Lawai Epoi, Penghulu Patrick Jeliman,Pemanca Joseph Ngau Lian,Pemanca Philip Lakia and many others in PBB,SUPP and PRS to continue his work as MP for the area. They will go all out to defend the seat with him  and for BN/SPDP and he is encouraged.

He knows who have been pushing for him to be removed from the candidacy and he was even told that some agencies have written not so ‘favourable reports” against him. Jacob said”We need to work together and not do it justs for SELFISH and  GREEDY MEANS”

Jacob would be a very happy man if both YBS are working side by side with him. He does not want to name names as who else is involved in the charge against him and if he does it now it opens an opportunity for the Pakatan group to run him down.

Obviously we are also privy to the information and Jacob hopes that there are comparative fairness and hopes thatBN does focus too on other seats besides his and also to put a stop to the witchhunt on the party. BN needs to be united and if not the Pakatan group will capitalise on our weaknesses.

There have been too many uncalled reports and accusations hurled at MP Jacob Sagan. BN must know he won the seat successfully each time due to his time and efforts put into the constituency and not by ‘remote control”

SPDP will stand by Jacob as he prepares for his most challenging and toughest election campaign.

Wanita BN “Is it Wrong to Lobby?”

wanita bnA group of Wanita YB’s and MPs at the entrance of a dinner function spoke to audie61 and said to us,”Is it wrong for the Wanita BN to lobby for seats?” Obviously our answer was no,no.{ trying to be diplomatic ….)

However, when the next question came it was more straight forward,”Your party SPDP fielding Barbara Mawan what do you think?” Aduh! Hai,Eee how do we get out of this situation?

My braincells went into overdrive and said,” if the grassroots and people in Saratok is for her,she has made her presence and intentions known there is no reason why the State BN,Federal BN Chairman would not consider her if the party submits her name.”
Furthermore we also know that 18 out of the 31 Parliamentary Seats the women voters exceeds the male voters.Great !!  we got it right there when we answered the YBs and MPs. They reminded us to please check up the statistics.

These are the statistics from SPR which we checked,” 1,069,654 voters in Sarawak 534,516 which makes up 49.97% are women voters.

Are we going to be drawn in a gender warfare but being party members in SPDP we too need to protect our party’s interest and not to let the opposition have a field day.

If anything PKR and Pakatan have already penned in their candidate Assemblyman Ali Biju to stand as a candidate in the forthcoming Parliamentary elections. A source cloes to the selection committee in PKR said they were also toying with Puan Nurhanim Datuk Mokhsen Ketua Wanita Sarawak to be fielded in Saratok but decided otherwise.

Only during nomination day we will know and before the names are on the nomination papers there will still be lobbying done. Even if you have printed your posters it doesn’t necessarily mean you are chosen as there might still be some political twists and turns.

What actually started this conversation? It had something to do with William Mawan President of SPDP rumours which have put him in the forefront to be a candidate. We also wrote on February 5th “Mawan Whitens Saratok” It did turn to Barbara as they all know her well enough to say a thing or two about her. Of course for a cup of coffee we would tell you but not here in cyberspace.

Could this statement which appeared in a local daily too had the wanita legislators throwing their weight on Barbara,”  “We, representing the BN components in Saratok, agree and propose that the BN  candidate for Saratok is picked from our women members.”
It does seem Saratok P205 is now very much in the radar and we can’t deny the fact as this statement appears in the local daily today. (see below)

audie61 is not going to run from the fact that there are other names involved clue..starts with P ends in  E..besides the ones we already  know but its up to to the BN hierarchy to consider the mosts winnable candidate to take on Pakatan :-


SIBU: Speculations on the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for the  Saratok parliamentary seat should cease and the focus channelled towards  ensuring it remains with the party.

Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) supreme council member Chambai  Lindong said on Friday that in the true spirit of BN, any differences should be  put aside to prevent the opposition from exploiting issues to their  advantage.

“Now is not the time to speculate. Our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun  Razak has been moving around to ensure everything is in place and this shows  that the election is very near.

“What is of utmost importance is for all members and leaders from grassroots  level upwards to work in a concerted manner, reinforced by strong support from  other BN component parties to retain the BN’s stronghold this impending  election,” Chambai told thesundaypost.

He was responding to a news report which claimed members of BN component  parties in Saratok wanted the ruling coalition to field more women candidates in  the coming election.

It quoted Nasir Manap – Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), Hossin  Sulaiman and Lim Kieng Huat – SPDP, Roland Angking – Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS)  as well as Lau Pun Hui and Wee Lee Gua – Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) as  saying they wanted a woman candidate to be fielded in Saratok.

They claimed this was in response to Najib and Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul  Taib Mahmud’s call for a big victory for BN this election.

“That statement purportedly came from certain people, comprising certain  councillors and certain individuals, and that is about all. To say that certain  people would like to see a woman candidate for BN in Saratok is a valid  expression of choice of preference,” said Chambai.

“There is no distinction among genders and anyone can offer himself or  herself or push for his or her preference in the media.”

However, he said the statement was rather vague and should have been backed  up with details from the party divisions concerned.

“I believe this is an individual’s impression rather than party’s opinions. I  am not saying that they are wrong as they expressed their view on their  preference.

“But at the end of the day, what counts is that whoever is being picked by  the top BN leadership, the candidate will be able to win for BN. It is best to  leave everything to the PM’s wisdom.”

On speculation that he was among the several names said to replace incumbent  member of parliament Jelaing Mersat, who is Deputy Transport Minister, Chambai  laughed.

“In all honesty, I do not know how my name came about but I guess with  speculation you will always have more than one name,” he replied.

Read more: http://www.theborneopost.com/2013/02/24/stop-speculating-on-saratok-seat/#ixzz2LnfEK6lm

GE13-Singapore Cybertroopers Too..??

Hanisya Abdul Hamid media sosial 4Can we blame them?

BN Malaysia’s own elite forces the UNIT MEDIA BARU (UMB) in all political parties are now overshadowed so it seems and in comes Singapore for Pakatan. They are capitalising on the lack of cohesion,understanding and  ever changing names of Social media troops in the BN ranks.

Pakatans forces are gelled and they attack incessantly and our eye lids are still not even open let alone going for cyberwarfare. Only a handful are using their own names to show that they belong to BN Malaysia while the rests are fighting still the Guerilla style or now better known as Gangnam or local dialect Gagoh style.

So when this article is posted we took a keen interests and please its not Pakatan fault but they are capitalising on what is offered to really go for GE13. The past is what we call “CERITA LAMA” as my good friend in PBB said and Pakatans machinery now is oiling well. Is it enough to take over Putrajaya?

We better be prepared or else we will be knocked out……


A BN YB even said to us”Did our UMB work duirng the last state elections? By the way, he was not even a YB then(candidate he was and does he know?) Please dont be too cocky mind my language again.

We fought like hell 8 am till 2 am everyday for a month my YB .The urban areas we losts heavily is because some of us took forgranted. They did not heed the message and got turned over nicely. Now BN should not just take “Cerita lama” and use the same Trojan Horses to defend the territories of BN.

A BN Youth boy said,”SUPP never learns and they use the same recycle personnels to fight the frontlines while these veterans should be used inside the strong room”

Read this too:- http://theunspinners.blogspot.com/2012/12/pkr-foot-soldiers-are-illiterate-blind.html

We will have more soon as BN rids itself of jumping up and down in the same circle.

The article copied below in totality:-

Perang Maya makin hebat, makin mendapat tempat, makin sengit dengan pelbagai kaedah dan platform yang digunapakai.

Disaat ini, siapa yang menguasai semua medium atau platform maka merekanlah yang akan mengatasi pihak lawan. Pakatan haram memang terkenal dengan strategi kotor perang cyber sejak sebelum PRU12, walhal ketika itu Malaysia masih baru dalam dunia siber dan tak ramai yang membaca menggunakan internet malah penulis maya amat kurang.
Penggunaan Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Friendster dan sebagainya amat ketara ketika ini dan setiap medium atau platform mempunyai pengikut tersendiri malah ianya diberi penambahbaikan setiap masa bersesuaian dengan peningkatan kelajuan teknologi masakini.
Kadar pembaca internet atau maya sudah bertambah, berbillion pembaca malah di Malaysia, pengguna Facebook sendiri melebihi 9 juta orang;
Kalau sebelum PRU12, pakatan haram menguasai perang siber, kini setelah PRU12, jentera maya BN mula menguasai alam siber dan peralihan pembaca mula ketara ke arah mencari kebenaran bukan lagi fitnah dan adu domba.
Pembaca bijak menilai yang mana fakta dan yang mana rekayasa dan fitnah. Keadaan ini menyebabkan pasukan maya pakatan haram mula mengambil langkah drastik, menambah bilangan jentera dan mendapat khidmat tenaga pengajar dari luar Malaysia. Khabarnya pakatan haram mula impot tenaga pengajar dari negara jiran, Singapura yang kononnya lebih advance dan telah diuji di pilihanraya mereka tahun lepas.
Walaupun parti pemerintah menang dan hilang sejumlah kerusi tanpa dijangka namun taktik dan teknik yang mereka uji ternyata berkesan terutama “perang gerila” yang medannya adalah bandar bukan kampung.
Jumlah pembaca internet majoritinya dari bandar kerana kemudahan rangkaian “broadband” atau jalur lebar serta kelajuan akses. Itu semua kriteria penting dalam menentukan berita atau maklumat dapat sampai tepat pada waktu atau “realtime” menjadikan setiap berita lebih dicepat sampai kepada pembaca.
Pembaca maya lebih suka berita terkini kerana mereka boleh akses dimana saja dengan adanya kemudahan telepon mudahalih atau “smart phone” yang mana mereka tidak lagi perlu buka komputer riba atau komputer meja. Akses di mana saja, bila-bila masa.
Pakatan haram dilihat amat terdesak kerana terpaksa minta bantuan kononnya pakar dari Singapura dalam menguruskan jentera maya dan gambar di atas adalah sebahagian latihan jentera maya mereka yang mana kursus sebegini dibuat dari masa ke semasa. Malah mungkin Dap yang cadangkan agar menggunakan dan membayar tenaga pengajar dari Singapura kerana kedengaran angin kencang bertiup bahawa Dap telah membuka pejabatnya di Singapura.
Lim Guan Eng khabarnya telah membuka pejabat Dap di sana supaya mereka senang berurusan “menyerang” kedudukan Kerajaan BN dari sana. Terbaru isu kapal selam yang mana peguam dari Perancis mengadakan taklimat langsung kepada barisan kepimpinan dan juga jentera siber mereka di sana.
Pakatan haram menggunakan strategi menyerang dari luar Malaysia kerana mereka beranggapan undang-undang Malaysia tidak mampu melangkaui sempadan negara lain. Apatah lagi undang-undang maya amat berbeza antara negara.
Persoalan yang timbul, apakah rancangan sebenar pakatan haram kiranya mereka menang PRU13 ?
– Apakah Singapura akan masuk kembali dalam Malaysia ?
– Apakah strategi jumlah kerusi parlimen cina Singapura bakal menjadikan jumlah kerusi Melayu bakal berkurangan akan memberi kelebihan kepada Dap yang bercita-cita menjadi Perdana Menteri ?
– Lee Kuan Yew pernah berkata, sebelum matanya tertutup rapat, beliau ingin menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia.
Persoalannya kalau Singapura pakar dalam “cyberwar” kenapa parti PAP pimpinan Lee Kuan Yew merudum ? malah lebih teruk, kenapa lantik dan bayar pensyarah dari Malaysia untuk mengajar mereka bagaimana menulis blog ?
Tak perlu MI sebutkan nama blogger dari Malaysia yang dijemput ke sana semata-mata untuk mengajar bagaimana menggunakan blog untuk perang siber.
Anwar dilihat terdesak dalam usaha menjalinkan hubungan dengan Singapura, ada sumber mengatakan Anwar terpaksa kerana cerita moralnya banyak dalam genggaman pasukan risik Singapura. Adakah wujud unsur ugutan terhadap Anwar yang menyebabkan “team Singapura” bebas memandu jentera PRU13 mereka ?

SPDP “Updates Ulu Teru Function 23rd Oct 2011..”


We have just received the latest from the presidents house at 1050pm from our squad member

,”SPDP has not called off the function yet.But party will verify the security aspect in the area  on Friday. They will be working with the police to verify security aspect first.There is doubt  as to allegation of threat.”

According to an observer in the meeting one of theose present said,”Believe me..Ulu Teru function must proceed.Public Perception  is paramount. Postponement entailed you are losing ground. Postponement  of Ulu Teru Function has negative implications

SPDP Separatists 5 “Round 2′

What has been spilled out in the open in the SPDP Separatists 5 “little misadventure” is considered a “Chapter Closed”. According to a political strategists the SPDP President has genuinely and sincerely “bisik bisik” to the CM of what transpired and how and who was the culprit that started the whole “little misadventure” and the bulk of it is has to do with the “Posts Taib Era Syndrome” All the CM Aspirants cannot wait for it to HAPPEN…..  

Now is not the time to point fingers says an aide to the CM. Mawan being the President will need to focus on winning the allocated seats which the party will be entrusted with. The Supreme Council will meet shortly (agenda of meeting will be sent out soon)and the party will know how to deal with the Separatist 5.

Of course the political stategists said,”The party is bigger than the Separatists 5″ and if they turn to page 37 of the Party Constitution No.32 they will know their Bells will sound too distant to those who are presently walking the corridors of power.In other words they are but all  signing their own POLITICAL DEATH WARRANT

Amongst them there must be some amongst them who will learn their misadventure and miscalculation has ended. What NEXT..?? They will find ways to return and will almost adhere to a Traditional Proverb,” STOOP IF THE ROOF IS LOW” 

The cards have always been with the party and the  Separatists 5 has really miscalculated. Mawan being so gracious, took all the body blows and uppercuts have even gone on record to accept them back and considers them as “SONS of SPDP”. Have they joined PRS for that matter and handed their application forms asked a staunch SPDP member? If not,dont be “DEGIL{stubborn} he said.

Round 2 will be soon and the Final round will be very soon as the BN Sarawak will not want the SPDP to be embroiled further as it prepares to face the people for a new mandate.

 No one in the BN coalition can blame or point towards SPDP for taking the correct “constitutional approach” The BN Chairman does not want to interfere in SPDP internal matter and the political analysts quoted what the CM said at the height of PRS crisis,” Let the Law and Legal matters take its own course” 

There is still time to reconcile and return HOME for the Separatists 5. If they choose not to just because of EGOs or Political shame the door opens for others as PRS President Masing was famously quoted,”Crisis Breeds Opportunities” Its their call and no one can force them and they will know that the doors will be CLOSED,SHUT AND DOUBLED LOCKED for them. PM and Chairman of BN Najib has also said this yesterday,”DON’T LISTEN TOO MUCH TO  THOSE WHO USES RONSON LIGHTERS

So SPDP Separatists 5 Your own  Choice as Round 2 is very near at hand…….


CM Taib has worded it strongly and push the message across said a Bidayuh Political analyst to audie61 who was amongst many present at Kampung Sagah celebrating John Jenos 70th Birthday. Here in the bidayuh hinterland politics,family and religion are the most talked about subject.

The newly completed Committee Hall can accomodate 40 tables and the birthday celebrant who happens to be audies father in law celebrated with close to 38o family members, friends and politicians from both political divide. There was no time to single out anyone whose political ideology they represent but only to enjoy the evening. Of course they were some who passed the remark,”Wah BN and Pakatan together” 

Coming back to the subject Taib said,” You know my trait…no sudden moves,it would not happen,’ He went on to say that he has not heard of any talk of the stdate election being held together with the parliamentary election. For both the elections to be held together Taib said he and the PM would need to think on the similar lines.There’s nothing against it as far as the law is concerned but the PM has to calculate his move and so must I.If the two coincide I can accept it.”

There were many Bidayuh professionals and voters of the area invited and the people will as always try to throw in some political remarks to make it a fulfilling evening besides the delicious food on offer.

 The local organising committee of the function is from the ruling party and he did invite Assemblyman for Tasik Biru Peter Nansian and Wilfred Nissom (political secretary to CM) but they did not give GOOD ENOUGH reasons not to be around. 

audie61 remember Larry Sng (Assistant Minister in CMs office ) did not make it to a local area in Kuching for a Church fund raising function he had to come back and ensure the people will not think that the YB Assistant Minister has shun them and have a negatve perception of BN. 

The presence of PKR Sarawak See Chee How,Baharuddin Mohksen and a few others  were enough to to send some message across. We can only say ,”Dont blame others when you have failed to deliver.”

A local BN supporter who was disappointed that the Assemblyman thinks he can just walk away with the seat and show himself during elections he has something coming for him.The “PKR leaders were supposed to be on time for the DAP dinner ar 645 pm but they still managed to put in half an hour talking and miggling with the local bidayuh committee.” What has happened to our local assemblyman and now Assistant Minister..?

 Isn’t every Vote vital and if they keep performing like that we on the grassroot level will have difficulites later. The Bidayuh community will remember and of course they will only vote for the YB/MP who are always working on the ground and also know how to bring their woes and requests in Parliament or the State Assembly.

PKR according to Baharuddin Mohksen will concentrate on where they will hurt BN mosts and its up to the people whether they are ready for the change. It will not be easy to dethrone the State Government but in politics he said,”Anything is Possible.” If  the polls are held simultaneously the whole scenario will be different. Will the BN be bold enough to sacrifice their trump card..?”

31 +71 together will still be a distant dream for now.. 

PCM..”Creature of BN..??”

audie61 and the crew had a great laugh.These politicians certainly know how to come out with names or at bests get themselves into trouble or shoot themselves at the foot.

One can just imagine on how will the leaders of PCM react..?? Don’t tell me just Brush it off after being called ,”PCM is the “creature” of Barisan Nasional. If PCM is the creature what are the members called..?? Hahaha Sort that out and if you can’t maybe Baru Bian can help. ( Look at the above.We have found the illustrated members…..”  “CREATURES

How can we have any understanding with PCM, when it is the creature of Barisan Nasional, whose intention is to disrupt our preparations for the coming State election”? Baru Bian Sarawak State PKR Liason Chief  speaking to reporters.

The full report can be read HERE.

“Will They..Will They NOT…??”

Updated 6.35pm:- An Emeritus Professor said,The Truth will prevail and Mawan will know who his friends and foes are after this crisis.Kapit will be the final curtain call and the river will swallow up who makes the wrong decision. Anyway Garai and Gani are just part players. 

Updated 6.05pm:-This tactic and strategy might just be the right approach to stop the harassment from those aligned to Mawan. Lets see what happens and whether the privilege source has CREDIBILITY leftIs he so sure.,says a political analysts..??

Updated 3.11pm Peter Gani has confirmed to privilege source that he will not be going to Kapit. ITS NOT A PLOY OR DECOY……

The mosts likely answer to the question would be for the Separatists SPDP 5,”THEY WOULD NOT.” According to a veteran political analysts,”It would do them world of good as Mawan the President has already offered them sweets plus an olive branch.

Mawan can only do so much as he has forgiven,hope and accepted their actions for being misled or taken their own individual initiative to fast forward the SPDP/PRS merger plan. Mawan also said that he does not CONDEMN this sort of things. So are the Separatists 5 plus 3 too GUILTHY to come back and attend the SPDP SC this weekend?  

The sms from an insider source text at 13.10 pm reads,” The SPDP 5 plus 3 SC but minus Tiki going to Kapit joining SC PRS tomorrow.” Convinced that they will not..?? Earlier audie61 made a phone call to SPDP Headquarters and got hold of DSG Paul Igai and he mentioned that the Agenda for this weekends meeting and all necessary documentation has been sent out to all concerned and that includes the 5 SPDP and 3 SC members. 

Just then at 2.05pm an SPDP Youth member asked audie61,”Why are they attending the PRS Supreme Council meeting in Kapit tomorrow knowing fully well that their own party SPDP will be having their own this weekend. Have they severed all ties and joined PRS? Or are they just using this excuse to say that they are on a roadmap of “MERGER”

The phone has not stopped ringing an our privilege source came out with this at 2.41pm,”It seems that George Garai the earlier initiator of this merger plan has pulled his handbrake and will not be going to Kapit to attend the PRS SC as THE PROMISE is not kept.” What that means will be unfold in days to come according to our source.

So Mawan would be too happy if the Separatists can come back to the SPDP SC meeting with what has been discussed in PRS SC meeting. That insider information is very vital is of extreme importance according to what was reported in todays news as echoed by the SPDP President Mawan.

So WILL THEY or WILL THEY NOT….?? Feb 28 being the 15th day of the Chinese New Year Celebrations would be a very much awaited day for not only all Chinese celebrants “CHAP GOH MEI”but also SPDP members in totality.

“Separatists Walked into Trap..??”

Forget the niceties which will be published in the mainstream media tomorrow on the meeting of the gang of 5″Separatists” with PRS President James Masing at Party Headquarters in Pending. PRS President was very accomodating to the group as he said,‘this is a genuine spirit of cooperation,we cannot waste any more time as the battlefield of the State election is drawing near and in the spirit of BN . PRS is keen and happy to see it happening.Its a long process and it will take time but first of all the “ROADMAP”must be charted to ensure it works. The persons responsible to visit all the PRS/SPDP constituencies would be headed by YB Paulus and PRS SG Wilfred Nissom.

 Of course the hidden agenda for the Press,Special Branch officers and media personnels on the whole PC lies on who are the personalities mentioned as “controling the party and the powers in SPDP…?” There was a deafening sound of silence when one person pointed out ,”Tiong..??” It was supposed to open the floodgates but the PRS President was quick to ‘close the subject” The separatists have themselves to blame as they are putting themselves in a spot of bother.

Its a simple analogy,”When you join a new neighbourhood or a new team,one should not speak foul of what one has left behind.Instead they walked themselves into a TRAP which Masing from his body language could not help them to solve it. Imagine saying Mawan and Nyarok are good people but they are controlled by someone.

If the merger happens dont tell me the President “whoever it may be” would let you just do your thing according to your whims and fancies…Please lah says a veteran Sarawak political analysts. They have walked into their own TRAP and they are just using this excuse to impress Masing to welcome them. They are like a FISH WALKING INTO THE NET…..

Masing needs to look left and right and would be very wary not to offend PBB,SUPP as it intends to FLEX its muscle. Some YBs in PRS are not exactly happy with this arrangement as they see further troubles brewing after going through a major crisis which ended in April 2008. Does PRS need further problems..??

The opposition would use this to capitalise on BNs weakness and its usually the BNs weakness in Sarawak “BN versus BN” which the opposition gains.  So one is compelled to say,”CMs cool it is not heeded and the SPDP separatists having seen PM and CM knows bests. Even Masing was quick to play down a question from the Press,”Ask them they know better.. !!”

The motion is now set for SPDP  supreme council meeting this weekend and what would come off it. DSG Paul Igai welcomes the SPDP separatists to show themselves at the meeting even though Nansian had said ‘What do you think..?”

Ther is still hope to see an end to the separatist needs and it needs a third party to be the official judge. Until then the merger process would remain in a “TRAP” Its not so easy as a corporate merger as Nansian puts it. A corporate merger is buying the shares in the company and with political merger it is an agreement of all concerned in the Supreme Council and the whole party hierarchy. Do we need to throw the constitution to him says an ordinary SPDP member?

The TRAP has already taken a number of the victims and they now need to know how to get themselves FREE from the entanglement and to STOP using ‘the personalities concerned” The main stream media will have all the juicy parts,photographs  and niceties but we have the political intrinques….

SPDP will come out of this with a “SHOW HAND” which has been discussed with the SPDP YOUTH and will be actioned accordingly.Remember politics is a NUMBERS GAME they say to audie61………