Bible Seizure..I don’t want to hear about it anymore

T03398Tan Sri Dr James Masing doesn’t want to hear of another Bible-seizing incident.

“I don’t want to see or even hear of another incident involving the seizure of our Bibles. Don’t let it happen again,” the outspoken Land Development Minister from Sarawak told theantdaily.

He was commenting on the return of the seized Bibles today to the Association of Churches in Sarawak which signalled an end to the religious saga that hogged the nation since January this year.

The release of 321 copies of the holy book, however, came with two conditions; one, that they are not to be distributed in Selangor, especially among Muslims, and two, they are only for Christians in Sarawak.

Nevertheless, for Christians throughout the country, news of the release of the Malay and Iban-language Bibles was a welcome relief.

Arguing that the seizure was illegal in the first place as it went against the Federal Constitution, which guaranteed freedom of worship, Masing felt that some overzealous officials had gone overboard.

“It’s illegal in the first place…even the AG has ordered the Bibles to be returned. They should not have detained the holy book until now,” he said.

The minister appeared upset with the conditions that the Iban-language Bibles should not be distributed in Selangor and could only be used in Sarawak.

His concern is understandable as there is a sizable Sarawak population in Selangor who are Christians. And this group has been using the Malay and Iban-language Bibles.

So what happens to the thousands of Sarawak Christians residing in Selangor who have all along been using the Iban-language Bibles?

Says Masing: “There should be no restriction for Sarawak Christians in Selangor as long as these Bibles are only for them. Of course it would be wrong if they are given to non-Christians.”

The controversy began in January this year when Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) officials seized the Bibles from the Bible of Society of Malaysia (BSM) on grounds that the Bibles violated a 1988 Selangor enactment which prohibited non-Muslims from using the word “Allah”.

The Bibles were handed to the chairman of the Association of Churches in Sarawak, Rev Archbishop Datuk Bolly Lapok, in a simple ceremony at the Istana Alam Shah in Klang witnessed by Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah and Menteri Besar Azmin Ali.

After the ceremony, Azmin had twitted that an “amicable solution” had been reached.

Unlike his predecessor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, Azmin had taken a tougher stand and stood up for the Christian community, arguing that the Bibles did not belong to the Muslims and therefore should be returned to the Christians.

“Islam has never asked its followers to disrupt the harmony of other faiths. It is our duty to respect the practice of the other religions in the country. This is a multi-religious society. This is not Saudi Arabia or Sudan. This is Malaysia. This is Selangor.”

His remarks were welcomed by the Christian community.

The MCA, meanwhile, in urging Azmin to ensure there is no repeat of the fiasco, regrets the condition which prohibits the distribution of the Iban-language Bibles in Selangor.


The party’s Syariah Law and Policy Implementation Special Task Force chairman Gan Ping Siew questioned how Sarawak and Sabah Bumiputeras working in the armed forces, police force, civil service or studying on the peninsular alongside with Orang Asli Christians whose first language is Bahasa Malaysia would refer to their scriptures.

He called on state governments to look into the relevant provisions in the state enactments to enable Malay-speaking Christian Bumiputeras and Orang Aslis to have access to Bahasa Malaysia or native-language versions of the Bible in their homes and places of worship in the peninsula.

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chong taibIf its not them (RBA)then who is it?

Of course the calls have come from DAP Sarawak leaders who were heard calling for CM Taib to step down immediately after the 2 years grace was up.

DAP has taken literally what CM Taib has said that HE WILL STEP DOWN IN 2 YEARS TIME OR IN MID-TERM. Many ‘ceramahs” which audie61 squad attended during GE13 in Kuching the attacks were directed at Taib Mahmud.

We tweeted there and then. ( eg @audie61                28 Apr  Pls see the following which we extracted from the twitter

  • 1.DAP Julian has so much hate against CM Taib? DAP talking abt “promise” 2 years 2 WOO the votes
  • 2.DAP Julian Tan says our SWak BN Parliamentarian only go to SLEEP after they win.Hit out at Sulaiman Taib.
  • 3. BN SUPP candidates CLEAN n JUST shd hv CM face.Why u hitting at CM? Is DAP CLEAN? Julian Tan convince us n dun belasar CM Taib.

We ask DAP whether Taib needs to step down?

He can if he decides too but he has a perfect 35 to NIL mandate from his party PBB. Also BN won 55 out of 71 seats in 2011 Sarawak State Elections. I did speak to a number of  BN YBs a few days ago on this subject and asked why CMs loyalists have been so quiet? Are they under instructions to zip their mouths? Someone must take the lead I said to at least fight the intrusions from outside or worse from the inside.

Certainly someone must have heard our uneasiness and dissatisfaction and up came this. I say I must take my hat off for the Chief Political Secretary to CM, YB Abdullah Saidol who have come out with the strongest and possibly his hardest hitting statement to date and we quote,” “We reject any effort by any quarter to disunite us for their own political ambition and economic control”

Bravo! Bravo! to Chief Political Secretary and lets see now how many out there will start to fight for CM Taib.  

Extracted from STARONLINE:

MIRI: Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud’s loyalists believe “hidden hands” within the country are behind recent mounting pressure for their chief to relinquish his post with immediate effect.
They were eager to remove Taib as he was seen as a stumbling block to their agenda to make Sarawak “politically and economically a free for all state,” according to Parti Pesaka Bumuputera Bersatu (PBB) leaders, who declined to specify if the hidden hands came from Kuching or Kuala Lumpur.
Responding to reports that Taib might serve a full five-year term in office instead of mid-term, political secretary to the Chief Minister Abdullah Saidol told The Star Online that the accusations hurled at Taib recently were an integrated effort to tarnish the image of his boss.   “They are trying to smear Taib’s image and create a situation so that he will be forced to step down immediately although technically he can stay on until the end of his term in 2016,” said Abdullah, one of the younger group of PBB leaders fully supporting their party president.  

“Sometimes, I cannot help but think that there are people in the higher echelon within the country trying to force the chief minister to retire.
“If they succeed, I won’t be surprised if they immediately moved to strengthen their interest in Sarawak because they see the CM as a major stumbling block preventing them from grabbing the state’s rich resources.   “

It is not difficult to understand why now there is an integrated smear campaign against Taib,” added Abdullah.
He said that Taib had consistently maintained long term policies to safeguard the interest of the state for the benefit of Sarawakians.

“Take for example our effort to manage our forest resources with a sustainable ITTO certified management. Yet, ridiculous accusations are being made and weird enough, some ignorant people believe these critics,” he said.   Abdullah said even the state’s effort to develop palm oil plantation had become the target of critics.

“I believe they still think we are not capable of managing our state ourselves,” he said.   He also took a jibe at the opposition, saying that DAP representatives were disuniting Sarawakians and were often rude to Taib who was elected legitimately and won overwhelmingly in the last election.   “

We believe in maintaining peace and harmony in Sarawak so as to enable our development plans to be executed smoothly especially in rural areas.

“We reject any effort by any quarter to disunite us for their own political ambition and economic control,” said Abdullah.

Twitter-“A Good Start..FB & Others Depends.??”

ali%20hamsaSAY WHAT U WANT .

TS DR. ALI HAMSA IS BOLD AND HAS THROWN THE CHALLENGE DOWN TO ALL  Secretary -Generals,Heads and Deputies of Government…to have twitter n FB accounts..



This article from Malaysia-chronicle copied from the sun

CLICK TO READ:- An interesting statement though from TS Dr.Ali:-“if we keep quiet,people will assume the lies are true.”he said.–twitter-ali-hamsa&Itemid=2

Pakatan “Lain Kali Boleh Cuba Lagi..??”

terima kNo Matter which side of the political divide we would like to say”A VERY BIG THANK YOU MALAYSIANS FOR EXERCISING YOUR DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS



Cybertroopers:-“IT’S THE CONTENT….!!”

Natasha gave Augustine a phonecall eventhough she has not fully recovered. Bro she said” read this and reposts the article and this is where the good is separated from those who dont have passion,commitment and the political will to fight for a good cause. The bloggers,facebook strategists must know their materials and what they set out to do and must be able to convince the young minds who make up nearly half of the voting strength in GE13

She continued we are in the position to be part of the winning team and unless the authorities think otherwise we would know where we go from here. We will know what to do when the time comes and the management of audie61 will weigh up all contigencies. OK Augustine said,”I’ll get it up and running and see how the response is.


also check this out:-

Malaysian Digest) – Content by Barisan Nasional (BN) cybertroopers and across social media platforms will determine the ruling coalition’s success in the next general elections, says Umno supreme council member Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah.

The popular deputy minister said BN had learnt an important lesson from its worst electoral performance in Election 2008 due to its failure to conquer the cyber-world which was then dominated by parties that eventually formed Pakatan Rakyat.

“We were not there (cyber world) in 2008… we handicap. We lost at that time, because of that we lost young voters.

“But now BN is prepared, we have a team of bloggers and new media known as “BN cybertroopers”, the difference now is the content of the media,” the Temerloh MP told The Malaysian Insider in an exclusive interview.

BN lost its customary two-thirds majority in Parliament and lost four states Pakatan before Perak fell back into its fold in 2009. Part of the defeat was attributed to BN snubbing social media websites in 2008 when a growing number of voters were internet-savvy.

Saifuddin, who often comes out with views that differ from other Umno leaders, explained that the BN and Umno’s top leadership are now seen to be active in social websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

“We look at Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, he’s very active with the new media as general elections draw near, compared to previous BN leaders.

“It can be said that the majority of leaders now are active in using the new media,” said the Deputy Higher Education Minister.

He stressed that BN and Pakatan’s new media unit are equally matched in strength, and they only differed in the contents of their blogs and websites.

“We are equally strong… but the contents will determine voters’ choice.

“If they (voters) feel our content is good, they choose us; but if Pakatan is good, they choose Pakatan,” he said, adding that BN is now starting to realise that the great influence of social media would determine polls result.

Saifuddin said that 90 per cent of the youth learn about the country’s political developments from the new media, in reference to a study by a Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia (UiTM) political science lecturer.

According to the study by Prof Dr Shaharuddin Badaruddin, 60 per cent obtain information from alternative media, 25 per cent from the mainstream media such as television, and only 15 per cent obtain political information through newspapers.

This proves that the contents of alternative media, which are more convincing and more “persuasive” in nature, will enable political parties to win votes and support, Saifuddin said.

With young voters and middle-class voters making up 30 per cent of the electoral roll, they are likely to determine the victory of political parties that contest in the general elections.

He said that with the changes and access to social media, the “rural” and “urban” terms are merely physical differences.

“Rural and urban are just physical differences, but there’s no ‘rural’ term for social media…the difference is only the speed and access to internet facilities only.”

Saifuddin said the demands made by middle-class voters are getting more and more complicated.

“Key issues such as basic infrastructure is no longer the main issue for them, because of that Fardhu Ain.

“The issues that they raised are fardhu Kifayah issues, every ruler will give basic facilities to the people, but how many are prepared to give media freedom, give attention to basic human rights and clean and fair elections.”

He said that various schemes announced by Najib during the tabling of the Budget 2013 such as the Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia and book vouchers are not adequate to gain the support of this group.

“They receive the government handouts, but they want more than that because they think such actions would be carried out by any party in power.

“Their demands are more towards basic human rights, freedom of speech and so on.”

Saifuddin saw Najib’s reforms in matters of freedom of speech, right to peaceful assembly and the repeal of the Internal Security Act (ISA) would potentially draw support from this group of voters.

“The transformation carried out by Najib does not normally come from Umno leaders.

“But he is more progressive and is a reformist.”

1 of 222 Malaysian Members of Parliament….


Over the long Gawai weekend it was not only a time of celebration,exchanging pleasantries but also many political gossips especially from the grassroot and voters from the constituencies. One particular area which is basically a semi rural seat where the local flavour/winnable,humble and acceptable candidate is very much the order of day is none other than Mas Gading 192 Parliamentary seat. 

Its also an understanding between the Jagoi/Singai group that in 1996 they drew out an agreement that one of the clauses stated that when the MP is from the Jagoi community then the assemblyman has to be from the Singai group.

One voter even said,” you just look at the list which is being drawn up by the holding party SPDP here Rayan Narong, Anthony Nogeh, William Jinep, Henry Jinep and Ik Pahon Joyik. After much 
politiking it is now SPDP’s choice which is Salcra deputy general manager Anthony Nogeh as their pick for Mas Gading in the coming 13th general election.

OK they say to keep the peace as per agreement,Henry Jinep will have to contain with a state seat in the next elections replacing Tasik Biru incumbent Peter Nansian while Nogeh will be the replacement for Tiki Laffe.
Its not about the state elections now this is about the Parliamentary seat where DAP/PKR are in direct tussle,STAR and other independants are also eyeing this seat.

But to the many who were randomly asked and spoken to many still feel “Tiki is very much still the man to beat. He is HARMLESS as he doesn’t care too much about politiking but still does his job efficently especially though in the lasts 6 months.(hehehe)

He does however look arrogant but in actual fact he is approachable and has a listening ear to his constituents. Many feels that the Federal leaders are still very much in favour of Tiki as they have extended his tenure as NSTC(national service training camp) Chairman.

Brother they said,”Isn’t it better to know the devil who you are familiar with than to know a Saint who will turn out to be worst than you can imagine..?.” 

SPDP will have their hands full this time round unless Tiki tells us otherwise.

Parliament of Malaysia: Mas Gading, Sarawak[5]
Year   Barisan Nasional Votes Pct   Opposition Votes Pct  
1999   Tiki Lafe (SPDP) 10,684 60%   Patau Rubis (STAR) 6,664 25%  
2004   Tiki Lafe (SPDP) 10,579 56%   Patau Rubis (SNAP) 7,867 42%  
2008   Tiki Lafe (SPDP) 8,551 58%   Patau Rubis (SNAP) 4,250 29%

We came across this statement from an internet portal and this bests describe what we meant by picking 1 is difficult whatmore 222 candidates for Malaysia Parliament.

Malaysians should choose their leaders without fear or favour and support those who can deliver the goods. Candidates with tainted background should be removed. Only those willing to sacrifice and serve the people should command the respect and recognition of Malaysians to safeguard and strengthen the future of the nation.



We have often seen in the news about military personnels “killed in action by friendly fire” More often than not the enemy escapes unscathed and unhurt and live to fight another day. The intel given by forces on the ground did more damage than good. This GE13 Malaysia there will be, it seems “personnel fights within the BN” as far as Sarawak parliamentary seats are concerned. 

BN engaging with BN friendly will give extra “HOPE” for the Pakatan strategic team to work on. The Pakatan team will be looking from the high ground and they will concentrate on the spillovers of the fight within BN to further strengthen their cause. We can write a number of thesis and have it submitted but often have we not question the WHY its been done?

There are obviously one thousand and 1 answers and you will have one answer already. We have heard too , the hearsays and the whatnots which spilled over at the carpets of the corridors of power. Many will not even leave their DEAR LIFE TO SAY THATS THE TRUTH.

The point of matter is with regards to SWP(Sarawak workers Party) and GE5 (BN Club) remnants of former PRS and SPDP engaging head on not only with the BN4 coalition in Sarawak but 1BN Malaysia made up of other BN partners. GE5 says if their candidate is not nominated they will stay out and support BN.

(Are you pinching youself in the face..Ya kah..??.)

We were fortunate to sit down with PRS YB Alex Vincent (Ngemah)  and SWP Protem Deputy Chairman YB George Lagong (Pelagus) and also PBB YB Len Talif (Belawai) at lunch during the recent DUN sitting. What was interesting was the question that was put to George Lagong?

“BN friendly but SWP is going against BN in PRS held seats? How can that be termed friendly when on one hand you are considered BN friendly but when election comes you fight us. Shouldn’t you be fighting the DAP or Pakatan?”

 Surely, this will be a major talking point in the run up to the GE13 says a political observer who was also at the table.

True enough, todays STAR news “let’s Tango,says Entulu” PRS deputy President was quoted” Come,face me in Selangau if you dare”he challenged Sng,the prime mover of SWP.He even said,”I will be sad if (Sng) doesn’t show up in Selangau as a candidate on nomination day.

Entulu even welcomed the candidacyof Sng’s son Larry or daughter,if Sng senior felt that they couldbeat him in Selangau. Sng would not be drawn into a war of words against Entulu but said that they SWP will field a candidate against Entulu.


What is friendly are the words which SPDP President has uttered which has caught the headlines. I’m sure you will agree with us these words are more BN tuned and in the spirit of a coalition which Taib and Najib would be praising the SPDP president.

SPDP to help PRS Vice President Salang win Julau

Spdp President Mawan said SPDP and PRS are friends and partners in BN,”We are not enemies.Our enemies are the opposition parties” He pointed out that the recent disagreement between Salang and Wong Judat was only personal differences and it was not fair to drag the party and accuse the whole party that it is against PRS in Julau.

As much as BN thinks that this tactic would benefit the coalition the Pakatan knows already the tried and tested formula. BN wants to openly bring in and lure the fish to the net says a Pakatan spokesman but we are ready to challenge BN in all the 31 Parliamentary seats. They will not be one seat returned unopposed says the spokesman. The BN friendly fight doesn’t work anymore as we are ready to face headon Pakatan v BN.

A political observer said,”Entulu should also throw down the chalenge to Pakatan instead of justs SWP. The enemy is outside but it seems now it has come back to haunt PRS from inside. However a win for SWP isn’t it also a win for BN? It’s BN friendly.?”

We would not like to drawn into the mix of it all and as far as audie61 is concerned we know,” 



“Cheap Politiking -SPDP President’

The Wong -Salang spat takes precedence as far as SPDP president Mawan is concerned. He has already taken the initiative to sit down with PRS but his first requests was not entertained. This weekend he will be going to Julau to meet with PRS leaders to solve the personal confusion in the personal vendetta between the two leaders.”

The President mentioned to audie61 that this “cheap politiking” should stop. He said we musts ensure that our members are told and this was exactly what was sent out in smses and in the social media by the SPDP/UMB team (unit media baru),”SWP is not BN and PRS/SPDP are to work together.If PRS under attack we attack be it SWP,PKR,DAP or SNAP. There should not be cheap politiking and as far for JUDAT party will talk to him and receive his report.Pls forward to others.”

The President is serious and he does not want SPDP to be dragged in the SWP/PRS “internal revenge” He even mentioned that our enemies are outside and not within BN and we musts set aside differences for the better good of BN as we prepare for GE13.

SPDP “A Step Forward”

The Chief Minister of Sarawak Taib Mahmud did not mince his words when he said to the delegates and observers in Bintulu for the opening of the TGM. He said “PBB will advise and assist only when needed in component parties problems or internal disagreements. PBB will not get their hands dirtied. If our advises are followed its for the strength of BN.”

SPDP have chosen the Party President William Mawan as its President while the Deputy is Tiong King Sing. Congratulations to both of them from audie61 and the elected team for SPDP 2012-2015.

Obviously,there are some who knows that it will be a “matter of time”when this plan falls through. There were many uneasiness and unhappiness on how the TGM elections was run but its bests be told by delegates or sources who were present during the voting of the SC members.If we were to write it it will be take a number of pages.Good or Bad experiences,hiccups etc etc let the SPDP members tell you.

How timely and it can only happen in TGM Bintulu?

We were informed through our source that the No.2 position was actually reserved for someone to broker for him to come back to the fold. Your guess would be as good as mine,wouldn’t it?

 A lot of last minute negotiations were held to ensure it was fulfilled. Unfortunately, the lifeline was taken up and the top leadership feels that ‘since the goose has laid its golden eggs” we will look at it again when it hatches fully.

An article from an internet portal and a comment from a reader is attached to ensure we at audie61 did not engineer the story.

political observersays:

Absolutely right as predicted tiong is now in full control of spdp. Nelson remained as Sec Gen and Igai as dep Sec Gen. Igai and nyarok seem to be the hitman, claiming everything to be from ROS. 31 div declared illegal. It obvious those declared illegal, are most likely to vote against them. So play dirty. Somebody should verify with Ros when half of the division r illegal at the 11 hr. The party leadership should resigned en mass, to take responsibilty for such a mess and someone should challenge the validity  of the TGA. But then this is spdp, who cares just gives those dayak beers, and they will worship  you!

2012 hopesays:

Tiong seems to fully controlled spdp.

The extracted article from internet blog:-

KUCHING: As expected, the MP for Bintulu and Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party’s (SPDP) treasurer-general Tiong King Sing was elected yesterday as the party’s deputy president taking over from Peter Nyarok.

On the surface, Tiong’s election as deputy president seems to have the all-around support of the party members.

But there are those who are worried that SPDP is returning to the old days of Sarawak National Party (SNAP), of which SPDP is its offshoot.

SNAP, which had more than 90% Dayak membership and professed a multi-racial policy, was however under the iron-clad rule of a non-Dayak, James Wong, from 1981 to 2002.

Wong did not brook any criticism against his leadership nor did he tolerate anyone talking about “Dayakism” in the party. Those who did so were either expelled or asked to leave to form their own Dayak party.

During his presidency, the Dayaks’ interests and voice were suppressed as he turned SNAP into part of his Limbang Trading Company.

Stubbornly sticking to his rigid “principled” rule, Wong would initiate disciplinary action against anyone who committed an offence, even a minor one against the party.

So SNAP under him split twice. The first was in 1983 when he sacked a few Dayak leaders including senior vice-president and Deputy Chief Minister Daniel Tajem on suspicion of supporting an independent candidate.

Tajem and several Dayak elected representatives were forced to form their own political party – Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS).

The second was in 2002 when Wong sacked Tiong over an issue of television station which failed to be constructed in Bintulu.

‘Tiong is like James Wong’ Tiong’s expulsion triggered mass resignations of members from the party which were led by William Mawan and eight other senior party leaders.

Like Tajem, Mawan and his group of nine formed their own party, SPDP.

With the exodus of credible Dayak leaders and elected representatives, SNAP, which was once the bastion of Dayak voice with 18 state assemblymen and nine members of parliament, has now been reduced to a mosquito party.

Coming back to SPDP, what some members are worried is that sooner or later he will take over the leadership of the party. They have seen what had happened to SNAP which was headed by a “towkay”.

They have also seen what had happened to PBDS and Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) with “towkays” playing major and bigger roles in the two parties. While PBDS was deregistered in 2004, PRS had also almost faced the same fate.

SPDP members know what type of a leader Tiong is. Like Wong, he does not tolerate any criticism.

They recall what happened in a supreme council meeting in July 2009 when Tiong brought the idea of expanding SPDP’s wing to Peninsular Malaysia.

His idea was strongly opposed by the then secretary-general Sylvester Entri, senior vice-president Peter Nansian, vice-president Tiki Lafe and several other supreme council members.

They all agreed that it was not that simple as it had to be approved by the triennial delegates conference in December 2009 as well as amending the party’s constitution.

Tiong’s outburst

During the meeting, a member of the council suggested that a vote should be taken to determine how many would support Tiong’s suggestion.

And before the division could be called, Tiong was heard by reporters who were covering the meeting to have uttered the following words “…. Don’t do this to me. I spend my bloody money on this party and this is what I get…”

Tiong’s sudden outburst stunned the members present, and when the reporters came in Tiong was nowhere to be seen. But the mood of those present appeared to be gloomy, and some were seen to be very angry.

Several supreme council members did not agree for SPDP to go national.

“Why should you go national and waste our manpower resources, when we are threatened back home by PKR?

“Even the seat of president at Pakan state constituency in Julau is in trouble and so are SPDP other seats,” said one council member.

SPDP has eight state and four parliamentary seats including Tiong’s seat of Bintulu.

At that time, there were rumours that Nyarok had wanted to step down and had allegedly negotiated with Tiong to take over the number two post.

But the majority of the supreme council members were wary of the possibility of Tiong becoming the number two man in the party.

It was at this time that the anti-Tiong group discussed a Plan B whereby they wanted to challenge Tiong for the number two post in the event Mawan chose Tiong as his running mate.

Silent majority

Said another member of the anti-Tiong group: “What some of us fear is that if Tiong becomes the number two, it will be a matter of time before he takes over the leadership of the party.

“If this happens, then there are bound to be troubles in the party.”

Tiki at that time already talked about the new line-up when he said: “There is likelihood that even the top posts will be challenged including his own vice-president post.

“We are talking about Plan B and a new line-up.”

Tiki said that most of the elected representatives were in the second list. The first list contained the president and his men.

The group’s intention must have reached Mawan’s ears, who took steps to prevent the group from challenging the party leadership by calling for a status quo – meaning to say that Tiong and everybody would remain in their respective positions in the party.

However, after the TDC held in December 2009, Mawan changed his mind by replacing Entri as secretary-general as allegedly demanded by Tiong.

During the announcement in January 2010, five elected representatives – Entri (Marudi),  Nansian (Tasik Biru),  Tiki (MP for Mas Gading), Rosey Yunus (Bekenu), Paulus Gumbang (Batu Danau) and three other supreme council members – walked out from the meeting.

Together they were popularly known as “SPDP 5”.

That was the beginning of the protracted crisis that resulted in the five of them being expelled from the party in November last year.

Now that the members of the SPDP 5 are no longer in the party, no one dares to say anything openly against Tiong.

But the silent majority is closely watching Tiong as they perceive that SNAP’s history may be repeated