“Pakatan and BN Propaganda…Rakyat.??”

audie61 crew sat at the round table for Kueh Tiaw Soup Special and the phone and smses were of these two Coalitions. Both Anwar and Najib have been rallying their soldiers and lieutenants  with  propaganda”WE WILL WIN THE NEXT GENERAL ELECTIONS NO MATTER …..and so on an on!” 

But its the Rakyat who will make the choices in the next elections. Their bread and butter issues needs too be addressed and whatever has been promised in the last General elections,,by elections  needs to be delivered. There is no holding back of funds anymore or else it will be a little too late.

Najib on official visit to Sarawak has this to say,”Sarawak is a fixed deposit state for BN.” but a few young new voters are asking this which the crew received,”Just because Najib go on flying visits and throw around a few shallow goodies, does he really think his fixed deposit seats of Sarawak are secure.? Mind you we young dayaks have had enough of the so called NCR issues.

Just then another timely sms came through from a PKR Wanita exco,” NCR.Case which we won that day..both appeal by company  and state governmentfor Stay was dismissed by Coiurt ..Cheers!..

This is not a new issue faced by the State BN government. It has been used in every other Federal and State Elections Propaganda by the Opposition parties and individuals hoping to secure extra votes in the rural areas. The BN machinery has always been able to tackle the land issue at every elections and Najib knows the capabilty of the State government under Taib Mahmud.

This has been in circulation in cyber space recently,”Many rural folks do not have basic infrastructure like tarred roads, piped water, 24-hour electricity and good communication infrastructure. They also have limited access to alternative media. They depend on the government on these amenities and promises and they will continue to  VOTE for BN as their needs are to be addressed.

What chances can the State Opposition give them..?? Its a fine line and if they now need to vote for the right candidate to represent them not so much which party be it Pakatan or BN.  

The propaganda war will be hyped up as the State enters its final year before they present themselves for a NEW MANDATE. It must be called before May 2011.

The rakyat will be receiving dosages of New propaganda from both these two coalitions as they try to outdo each other and fight for the votes. There must be something localised especially in Sarawak and the usual trend for the majority of rural VOTERS usually go for personalities rather than party lines.

BN has the edge in rural areas as it has been the Coca Cola drink for them unlike Pakatan which is more or less Pepsi and are just making inroads. The mindsets needs to change and it will not be easy. BN Sarawak Ground soldiers are already working overtime and Pakatan needs to really catch up. Its no use to move just before elections as ALWAYS IT WILL BE A LITTLE TOO LATE.”

audie61 has always reminded th YBS or MPs from both Coalition divides,” The people this time round will vote you in or out. Its no more a guarantee who the voters will vote for now. Times have changed and for the BN candidate,” No more an 80 percent win on BN ticket.You need to work hard and the people will put you in or show you the door. The same goes for the oppostion YBs or MPs in Sarawak.

Deliver and you will be assured of another term. Failing which you will do the arrangements  for your OWN FUNERAL