Sarawak Parties leaving BN?

19 Sarawak Parliamentarians were voted in during the GE14 under the Barisan Nasional Coalition out of 31 seats BN contested . In 2016 BN was returned as the Government of the day administering Sarawak winning 72 out of 82 seats. The Peoples Choice was very clear for the Sarawak State. 

However, the Federal BN was defeated in the General Elections for the 1st time after 61 years in power by Pakatan Harapan formed in 2015.(only On 16 May 2018, the coalition was officially registered)

aajohariThe Niggling Question amongst party supporters is What is next for Sarawak?”

Is it so easy just pack up and abandon the ship which they all sailed on all these years?  

According to PRS James Masing he said extracted Borneo Post 14th May 2018,”PRS will discuss with “…whoever are left in BN on ways to move forward”, adding it was not his habit to “bite the hands which feed me over the years”.

The Federal Cabinet (phase 1 ) with 14 Ministers in place was just sworn in and they will be under close scrutiny. The other Second Lined Ministers would only be fully completed in a couple of weeks.

There is so much speculations from press/media, political analysts,supporters and the CM Sarawak Abang Jo said,”he will need to consult with the component party leaders and inform of Sarawak’s stand after that. Whatever decision is arrived at is will be the “best solution for the best interests of Sarawak.” 

There is no hurry even though Sarawak Federal Parliamentarians are in the opposition but as YB Karim Hamzah puts it very precisely that in Sarawak,”We are the Government of the Day”

The people of Sarawak are matured enough and when the State Elections are called they will know their own “people’s representative” or “Yang Berhormat” who will represent their constituency. The General elections 14 have given voters the right to choose and they will do the necessary in PRN12 for the better good of their own community. 

All potential  candidates or Incumbents will need to look closely at their own constituencies or face the wrath of their own people and not be VOTED IN to the next State assembly.

The article below extracted from an Internet portal 

KUCHING: An analyst has urged Barisan Nasional (BN) parties in Sarawak to exit the coalition, so that they would not be associated with the former ruling party following its polls defeat recently.

Sarawak BN comprises Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP), Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) and the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP).

“Exiting from BN and forming their own united coalition is necessary in order not to be synonymous with BN whose popularity has diminished and is being rejected by the people,” academic Awang Azman Awang Pawi told Bernama.

He said BN’s win in the 2016 state election was due to the popularity of the late Adenan Satem.

“Adenan’s absence in Sarawak politics after his death has undoubtedly, affected the popularity of Sarawak BN component parties.

“Without Adenan’s popularity factor, Sarawak BN’s performance is expected to fall by at least 20% of the total seats,” he added.

PBB vice-president Karim Abdul Rahman Hamzah said there was a strong possibility the ruling coalition in Sarawak would leave BN to set up a new coalition party.

Meanwhile, another political analyst, Jeniri Amir said a new coalition was the best move for the Sarawak BN.

He said Sarawak BN had to take the drastic step by leaving BN and establishing a new political entity.

Siapa Ngena Siapa?

Kenapa Kubu Kuat BN di Julau boleh dikalahkan? Apa strategi pembangkang? According to a political analyst who interviewed a number of voters the answer is on the personality of the candidate. What went wrong?

Just a recap in GE12 in the year 2008 Joseph Salang polled 10351 against a PKR candidate who managed 2767. In 2013 in GE13 Joseph Salang polled 9891 against a PKR candidate 2852 and SWP candidate 3936. GE14  Independent candidate polled 10105 against Joseph Salang 8174 a majority of 1941 

The words of the voters,”If a Chinese boy standing as an Independent ticket from a faraway constituency of Kapit can come here to Julau in a predominantly Iban area and wrestle the seat from an Incumbent that boy must be too good or the incumbent must be too bad.”

Do we need to elaborate further they said. We are just being kind to the former MP who also refused to be in the Prime Minister’s Cabinet when he was appointed not as a Full Minister.


In a post mortem, there are a number of factors which they conveniently blame unto some personalities looking for “scapegoats” and also BN Sarawak not being “too cohesive”.

Is that the correct?

Maybe the candidate have to look back at how in 2007 he let the young man down when he needed him the most. They have a history together which we do not need to share here in this article.

Siapa Ngena Siapa?

Of course it goes back to the PBDS days when the Elder Sng was an MP from 1995-1999. History aside but to be beaten by the younger Sng it surely is a bitter blow not only to the State BN but also partly contributed to the loss of the Federal Government.

PRS lost 3 out of 6 seats it contested and the sacking of the Deputy President at the eleventh hour and others gave a much needed boost to the Opposition Pakatan Coalition. The opening was there to be capitalised and Pakatan was quietly confident. 

PKR also took the younger Sng’s bait as they know he stood a much better chance of an UPSET OR GIANT SLAYING and they stood down to give their full support. 

They too know supporters of the 5 PRS sacked would be very vulnerable. 50 % would be sad and 50% would be hellbent on revenge. That’s only normal. 

Even the CM ,DCM and ADUN Pakan were called in, to join in to campaign for the Incumbent. The 50 % unhappy voters were going to make a strong statement.

Their favoured man Nyempah Sabot, 54, who is Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Meluan branch chairman and a resident of a local longhouse, Rumah Emparak was sacked together with 4 others and they had no choice but to turn to the opposition. Earlier, they too have made their voices heard and they believed that a local in Nyempah would be in a better position to understand the constituents’ problems and needs.

Salang indicated that should he be asked to give way, he would want an Iban from Julau to replace him, not a non-local. Julau has a total of 25,380 registered voters, the majority of whom are Ibans.

The answer by the locals is clear and this is a very bitter lesson which needs to be rectified as the State elections will be another major hurdle for the ruling coalition. Would they repeat the same mistakes?

The Independent MP has since joined PKR . 




Semangat Kental dalam Politik tidak dapat di jual beli

Sik boh Ngangis,dah ngalir air dibah jambatan ya

When the article (below and fully extracted )

was written and uploaded in the cyberspace we remembered that the former MP Tan Sri William Mawan said this,”

” Fight for the seat after BN wins it, not before. There is a serious challenge,you rise or you fall. Internal problems can be settled after GE14.”

How very true and we know for a fact that many wanted the Incumbent MP205 to be out of the equation for their own selfish and personal gains. They know who they are.

What is left of that?

Even BN is ousted from the Federal government and an aide to the former DPM said his boss was asked to come to Sarawak to solve the problem of the sacking and the damaged done was too big a hole to seal back.

We could do without the 6 Sarawak extra seats losts as most of the Incumbent supporters must have been FURIOUSLY ANGRY” and turned their backs on BN.

The CM confidently expected 28 out of 31 seats to deliver he said but one of his component parties decided otherwise which greatly contributed to BN losing the Federal Government.

If this continues to be of PERSONAL AGENDAS Sarawak State Government in the next State Elections would also suffer the same fate. Remember too he said,” The CM’s seat is in an URBAN area and he too will need to be very careful. The full might of PKR will come with artillery and guns blazing”

He said Political wisdom is through years of experience and through time but not by learning strategies through books or in theory. The elder and veteran politicians must be maintain or roped in to serve if they have same ambitions and heart for the people of their constituencies.

There are the PEOPLES REPRESENTATIVE and this must always be drummed in to all the Political wannabees that the office is not to be used for Power or self enrichment. The political landscape has changed and the people now knows the power is in their hands. 

One must also not to be too eager to be Members of Parliament or Assemblyman but need to listen to POLITICAL WISDOM. Their time will come. 

Kelai Gik Ya.!!Sik Boh Tamak Tamak Gik …!!


The full article extracted:- 

Kawasan DUN N. 40 Kabong adalah merupakan penyumbang penting untuk undi di Parlimen P. 205 Saratok.

Menang kalah calon bertanding di kawasan itu bergantung kepada undi terakhir yang disumbangkan pengundi dari kawasan ini. Dan kekalahan BN di P. 205 Saratok dikaitkan dengan hilangnya banyak undi untuk BN di Kabong.

Kabong sering diandaikan sebagai kubu kuat Barisan Nasional (BN). Memang layak kawasan itu diberi jolokan ‘simpanan tetap BN’ kerana apa jua keadaan sekali pun, BN selalu akan menang di Kabong.

Walau kadang-kala bunyi awal agak bergelora dan dilabel kawasan hitam namun keadaan sebaliknya akan berlaku ketika masa mengundi. BN tetap diberi mandat untuk menang.

Sebab itu timbul ungkapan daripada orang luar kawasan dengan sinis berkata, “Orang Kabong bunyi ajak bising-bising-bising, tapi kelak tetap juak undi BN, “.

Isu air yang berterusan menyumbang kepada hilangnya undi BN di Kabong.

Malah ada ungkapan yang lebih pedas yang antara lain berbunyi, “Di Kabong mun lambang dacing (BN), diletak gambar selipar pun menang ! ”

Terkesan juga penulis dengan tanggapan negatif sedemikian. Tapi bila difikir-fikir memang ada juga logiknya.

Namun PRU 14 membuat orang-orang BN ternganga dan hilang kata-kata.

Catatan hitam tercipta untuk PDP/BN dan semestinya pahit untuk Subeng Mula apabila kecundang dengan tumpas 989 undi di tangan Ali Biju.

Ramai yang bungkam, hilang kata-kata apatah lagi apabila disusuli dengan khabar tumbangnya tampuk kepimpinan kerajaan BN secara keseluruhannya dan Pakatan Harapan (PH) mengambil alih kuasa.

Namun segalanya sudah berlaku, nasi bukan sahaja sudah menjadi bubur bahkan sudah hangus. Yang dikendong bukan sahaja berciciran tetapi sudah tumpah habis. Dan yang dikejar bukan sahaja tidak dapat tapi sudah hilang. BN akhirnya terpaksa berputih mata.

BN sebenarnya masih boleh menang di P. 205 Saratok jika strategi BN disusun dengan rapi dan tidak berlaku sikap pilih kasih dalam kalangan ahli parti semasa menyusun jentera kerja parti bagi bertempur dengan lawan.

Lebih-lebih lagi setelah penyandang kerusi berkenaan, Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom ditunjukkan jalan keluar bagi memberi laluan kepada calon baharu yang dikatakan lebih segar dan bertenaga untuk menumbangkan Ali di lubuknya sendiri. Penyingkiran Mawan juga antara faktor besar yang menyumbang kepada kisah duka BN di Saratok.

Beberapa faktor lain yang turut menyumbang kekalahan BN adalah:

Lemahnya jentera kerja BN bermula pihak atasan hingga ke peringkat bawahan.Malah ada petugas dan kakitangan BN tidak mesra pengundi.

Falsafah dan tanggapan, siapa sahaja calon bertanding atas lambang dacing akan menang menjadi pembunuh senyap paling bahaya.

Sikap ambil mudah kerajaan BN, wakil rakyat dan calon terhadap suara rakyat dan masalah yang dihadapi menyebabkan rakyat berpaling tadah.

Wakil rakyat/calon yang tidak mesra penduduk dan terlalu protokol dan minta dihormati menyebabkan rakyat muak dan tidak selesa.

Jentera parti tidak efisien dan timbul rasa tidak puas hati dalam kalangan petugas parti apabila wujud ‘double standard’ yang menyebabkan berlaku ketidakadilan dalam pengurusan parti. Contohnya dalam segi pelantikan dan pengagihan peruntukan.

Personaliti calon dan cara calon mendekati rakyat tidak disenangi dan diyakini rakyat.

Banyak janji yang dibuat BN tertunggak dan ada yang diabai terus terus serta dilupakan membuat rakyat kecewa dan hilang selera dengan BN.

Calon terlalu awal menunjukkan ego dan lupa pada kawan. Tidak membina rangkaian kerjasama dengan bekas sesama pelobi yang tidak terpilih sebagai cara mengambil hati menyebabkan berlaku puak mensabotaj undi.

Isu semasa berkenaan masalah penduduk seperti bekalan air bersih, letrik dan jalan raya masih tidak diselesaikan dengan cara yang sepatutnya walaupun ia sudah berlaku sekian lama.

Calon tidak menunjukkan karisma sebenar sebagai seorang yang boleh pembela nasib rakyat. Penampilan calon dikhalayak tidak diyakini dengan ucapan yang tergagap-gagap dan kosong.

Akibatnya telah membuahkan hasil berikut:

Barisan Nasional, Jagah @ Subeng anak Mula : 10, 859 undi.

PKR, Ali anak Biju: 11, 848 undi.

Ali Biju (PKR) MENANG dengan Majoroti sebanyak 989 undi.

Jumlah Pemilih : 30, 517

Kertas Undi Keluar: 23, 084

Kertas Undi Rosak: 257

Sik Bolih Eksen Gik!!

Zaman era sekarang selepas 9hb Mei pemikiran rakyat sudah berubah. We know who is King says a first time voter. It was exciting and the euphoria of being the game changer has given the impetus for many Malaysians.

The Power is in our Hands. Syiok Nye!!   

In Life,Business,Sports as in Politics there are winners and there will certainly be losers  After GE14 many are trying to wriggle their way out of unpleasantness and there lies the human disease of “finger pointing” not taking the blame” it’s them not us” “they created the problem” etc etc. 

amaaadIt’s never me but others and when the butchers knives are being wield the usual suspects or “SCAPEGOAT” will pay the price. The time of that era is now gone as the social media and digital economy technology has saved many poor souls. 

Nothing can be more real when the voters come back and tell the arrogant few,’ SIK BOLIH EKSEN GIK!! and also mentioned inside,outside let’s do it right for Sarawak.


How many would dare raise their hands and say yes openly. Most of us and am sure you when reading this would concur that its best we just lip our mouths and for the right reasons too are so fearful that our rice bowls would be affected. Thats normal.

But Malaysia has got the rule of law but somehow many who knew it, did not seek to impart it to others. However the GE14 speaks for itself as the voters were given a fresh outlook by the Pakatan Harapan and every message was delivered to the ears and hands of those who wanted change.

BN knew what was coming but DID NOT DO enough to stop the flow of information eventhough they implemented the #FAKENEWS law which was a little too late.

Even a President of a Party said that ““SUPP is not a tycoon party and we do not have the luxury (to control the social media). He also said the social media plays a big role in this election, since the handphone is now considered ‘taiko’ in dissemination of news. He however cautioned that 50 percent of Internet news portals are controlled by the opposition through the Red Bean Army.

So where did they go wrong?

The scapegoat is the RED BEAN ARMY and obviously not his party who seems lost in the battle of cyberspace. SUPP has majority of Urban seats and he also says handphone is the “taiko” The first time voter even said taking advertisements is outdated and a wasteful usage of resources.

Inside, Outside let’s do it right for Sarawak and you should ask all the current BN assemblyman to wake up. No more recess time for them says the voter. Inside he said the component parties must get their strategy right and not use the same hoo haas as “Sejiwa Senada” government programmes to impress but to go on the ground back to basics. Find it out for yourselves he said. 

A Phone call was made to ADUN Pakan and he concurred with some of the views of the first time voters.

He said,”IT”S A  GOOD BEGINNING. Am very sad and disappointed with the losses which we must learn from our over zealousness and no more for personal and party agendas. However the people have spoken so we need to work the ground and do not make the same mistakes now for PRN12.

We need to be  with the rakyat,attend to their needs and wants. They are the ones who will vote us in and we must respect them .

On the question that rumours circling viciously that he was implicated in the defeats of Julau and Saratok he said that the lies and rumours have to stop. Nomination day he was with the BN Candidate Subeng Mula and it was splashed all over the news. DCM Uggah and Candidate for Julau was seen together with me campaigning.


This type of false news have to stop and my pictures were all over the social media. As a matter of fact we need to inform the parties concerned that its a defeat and for PDP machinery in Saratok as he was told that it was non-existent 

The 12 losses which the BN Sarawak suffered in GE14 means the “AIR OF INVINCIBILITY” will be tested to the fullest by PR12. Sarawak is a BN run Government State by virtue of the mandate being voted in by the people in 2016 in PR11.

In the Federal side Sarawak Parliamentarians are sitting in the opposition bench as the Federal Government is held by Pakatan Harapan.

The results of GE14 for SARAWAK :-

PRS lost 3 out of 6, PDP lost 2 out of 4,  SUPP Maintain 1 not winning 6 others and PBB lost 1 out of 14. GE13 SUPP lost 6 out of 7 and the rest of the 3 parties won 100% . It shows PDP and PRS lost 50% of their seats which could have been avoided. { click to see earlier article ..

Democracy is very much alive in Malaysia and those who have been elected by the people for their parties must be brave enough to honour and stick with their respective parties or the coalition they represent. 

The first time voters did not mince their words as they said,” we are agents of change and the voters have tested the power that is bestowed upon them and they will do likewise the next 5 years as they see fit to vote the candidate of their choice. 

The State election is only 3 years away and this would be the 2nd time they will be voting and we would not want them to say,” Percaya sik!! Kita tukar Perintah!!” 

In all honesty the voters have woken up in GE14 and the Sarawak State Government need to do a post mortem quickly.

They need to listen to the groundswell,re engineer ,revamp certain parties, work in tandem with the rakyat on their wants and needs and avoid carrying out over the top “UNECONOMICAL PROJECTS” which does not benefit the majority of the Sarawak people. 

The Pakatan Harapan machinery will be down in full force to try to take over the state of Sarawak in the next PRN12. 



Salah Sabong Ayam Mati Kok Kok

A phone call was made to a former officer in the Najib administration to express ‘desolution on the loss” but he was angered. He thought that it was sarcasm of the highest order and saying “Congratulations on the loss. It has hit them hard and they are not at terms with the results. Even they need to open to “buka telinga besar besar” (open their ears and listen carefully) 

Pakatan’s victory in the 14th General Election was indeed a “wake up call” for many who supported BN as this was a historic victory not only for Malaysians but also the World. 

Could Barisan Nasional avoided this HISTORICAL CHANGE OF GOVERNMENT?

The Malaysian wave was evident but BN did not heed it and were very confident of pulling the rabbit out of the hat. Even calls by Senior BN party members “DONT ROCK THE BOAT” was brushed aside.

Nationwide there were calls for putting the right candidates and also ensuring the right party represents the people. Pakatan feels the heartbeat of the nation BUT personal and party interest were the order of the day for BN.

The results speaks for itself. (see below)


On the Sarawak side there were indications that the 2 component parties in PRS and PDP were not very happy of involvement of certain ‘personnels” in their list to be named for GE14. The preemptive strike by PRS President on sacking 5 of their SC members have a reverberating effect not only in Sarawak but throughout the BN Family.

The omission of a BN stalwart in William Mawan in the list also gave added hope to the opposition front. The battle cry by Pakatan Harapan and in particular PKR was that Masing and Tiong have given them the ‘breakthrough” they crave.

The names  Entulu, Nyalau, Nyempah Sabot, Edward Kurik and Adriana Chumang are not ordinary “GREENHORN“members but significant political leaders in their own right. The final nail was hammered in a meet up “merger of minds”at a popular seafood restaurant patronised by Politicians.

The show of strength of leaders that their parties with 10 seats and political arm twisting towards the BN Chairman meant the winnable Sarawak list needed to be compromised.

There will be postmortem on the BN side on the losses of 6 extra seats besides the ones which Pakatan had in 2013. The extra shot in the arm was the removal of the names of Entulu,Nyallau and Mawan.

BN will blame the Malaysian tsunami like everyone else and conveniently blame it to some SCAPEGOATS within the coalition.

This is not politically correct and needs to be addressed in which a seasoned politician concurred and told us that “ayam yang boleh sabong mesti di turunkan”.

There were chaos and not only a rippling effect. The supporters of the BN incumbent were angered and hellbent on ensuring that the the two parties suffer in the polls. BN leaders in UMNO and PBB were picking up the telephones and coming down to the respective areas to calm down the supporters.

In this type of scenario there is only a 50/50 chance of pacifying them. Mawan himself was called by the top hierarchy and he was seen at nomination day accompanying the BN Candidate. He was also asked to give his support to the Incumbent Candidate of Julau and he did it as per requested.

adcmPictures will not lie to that effect and there are whispers plus rumours going round that Mawan is instrumental in assisting in the downfall of the candidates.

amam.jpgThis is absolutely BASELESS and if he was seen campaigning and giving speeches we will have no choice but to raise our hands in surrendering to BN “masterspies”

Mawans political maturity shown through when he accompanied the BN candidate to the nomination centre. Facts don’t lie and BN must learn and not blame the innocent from being victimised.

CM Sarawak must be told the truth and not let it sweep under the carpet or he himself will be blown away in the next State election.

awarlord.jpgThe warlords in Saratok who were not with Mawan in 2013 came back to haunt BN again in 2018. One of the lobbyists did a U-Turn when he was not nominated.

Surely, Tiong must be told that it was not Mawan who backstabbed BN but one of his former party lobbyist assisted by some who have genuine interest in ensuring PKR make the breakthrough.

The words of PRS President before the 3 losses will come back and hit his party hard,Siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas,” he sarcastically jibed.

When the victors after the GE14 hit back at Masing and Tiong they are not holding back,“Salah Sabong Ayam Mati Kok Kok” which benefitted in the final count of BN only holding on to 79 seats in total.

CM Sarawak had earlier predicted 28 out of 31 seats and the 12 seats he lost in his first outing as the General in charge was a big body blow to BN Family. The CM himself was taken aback by the turn of  events.

Many in the political fields have said the ‘circle of influence” amongst the warlords also significantly made CM helpless. 

The preemptive strike and the Salah Sabong Ayam meant that today Sarawak had to swallow their pride and accept the situation of being an opposition BN state.

There are certain movements on the ground to fix the damage done where many within the BN circles blame the Malaysian Tsunami.

In truth,this could have been avoided if only the local political and personal agenda was put off after the GE14.

The results cannot be erased from the Annals of History and the GE14 is one where the world watched a 93 Year old Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohammad came back as the premier for a second stint.

He was very firm with the Pakatan list of candidates and future BN leadership must learn from this debacle that Salah Sabong Ayam Mati Kok Kok

Malaysia Votes 2018

After 11 days of intensive campaigning candidates walkabouts,propaganda the Malaysian Voters will have the final say. They have all been bombarded with all the slogans and on the 9th May 2018 it will be up to US THE RAKYAT OF MALAYSIA” to vote.

They will vote in their respective constituency the candidate of their choice that will serve them well for the next 5 years be it in Parliament or in the State Assembly.

No matter what have been dished out by the coalition in Barisan Nasional (BN) ,Pakatan Harapan( PH), Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) or some independents the voters will know who to cast their votes for. 



Bagi “Majoriti Besar Kepada BN di Parlimen Santubong”

The call to the constituents of Santubong Parliament is to return the BN Candidate for Santubong with a Bigger Majority. The call was made by Dato Sri Syed Hamzah Syed Paie who is the Deputy Chairman of PBB Demak Laut.

asadasExtracted is the posting from an internet portal

KUCHING: Calon Barisan Nasional (BN) Parlimen Santubong Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar berharap kemenangan dengan majoriti besar dapat sekali lagi dilakar pada Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-14 (PRU14).

Sehubungan itu, beliau menggesa pengundi Parlimen Santubong turun beramai-ramai pada 9 Mei untuk memastikan kawasan tersebut terus menjadi kubu kuat BN.

“Tarikh 9 Mei tidak lama lagi, pengundi perlu turun beramai-ramai dan bersama memecahkan rekod dengan majoriti paling besar,” katanya ketika berucap semasa Program Mesra Bersama Pemimpin di Kampung Senari hari ini.

Malah menurutnya, sokongan padu perlu diberikan kepada BN bagi memastikan pembangunan berterusan dapat dilaksanakan.

Sementara itu, Timbalan Ketua Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Cawangan Demak Laut, Dato Sri Syed Hamzah Syed Paie melahirkan keyakinan Parlimen Santubong mampu memberikan majoriti besar kepada BN.

“Namun pengundi jangan terlalu yakin sehingga tidak turun mengundi.

“Apa yang kita mahu sekarang bukan sekadar kemenangan tetapi majoriti besar.

“Hanya BN mampu membina masa depan lebih cerah kepada masyarakat,” ujarnya.

Hadir sama Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Demak Laut, Dr Hazland Abang Hipni.

MA63-“Only Local Based Parties can fight for Sarawak”

The candidate for Parliment Santubong Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar hot on his campaign trail took time to inform the press/media that only Sarawak based Parties can fulfill and negotiate for Sarawak rights.

ajajaAn extracted report from an internet portal below:-

 KUCHING: Calon Barisan Nasional (BN) Parlimen Santubong Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar menjelaskan hanya parti komponen BN di negeri ini sahaja yang mampu menuntut kembali hak Sarawak yang terhakis dalam Perjanjian Malaysia 1963 (MA63).

Beliau berkata, sokongan padu perlu diberikan kepada parti tempatan di Sarawak seperti Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), Parti Rakyat Bersatu Sarawak (SUPP), Parti Progresif Demokratik (PDP) dan Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS).
Menurutnya, parti pembangkang dari Semenanjung Malaysia yang bernaung di bawah Pakatan Harapan (PH) tidak mempunya kemampuan dalam menuntut hak Sarawak.
“Parti ini (komponen BN Sarawak) sahaja dapat menuntut hak Sarawak bersama Ketua Menteri (Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg.
“Kita mesti beri sokongan tidak berbelah bahagi kepada semua parti komponen BN di Sarawak,” katanya ketika berucap semasa Program Santai Bersama Penduduk Kampung Tabuan Dani di sini, hari ini.
Beliau turut menasihati pengundi terutama di Parlimen Santubong supaya lebih berhati-hati dengan janji ‘bulan dan bintang’ pembangkang.
“Bukan baru sekarang mereka menjanjikan bulan dan bintang, cerita sama dimainkan lagi sekarang.
“Pengundi Santubong tiada pilihan lain melain memberi sokongan padu kepada BN dan turun beramai-ramai pada 9 Mei bagi memastikan kemenangan dengan majoriti besar dapat dilakar,” ujarnya.
Menurutnya lagi, pengundi juga tidak seharusnya bersikap sambil lewa atau merasa selesa kerana kemenangan besar penting bagi mempercepatkan proses pembangunan.
Mengulas mengenai pembangunan di Kampung Tabuan Dani, Wan Junaidi berkata, pembinaan dewan di kampung tersebut dapat dibina sekiranya tapak tanah sudah dikenalpasti.
Bagi pembinaan jambatan menghubungkan Kampung Tabuan Dani dan Kampung Tabuan Haji Drahman pula katanya, persetujuan antara penduduk kedua-dua perlu dimeterai agar pembinaannya berjalan lancar tanpa sebarang gangguan.
Hadir sama Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Demak Laut, Dr Hazland Abang Hipni.-

Acara Utama 9th Mei 2018

Inikali lah! Lawan Tetap Lawan !

d4c24468-4b2b-42f2-a1a9-10f337d95497.jpgHow many times have we heard this at Ceramahs especially from the Opposition camps.

The Barisan Nasional Team are not exactly resting on their laurels and they too are on the offensive.


Dia orang kata ini kalilah, kita kata tak payahlah’

Such is the political interest in this General Election 14 for Malaysia that it is termed the Battle Royale between a former Prime Minister of 22 years against the Sitting and Incumbent PM of 10 years.

Both are leading their men into battles in the 222 Parliamentary seats However it seems there is the referee(spoiler) which is of course PAS who will also be the “DETERMINING FACTOR”

Don’t rule them out just yet as both might need them if there is a tie (Hung Parliament)

The Rakyat who are the “Pay Masters for the Event” are watching closely and they know who,why,where to cast their votes to ensure the Ruling Government of the Day for Malaysia.