“Classifieds- Gawai Message from Joseph Entulu Belaun”

On this beautiful Sunday Morning as the dayaks get ready to celebrate the “Gawai DayaK’ celebrations with their loved ones,parents and families audie 61 would also like to take this opportunity to wish all their friends,supporters,allies,FELLOW SARAWAK BLOGGERS and audie61 staff  a very ‘Happy and Homely Gawai Dayak 2009”

Today in the Sundaypost on Page C12 of the Classifieds page Federal Deputy Minister of Rural Development and also PRS Deputy President has taken a full page and a Gawai Statement which is copied in FULL and is SELF EXPLANATORY. For those who do not subscribe to the English Sarawak Tabloid Borneo Posts this is the ACTUAL COPIED VERSION (word for word) where all details are as of the print classified page:-

To all my fellow Dayaks,

On the eve of our Gawai Dayak Day,may I wish all of you the warmest of regards and the happiest Gawai Dayak Celebration.This is also a very opportune and appropriate time to place in proper perspective the recent’Dayak controversy”

During my conversation (it was not even an interview)with one Bernama reporter and a few other reporters,I related the concern voiced by a Dayak leader(unanimously supported by all other Dayak leaders present)during a certain high-levle meeting(on other matters) in Kuala Lumpur.His concern was with regards to the use of the words”DAN LAIN-LAIN” in government forms(fpr jobs,scholarships,etc applications) to identitfy races other than Malays,Chinese and Indians. It was suggested that the racial identification using ‘DAN LAIN- LAIN” be dropped. I related to the reporters present thatt I agreed completely.In fact, I even called for the government to immediatedly drop such an identification and replace it with :Iban,Biadayuh and Orang Ulu” (for Sarawak’s purpose).

A Bernama reporter asked me why not replace with the word’DAYAKS” instead of Iban,Biadayuh and Orang Ulu.I replied by relating my interactions with our fellow Peninsular Malaysians. During my “perpaduan and integrasi” interactions with them throughout the length and breadth of Peninsular Malaysia, I was told of THEIR NEGATIVE PERCEPTION (NOT MINE, NOT MY LACK OF PRIDE) of the word “DAYAK”. They perceived Malaysian Dayaks to be like Dayaks that they know of in another country.

It was and is because of my pride and concern for my community that I, therefore, proposed the replacement with “Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu” – in GOVERNMENT FORMS ONLY. I never suggested or intimated in any way during the conversation that the “DAYAK” be dropped in any other context of usage. I even stressed that “DAYAK” must continue to be used for associations, politics and the like. The report in the Borneo Post on 11.05.09, purportedly obtained from Bernama, was erroneous. The Utusan Borneo report on the same date was correct.

Unfortunately, my fellow Dayaks chose to believe the report and insinuated that I am not proud to be a Dayak. Consequently, subsequent hightlights and comments focused on the wrong issues. The issue is not whether Dayaks are or should be proud of being Dayaks; we all are proud.

Is there any person in this world who is not proud of his own race?

Le us not get distracted from the real issues. The real issues (raised) are:

(i) Should we drop the words “DAN LAIN-LAIN” and replace them with “Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu (Or dayak; it is okay with me); and

(ii) How do we correct the misperception?

I would like to repeat my call to the Federal government to immediately identify us as Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu, boxed separately , and drop the identification as “DAN LAIN-LAIN”. I hope I will get a chorus of support and openly expressed.

To correct the misprception, I suggest the National Gawai Dayak be held and rotated annually in different state capitals in Peninsular Malaysia. I am sure, in due time, Dayaks in Malaysia will be perceived as we truly are: civilized, educated, dynamic, intelligent and diligent.

The 1st of June, 2009 is an auspicious day to begin our real Peninsular – and not lip-service ineffective – effort to correct the misperception.

Once again, Selamat Gawai Dayak, 2009.


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We say as always,”From all of us at audie 61 ‘Gayu guru,gerai nyamai” which is a greeting in Iban Language to wish each other long life,health and prosperity on Gawai Day. Happy Holidays to all ……..

“Saving Larry and Rayong..WHY NOT..??”

Any truth is this rumour circulating or has it been signed and sealed…?? We are talking about Larry Sng(Asst Minister in CM’s office incharge of planning)who is an ADUN for Pelagus in which PRS has lay claims to it. He has since been partyless after he was sacked from PRS. 

Meanwhile Rayong who stood as an independant but used the SNAP symbol has declared himself as a BN friendly YB. There has been indications from SUPP that he is a wanted man for SUPP. Afterall Engkilili was an SUPP seat before it was taken over by Dr.Rayong in the last state elections.

So is there a swap? Larry for SUPP while Rayong for PRS. Pelagus has a substantial number of Chinese voters and SUPP will be rests assured that this will be a safe seat for Larry. Morover his father is Sng Chee Hua while his father in law is none other than tycoon Ting Pek Kiing. It pays to have the right connection said a political analysts.

Engkillili is a rural based seat and Rayong on a PRS seat looks safer than to stand on an SUPP ticket. The followers in SUPP will not want to support someone who has fought the party through a bitter election campaign in the last elections. THE WOUNDS MIGHT HEALED BUT THE SCAR REMAINS..

We say as always,”Pehin Taib the CM is very clever  says a PBB Exco member and this might just be the tonic to see the end of problems for the BN Sarawak coalition. Saving Larry will be have politicians and party members asking WHY..?? For CM  it will be  WHY NOT…??

Anwar “PKR Sarawak disintegrating..H1N1??”

It’s on ‘Overdrive”. This were the words used by one of the movers of seeing a new political party In Sarawak to emerge. It seems that all these has and is vey well connected with The Surrendering of Anwar as the State PKR chief. Our earlier article covered https://audie61.wordpress.com/2009/05/27/anwar-unthinkable-for-sarawak/.

Even a Senior PKR member said that he has been told that such a plan has been making the rounds in the Sarawak political arena. If Thanenthirran  Hindraf national coordinator can form a new party Parti Makkal Sakti Malaysia within a short notice after meeting the PM Najib there are no reasons to stop a New Sarawak Based Party. This new party will inevitably derail part of Anwars plans to get the dayaks on track to go against the BN government.

A veteran Bidayuh leader even said,”There are more problems in PKR Sarawak which spells doom for the ethnic origin members. There are no clear cut leaders who will be able to bring PKR to greater heights. Yes,Anwar is good at oratory skills but his action has brought more harm than good by appointing a much  junior EXCO member to sort out the problems faced by the Peninsular based party in Sarawak.

What if there is a new party inviting Sarawakians to join? Could this just be making up the numbers? In other democratic countries the mushrooming of new political parties are seen as a “Healthy sign for Democracy“.

Sarawak based parties will be seen as the the vital cog and a bargaining chip for either the BN or Pakatan in the tussle for WHO TAKES OVER THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. It is happening and Najib being a military trained man knows too well of the advantages of controlling his array of allies and supporters. 

Anwar is seen doing housecleaning acts in PKR while Najib focusses more on long term achievements. Najib does not want to be embroiled in a war of words with Anwar as he knows too well the proverb,”A quiet dog has a more deadly bite”. He lets his close aides do the works for him while he goes about moving the country out of economic turmoil and breaking newer grounds in International relations.

The group of politicians who are very much part of Anwars vision for the future  of Sarawak has where it hurts Anwar mosts. Propaganda and rheotorics aside the worms in PKR Sarawak will eventually turned into more than positive for influenza A (H1N1). Something drastic needs to be done Anwar. Will it be a little too late..??

If PPP is being investigated by the ROS immediatedly by the PM there are even chances that Sarawak based parties will be given the chance for a breakthrough. These statement by Najib which appeared in Malaysiakini,””I will verify PPP’s status with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) first (before deciding on whether to attend the assembly.”

Its an all out action stance by PM Najib and he wants clear cut answers. He is not about to sweep things under the carpet.As long as the parties are not extreme in ideology there shouldn’t be any reason for ROS not to entertain the submission,registration and new existence of a new Political Sarawak entity. We shall see….

We say as always,”The movers and shakers of the New political identity will soon be making arrangements to file their party name and may even drop in at the PM’s door….Would we know..??

Anwar “Unthinkable” for Sarawak

While Anwar is busy campaigning in Penang a storm is brewing up for PKR Sarawak.  Our informed source says all is not well as even the supremo and PKR de facto leader  has given up on Sarawak with all the infighting overflowing. He has also handed over the mantle to someone junior eventhough the person in question Mustpaha has proven qualities and a track record. Is Anwar really surrendering Sarawak? Is he taking all the wrap as even his choice of Jawah Gerang was a miscalculated move.

In todays political climate and culture we are taught never to give in and never give up. We dont hear much about surrendering. Najib surrendered Perak to Zambry but he took up the posts in Selangor as the Chief. Anwar surrendered but where is he heading too? Are both of them playing psychological mind games.? This is really taking two steps backwards instead of two steps forward. Winning is everything but Surrendering is Unthinakable.

Najib is succeeding,overcoming and conquering while Anwar is yielding,submitting and surrendering. It was supposed to be a meeting of minds and unlocking some puzzles but audie61 got more than what we have bargained for. There are tremors been felt eventhough many say its PKR Sarawaks housecleaning campaign. Does PKR Sarawak has the time? Even a longhouse folk in the interior does not know the PKR symbol. We quote ,”Its a HOSPITAL SIGN

The inroads and energy wasted especially in the ego infighting should be channelled to making the party more solid and  determining how the seats will be won. Besides,if i remember correctly didn’t Anwar propagandared that once Sarawak BN is wrestled the domino theory will follow?

It is barely two years before the next State elctions being called unless if and when the CM has got the magic inspirational  feeling it might be sooner. With Anwar surrendering and making less impact the appropriate time to go for the KILL and jugular would be very, very, very  near.

Will they be major movements of PKR members resigning enbloc. Nothing surprises us in Sarawak anymore and it seems some of the nuts are very loose now as PKR has hit the rough roads ahead. So whats the next bests thing for PKR members and supporters to think about. There are talks that a new political party is in the offing and steps are being taken to realise this. The name is already well thought of and cleverly masterminded.

 We would love to let the cat out of the bag but being citizens journalists we will abide to our informed sources wishes. Even a political consultant has been sought for and its only a matter of time when its all revealed. Anwar its ‘THINKABLE

 If Sabah and West Malaysia can have all these parties what is stopping Sarawakians from registering a new party? Good question but will the ROS bow down to the requests. Seems that there are HIDDEN HANDS at work in ROS especially when it involves setting up of political parties for Sarawak.

We say as always,”Anwar it points all to you for abandoning the people who they thought would breathe FRESH AIR for them. But the answer in fact lies in A SARAWAK BASED OPPOSITION party. Another Berjaya or PBS..but Sarawak style..???

Constitution My,my,my”PRS now PPP…ROS Your Call…???”

It seems that what cannot happen can happen. Only in Malaysia the constitution is being bent according to the whims and fancies of the interested parties. One uses the constitution as a guide book and not as laws to govern and administer.Just leave it to the lawyers is the favourite phrase amongst Malaysians. Meanwhile Politicians will somehow find some LOOPHOLES and GO AROUND THE CONSTITUTION.  Malaysia BOLEH..!!!!

Don’t you know that laws are made by man and man can change it.?? Pretty obvious isn’t it? Murugiah in this extract from Malaysiakini says,””I was invited to attend the meeting, and thus I came… on the legal bits, I’ll leave it to the lawyers. ( More dirt would obviously be thrown out in the open)

Read more with what is happening to PPP here –Murugiah ‘ousts Kayveas as PPP chief and also what we have written earlier,”PRS TDC-A cloudy affair

It seems BN political parties have the upperhand when it comes to  the Constitution. Pakatan parties somehow does not or will not subscribe to this practise. Could I be wrong here..?? Is Pakatan watching closely on this PPP development with HAWKS EYES.??

We say as always,”Obviously the constitution of the party needs to be followed and adhered to or political parties will be just a LAUGHING STOCK. ROS(registrar of societies) is again called into action and they need to make the decision accordingly and appropriately. PPP needs to take a leaf from PRS on how to go round this CRISIS IN THE PARTY. Do they need a helping hand..hahaha??

Entulu,”Dayak is Here to Stay Lah”

One would have thought that this issue of the word ” DAYAK ” would have been put to rests. There was a lot of  uneasiness,names calling and a Supermarket lists for Entulu to take home to Selangau. Has he written his last wish as a MP for Selangau one even said? You could even hear people saying,”Ask him whether he himself is born and bred a  dayak.? Isn’t it also timely for Entulu to suggests it when the PM Najib advocates the 1 Malaysia concept.

We would have thought that this issue will eventually be forgotten. It all started on Sunday May 10th and two weeks later May 24th 2009 it is again getting Front Page coverage with 4 Prominent Dayaks Leaders being  interviewed amongst them PRS President James Masing.

Entulu said in  a telephone conversation that he has been misquoted and informed James. Sources close to the President has even heard that James is slowly ans surely been overlooked by the State top boys. Entulu is now more favoured and it seems the political sandiwara is about to begin again. THE WIND IS SWIRLING AGAIN TO DIVIDE THE DAYAKS.

Our earlier article,”BERI  MALU AJA ENTULU” received a huge boost in terms of readership and also comments. Many a times politicians can get away with their remarks and statements but SENSITIVE ISSUES are unlikely to be dealt with easily. Our earlier article https://audie61.wordpress.com/2009/05/12/beri-malu-aja-entulu/.

Todays English tabloids which has the bees buzzing in Kuching city and surely the whole of Sarawak is headlined,‘NOTHING WRONG WITH “DAYAK” Senior Dayak PBB leaders in Datuk Peter Minos, former State minister Dato Sri Celestine Ujang, PRS President Dato Sri James Masing and Patrick Rigep Nuek(author and expert in Bidayuh culture) were given prominence today and the following was what they said.

Minos said,”Dropping the term would be akin to ‘wiping the people off the face of the Earth” There are people who are in extintion because of the change to their name.And if htat is to happen to the term DAYAK all the indigenous people of Sarawak would be extinction.

Masing said,” The term used in this context is a generalised term that covers the three main non-Muslim Bumipetas-Iban,Bidayuh and orang Ulu. Dropping the tem will see the FRAGMENTATION of the indegineous people,and he is totally against the IDEA. IT will also disrupt the unity of the NATIVES.

Ujang said,”The term DAYAK has been widely accepted and established in this country.WHOEVER suggest that the it should be dropped must be CRAZY.The term is just a term and any connotations-negative or positive-are all in the mind.

Rigep said.”As a Bidayuh,if I were to say the term DAYAK was uncivilized,uncouth and low class,then I would be suffering from INFERIORITY COMPLEX . It shows I am not proud of who I am and what I represent.

To push the barrel of the gun down Entulu’s throat the Dayak leaders said,”it just goes to show that it’s not the term of reference or name that derogates a person but the person behind the name who either makes or breaks his reputation through word and deed.” Well,well ,Well Entulu what say you then..??? A politician hmmm…ARE YOU ALONE..???

We say as always,”Entulu get yourself out of this SPOT OF BOTHER!! Otherwise you can kiss your MP seat goodbye in the next GE..Believe ME for once……hik hik hik.

“Perak Chronicles..Wow! Just like that..!!”

perak FLAG09

Zorro Unmasked a Peraknite and a fellow blogger must have been very hot under the collar. Phew! Phew! Goddamn!!Mosts people would have been especially those who wants to see justice done. But does those who are aligned to the ruling government do they care.?? No need for me to spell it out.. Have your say as Bernard Khoo of Zorro Unmasked drums more support to injusticeness. Are you angered..??

I was telling a PKR divisional leader and also a State PKR Exco that ‘The judiciary in this country is not worth two cents let alone a cent. The politicians are more powerful than the judiciary unlike other countries where the judiciary are an independant entity. In Malaysia lawyers might just as well forget about their profession.

Clearly this was one of the many reasons why I turned my back on the Law Faculty. THANK THE GOOD LORD THAT I DID..or else today I would also face the Wrath and the ” Spit of the people”. Many other words which are not PUBLISHABLE  could be heard through the telephone calls made to the crew of audie61.

We say as always,”Its your turn now and express whatever you need to destress ..!!



The PRS boat has finally berth in the harbour. The stormy waters have finally calmed down.What remains now is to get the party through a proper TDC where all the positions in the party are properly elected or appointed be it the youth,wanita or the main body. Two rival factions were at odds with one another until the ROS ruled that James Masing is the rightful and legitimate Party president.

Even the ROS has also agreed to the change of party headquarters to James faction and thus the wrangling and bitter fight was call to an abrupt end. Most of the 19 divisional heads aligned to Larry Sng and their supporters made a beeline to join PKR and their membership were unanimously accepted. A former PRS appointed SC was quick to point out to me that what awaits now is PRS is to have a legitimate TDC. Why, one may ask..??

It seems that the original records that is the membership forms the hard copies and soft copies are not in the Pending Headquarters. There will be many questions asked and only a limited space and a very tricky path  for the PRS SC to step on.

It seems it will be another political decision with no respect or outwitting the constitution to ensure that the TDC can be held. We’ve heard it once to often and a political secretary to the CM said,”We will go round the constitution.” Familiar..?? Whims and Fancies..???

 Will the Registrar Of Societies(ROS) bow down to PRS once more.?? Its happened once too often and ROS will need to seriously look into this matter. All political parties need to follow the  party constituion or else it makes MOCKERY of the constitutional system of the country as well. 

ROS need not look further to make an example of the system or else it will always be classified as under the THUMB of the HOME MINISTRY with little or no powers to engage or maneuver.  PRS has to ask themselves the following questions in order to avoid the shortfalls which will land them in the trap doors of ROS again.

  • Will they be manipulation of names in the divisional and grassroots?
  • Will the lists be made up also to see that the TDC is held according to the constitution?
  • Who has the original lists?
  • How are the members in the divisional levels and SC going to be elected?
  • Will we see another party going through the motions without following the constitution? 
  • Will we see proper PRS AGMs conducted without the manipulations?
  • Where are the membership hard copies?
  • Will some who have paid and subsribed to life membership demand an updated membership lists and their status in the party?
  • Will PKR also query PRS (common enemy) query ROS on whether its a legitimate TDC conducted by PRS as and when its called.??

If there is another round of tussles for positions within the rank and files of PRS similar disagreements will surface. Its worth the effort to come clean for James Masing as the legitimate President and the only way is to conduct proper and thorough Annual General Meetings (AGMs) according to the party constituion and followed up with the TDC.

A lot of work needs to be done between now and the date of the TDC and the SG and his team of administrators needs to start the ball rolling. The first tasks is obviously the membership figures in the party as at the lasts count it was in the region of 38000. A substantial chunk of members have left for PKR and some has also called it a day in their political lifes.

Much still needs to be done to avoid another round of controversies. None of the SC members or the YBs within PRS are all followers to the teeth. Some are overly ambitious and would like to seek higher office. Our informed sources said that there will be some major tussling of positions and some YBs will be ousted to make way for the newer group. 

There are also HIDDEN HANDS at work in PRS to ensure that it toes the line within BN. Will PKR just let PRS go so easily as the everyone needs to follow the constitution especially for party posts and elections. 

We say as always,”Obviously the constitution of the party needs to be followed and adhered to or else the party will once again disintegrate. BN cannot afford anymore controversies within the coalition as it faces a common enemy in Pakatan.Will PRS be the catalyst of change for all political parties in Malaysia? ROS would be very happy…. 

“Perak Chronicles Worth Waiting..??”

It seems that Malaysia is holding its breadth for the legal battle between Nizar and Zambry which is largely seen by many as the final judicial attempt by either party to stamp their authority as the rightful and legitimate Perak menteri besar.

Will we know today..?Everything can be fast forwarded in Malaysia but in this case it might just take a few days to deliberate. Will the decision be worth waiting for..?? Malaysians throughout the country has accepted the fact that this legal battle is affecting the country as a whole in terms of economics and political stability.

We say as always,”Whatever decision is arrived at we hope that its for the better good of Perak State and Malaysia as a whole.Politicians from both sides have had their say and its TIME TO PUT AN END TO THIS POLITICAL STANDOFF…

Anwar,”Is Sarawak Too Big for You..??”

There seems to be an under current or what we call” FIRE BRAINS” within the Sarawak State PKR hierarchy which is giving Anwar Ibrahim more headaches than he could anticipated. The English tabloids has a full coverage on ‘PKR YET TO AGREE ON MEMBERS OF STATE EXCO

Is Sarawak PKR so volatile that  Anwar himself is finding difficult to solve? Has the wound got in so deep that he needed a master healer in Mustapha Kamil from Perak and Vice President of PKR to assist him? Mustapha has a track record in solving the virtual impossibilities in a number of states and Anwar has full trusts in him to do just that. Could all these “FIRE BRAINS” be or is still being manipulated by the so called HIDDEN HANDS...? Our innsider source says that it is and we will not doubt that. Time and time again it has been proven to slice the watermelon nicely hmmmm…

audie61 made a few phone calls to PKR members in the state and one of the most obvious reasons for all these delay is :- ‘FINDING THE RIGHT FORMULA ”  Surely,the BN partners in the State are gleaming with delight and giving the thumbs up that they have managed to quell the threat from PKR tremendously by subduing ANWAR himself. This is indeed a big plus for BN in the state.

Could this be the strategy that PKR is using to bring all the BN partners in the NET? Anwar is a master tactician but he needs all his TEAM PLAYERS to be in  unison first before he can even have the slightest hope to make any further inroads( having more PKR ADUNS in the state).Anwar knows that the Chinese proverb would just assist him,”It would be impossible to expect the people to fight hard against the ENEMY  but to refrain from private feuds.”

 There are major obstacles in the face of adversity for PKR but knowing Anwar he knows that THE WORD IMPOSSIBILITY IS NOT A PART OF HIS DICTIONARY”  

Time is indeed very short now as the state will need to face the electorates very soon in the Sarawak State elections. He needs Mustapha to wield his MAGIC WAND and find the mosts amicable and acceptable solution. Primadonnas should be checked while internal bickering should be openly discussed to avoid the typical Hockien Chinese phrase” SIM SU” ( translated as Heart Problems) to emerge.

 The HIDDEN HANDS syndrome which plague the party before the Batang Ai elections should not be disregarded. Without keeping an eye over the shoulder the VIRUS will be BACK. Believe what I say HERE….as there are still gullible PKR members who will just fall SICK…(hik,hik,hik)

Anwar will do well to double, triple,quadruple check all his trusted lieutenants as even Ceasar was betrayed by Brutus. Be warned as BN will ultimately use all available resources to pin ANWAR and PKR SARAWAK down.

We say as always,”Sarawak PKR needs to clean its act fast.The longer it drags on the people in Sarawak will see this as another POLITICAL SANDIWARA..