“Fitting Tribute Malaysiakini-MGG Pillai and SC Chan

Bro,” Steven Gan paid fitting tribute to our dear friends at Malaysiakini dinner.So touching and tears flow from my eyes.For your information thanks.”

audie61 had the privilege to interact with both these gentleman and they both had given us sound advice and the true meaning of journalism.

We reposts here the Malaysiakini article:- Five years ago – at our fifth anniversary – I paid tribute to Harun Rashid. A prolific writer and Malaysiakini columnist, Harun did not make it to our 2004 get-together.

mgg pillai smilingTonight, we hail another doyen of Internet journalism – MGG Pillai (left). Also a Malaysiakini columnist – unlike Harun – MGG was at our fifth anniversary. He died two years after. Had he lived to witness the 2008 tsunami, he would have said, “I told you so.”

Also not with us tonight is SC Chan (right), better known in Malaysiakini as Tony Thien. Tony, who was our Kuching correspondent, had almost single-handedly helped ensure Sabah and Sarawak remain prominent in the frontpages of Malaysiakini.

Ttony thien seng chai chan 220709o MGG and to Tony, both of you are sorely missed, and whereever you are, our thoughts are with you tonight.

It’s now our turn to bear their torch. We must not, and cannot, fail them.

An unenviable task

It has been 10 tough, frustrating and yet exciting years.

In the process, we have upset a lot of people. Where we were wrong, I apologise. Where we were right, we’re just doing our job. No hard feelings really – some of you are even here tonight.

A decade ago, the few of us at Malaysiakini set about doing an unenviable task.

NONEAlong the way, we gave Dr Mahathir Mohamad a pain in the neck. We gave Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s spin-doctors a run for their money. Looking ahead, we intend to put Najib Abdul Razak’s 1Malaysia to the test.

Indeed, our task is not done. As we close one chapter, we are opening another. This new page has yet to be written. We know not what story we are going to tell.

But in Chapter Two, our mission will remain the same. It’s our job as journalists to hold politicians – be they government or the opposition – accountable to those who put them in power.

Independent financing

We have done the easy part – putting Malaysiakini on the map. More difficult, however, was for Malaysiakini to be financially stable.

NONEIndependent media needs independent financing – that has always been our unwritten motto.

Malaysiakini today is one of the two news websites in the world – the other being Wall Street Journal – which have made the subscription model a success. It’s a feat which has gone relatively unnoticed.

When the online editor of New York Times came to KL to speak to us about our business model, surely we must be doing something right.

NONEAll this, thanks to the thousands of subscribers for forking out RM20 every month to access Malaysiakini.

But as we grow, so too are our costs.

Both subscription and advertising alone may not be able to sustain Malaysiakini. Which is why we cannot quite figure out how free websites elsewhere can survive.

In the months to come, Malaysiakini will be leveraging on our content, our technology, our know-how, our 10 years of experience – and most of all, our passion – to venture into new areas.

Our aim is to ensure that Malaysiakini can continue to grow to better serve Malaysians.

After all, only by being financially independent can we be truly independent.

Go to the people

And talking about mottos, allow me to share my own – this came from ‘Old Master’ Lao Tzu, a great Chinese philosopher.

NONEHe said: “Go to the people. Live with them. Learn from them. Love them. Start with what they know. Build with what they have.”

“But with the best leaders, when the work is done, the task accomplished, the people will say, ‘We have done this ourselves’.”

And so with Malaysiakini, it is not just reaching our destination that is important.

When we do get there – hopefully very soon – Malaysians will say, “We have done this together.”

PKR Sarawak”N56 Baleh…Will Tears Flow..??”

sarawak state seat 2006 breakdown 011208

It seems that 99.51 percent  of Iban voters in the 9731 Baleh Constituency will see a challenge forthcoming during the next State elections. In the last state elections Dr.Masing (President of Party Rakyat Sarawak) was challenged by Lucius Jimbun using the SNAP symbol but he truomphed quite easily.

The likes of strong man and party Presidents Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon( news flash:- A big surprise! Penang State Chief Minister has LOST!) and Sammy Vellu were soundly defeated in the 308 elections and James will be very wary of the threat that will be posed this time round from PKR. The divisional chief of PKR Ulu Rejang Frankie Bendindang is speculated to give James a “good fight” and touted to be the candidate favoured by PKR.

However the voters of Baleh thinks otherwise according to a survey conducted by Natasha and Joey of audie61 and team. The results indicate that the voters are in favour of another candidate who gave the BN a lot of sleepless nights in the last 308 elections.It was found out that he losts the lasts parliamentary seat as BN had the full machinery and also only the ENEMY FROM WITHIN  his own camp derailed his path to Parliament. He was an independant candidate then but if he is a PKR candidate surely Baleh will be an EXPLOSIVE SEAT.

According to a veteran voter and a local from Baleh in 1983 when James stepped in the world of politics he brought GOOD and BIG Hopes for the Ibans in Baleh. Dr.James is afterall a doctor of Philosophy and he graduated from the Australian National University Canberra. He also served as a senior research officer with SESCO(Sarawak Electricity Supply Corporation) He has all the credentials to be helping and assisting all his fellow Ibans in the area.

Has he done sufficiently enough after two and half  decades as Assemblyman for the area? He has all the facilities within his reach and if he has done enough there would not be any more rumblings and disgruntled Ibans would they? This is what James envisage in his vision for the 2006 elections. If he is relected he will bring more infrastructure development and land development for large scale farming  and plantations in Baleh.

He will ensure all schools in the area are supplied by electricity as part of the plan to equip the schools with the necessary infrastructure and facilities to facilitate the promotion of the information and communications technology.As for roads,James said the first phase of the proposed 37 Km Kapit-Nanga Mujong-Baleh-Nanga Gat Road would be completed by 2007 while the second phase was due for completion by 2010.

Baleh being one of the remotest and biggest rural state constituencies James has done sufficently enough to stay in power for the last two and half decades but  they are still many oppostion voices harping on his failures to deliver as promised.  WHAT WAS PROMISED..?? WAS IT THE CHIEF MINISTERS SEAT.Hmmm.??

This is the very question now being asked in Baleh,’What other hopes has  James to deliver to the Ibans in Baleh.?” Will James be able to withstand the next challenge? Will they be tears flowing or champagne to reach his third decade? This audie61 picked up from an internet blog,”I suspect that in the subconscious psyche of many Sarawakians, they do not believe that opposition parties can defeat the BN in the state general election.

Will PKR stop the champagne flow for James as he looks forward to three decades of being a State Assemblyman or will this be a hurdle too far for James? We shall monitor N56 with interests and for now we shall leave it to the people of Baleh to see who is mosts suited to represent them in the State legislative Assembly. 


SUPP “Far from Over”

An SUPP Pemanca said to audie61,” What Gag orders ?? They are treating us like Kids. We have sweated and toiled for SUPP all these years and used all our own dollars and cents and they think we are still children.” Hmmm very strong words from one who has seen good times and difficult times with SUPP even through the opposition days.

See full size image

Don’t ever for once take us lightly and it is us who are the main players in SUPP and not the Ministers,Assstant Ministers and those who think they can wield their influence. I’m absolutedly ashamed of the “DUDONG signboard fiasco and its a real slap in the face of veteran SUPP members. Even PRS at its height of infighting or UMNO Protem Signboard no one dared to take it down.

He went on and said,” Isn’t it a slap at one’s face as whoever directed it to take it down forgot to look at the mirror.” This is not only about Team A or team B and if it spills over and sees that SUPP is in bad shape good he said. We will rise like a PHOENIX. The late President Stephan Yong would have put his foot down earlier and  George Chan should have stepped in so much faster and now its a little too late to repair the damages done. What would you give SUPP chances in the next state elections?

He even went on to say and remind Wong Soon koh how his uncle Wong Soon Kai had tears in his eyes when his nephew a headmaster decided to step into the world of politics. Has he forgotten what are his ideals when he joined SUPP? Does he need to be reminded?

audie61 was invited to sit down for this lunch date and it came as a surprise from someone who loves SUPP so much and today seeing his beloved party in such a shameless state and the direction it is taking is not a step forward but three steps backwards. Don’t you think that the younger set of voters has had enough of SUPP and they will surely turn to DAP to fight for their rights. SUPP is only interested in fighting their own wars and have really forgotten their REAL SENSE OF BEING POLITICIANS.

It must be noted that most people join politics to try to better their own environment and a better grasps of individualistic aspirations. There must be a love for the party ,instinct for political survival and a joy of working in that environment. These must not be detached or else the ideals and central principles of a political life is just ZERO. It seems most SUPP members are so enbroiled in protecting their own camps or castles that they have forgotten their real tasks at hand.

A compromise solution is good but there must be tabled to the whole SUPP members on the parties direction and its course of actions. No use to talk and next day they are all at each others throats again. Its just plain nonsensical and the elder and veteran SUPP members has had enough up to their necks and some got themeslves in deep holes going for second mortgages to keep SUPP afloat.Have they forgotten?

The Pemanca added ,”A lot of explaining is needed and those who are just so power hungry should just be reminded to have a browse through the party constitution and do not make a mockery of SUPP as a party. “

Did audie61 get himself in a tight situation? 25 years ago I signed on the dotted line to be a member on the shuttle flight between Singapore/KL  but I eventually ended up being very active  in the football arena  instead. Those days SUPP was the party for the people in Sarawak and many just love the thought of being a member of SUPP. Its a bit similar to the football scene even if one was being paid a $100 to watch Sarawak some would just take the $ but end up going to the movies.

SUPP is finding it hard to be the party people love and its all due to the leaders self interests and lacklustre attitude and completedly losing the plot of political ideals.

So the pages of Team A,Team B, Dudong branch fiasco will see a bitter end an a winner  takes all as it is a clear fact that Soon Koh has his eyes set on the Presidents Chair and so has David Teng. Will the SG Senator Sim be the spoiler and Peter Chin might just walked in put his hands on both the arm rests of the Presidents Chair.

Its far from over  in SUPP says the Pemanca and even George Chan has to think twice before he even dares to take my title away. Nothing is clear in politics and we will see more turmoils in SUPP before the ship steadies herself. Could this lunch meeting be the start of better things for SUPP and he just had a word for DAP Kota Sentosa assemblyman Chong “We are going to win back the seat and believe me and DAP will not know what hit them.” On one flip of a coin he suddenly sees a common enemy and has a go while his backyard the troubles are already at boiling point. The Pemanca ended by saying “For better or worse I am a SUPP member and this is my vow and its like a marriage vow.

MCA:”Muhyddin Your Show”

Joey received an sms,’Is any political problem unsolvable..?” Read the article in Malaysiakini and in it the Prime Minister Najib has instructed/mandate given to his deputy Muhyddin  to tackle the issue and come up with a solution.” Wow! Goodness me! MCA can’t solved their own problems and it seems only interference and assistance from a Third party will see that this problem does not drag on. 

The full article from Malaysiakini:-  

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said he is giving himself one week to find a solution to the MCA leadership crisis.

He said a formula would be drawn up during that period to reach a consensus among the disputing party leaders.

He said a series of meetings had been held with several party leaders to discuss the crisis in greater detail.

bagan pinang by election nomination 031009 muhyiddin yasin“The task is not easy because it involves the interest of the party as well as that of the nation,” he told reporters.

He said he was given the mandate by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to tackle the problem by implementing pro-active measures as soon as possible to prevent the crisis from becoming worse.

“I’ve held a series of discussion, not with everyone, but certain individuals and I will continue with the discussion, if possible before the prime minister returns home (from abroad).

“At the same time, I’ll continue to accept suggestions from the Chinese community leaders who have also voiced their opinion and observation on the crisis,” he said.

The deputy premier’s remark comes five days ahead of the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) proposed by the faction aligned to vice-president Liow Tiong Lai.

Liow and his supporters have vowed to call off the EGM if the rival faction, headed by president Ong Tee Keat and his deputy Dr Chua Soi Lek, agree to holding fresh party elections next month.

Although conceding that a fresh elections is the best panacea for the impasse, Chua however wants the contest to be held next March while Ong has remained vague on this.


‘Win-win’ situation

Meanwhile, Muhyiddin said the crisis must be tackled in the best manner possible to arrive at a ‘win-win’ situation for everyone concerned.

Commenting on the measures to be taken, the Barisan Nasional deputy chairperson, said he had no intention of disclosing any condition or strategy until the settlement formula had been achieved.

“In the initial stage, we don’t want to set any condition. I feel the important thing is that they feel the measures that would be taken are aimed at resolving the problem and I feel, it has become a public secret, not a party secret any more. Everyone knows about it.

NONE“What is important is that at this stage, I will not set any condition. What is certain is that when it comes to a particular stage, there is an agreement in principle. So, we want them to uphold the decision with the objective of reaching a settlement,” he said.

He said the matter would not be announced to the public, including the media for as long as the objective had not be achieved.

“At this stage, it’s okay because it is still at the initial stage but subsequent measures would be disclosed when everyone have reached a consensus on what needs to be done,” he said.

Asked on Najib’s suggestion that a fresh election be held by the MCA to resolve the conflict. Muhyiddin said that was the view of the prime minister which he was working on.

“I was instructed to adopt this approach, but I will find a way of getting the consensus of the MCA leaders.

“Time is rather limited and the faster the better, because if the conflict drags for several more months, the situation will become worse and will affect MCA and the BN itself,” he said

PBB “Branch Level Discontentment”

Joey of audie61 picked this story up from an internet blog. Who says that there are no factions within the PBB circles. It seems the melanaus from different coastal areas are not always at PEACE with each other and there are bound to be frictions like most political parties experience. PBB will not be an exception and they always practise the TREE SHAKING METHOD…

The article is as follows:-  

Chief Minister Political Secretary, Abu Seman Jahwie is the one and only ordinary member of Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) serving as an Elected Member of Sarawak State Legislative Assembly and holding important position in party HQ.

Abu Seman hailed from Kampung Hilir Bawang, Matu, graduated with Bachelor of Economics from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and was also the former Senior Assistant Director of Customs for 23 years before joining in politics.

Presently, he is the Assistant Secretary-General of Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Sarawak and was once the Assistant Branch Head for PBB N.38, Jemoreng.

Elected as N.38, Jemoreng state assemblyman since May, 20, 2006.

The most widely publicised Jemoreng representative, however, was missing from the news and group photograph when it matters most.

Seman used to be deputy branch chief to Datuk Abdul Wahab Dollah at PBB Jemoreng set up but was ironically not attending the branch TGM held at Kingwood Resort recently.

His place is now taken by Nawarwi Rabani, a local businessman while Wahab was returned uncontested. It is widely known that Seman is very close with the Awang clans lead by the three musketeers, Datuk Awang Tengah Ali Hassan, Datuk Seri Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar and Awang Bujang Awang Antek. Seman is PBB deputy secretary general at HQ level despite being what Taib describe as “First Termer”.

Whereas the low profile  Wahab whom is serving as Igan MP now is known as a lone ranger that recently was being seen friendly to the Awang rival, the Abang gang.

The fight between Tengah and Asfia with Wahab had been taking place long long long time ago, and is an open secret, that only PBB president Pehin Seri Abdul Taib Mahmud could “try” to mediate.

Sources very close to Demak Jaya revealed that recently Asfia and Seman met Taib, trying to seek favour. Unfortunately, being a fair father to all, Taib told Seman to attend the TGM organised by Wahab. Seman however did not.

A letter was also issued requesting for the postponement of the TGM, but it was not taken seriously because the directive does quote “President” decree.

It was not immediately known whether the Awang gang will make fuss over the issue and turn PBB into another chaotic member of Barisan Nasional (BN) joining the likes of Sarawak National Party, Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) and most recently Dudong Not Very United People Party, ooops Sarawak United People Party (SUPP).

The noise over interference from PBB headquarters at branch meeting are ruling coffee shop and sms are showering Sarawak Update including those originating from Sarawak corridor of powers.

To date, three popular youth chief have lost while many incumbent deputy branch chairman are being replaced in proxy wars as party TGM are by and large, game of numbers.

One of the most popular deputy branch chairman that comes out in the newspaper almost every fortnight, if not more, had become the largest casualty

MCA “Liow,Wee.Chiew-Greener Pastures..???”

Updated: 3.50pm-

MCA Women’s wing chief Chew Mei Fun and Youth wing chief Wee Ka Siong made tearful appeals for delegates to turn up at the Nov 28 extraordinary general meeting to press for fresh party polls.

During a press conference shortly after being dropped from the party’s party presidential council, the duo, in between tears, said that a strong showing at the EGM was vital to restore democracy in the party.

NONEThe dramatic press conference began with vice-president Liow Tiong Lai stating that the group’s “heart bled” following the axing of nine individuals from the council.

“MCA is a family at war and is presently engaged in the politics of slash and burn… it has disowned the Youth and Women’s wing chiefs. This is a serious matter and it has broken the camel’s back,” said Liow.

He said party president Ong Tee Keat had replaced the dropped presidential council members with his own men.

He claimed that Ong had axed detractors in order to have “absolute power”.

He then urged party delegates to “rise up” and attend the EGM in full force to pass the resolutions.

Liow, looking stern but composed, did not cry during the press conference.

Earlier today the party’s central committee voted to object the EGM called by Liow’s faction.


Natasha of audie61 received an sms from a former colleague in Malaysiakini that-“MCA CC rejects EGM2” .Where does this road lead to for Liow and rebel group. Just then she remembered an SPDP SC member who said this,”PRS are trying to get rid of Chinese members while SPDP is welcoming them.”

 Also SPDP plans to go National and what an opportunity for the MCA rebels who will obviously sooner rather than later be sent to a very “FREEZING COLD ROOM” Is there any room for them in SPDP..?? This will erase another  headache from Najib and the cabinet.  

The full report we reposts for all:-

The MCA central committee headed by party president Ong Tee Keat today rejected the call made by a minority group in the CC for an extraordinary general meeting on Nov 28.

The central committee said the proposed EGM and its resolutions calling for a fresh party polls were defective and against the party constitution.

The decision to reject the EGM was made after the matter was put to a vote in which 23 voted against the EGM, 10 supported it and two abstained.

The EGM was mooted by a faction backing vice-president Liow Tiong Lai. They are opposed to the greater unity plan undertaken by Ong and his rival-turned-ally Dr Chui Soi Lek.

The CC meeting also decided to revamp the powerful presidential council, resulting in Liow loyalists Youth chief Wee Ka Siong and Women’s wing chief Chew Mei Fun being dropped.

They were replaced by Ong and Chua’s backers.


In an immediate reaction, Liow said that he was unhappy with the party’s decision to remove his supporters from the presidential council.

So SPDP be ready to open up your doors for these MCA Ministers plus Deputy Ministers and you will be a major player in the country too. It is something really worth considering as the political climate is so fluid at the moment.

“SUPP ON Collision Course with PRS”

What gag order that James Masing has ordered to his PRS army will not deter SUPP from having a go at PRS says a Professor with a Local University. Very simple,Taib has not forgotten how Masing has backstabbed and had the open confrontation with him during the height of the Dayakism era.

 This is the opportune time to use SUPP to have a right go at James. Its PRS who started the fight and the SUPP  towkays are not exactly very happy and they will use their hatchet man to bleed PRS dry.  Excuse me for using such harsh words as someone needs to shake and rattle PRS as they seem to have forgotten where the $$$$$$ came from to start the party. Short memory and this will surely see to a demise.   

SUPP has nothing to fear as what they have asks for on the additional Assistant Ministership has fallen on deaf ears. Time to pick a hole or two on PRS and show to CM Taib that SUPP is still relevant and not the punching bag for DAP.

Even Affendi Jeman who now wears two caps and has lost some credibility being protem Chairman of ARBS and JPUNS says that they will assist SUPP in whatever ways possible to ensure that losts seats are won back by the BN coalition.  

SUPP is bankrolled by a number of big and established giants in the business/economic world and PRS needs to watch what they say. Even a small fry and untested leader like Youth Chief Sih Hua Tong can get James to come out an issue a “GAG ORDER” James is of course trying to preserve his own position but his mouth pieces are actually playing the “DOUBLES GAME

CM Taib is very aware that at any time PRS as a party minus a few CM loyalists Yang Berhormats might leave the coalition at the eleventh hour before the state elections. It has happened before an PBS(Party Bersatu Sabah) has done it.

The KM1 and KM2 has failed but a yardstick could be how Lim Kit Siang failed in Penang and today who is the CM of Penang. Does audie 61 need to write it out and spell it out here. James is really under the wings of CM Taib and soon he will try to find a gap to manouvere and the timing is vital to succeed.

He needs to win back his dignity and as one PBB Senior member said James was a new breed of special politician when he first appeared on the scene. Somehow he has losts his way and out when the struggles that he steadfastly held in his palm and next to his chests.

James has reached 60 and soon if Winston Churchill is his mentor at 62 who was elected the Prime Minister of Britain. What is his famous slogan,”  “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never, Never, Never, Never give up.’ 

 History will rewrite itself and James has of course that ambition and his able lieutenants has even met up with opposition leaders on number of occasion before 916. Who doesn’t want to be Chief Minister of Sarawak..? Don’t you if given that chance..? Seriously,if not you should not be reading any more political blogs and just read entertainment news…hmmm.

PRS on coalition with SUPP. No surprises here as PRS leaders are not exactly sharing the same ideals and respect for each other. Even a SC member of PRS once said to me openly,’SUPP should look over their shoulders as PRS has equal number of  legislators in the State” Don’t over exploit the situation and PRS with so many former PBDS legislators will not give in so easily and for that matter bullied by SUPP. I was taken aback and I realise that with enough support and power there is nothing that PRS fears.

CM has seen that very clearly and that is why he uses Larry Sng (partyless Assistant Minister) to the maximum. Wouldn’t James if he was the CM of Sarawak use this tactic of DIVIDE AND RULE. He has learnt from the bests and he will surely unleash all that he has kept in his heart and strengthen his position.  

PRS has already done her housekeeping and there are only a few loose ends to tighten the noose around SOME NECKS and James will just push his finger and the automatic lieutenants will give their all.

There is no point anymore for James and his troops to go underground but to fight the war on a level playing field and attack the coalition partners without FEAR and taking out the hatchet man in the respective parties. There are too many HIDDEN HANDS involved in this battle and PRS will know whatever they do they have already been booby trapped.

Politics has a way of reengineering itself and soon we shall see whether the path of collision is averted. Nothing is won easily and only when blood is shed one would appreciate the struggles…………

NEW “Sarawak Party”-SARS

Its in the news again. Affendi Jeman protem chairman has sent the applications in for  registering Agenda Rakyat Bumiputera Sarawak(ARBS) He was quick to point out to audie61  on the phone that there are indeed certain quarters in Sarawak who opposed  the formation of the party.

There are voices who even said,”Ingin.ingin jadi YB tetapi Kacau Daun saja” and a close associate even said that he has heard from various sources that “Affendi is now very indecisive as he is seen wearing two caps now( protem chairman of JPUNS too-Jawatankuasa penaja UMNO Negeri Sarawak.)  

audie61 asks Affendi,”Why just Bumiputera only?” The reason being that there are a lot of Chinese mixed ethnic races who feels that they would be deprived of this new political platform.This is the rallying call of Sarawakians at the moment.  It was this statement ,”we ,as a “penaja”(promoters) of ARBS,believe only the rakyat of Sarawak have the right to analyse and decide the future of ARBS.

 He was tongue tied for a moment but as a politician he wriggled out of it and said that we will AMEND  THE CONSTITUTION  to suit the people/voters. Mixed parentage constitute to a very largepercentage of the total population of Sarawak and they will determine whether you are able to win the seat or not. 

If ARBS is given the legal rights to start a party by ROS they will go on the ground and inform the people of their vision,mission and struggle. Of course we would even try to coax Rayong and Adit if their intentions are similar to us. That was when the brainwaves worked overtime as we spoke on local politics involving SUPP and PRS for the time being. There are no clear cut solutions to problems besetting human beings or parties but it is in the bests interests of the whole TEAM if all is well and solved constructively.

Fancy this-Its just food for thought to the BN Sarawak government in putting together the YB rebels  into one camp and let them look after the 4 constituencies. (Dudong,Ngemah,Engkilili and Pelagus) Whats wrong with just one swing of the pen the ROS will register the party on the advice of the Chief Minister.

There has been too much bickering amongst the component parties and even now the Youth Chief of SUPP Sih Hua Tong is being dragged into the picture. It will get ugly as if this virus is not stopped it will escalate out of control.

Nothing concrete on the matter of SARS party being put together just yet. Larry on his part as a very accomodative YB and looking at the bigger picture then has met up with Adit and Johnicol Rayong during the PRS crisis period to lure them into BN/PRS. Stop of shortchanging anyone Dr.Soon would be an appropriate leader for this entity SARS as it will enable SUPP to stop all this nonsensical bickering and infighting between the leaders which has seen the Chinese support waning and SUPP might just be wiped out in the next State elections.

WHY SARS– initally the founding members will be the various YBS names which are Soon,Adit,Rayong and Sng. This is to prevent any arguments on who should lead the party as Dr.Soon will head the party with Adit as Deputy, Rayong as Senior Vice President and Larry as Secretary General. The other positions will be filled by each YB contributing  6 names each which will see a full Supreme Council be put in place when the ROS approves the registration of SARS-Party It will be appropriately be known as Sarawak Alliance Reforms Socialist  Party. 

The virus will have gone one full circle and now we are more attune to H1N1. It is indeed a solution which the cM might just be considering which we are not aware of. However audie61 have had the benefit of even talking about swapping seats earlier and also a Borneo Party. This might just turn out to be a reality and some smses sent out to various component party members have received very positive responses and they are looking forward to whether it will MATERIALISE.

Nothing is impossible  in politics and strange bedfellows  have emerged as sleeping under one roof.

BN Sarawak”CM Taib or Sng Bashing Time”

It seems some people just refuse to accept the facts. Are they doing it deliberately or they are using the camouflage of others to fight their intended target? Ever since the cabinet reshuffle it seems that a number of the PRS SC members are still questioning the wisdom of the Chief Minister of Sarawak Taib Mahmud.

Taib has been in office for over 28 years as the Chief Minister in Sarawak and has seen off so many challenges. He is just tinkering with the coalition partners in BN and the detractors within BN will soon face an onslaught of some sort. beware as I can vivdly remember him saying to Dominique Ng in the DUN when he put his hand with action sweeping across his head and saying,”Do you know who you are dealing with..??”

Seems the mouth pieces of James Masing are on the overdrive  and pushing the blame towards SUPP who seems not to be overly bothered with the intentions being pushed down their throats by certain individuals who has implicated that Larry Sng is SUPPs problem now and no more PRS.

Some people they say have got very short memory and they seem to forget that there is a certain direct BN candidate. Did Billy Abit /James Dawos stood as a direct candidate or did they use the “ OIL PALM SYMBOL…Please Taib is the master in this game and do not for once question his wisdom.

If CM Taib can make use of James and put him under his wings and let him carry on being in the cabinet as a Minister a lot of political analysts are questioning as to WHY doesn’t James do the same to Larry. If Larry is under his wings he cant even move but will be a puppeteer to James. If Only James was a bit smarter they say or is he too slippery that he has incurred the wrath of Taib.

 The CM gave him face in the PRS 5th Anniversary function as many UMNO elders and Najibs son was present. Next day what happened? A double fiste slap in PRS James face even though James had to swallow his pride and say that he has his quota back.

We were told very clearly by his hatchet man that PRS has three Assistant Ministers quota and only two were filled up with Mong Dagang and John Sikie. Snowdon Lawan who was supposedly tipped to take over one of the so called allotment was left with a bitter pill to swallow.

 A privelege source mentioned to us that they lobbied too hard and their political world just collapse in their faces as CM mentoned “no first timers” Larry was a first timer in 2001 when he won for the first time in Pelagus seat. Have we forgotten that politics is all about which family is important and who has the money to bankrolled a party…?? This is the truth and the rests are only part time actor politicians. Are we being too harsh..???

According to both these articles Malaysian Mirror article”Young Larry a political headache” and  “Larry Sng’s position now a SUPP’s dilemna” it seems that the writers need to do more indepth researching into what is in Taibs mind or who his inner circles are. Remember Taib has not forgotten how James fought a bitter war against him in 1987 and 1991? Bashing Larry is no use as it is already futile and some trojan horses in PRS are already mentioning that it is not impossible for PRS to make a quick enough turn on BN at the eieventh hour in the next elections.

Remember we mentioned a certain lawyer in our earlier articles? Have you all forgotten? Are your memories letting you down? CMs ears,eyes and spirit are already so in ingrown and no matter what PRS thinks he is one or more step ahead.

Please double check what you have and compare notes and tell me in Oxford street in London like what happened in after 1987. It will do you good if you could check this article up,” The Chief Minister has been in power for 28 long and filthy years.’  or better still this:-Mysterious………….. Ooooh Wow!! 

 Do they know how to shoot or what? Maybe they dont even know how to Bash people up but always hiding behind a cloak. CM could be just not telling the NGO’s or independant agencies (*Saturdays  Borneo Posts)who doesn’t dare to face him openly to do like what the mouth pieces are doing. They have a divine right to play their poltics they see fit but the voters are too crystal clear to see through them now.

 How many Assistant ministers (SUPP Losts a couple in the last elections)will we see this time round being thrown out of the window and lie in the abyss. CM has it all totalled up and he will continue to lead Sarawak until the almighty creator says his “WORK IS DONE” Even past Prime Ministers had difficulties in removing him off the office of CM and he is indeed a really fine diamond cut.

James needs better brains with him instead of the usual lieutenants surrounding him says a veteran Sarawak political analysts. He has too much of an ego which has seen him been too petty and still practising the already tried and tested dayak politics of yesteryears. He needs to look more indepth. Other ethnic races are already pushing towards the AXIS while PRS is still stuck in the time warp. Please WAKE UP…!!!!

What has happened to the 33% Chinese/Malay quota which CM was told that PRS will steadfastly professed to maintain as it is a multi racial party. Could CM pull another fast one with a merger of SPDP/PRS and let James hung and left to dry. James has a tendency according to his aides as too soft behind the ears and always taking unnecessary and preemptive actions to test CMs trust in him. 

So is BASHING lARRY a good idea..?? CM knows who is and not with him………………….

“Opposition Parties Field day”


The Home Ministry is renewing The Herald‘s permit for publication and says that it was not revoked and that the renewal of its permit for 2010 is being processed.

herald.jpgA ministry official was quoted as saying that  “there was never an issue of revoking the permit for The Herald.”

He told news portal Malaysiakini that the last letter sent to The Herald in September was a notification that the application to publish in the Kadazandusun language was not approved, and that a refund of the permit fee could be made.

He said that the reason for the directive for the refund was that The Herald had paid its fees too early.

He said that the ministry will only process the permit three months before the old permit expires, as in this case it is in January 2010.

In all our family gatherings we have always avoided two very important subjects:- 1. Religion 2. Politics. Our family has very large followings of  various faiths be it Islam,Christianity and Buddhism. Also there will be some who does show some sympathy and align themeselves to the oppostion no matter what/who comes into power. They just love to be on the opposite camps. In order to keep the peace these two subjects are considered,” Taboo ” but of course there are some who  just chooses to strike that “MATCH”.

The elders in the family like party veterans are quick to douse the arguments and put the centre finger on their lips and say “Ssshhh” and also “Stop It.” But will all families in Malaysia be just like ours where we follow a very regimented procedure and do not engage head-on with the elders. Certainly, there are families who sees that Religion is certainly a flash point for them to push their political agenda.

The Eastern States of Sarawak and Sabah has a very big following of Christian Faith. There is already the big issues which has provided an arsenal for the opposition examples of which are the concerns of  Sarawak  Bumiputra,Penans,Corruption and a lists of misdeeds.

 Another highly sensitive issue ..Pleeeaaasss..this touchy business of the Catholic Herald will throw in the spanner of all BN good work over 45 years in Sarawak and Sabah. The catholics are very powerful businessman and legislators in East Malaysia and with one touch of the button they might just turn the screw on BN’s safe bastion into a battleground. 

Hasn’t someone or a Hidden Hand undermine Najibs 1Malaysia concept and treated it as a mere rhetoric…????? 

Even MCA has this article which we will reposts and if audie61 does not/cannot send a signal to the HOME MINISTRY maybe the MCA who itself is facing a crisis can do for the religious freedom of Malaysia. This is the article,” 

KUALA LUMPUR – MCA has asked the government to reconsider its decision not to renew the permit of the weekly Catholic newspaper The Herald, saying it would be seen as stifling religious freedom.

 “The action by the authorities is unconstitutional and totally unacceptable. It is counter-productive against initiating trust between religious bodies and the government,” said MCA spokesman Gan Ping Sieu here on Thursday.herald.jpg

“By denying The Herald’s permit renewal, the Home Ministry could be misconstrued as taking punitive action over the religious publication’s suit against the government on the usage restriction of the ‘Allah’ terminology.”

lawrence.jpgThe Herald’s editor, Father Lawrence Andrew (pic), told AFP the ministry had cancelled the 2010 permit without giving any reason.

Permit approved, then retracted

The ministry had initially approved the publication’s permit renewal in a letter dated on Aug 3 but retracted it in another letter dated Sept 5.

The ministry should also allow the application for the publication of a section in the Kadasandusun language, said Gan, adding that Malaysians have the constitutional rights of freedom of worship.

“There should be no denying the rights of non-Muslims to read and practise matters regarding their faith in their own native language.”

“The seizure of Christian literature and Bibles by the authorities and disputes against judicial decisions involving conversions have all contributed towards the backlash against the Barisan Nasional government.”

Engage not alienate

What the government should do is engage Christian bodies instead of alienating them, said Gan, who is also MCA political education bureau chief.

Just as other religious-themed publications have been allowed to operate, Christians should not be denied their right to spiritual growth as The Herald is a means for Catholics to learn more about their faith, said Gan.

The Herald is printed in four languages and has a circulation of 14,000 copies a week. It is circulated among the country’s 850,000 Catholics.

If the Home Ministry can do that to the countrys catholics what chnces  has other denominations have against the HOME MINISTRY bureaucrats. It’s enough to send shivers down the spine of those who believe in the countrys constitution of RELIGIOUS FREEDOM.

 Sarawak and Sabah has a lot to lose out especailly for the BN government as the multi racial ethnic groups will not tolerate being pushed too far. It’s a WAKE UP CALL for the bureaucrats in the Home Minstry and the government departments to toe the line of this very fluid issue. BN will suffer for their actions if this is not checked and stopped. Enough said and we rests our case…………….