Sarawak “It’s a TEAM Effort….”

In any field of work there must be competition and “one”must also not stand alone. I remember very well the words echoed out by the former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew ” No man Is An Island ” and these words have stucked with me till today.

 One musts also know that great footballers today like Messi (Barcelona) and Ronaldo (Real Madrid) will not be able to play in their respective teams if the rests of the team just don’t want to pass the ball to them.

We worked and toiled like any team and of course we needed advices from our coaches in PBB and UMNO New Media Unit to guide us through. It was well worth the effort and the commitment shown was second to none by our bloggers.twitterers,graphic artists and facebookers.

 We are not selling ourselves but reminding people out there in the blogsphere the existence of this TEAM and willing to put in long hours and making sure the messages are received all the way to the ground.


and we are here to assist anyone who needs our services…..

P212″PRS Friendly Fire at SUPP..??”

An sms from a SUPP member who requests anonimity said,”Why James has to Blah!Blah! Blah! on how SUPP has neglected the Bumiputera constituents.?? Isn’t he part of the BN coalition? Is he trying to tell SUPP something especially this,”many development requests were put forward to their representatives but they were not being entertained.”

This is giving the DAP an avenue to attack SUPP outright especially in this P212 byelection when even one of your coalition partners in BN is saying that your people dont care about the Bumiputera and has somewhat left them behind to fend for themselves.

It’s already out in the open and the internet portal Sarawak Update .com has the full version of the article. It’s  no use to say that ,”the matter would be addressed accordingly by SUPP and the respective BN representatives.” when the whole opposition machinery can capitalise on the subject and this spells trouble especially so when Lim Kit Siang is singing a new tune 44% now. 

SUPP and other BN component parties will need to do damage control and stay focussed. The Friendly-Fire should not have happened in the first place is the final message from another sms received …..

“Thats the Way ..Ah ha Ah ha..I like it”

According to our privelege source in SPDP it was mentioned to President Mawan in so many words,”Thats the way I like it” Follow my lead and you will not be sorry and it seems Mawan is in dilemna and who shall he follow. On one side is his Financial Giver while the other his Administrative Boss. If you are in Mawans shoes what do you do..Enjoy this and tell us…

Church Bombings..Aftermath..

The “Allah” controversy in which we wrote earlier on January 4th finally happened with the mindless act of some who decided to act irrationally by “Hurling Firebombs at Church Buildings in Selangor” Some political analysts say there “SHOULD NOT BE ANY HIDDEN AGENDAS..?? “Let the culprits be hauled up by the law and proper punishment be meted out.   

Sarawak State leaders have come out with their own statements and these are some :-

  • DAP N11 Assemblyman- “I pray all Malaysians use ,good sense and not politics to solve the problems surrounding the Allah controversy.
  •  PBB N6 Tupong Assemblyman(Assistant Minister of Islamic Affairs)-Advised Muslims in Sarawak not to be influenced by those acts,stressing that any religious conflicts can be resolved in an amicable way.
  • PBB P194 Fadillah Yusof-Hopes that the Police would take stern action and keep an eye on anything that may cause disharmony between different ethnic and religious groups.
  • PBB P193Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar -There are proper channels to to voice out every problem or issue and the people must have trust in the system.
  • PKR Information Chief-See Chee How -Condemn the Act of violence .This is in excusable on those who have taken the law in their own hands.
  • PKR East Malaysia Advisor Jeffrey Kitingan- Thinks those pictures will have a devastating effect in the rural heartland of East Malaysia. Jeffrey is also convinced that Chinese voters, not just the Christians, and many God-fearing Muslims as well in East Malaysia will abandon Umno in the next general elections.

National leaders are also united in Condemnation:-

  • MCA President “Such a cowardly show of brute force and intimidation and there is neither excuse not justification for them.
  • Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim-The attack on the church was a heinous act that was condemned by the Al-Quran
  • PBS Marximus Ongkili-We call for level hededness and moderation.We gain nothing by going on the streets or inciting feelings by provoking or attacking religious properties.
  • Liberal Party President-called for calm and said the government should not hesitate to invoke ISA against those who treatened peace and security.
  • UPKO-Wilfred Bamburing-What has happened over the last 24 hours is constitutedto be the darkest chapter in Malaysian history and from now on Malaysia will never be the same again.
  • Gerakan President koh Tsu Koon- had instructednational unity and integration department and Rukun Tetangga officials to help police maintain calm.Such attacks are completedly indefensible,unaccpetable and is clearly against the peaceful spirit of Malaysians as a whole.
  • PAS Salahuddin Ayub-“Allah’as stated in the Al-Quran had strongly forbid Muslims from taking action on places of worship belonging to other religions.Prophet Muhammad had also reminded his friends wh went together with him during the war,to not harm or kill enemies who took refuge at places of worship let alone burn down a place of worship.
  • MIC President Sammy Vellu- This incident should not have happpened.It is a sad day for the country.We are an independant nation where we respect everyone’s religion and want peace among all religious groups.
  • PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has strongly condemned yesterday’s arson attacks on three churches in the Klang Valley as “un-Islamic”

audie61 and crew are saddened with THESE  MINDLESS AND COWARDLY ACTS and Hopes that the persons responsible are hauled up by the AUTHORITIES. 

Interesting Read:-


6.16 pm an emergency call was made to 999 by the owner of No.19 Primrose Taman Riveria that he has a close encounter with a very deadly reptile. The reptile “a cobra” measuring around a metre in length must have just had its feed as it rushed to the No.18 house to rests at the corner.

Neighbours upon hearing of a cobra rushed out in droves and soon the numbers swelled to almost 100 persons. No matter how dangerous the cobra might be, but still people as curious as they may be are not too worried of being bitten but as long as they are well informed to tell a tale. Sounds familiar to some ,”news does travel fasts ……”

Of course the excitement of making phone calls rests to some and the answers from the operators with regards to the response team were..”.They are out for dinner..They are on the way..Nobody is around …We will keep you inform

999 being  a centralised hotline and the operator Salimah passed the line through to JPA. The above were the answers from JPA. True enough the bomba responded faster and after the incident only then did the JPA arrived ten minutes too late after the Bomba had done their days work and there was a thunderous applause. Hooray..!!


Phone calls were also made to both BN and DAP legislative assemblyman. YB Voon Lee Shan was quick to respond and both of them did their bests to call the authorities concerned. An incident like this can throw the whole  neighbourhood together and with 110 houses in the Primrose area in Riveria imagine what benefits it will be for a politician . Need we tell you more….

This Primrose area has seen three incidents so far with the Bees attacking the LAMPOSTS  three months ago ,dengue issue with Health authorities and Samarahan council where the whole area was intensely fogged, electricity issue very fresh with the Council,Sesco and Naim the developer. Read This(

This Cobra has indeed turn up too early for XMAS but its a way for mosts of us to greet each other a Vey Merry and blessed Christmas. Thanks Bomba and JPA. However its up to the YBs concern to bring up this issue of a quick respond. The cobra was finally caught at 7.23pm.

The cobra did take an hour of our time to create and enhanced the neighbourhood to 1Primrose.Hmmmm..