“Cobra …Christmas Carollers Ho Ho Ho”

Taman Primrose Riveria seems to have it all at the moment and the 110 houses at the outer ring road in Kota Samarahan is beginning to draw the attention of mosts people. Is this a coincidence..? Doubt it as just two days ago a cobra came too early for Xmas and visited the area.

 What about the Visitations of the Bees.???

Today at around 9pm around 35 SIB carollers came a calling to the area and sang their hearts out in wishing the Residents by walking through the “Lorongs-Lanes in English” siging We wish you a Merry Christmas

It was very impromptu on the part of the carollers and on behalf of the residents of Primrose ,Taman Riveria we would like to thank them for the  wonderful and joyous rendition of Christmas songs. The leader of the group thanked everyone and handed Chritsmas gifts as they passed by.

If it was all pre-planned it would not have such an impact and their sweet voices and smiling faces was more than enough to spread the fellowship of the Christmas spirit amongst all in Primrose. It seems that Primrose has its fair share of  activities in the last 8 months and we might just provide the tonic for a Friendly 1 neighbourhood  in the making.

Thank  you SIB carollers for Sharing the Joyous Songs of chrismas with us in Primrose.

On behalf of audie61 management and crew we would like to wish all our friends,readers,supporters and alliances a very Merry and Blessed  Christmas and Peace to all Man. God Bless you all  and we would be taking a well deserved break for the Holiday period. We should be back and kicking and punching our way around on Boxing Day!!!!