MP205 “Moderation and Solidarity through Golf”

tsmawan 18Its not only politics that drives Tan Sri William Mawan. He does know how to hit,swing and drive the golf balls to the required distance and thereby also sending the correct signals to his worthy opponents. He explores every angle for the people to come together as one.

In his vocabulary and outlook there are no malice in his intonation but mostly he has outreached to the Larger Mass of Sarawakians by preaching moderation and doing away with extremism,bigotry,fanaticism and militant thinking in whatever forms.

To quote him which he said on 4th November 2014,”Moderation is the only way that can guarantee our continued solidarity and well-being as a multi racial society.Extremism begets extremism and the unscrupulous  who engage in bigotry are playing dangerously with fire and discarding racial hormony”

We will not compromise on our commitment to racial and religious harmony and ours is a united platform that draws strength and support from all ethnic groups in Sarawak.

His involvement in the Inter Community Golf tournament goes way back 9 years and he has continued to “WALK THE TALK“. Within the teams that are participating there are malays,ibans bidayuhs,melanaus,chinese,orang ulus all joining in. This goes to show that the National Integration is very much alive which has dampen and unscrewed the evil works of those who try to practise SEGREGATION and also to confuse everyone with their ill intentions.

amawan18aIn his Saratok constituency he is encouraging the youths to participate in various activities like the 9 aside football tournament. Mawan as former Minister of Social Development Sarawak has been very instrumental in bridging the harmony and solidarity through all programmes and sports activities.

The present Minister and Mawans able assistant Abdul Karim Hamzah is now carrying out his good work by also encouraging many different cultural programmes to continue the good work laid out .

The recent “heat” on the event ‘Octoberfest” was also given a positive response by the Minister which Mawan himself should pat his own shoulder. Karim was also quoted,”“Down here (Sarawak), it has always been promoted as Oktoberfest. They don’t promote it as a beer festival. If it is Oktoberfest, I don’t see any problem with it because it is a celebration of culture. That is why when some extremists or some people claim this is a beer festival, I don’t really agree.

Mawan himself said this ,”while politics can be highly charged the attainment of political goal can be through also the golf swing.” Mawan reiterated that it is in this era of fast track digital information and technological advances that the harmony and solidarity of people must be protected.

To further enhance Mawans point,”the Conference of Malay Rulers has even expressed concern at the state of harmony and unity in the country, making reference to the Muslims-only laundrettes and other recent incidents.

Mawans politics has Shifted Gears from ensuring that the people in his constituency basic needs of water,roads,bridges,education,housing are all taken care off to another level where he outreaches to all. He has never stop imparting the significance and importance of moderation and solidarity to all Sarawakians.

Many in his constituency sees the good in him and are willing him on to continue to serve as their Saratok representative in Parliament. Their voices are been heard significantly by the top BN hierarchy.

This quote,”while we may have known Mawan well but there may be still much that we do not know about him. But one thing we all know about him for a long time is that he is a FIGHTER.” This basically sums it up on Mawan(at least according to BN Sarawak Secretary General and Minister Dr.Stephen Rundi)

Mawan knows there are no fixed rules to succeed to serve the Saratok people well but he uses his personal values,qualities and non confrontational approach to achieve a higher level of goodness.

The inter community golf serves the purpose to further enhance the solidarity and moderation which is crucial to safeguard the unity of all Sarawakians and shelter all from the howling Extremism and Fanaticism wind blowing across the world.

amawan18bIt might sound simplistic to be involve in an inter community golf tournament but the deeper significance is for all to see as the participants are very attuned to the principles of solidarity and moderation.

Mawan would want this interaction of participants to tee-off to its 10th Year but they all have to start driving it off the green first come the 21st of October 2017.

The Gears have Shifted and it has GONE BEYOND what one has perceived and it is here to stay.


The ‘Rats” Will be Flushed Out Soon

1aaacWithin the next six months there will be an EVOLUTION of some sort within the local political minefield. The leaders who are in power at the moment does not necessarily be contented with their seats nor their powers.

We have mentioned to many within the political corridors that there are far too many ‘RATS” who are overstepping their boundary lines. Of course, one would say,” NAME THEM ,NAME THEM,NAME THEM.“. Do we need too ?  Dont think we are that “Daft or stupid” ?

Obviously one only need to  look at Turkey. Dont you say,”Cheh…or B.S…!!” You might live to regret sooner than you spell your own name.”

The Pied Piper is coming up with his “magic tune” very soon.

Watch this space !!




Che’Gu Bard(SAMM) Not Welcome in Sarawak..

chegu baard

PBB yesterday warned peninsula-based Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) to stay out of the state.

The party’s supreme council member Dato Idris Buang said SAMM’s alleged plan to stage a street protest called ‘Nyah Taib’ in front of the chief minister’s residence yesterday to get him to step down was “disrespectful and contemptuous” towards the state Barisan Nasional (BN).

“There is no way for SAMM to bring street politics and unethical political culture to Sarawak,” said Idris at PBB headquarters, which is just a stone’s throw from the chief minister’s residence.

Flanked by more than 100 PBB members and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), who called themselves ‘Gerak Gempur Ngap Sayot’, Idris said PBB would not let the state BN to be forcefully dethroned by any group or affiliated political parties using street tactics and other unethical means.

“We are holding strong to the universal law and the constitution, so if anyone wants to challenge the state government or the chief minister, do it during the election.”

He added that PBB, being the backbone of the state BN, had more than 300,000 members and more than one million supporters in the state who reject the political fiasco spun by SAMM and Pakatan Rakyat.

He also questioned the credibility of SAMM founder Badrul Hisham Shahrin, or known as Che’GuBard, who was born in Negeri Sembilan but stood and lost as a Pakatan candidate in Sungai Acheh, Pulau Pinang, during the last general election.

Idris said Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud had always been at the core of the state’s stable politics and development.

“Our beloved chief minister has also managed to upgrade the standard of living of all Sarawakians, regardless of race and religion. He is also elected unanimously by the BN component parties to become the chief minister to lead the state.”

Yesterday, members of the media waited patiently from 11.30am till 5pm outside the front gate of Taib’s residence, but no protesters showed up, only police personnel.


SUPP Facing De-Registration..??

tripleThe Problems facing SUPP are a plenty. It does not take a “rocket scientist” to figure whats going to happen next. Even the BN Leadership will be looking over their shoulders at the possibilities of another BN party reaching the end of its lifeline due to infighting and distrusts amongst own party leaders.

We are watching very closely at whats happening NEXT..??

“Religious Tolerance..What CM Sarawak Said..!!”

There have been various calls from many readers on us to write on this the issue of “religious freedom” “ALLAH” and other related topics/issues.

We would not want to give too much opinions on this subject as it will only aggravate the situation and also create too much tension.

Let us be very straight on the issue especially to those who sees this as an avenue to showcase their RELIGION and FAITHS for their own selfish means or to remain relevant in society. Also for POLITICAL POINTS AND SURVIVAL….oh Plzzzzzzz…



We are asking you who are reading this just 3 simple questions…

1. Are Christians from all denominations persecuted from going to their own services in their Churches?

2. Are Christians banned from carrying the Bible (bahasa version)in their hands and CONFISCATED ON THE SPOT BY THE RELIGIOUS OFFICERS ?

3. Are Christians been shot/stoned when they practised their faith in churches or walking across the streets?

You have answered that correctly………..

No,no, no and now please for GODS SAKE please stop being too ungrateful to the MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT OF THE DAY. There is Religious freedom in Malaysia and we need not make too much of a “Huu Haaaas ………..(if this pierces your heart please remember we are not a Christian Nation unlike the Philippines…you can say what you like about me and I know my FAITH is strong and GOD IS THE ONE AND ONLY ALMIGHTY CREATOR WHO PROTECTS ME AND MAKE ME STRONG..thank you )

The extracted column from Borneo Posts..Borneo’s English Daily

The day Abdul Taib spoke up for Christians in Sarawak

Posted on November 16, 2013, Saturday

WHENEVER the ‘Allah’ issue hogs the headlines, Sarawak and Sabah can also expect to be in the spotlight.

Over the past weeks, all of us must have had an overdose of ‘Allah’ – I mean the dispute over the usage of that almighty name. I find it seriously appalling how we, Malaysians, can really go overboard in our quarrels over the use of a term.

It has been said that Malaysia is the only country in the world where its citizens are at loggerheads over ‘Allah’. Hey, are we not supposed to be a proud nation of well meaning, sensible and cultured people? Are we not supposed to be understanding and tolerant folk able to live in peace and harmony despite our racial and religious differences?

What happened? Instead of showing others who we really are – a nation of proud Malaysians who are decent and caring people – we chose to display our ugly side. If others describe us as a nation of idiots, don’t blame them. We probably deserve to be called silly names.

It was most unfortunate that the people of Sarawak and Sabah were innocently dragged into the nasty equation as well. It’s well known to us in East Malaysia that we’ve never had a problem over religion – Never!

I have said this many times in this column and I will not hesitate to repeat it because it’s something so uniquely Sarawakian. As a Sarawakian, I’m always proud to make this known and clear to all.

Many Christians were very happy with Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud when he defended their right to continue using the name ‘Allah’. The Sarawak Chief Minister spoke rather eloquently on the issue recently.

In his own words: “To us (Sarawakians) there is no issue. We have lived with people of different races and different religions for many decades, even before Malaysia. The ‘Allah’ ruling will not be binding on Sabah and Sarawak. We cannot alter the status quo in Sarawak.”

The Chief Minister further said that on visits to the longhouse, he would source a Muslim cook to prepare his dishes using the ingredients which the longhouse residents had bought. His childhood at the mission school had prepared him for being with Christians and he was not perturbed when they made the sign of the cross, or prayed.

Indeed, Taib’s speech resonated with many Malaysians and I must thank our CM sincerely for speaking out for Sarawakians in such a strong, yet honest, manner.

The CM’s words were particularly gratifying not only because he is the chief executive of the state but because he is also a Muslim. It shows that the man knows more of his great faith Islam than the many pretenders in Malaya.

Now, I wonder why the likes of Ibrahim ‘Comedian’ Ali and his cohorts in Perkasa and elsewhere never dared to rebuke Taib? Did they agree with Taib after all? Or are they withholding their fire out of respect (or fear) for the Sarawak CM who also heads the religious organisation Perkim? That makes Taib an authority on Islam too.

But the most conspicuous difference between Taib and his brothers in the faith in Malaya is that he is a Sarawakian Muslim. Because Taib is a Sarawakian, he understands the ‘spirit of tolerance’ better than those in Malaya. This is something we cannot dispute. Thumbs up for Taib.

It’s a shame that Taib’s counterpart in Sabah, Datuk Seri Musa Aman, has stayed silent over the ‘Allah’ issue. Is it just because he is an Umno man and his party’s stand is clear – No ‘Allah’ for non-Muslims. If that is the case, then we Sarawakians must count our blessings again that Umno has yet to set foot in Sarawak. I don’t think we, Sarawakians, ever want our beloved state to be ‘Umno-nised’. No, no way!

This week as the Kuala Lumpur Catholic Archdiocese filed an application for leave to appeal to the Federal Court against a decision which allowed the government’s appeal to ban its weekly publication the Herald from using the word ‘Allah’ to refer to God, the churches of Sabah and Sarawak also made its stand clear.

Christian leaders in the two states have vowed to carry on using the word ‘Allah’ even if it means being prosecuted under a Home Ministry directive allowed by a court ruling.

They also accused Putrajaya of trying to mislead Christians from East Malaysia into believing that the Court of Appeal ruling was only applicable to the Herald.

They said they will speak up on this issue as this is what their respective congregations expect them to do.

Catholic Bishop for the Keningau diocese in Sabah Datuk Cornelius Piong said Sabahans, especially the Kadazan, Dusun and Murut natives, have been using the word for generations and will continue doing so.

“Who is going to stop us? Even God allows us to use the word,” he said, calling the move to restrict the use of the word illogical.

The Association of Churches in Sarawak has urged Putrajaya to show more commitment to recognising religious freedom in Sabah and Sarawak.

The group’s chairperson Archbishop Datuk Bolly Lapok said thus far, Putrajaya had only displayed “ad hoc benevolence” whenever religious freedom cropped up.

“We need tangible commitments from the authorities to respect and uphold the freedom of religion, guaranteed by the Federal Constitution as the supreme law of the nation,” Bolly said in a statement this week.

These are legitimate demands from Christians in Sabah and Sarawak. While we are happy that Datuk Seri Najib Razak has reiterated that the court ruling only applies to the Herald and that the 10-point policy stays, some of his cabinet members have been giving conflicting statements.

Therefore, the Prime Minister has to put his own house in order on the matter and as Sarawak Christians have requested, show more commitment to recognising religious freedom in East Malaysia.

Perhaps, Najib could quietly seek Taib’s advice on how to resolve this long-standing issue. In this case, Taib certainly knows better.

The “Allah” stand…

audie61 have been receiving many questions on where we stand on the “banning of usage of Allah on the Catholic Newspaper Herald”. We stayed focussed and did not want to be caught in a “hail of bullets” and we know that there given the appropriate time the Chief Minister would make his stand.

He did that also during the 2010 Barisan Nasional Convention in Kuala Lumpur where he spoke,”When I travel to the longhouses, I’d just look for a Muslim cook from the city and they (the longhouse folks) would buy the food and even buy praying mats for me to pray in one of their rooms.

I was privileged to hear from 2 Menteri Besars from the Peninsula who said,”CM Taib speaks the truth and they were impressed with his words on religious tolerance in Sarawak.”

That was the day which made me saluted CM Taib for his “no nonsence approach to people who thinks they can use religion to gain political mileage especially when it comes to Sarawak”

Today we extract this from the internet portal and this is no different from 2010 which we heard at MCA’s hall,” The Allah issue between Muslims and Christians in Peninsular Malaysia does not affect Sarawakians because they are a tolerant people, said Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud.

To us (people in Sarawak) there is no issue. We have lived with people of different races and different religions for many decades, even before Malaysia,” Taib said in his first public statement on the issue since the Court of Appeal ruled last Monday that the word Allah could not be used by the Catholic weekly, Herald.

Taib declared the ruling was not binding on Sabah and Sarawak.


“We cannot alter the status quo in Sarawak,” Taib said when asked about Sarawak’s stand after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak opened the Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) convention today.

Taib said the use of the word was not a problem in the state as the “spirit of tolerance” among Sarawakians is high, one of the features of multi-racial Sarawak which made it a bedrock of stability and harmony.

“When I travel to the longhouses, I’d just look for a Muslim cook from the city and they (the longhouse folks) would buy the food and even buy praying mats for me to pray in one of their rooms.

“This is quite natural with us in dealing with people of different religions.

“I myself came from a mission school and it never bothered me when other people made the sign of the cross,” he said, referring to a Christian practice.

“It’s because it’s their religion, expressing their respect for the Almighty. I can understand it.”

Taib said he would bow and offer his own prayers the Muslim way when his Christian friends made the sign of the cross in their prayers.

“The Chinese would probably do it their way. The intention is the same.

“It’s all praying to the superior being which we believe is the Creator of this world.”

“It’s this kind of spirit we have in Sarawak,” Taib said, stressing again that it is not the thorny issue that is in the peninsula.

“The Ibans, the Malays, the Chinese have shown their respect for other religions and cultures even before Malaysia.

“When we came to Malaysia, we carried this with us and it has become one of the features of Sarawak.”

In 2010, Taib had also spoken out against an attempt to curb Bahasa Malaysia bibles from being freely brought into the state.

He described the order to stamp the Bahasa Malaysia bibles with serial numbers by the Home Ministry as a “stupid idea” that should not be applied to Sarawak.

He had also called the strictures on the Al-Kitab nonsense.

Yesterday, Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail reiterated the Court of Appeal decision was confined to the Bahasa Malaysia section of the Herald.

He said the court held that the Al-Kitab and the Herald are two publications of an entirely different character.

“The Al-Kitab is the Malay version of the Bible and meant for Christians and used in churches whereas the Herald is a newspaper which is also accessible online and can be read by Muslims and non-Muslims.”

Abdul Gani added that the court stated the permission given by the home minister for the printing and publication of the Al-Kitab, in which the word Allah appears, therefore cannot be treated in the same manner as with the Herald. – October 21, 2013.

PBB Stability Unquestionable..!!

imagesThere should not be any more doubts. The leadership of PBB is very much wanted by all the PBB grassroots in the state. audie61 have been promoting the need for the CM and his Deputy Jabu to be maintained as per the articles below.

However,lately there are some internet blogs/sites who have been trying to draw a wedge amongst the top leaders of the state. What is being told to the press by the information chief of PBB below should dispel all doubts.

Are they still some who are trying to unstablise the state hierarchy and the administration of the State of Sarawak? This is what the the Information Chief of PBB Adenan Satem in a statement said.”there would be no contest contest for the top posts in the party,namely the president,deputy presidents 1 and 11,senior vice presidents 1 and 11, and five vice-presidents posts.

There will be tussles for the Supreme Council posts as anticipated in any democratic party and mosts are second echelon leaders of PBB.

Remember what we wrote earlier and this is extracted,”

The ones who have their fingers dirtied and have made their intentions known will know the consequences when the PBB plus UMNO elections are over. The Chief Minister Taib as we have mentioned in one of our article is READING A DIFFERENT BOOK FROM ALL. THE TRIED AND TESTED BOOK OF POLITICS HAS GONE TO THE ANNALS OF HISTORY.

This is a new history for Sarawak politics and according to a “BUTCHER” who has seen it all and he said this “TAIB IS THE MASTER and he has and will continue to chop those who he feels are his threat to his 22nd floor Chair.

No one will dare to touch him after what has been revealed. Try as they may with outside PBB which he says he knows where the HELP is coming from they will also face similar fate to those who came before them”

Even their soothsayers cannot help them. PBB he said will remain the “backbone” of the state BN administration as long as Taib Mahmud still remains as Chief Minister. Whatever happens after that is of course another chapter to be written.

To the doubters and detractors of CM , Jabu and PBB “IF YOU WANT TO STAY POLITICALLY RELEVANT MAKE SURE YOUR BACK IS SECURED………….………………..

World Record Attempt Retro Walk

Imagine-record-attemptJohn Lennon said,”A dream you dream alone is only a dream.A dream you dream Together is a reality”. 1BFF Pending Recreation and Sports Club have initiated the I.M.A.G.I.N.E. Retro walk which they will attempt the World Record Backwards (Retro)Walk in April 2014.

I.M.A.G.I.N.E. acronym means I MAKE A GO IN NO EXCUSES”

Preparations according to the Guiness World Record Attempt (GWRA) are in place and the Email which confirmed the participation was received on 28th August 2013. The Email reads,”Guinness World records is pleased to CONFIRM that your application has been accepted. In this email is all the information you need to proceed with attempting a Guinness World records title.

1BFF sent the email on the 22nd of August and within 6 days came the positive response. The only difference from the original application which 1BFF submitted was the distance covered. it was originally planned for 500 meters but GWRA set under its specific guidelines as the minimum distance for the walk must be 1KM.

Many corporate companies and individuals are already making preparations to be involved in this World Record Event. The registration process for this GWRA will be handled by Proud Partners of this event  “Prudential Group GMG ” The launching date will be fixed for the middle of October at a renowned Shopping Mall in the centre of the City.

1BFF have also tasks the following Event companies to be the coordinators for this GWRA. The companies are Jude Events & Sports Management, Events Horizon,Fest Event Solution and TEEM events. There will be other activities which will be put up during the 3 days World Record Attempt according to the Main Coordinator spokesman Julian Ong.

There will be more than 100 booths set up for entrepreneurs to showcase their products. We will also be witnessing new activities such as 18 hours dancing competition, 1st time ever Hospital Bed race which will see the participation of pharmeceutical companies,International Tattoo with a twist,Hotel Waiters/Waittreses Run which will be participated by all Hoteliers,Under 14 Imagine singing competition, Moreover a Fashon Designers Show by Only Sarawak Women Fashion Designers will also add prominence to the occasion.

The organisers 1BFF have also approached and have received confirmation that the Internationally famed 5 times World  YOYO Champion “Hiroyuki Suzuki” and also 5 time Malaysian Champion Shakeel Rose will be making an appearance and will also participate in the RETRO WALK.

The YOYO international “Wow Get Together ” with over 500 Yoyo exponents will also add colour to this Event in 2014.  

The organisers 1BFF have fixed the dates  for the World Record Attempt for 24th to 27th April 2014 and the venue will be at MBKS  Jubilee Ground.

The Following Organisers can be reached at pertaining to Guiness World Record Attempt (GWRA) or for the Events :-

  • 1BFF President Keith Sim -0198860806
  • Jude Events Julian Ong 0138003030
  • Fest Event Solution Edwin Then 0168927770
  • GWRA Marketing and Sponsorship  Sutaghani Zaidoll  0198180888
  • GWRA Registration Winnie Lim 0178035500
  • GWRA Welfare Wendy Earnest 0128804595
  • GWRA Protocol Director Priscilla June Ding 0168849337
  • GWRA Specific guidelines Director Valerie Patrick 0128989788
  • GWRA Liasing Coordinator Jason Pui 0109621967
  • GWRA Press and Media Director Kas Alwi Sepawie 0135614014
  • GWRA Legal Officer Nyam Teck Chiew 0138061329
  • GWRA Legal Officer Wilfred Yap 0198887688
  • GWRA Security and Logistics Director Captain Zainuddin Hj. Hamden   0133500279
  • GWRA Official Photographer Victor Voon 0168888897

Lets all join in to ensure that this programme will be a Success for Sarawak and also Malaysia. Lets welcome all to Visit Malaysia in 2014.


It’s conceptually a New Frontier for Positive Minded Achievers in Corporate and Personal Responsibilities

Taib Confirmed to Stay as President of PBB..

pbb9This we tweeted today,”@PetraJayaMP Works Minister says his Pending PBB branch would not want to see anyone challenging the top posts.

This have been echoed right through to all PBB divisions and Deputy President Abang Johari,Senior Vice President Awang Tengah, Information Chief  Adenan Satem and other Divisional chiefs have made similar calls.

We wrote earlier  a week ago and asked if there are any doubts?

We received many calls and smses and all were positive towards the Chief Minister Pehin Sri to continue to lead not only PBB but also to continue to administer the State of Sarawak.

Najib in his 50th Anniversary Speech at Padang Merdeka touched on the  cordial working relationship between the Federal Government and the State Government under the leadership of Taib Mahmud. The confidence of the Federal government on Taibs administration is a clear indication that the Federal Government is very much behind the leadership of Taib Mahmud.

This also dispel all doubts that those who have any intention on seeing UMNO to Sarawak will need to think not only twice but be on the lookout for the chopping blocks and also be guillotined soon. Our article

Always remember this though CM Taib Mahmud is not sleeping and he is also reading a different book from all of you. Please read the following articles below to refresh your memories:-


The picture is now clear that Taib will be reelected to helm PBB for the next 3 years from October 2013 to 2016.


Those who think otherwise might just need to read again the following listed articles below. They must be dreaming that CM Taib Mahmud is going to step aside and not knowing of their intentions

We have forgiven those who speak foul and bad mouth on audie61 but they must remember your time will come. Taib Mahmud knows who is with him and who is not really with him.” Of course the opposition is not…

By the way, we did not speak or call the portal sarawakreport. Awang Tengah’s men have a tendency to push the blame to others.It’s high time they own up and pay for their over enthusiasm and instigating those around them. THE INNOCENT MUST NOT TAKE THE FALL FOR THEM NO MORE….