Ong “Hornets Nests…Did they Sting you..??”

Natasha of audie61 could not help to ask MCA President Ong Tee Keat,”Have you been stung..?” He has stood on too many “TOES” and thats why there is an incessant pressure on his Presidency. Ong is not a person to “TOE THE LINE” and in many ways its also good for his leadership qualities and credibility but thats not the WAY MALAYSIANS are used to. Our way is quietly,deadly but assured of handling problems with solutions and not picking on too many “HORNETS NESTS

This article from internet portal  Malaysiakini 

Despite the torrent of blows to his leadership, MCA president Ong Tee Keat today took on a combative position in his opening address to the 56th MCA annual general meeting.

Taking pot shots at his party rivals, he also hinted that he would defend his post during the March 28 polls for the central committee in order to fulfill his party reform agenda.
mca agm 070310 ong tee keat 03According to Ong, even though the new central committee will be elected towards the end of the month, its members’ term, in accordance with the party constitution, will end in 2011.
He said that this leaves him with a one year window period to “follow through” with his “path of reforms”, thereby signalling his intention to defend his post.
Observers, on the other hand, see his former deputy Dr Chua Soi Lek as the front-runner in the contest.
We will have reelections on March 28, which is only one year before the 2011 party polls. I hope, in this one year, our party will do everything it can to move forward and it must complete the reform agenda.
“When I was in the hospital, there are people who said that I am not only suffering from pain on my leg, but also my heart. However, despite the pain, I must continue with this path.
“I have walked (this path) yesterday, and today. Tomorrow, I must do the same. There is only one more year to fulfill the reforms. I must follow through with this path of reforms,” he said.
Ovation for Ong

mca 56th agm front image 02This was met by thunderous applause from the 603 delegates present, who rose to their feet for close to a minute.

Ong again drew an eruption of applause when he said he did not care about his detractors nor about his fate as the party president.
“If you think about it, if I was so concerned about my post, then there would have been no need to disturb so many hornets’ nests,” said Ong, in reference to his attempts to probe the Port Klang Free Zone scandal.
Ong today defended his reform agenda but admitted that he was too hasty, thus making enemies with those with vested interest.
“Reforms cannot be accomplished overnight. It must go through a period of pain. The leader of the reforms can fall at the slightest mis-step. At the slightest mis-step, he can become the enemy of all.
“Perhaps I was too hasty with reforms. Thus, I again extend my apologies to all my comrades… We all have different opinions, but we must have the sense of camaraderie. Let’s not treat ‘him’ as the enemy.”
Ong said all reforms undertaken will be witnessed by the masses and it must be carried out to fulfill the wishes of the party members, the public and to uphold democracy.

Sarawak Lawyers,”What happened..??”

It seems that most of Sarawak Lawyers are afraid to show their colours says a political source to audie61. There are all in the profession as a means of making a living and thus do not want to offend or does not want to be seen to represent any political divide.

Apparently this protests ,‘Judicial Independence and Condemn Arson’ smses was circulated widely. However the turnout of Lawyers was not even 1% of the total smses  that was sent out. A lot of effort was put in..Hmmm

 audie61 met Chong Chieng Jen who was on his rounds meeting the constituents and selling the “Rocket-DAP newsletter”  on Saturday and he was very upbeat and enthusiastic about the Monday protests. The turnout must have been a very bad letdown especially when there was so much expectations from the legal fraternity. A source  said this to us this morning,”Apparently the remote control did not work as planned. The control switch only managed to get PKR Sarawak Information chief See Chee How and 2 other lady lawyers and two male lawyers from PKR  as seen from the pictures in the main stream media.” Isn’t this disappointing..???’ Strange,where are the other DAP lawyers..??

The internet blog Hornbill Unleashed has a full report of this event but the question remains and asked by many,”Whatever happened to all Sarawak Lawyers..?” Too busy making money….if you know what I mean was a remark from one of the coffee shop clienteles in which audie61 and crew had breakfast this morning.  

A political watcher said the organisers needs to go back to their drawing boards and retrace where their planning and event management let them down. Is this a clear message to them from the Sarawak legal fraternity..?? 

TRUTH BE TOLD:- Sarawak  lawyers have their own mindset and only if their rice bowls are shaken/overturned  they will not/want not to participate in rallies or protests. 


Updated:- 4.30pm DAP leader Lim Kit Siang has challenged newly-appointed Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief Abu Kassim Mohamed to show that he can lead the anti-graft body towards becoming more independent, non-partisan and professional.investigations against Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and Selangor exco member Ean Yong Hian Wah.

lim kit siang 030606In a statement today, he also told Abu Kassim that it is important for the body to attain “national and international confidence and recognition as a foremost graft buster in the league of Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)”.

Lim also urged him to direct the Selangor police to drop the “baseless”

There is a new man at the helm at the MACC. He has received his papers from the Yang Di Pertuan Agong this morning. According to our informed newspaper source who could not interview him the new BIG MAN is in a hurry and his body language does show that “HE WILL BE AN ALL ACTION MAN.” 

The groundswell has already been building up and many people when asked are of the same opinion that unless he goes for the BIG FISH he will still be like those before him.  What is term the BIG FISH we shall know when he gets down to it and puts his foot down on it

We shall see and below is the article posted by the internet portal Malaysiakini. 

Abu Kassim Mohamed has been sworn in as the new Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner today.

macc official launch 240209 abu kassimThe 48-year-old top graft buster has received his appointment letter from the Yang di-Pertuan Agong at the Istana Terengganu in Kuala Lumpur.

Abdu Kassim left the palace without talking to waiting journalists at about 10.40am.

Abu Kassim replaces Ahmad Said Hamdan, who submitted a written notice to have his contract of service shortened from May 25, 2010 to Dec 31, 2009.

Among those present at the swearing-in included Ahmad Said, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Aziz and Inspector-General of Police Musa Hasssan.

MACC’s tainted reputation

The new chief commissioner inherits an agency whose reputation was severely tainted following the death of DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock last year.

The commission has also been criticised for allegedly practicing double standards when it comes to investigating Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat politicians.

Abu Kassim has a Bachelor of Social Science degree from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang and Master of Science in Criminal Justice from the Michigan State University, United States.

He joined the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) on Sept 1, 1984 as an investigation officer. ACA was later renamed as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission last year.

Abu Kassim also served as director of planning and policy coordinator at the ACA headquarters, ACA director for Perak and Penang, director of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Academy and was seconded to Amanah Raya Berhad as its head of Integrity.

He was appointed deputy director-general (operations) of the ACA on Jan 1, 2001 and with the enforcement of the new Act on Jan 1, 2009, he was appointed deputy chief commissioner of MACC.

 Can We Count on Him Going After And Catching THE BIG FISH…???

Anwar “Who the Big Fishes …??”

Seems the authorities are beginning to rope in the culprits who has been oversiphoning the rakyats money in the PKFZ scandal. The inital costs of 2 billion spiralled to 4.6 billion for the massive 400-hectare integrated cargo distribution hub.

The question in everyones mouth and not only Anwar the opposition leadersmind is,”Who is next and also the bigger players should not be allowed to escape..??? ”

Anwar further added,” We welcome this although it is a small move. I hope this is not the beginning of a cover-up on the issue.” All the major tabloids local and foreign and internet blogs will be covering the latest developments. If  the Government does come down hard on those found to have played a part in the Scandal it will elevate the country and certainly boost foreign confidence and bring back losts investments.

The fun ride for some is beginning to come to an end and those unfortunate scapegoats will be hoping that they will not be the ONLY ONES..

DAP Voon-“Time’s Up on N11”

According to our sources there are speculations that DAP Assemblyman would not be picked to stand as the DAP preferred candidate for this incoming State elections. He is also considered as a loner and is deprived of information on DAP state matters. Are this back biting ssufficient for DAP to drop him out of reckoning? Are they more pressing matters?

Could his so called racial “overtones at the recent DUN sitting  be the FINAL NAIL for the DAP hierarchy to stop him from going for a second term? There are more questions than answers and as far as the recent spat with the Backbenchers Chairman is concerned we would be hearing more of it as time develops. We learnt this all from some reliable veteran observers and they say the Back biting is getting serious as far as YB Voon is concerned.

Back biting in a politcal party as we know is very damaging.It can be used by certain quarters as part of their scheme to secure political positions or steer their way into positions as favoured candidates. The members in the party will dictate the status quo of the the day and it seems Voon will be the FALL GUY.


He is facing his toughest battle not only internally in DAP but also against outside forces of the Police Report and the allegations of criminal intimidation and the various smses which are already in the hands of the Police. A date in court will do him more harm than good and if the case is not in his favour he will have to relinquish his position. {The tasty bits of information we will reveal later as it might jeorpadise the  police investigations}

No doubt this back biting did not stem from outside forces but usually it starts from a close insider source. The pursuit of such an opportunity for the DAP aspiring candidate will ensure that his dream of taking the coveted chair away from Voon is done and in doing so it is a convenient TOOL to achieve the preferred goal.

This unholy way many have succeeded and Voon should just look over his shoulder as the messages that is being spread now will reach a wide influence and impact and it may even shape the public opinion though DAP Voon might  gain public sympathy through his stand at the recent DUN.

All though is not too well for Voon and he knows what is coming and he is trying to change the rising tide towards his nose. The wizards of back biting will see this as the greatest opportune time to PUSH THE DAGGER in towards Voons chest and it is up to him to come out fighting. Will he be able to cop this time round?

 It seems that mosts political analysts points Voon to losing the battle this time round BUT as alwys there might just be some HOPE if he quietly goes off in the sunset…..   

Voon faces his toughest battle just yet and it has not been a good November for him……………

Liow “Accept or Resign”

Updated from Malaysiakini- Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said the decision by ROS was based on three main factors – the country laws, the Societies Act 1996 and the MCA constitution.

“Should the matter be taken to court, we, at the ministry, and ROS will explain and defend the decision,” he told a news conference at the Parliament lobby here today.
liow tiong lai

Liow Tiong Lai and his renegades in MCA have tasted the bitter sweet of party politics and the learning process of it all is a rocky and winding road to the top. Politics never takes prisoners and if he was to fall by the wayside and does not accept the decisions he will be affixing his very own signature to his own MCA DEATH WARRANT.

The ROS has spoken and no one should and can dispute it as it clearly states in the Societies Act 1966(Act 335 ) & regulations.-18c Decision of political party to be final and conclusive.

{ The decision of a political party or any person authorised by it or by its constitution or rules or regulations made thereunder on the interpretation of its constitution,rules or regualtions or any matter relating to the affairs of the party shall be final and conclusive and such decision shall not be challenged,appealed against,reviewed,quashed or called in questionb in any court on any ground,and no court shall have jurisdiction to entertain or determine any suit,application,question or proceeding on any ground regarding the validity of the decision.}

Larry sng

That is the very reason which also saw to the end of problems in Party Rakyat Sarawak in which there was the factional infighting for two years between James Masing and Larry Sng. The ROS declared James the legitimate President and Larry’s man just left him and the party and joined PKR enbloc. Liow the options and the door has just slammed shut on you with the PM agreeing to the decision.

So Liow now are you ready to bow down and accept the truth or leave MCA. This is the statement copied from Malaysiakini,’ Speaking at a press conference in Parliament, the Barisan Nasional chieftain described the ROS’ stunning decision as “purely legal”..

According to Najib, this is how the ROS interpreted the MCA constitution.

“The constitution is based on certain provisions which requires two-thirds majority to remove anyone in the party whether appointed or elected.

“Now based on that, that is why they (ROS) said Chua is still the deputy and this is the same provision that keeps Ong Tee Keat as president,” he said.

Najib added that the ROS has to be consistent as it cannot make two different decisions when the case is the same.”You cannot have one principle on the president, and another on the deputy. MCA has decided that part of the constitution, the ROS only interpreted the constitution,” he said

Liow said that he reserves the right he reserves the right to file an appeal or take the matter to court.

My friend Mr.Health Minister please wise up and take your time and you will not regret it. The journey has just started for you but if you just insists to follow that path of CONFRONTATIONAL Politics you will always be used as a Hand Grenade and others will benefit from your irrational ways.

We would also recommend you to read this from an internet blog,” Sarawak’s renewed political hopes. Many have tried and have failed to challenge the Presidents of respective parties. Will you be able to create this historical breakthrough…???

After You MACC…Now We go for Zorro

Certainly Chua Soi Lecks reinstatement by ROS must have come as a shocker to many in the political fraternity. The MACC coming down on Political corruption is commendable but more needs to be unearthed by MACC. Now according to this blog the Police are following suit and calling in Zorro  a fellow blogger to answer a few questions over a cup of coffee hmmm. Malaysia is indeed going through some pretty interesting times dont you think so…….


zorroZorro called me about 6 o’clock this evening to say that he had been summoned to appear at the police commercial crime division near the Bank Negara train station tomorrow afternoon at 3pm.

Seems they want to question him on something that was posted on his blog. Don’t know what at this time

This old @*+% and I probably disagree on more things than that which we agree on.

One thing, though, that we share in common.

We will not tolerate any attempt by the authorities to silence the dissenting voices in civil society.

Ashok and I will accompany Zorro as his solicitors tomorrow when he attends at the police HQ.

Would be nice if the many of you who have urged Zorro by your comments on his blog to continue with his writings would make the time to be there to show solidarity with our friend in his hour of need.

SKY”Miew””Sugar Daughters Anyone..??”


When I read Sim Kwang Yangs article on China Dolls in Cat See full size imageCity,Miew it reminded me of a certain X YB who came down hard on this issue and well the rests they say is HISTORY. Did she win the last State elections..?? The article in hornbill unleashed can be read in Full by clicking HERE

Its  not that we do not have other pressing issues but this has got to do with a lot of advertisements that are appearing in the local dailies as a COVER for enlisting the China or foreign nationals  to work in the massage parlours. Check it out as this is a Prerequisite by the LABOUR  Department and if no one answers the advertisement the company can engage the workers. SCAM or Government legitimacy..!!!

SKY  mentioned 195 massage parlours and 3000 Chinese girls from mainland China enter Sarawak every month!  They are now the hottest commodities in our town!” Isn’t this great for DOMESTIC TOURISM..? Something is amiss here and the immigration and local labour department and police needs to put an END to this or else we would end up as SEX ADA RAMAI(SAR……AWAK) Are you GAME..???  The situation is CRITICAL and BAD and Something drastic needs to be done quick or quickly……..

The clamping down is not up to me but this is well above the LIMIT or I can say ,”TELL ME WHO IS ALLOWING THIS OR THE COLOUR OF MONEY IS TOO GREAT TO RESIST..??? NEXT They will be SARAWAK VOTERS I’m pretty sure says a political analyst.

 Well Sim Kwang Yang this is even better from TV Smiths blog and I reposts it here.

by TV Smith

See full size imageThe government’s latest austerity drive to replace the cars of senior government servants with a Mercedes or BMW has resulted in an unexpected backlash.

Sugar daughters, mistresses and trophy wives are now revolting against the idea of driving a local or Japanese car. They reasoned that if any high-ranking public servant including under-performing ones are entitled to a new German marque courtesy of taxpayers, they surely deserve better.

As expected, their previously-so-sweet sugar daddies reacted sourly. A statement from their association, Sugardaddy Society And Help (SuSAH), encourage members to date less-demanding artificial models instead.

I spoke to two such models (pictured above) seen shopping at the Masjid India area. They confirmed they are happy to window shop at budget bazaars instead of splurging on branded stuff at upmarket malls. Besides, they appear more aware of health issues.

In response, affected sugar daughters formed a protest group named Sugar Daughters Against Humiliation (SuDAH). The acronym was earlier wrongly quoted by the media as Sugar Daughters Against Honda or Hyundai. As a show of support for SuDAH, a group of ex-models and starlets staged a noisy protest in front of an artificial modeling agency yesterday.

We say as always,”Not a bad Monday is it? Someone needs to get down to the BOTTOM of this all or else you know what will become of SAR…AWAK”  

Cute..M$720 Million Refund

HellOooo..Am I Missing Somethinggggg..?? Would you just believe this? We made a mistake we are overcharged and now we need a refund. WHAT TYPE OF ADMINISTRATION IS THIS…?? Do you honestly think that the people are FOOLS. Even if they are they cannot be cheated over and over again and again. A fool today might just wake up to make you the GREATEST FOOL that ever lived. Please be more realistic. You made the mistake you pay for it. Get the Drift..Or am I telling it to a BLOCKHEAD…

The Port Klang Authority (PKA) today sued Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB) for RM720 million, a sum which the contractor allegedly overcharged for the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) project.

The suit was filed at the Shah Alam High Court this morning by PKA chairperson Lee Hwa Beng, who is the plaintiff on behalf of PKA.

lee hwa beng pkfz pc 210509 02In a statement today, Lee said PKA is seeking a declaration that interest charged on the balance purchase price of the land purchase was wrongly imposed.

He said KDSB had sold the land to PKA at RM1.088 billion at the rate of RM25 per square foot on a “special value” basis in addition to interest being charged.

“Interest ought not to have been charged separately and/or in addition to the said RM25 per square foot”, said Lee.

PKA is also seeking the court’s intervention and rectification of its schedule of payment to KDSB, as well as a refund of the interest payments made thus far.

Lee added that PKA’s decision to sue KDSB was made even before the establishment of the ‘super’ task force established by the Cabinet to probe the PKFZ scandal.

Lee warns that other suits would be filed for fraudulent, wrongful or irregular claims but did not name the parties concerned.

KDSB is the turnkey developer of the PKA owned multi-billion ringgit PKFZ flop, prompting the government to engage PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to perform an audit on the project.

Following the publication of PwC’s report in May, KDSB filed a defamation suit against PKA and the auditor for defamatory comments found in the report.

Amongst others, the PwC report claims that KDSB ‘may have’ overcharged PKA in the land purchase and overpriced the value of its works. WHO IS TO BE BLAMED..Have You Made up YOUR MIND..???

MCA-History,History,History..Lets See…

It seems that the Cabinet has decided to have a high powered taks force to investigate the PKFZ scandal was an sms received by Joey of audie61. This Malaysiakini report in which Ong Tee Keat speaks his mind and says that LET HISTORY JUDGE US. We reposts here…

The Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) fiasco has turned out to be a nightmare for the MCA, BN and the Transport Ministry.


NONEDubbed by some as the ‘Mother of all scandals’, it not only involves a number of MCA and BN politicians but may also turn out to be the death knell for the political career of current MCA president and Transport Minister Ong Tee Keat.

As the cabinet discusses the task force report into the scandal today, Ong said that he had done his best in probing the case.

He claimed that the unpopular move has unleashed forces within and outside the government and his party in a conspiracy to oust him so as to derail the investigation.

“OTK be OTK. Whether they like me or not, I have my job to do. I am guided by my conscious. I am not guided by the popularity vote that people are deliberately attempting to portray me as.”

Conspiracy in high places

Ong has also singled out PKFZ’s turnkey contractor Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd’s owner, Bintulu MP and BN Backbenchers chief Tiong King Sing as working hand in hand with sacked MCA deputy chief Chua Soi Lek to stop him from getting to the bottom of the scandal.

Both Tiong and Chua have denied the allegations and they instead accused Ong of trying to glorify himself by politicising the PKFZ scandal and mixing it with the party matters.

Dismissing the claim, Ong said, “Nobody in the right frame of mind would choose such a way or such a path to glorify himself, when you have to brace yourself to face all sorts of allegation and hurl against you.”

“I have done whatever is necessary. People can judge and see what were my gains and what could I get from this. Am I going to play hero and enhance my political career? I don’t think there is any room (left) for my (political) escalation.”

Scepticism and opposition pressure

In an interview with Malaysiakini at his Transport Ministry office on Monday, Ong said when he first started the investigation on the RM12.5 billion fiasco, there were a lot of scepticism and the opposition did not have kind words for him.

“My true feeling is that when I first started it, people hammered me, even the opposition who has been purportedly championing accountability and transparency. Remember the kind of statements they made against me?

“These are the doomsayers, they pre-empt everything and said it is impossible and unlikely that I will be able to conduct a proper, comprehensive and genuine investigation. All sorts of things have been said against me. But I remain adamant and don’t even want to engage in any verbal spat.”

Veteran opposition leader Lim Kit Siang has been hounding Ong after the Port Klang Authority (PKA) released the full audit report prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) which details various malpractice and weakness.

Lim has been pushing Ong to declassify certain letters and correspondence in relation to the PwC audit report and make a ministerial statement to allow for a parliamentary debate.

The opposition leader has followed up by asking about three questions on the issue a day, which has annoyed to the minister.

We have done what is to be done


On the public perception that he is alone in pushing for the investigation and received little support from his BN colleagues, Ong refused to comment.

“I think that is not for me to comment (on this).”

He also refuted the claim that the government is reluctant to take action against the culprits and claimed that the only thing he cannot do is to arrest people.

“Can’t you see that after the PWC report (was released), what has unfolded? The (setting up) of three panels (PKFZ special panels), who are putting in hard work and solid work and they are independent. We have done what is expected of us.

“The only thing I cannot do is arrest people. I cannot do wonders (as suggested) by certain people to play the role of judge, jury and executioner. I think that by itself it is mockery to their own belief of separation of powers.”

Not proper to take flight

He also denied any improper relationship by taking free flights from Tiong King Sing’s company plane.

“Using his flights doesn’t mean that by itself is a favour. No. If at all anybody including me and others were to be offered a lift by third party, it does it not mean we have to ask beforehand ‘are you going to charge me?’

“Going back to the so-called failure to pay him whatever, if you had read through my statement, I said loud and clear, he is not the only service provider in the town. There is no element of favour involved. So far the question is whether or not the service provider has ever sent us the invoice?”

Ong has filed a RM500 million suit against Tiong for alleging that he had taken a RM10 million political donation from Tiong. But he confirmed that he had used KDSB’s private jet five times for “emergency purposes” only.

He said that out of the five occurrences, he should not be billed for one flight because he said he was “invited” to join that flight, while insisting that KDSB has yet to issue invoices to charge him for the service.

In an apparent bid to show that there was no conflict of interest, Ong said he also engaged the services of other private jet companies and not just KDSB alone.

Sex DVD much more damaging

Ong also took a swipe at his rival Chua Soi Lek who criticised his handling of the PKFZ fiasco which, lamented the sacked deputy leader, could pave the downfall of BN and MCA.

“At the same time it is amusing for me to learn that from him, if this is deemed as something that could bring down the BN and MCA, then how about the sex DVD? Don’t you think that is even more severe in terms of impact, not just to BN, MCA and even the country as a whole?”

Chua resigned from all government and party posts early last year following the eruption of a sensational sex DVD which shows him engaging in sexual acts.

He made a remarkable comeback in last October’s party polls by beating then secretary-general Ong Ka Chuan for the deputy president’s post.

However 21 months after the incident, MCA presidential council decided to expell him based on the recommendation of the party’s disciplinary committee.

The reason for his expulsion from MCA was due to him tarnishing the party’s image over the sex DVD incident.
Below is the text of the interview by Malaysiakini with MCA president Ong Tee Keat

Malaysiakini: Do you regret taking the flights on Tiong’s company plane?

Ong Tee Keat: Using his flights doesn’t mean that by itself is a favour. No. If at all anybody, including me, or others were to be offered a lift by a third party, does it mean we have to ask beforehand that are you going to charge me or what so ever?

Going back to the so-called failure to pay him, if you had read through my statement, I said loud and clear, he is not the only service provider in the town. There is no element of favour involved. So far the question is whether or not the service provider has ever sent us the invoice?

I don’t think anybody in their right frame of mind would ever do business like this.

There is wide public perception that there is lack of support from BN and your colleagues in dealing with the PKFZ issue. Some said that Prime Minister’s Office statement to support the investigations came too late for you.

I think that is not for me to comment (on this).

My true feeling is that, when I first started it, people crticised me. Even the opposition who has been purportedly championing accountability and transparency, but remember what kind of statement they made against me?

These are the doomsayers, they predict everything and said it is impossible and unlikely that I will be able to conduct a proper, comprehensive and genuine investigation. All sorts of things have been said against me. But I remain adamant and don’t even want to engage in any verbal spats.

Do you think you have done your part in producing the auditor’s report?

I have to be answerable to my own self as well as to my conscience.

But the public still perceives that there is still a lack of action (taken against the culprits)?

Can’t you see that after the PwC report (was released), what has unfolded? The (setting up) of three panels (PKFZ special panels), who are putting in hard work and solid work, and they are independent. We have done what is expected of us.

The only thing I cannot do is arrest people, I cannot do wonders (as suggested) by certain people to play the role of judge, jury and executioner. I think that by itself it is a mockery in their own belief of separation of powers.

So are you confident that the action will be taken? The case will be solved eventually? The culprits will be prosecuted?

I have done whatever is necessary. People can judge the gains that I could get from this. Is it that by doing so, I am going to play hero and enhance my political career?

I don’t think there is any room (left) for my (political) escalation.

But Chua Soi Lek says that the way you are dealing with PKFZ is going to bring BN and MCA down and only glorify yourself?

Nobody in the right frame of mind would choose such a way or such a path to glorify himself when you have to brace yourself to face all sorts of allegations and hurled against you.

At the same time it is amusing for me to learn that from him. If this is deemed as something that could bring down BN and MCA, then how about the sex DVD?

Don’t you think that is even more severe in terms of impact, not just to BN, MCA and even the country as a whole?

I think somehow politicians and non-politicians alike must learn that the norms and values are not something that we can simply distort at our wimps and fancies.             UPDATED    {  The cabinet has today decided to establish a super task force, headed by Chief Secretary to the Government Mohd Sidek Hassan, to investigate the Port Klang Free Zone scandal }