Loyalty.”No substitute”

a1a2a1When the chips are down your true friends will stick together with and by you. When good times roll the friends who are now enjoying the fruits of your labour will be dealt a BAD HAND in time to come if they conveniently forgets you.

Whatever comes around will go around and that is the basic understanding of how karma, the law of cause and effect, works.

My friends become your friends and your friends too will back stab you. An enemy will never even get near you.

There is still a flicker of hope and this is dedicated to the friends who have betrayed my trusts. BEWARE YOUR TIME WILL COME.

SPDP Merdeka Rendezvous..?

william-mawan-and-spdp-300x202This message says it all,” All Supreme Council Members directed by YB Tan Sri President to meet for discussion/deliberations regarding G4 issue @ 2.00 pm 19/3/2014 at Merdeka Palace,Kuching.

It doesn’t come clearer than that does it…?

916 “Round 2”

576823_473831939368250_959387771_nFormer Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi did say”BN will not crumble in 2008“as Anwar Propagandared September 16th 2008 as the day when they will be a change of Government. BN did not cave in to Pakatan but Badawi relinquished his Premiership to Najib. GE13 have just concluded barely past a month and there are now so many permutations even before the Parliament seating on 24th of June 2013.

916 was Anwars call in 2008 and the possibility of a “ROUND 2” is being toyed around. This time it involves Najib and no more Abdullah.

We wrote a number of articles on this in 2008 and amongst them were as follows

It does seem that PM Najib is being harrased by not those within the BN fraternity who were not given the rightful positions and recognitions for their wins in the GE13 but also by those within his party UMNO especially when an article like this hits the internet portals and are being played up by many blogs. Click to read:-  http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/under-pressure-pm-to-dump-all-five-aides-who-lost-ge13-contest/

505 Black Rallies have drawn in thousands at each venues and states and those within the BN hierarchy are feeling a bit uneasy over all these matters. We have time and time again twittered that” It only takes a little spark for it to escalate and for the sake of peace and harmony in Malaysia we hope it will not happen” 

After every elections there will be disgruntled and unhappy politicians who feels that they have a “divine right to the seat”. Of course they will read this and say what do you know? They will tell us go and listen to what Anwar and his Pakatan team have to say in the 505 Rallies. We have and we know Anwar and his strategists are using all their know how to try to “incept into the minds of most Malaysians that they won.

They have the courts to submit their petitions and even then Rafizi their “No.1 strategists” says he cannot see how the courts will overturned their results. He even gave a full rundown on how it will be against them. So whats next after boycotting the parliamentary briefing?

The news of Tengku Razaleigh must have music to the ears of Anwar. Will he be using his “war room strategists” or be employing the same modus operandi to rattle Najib this time round. Surely he will not let Najib rest on his laurels and he will use this opportunity to cause more political damage to PM and distabilise UMNO further.

Remember what Anwar said after his failed attempt “I thought the Sept 16 episode, although it did not happen, created the impression that we have a credible force which can offer an alternative (to BN).”

pkr cny open house 270210  anwarBeing the incorrigible optimist that he once described himself, Anwar (left) views Sept 16 rather positively. “Yes, we did not succeed and some are disillusioned and disappointed. And some are wavering in their support because the process seems slightly delayed. But it will happen. Of course, it depends on MALAYSIANS

Call what you want but it seems Tengku will be either” The knight in shining armour for UMNO or the Fall guy” but Pakatan will see it more as a “realisation of a vision” and tactically it will benefit them eventhough Anwar will not be at the helm.

Tengku will be a “pawn” as many disgruntled politicians will push for this agenda. The article which have many tongues wagging:- https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2013/06/12/ku-li-resurfacing-to-lead-third-force/

The possibility of Round 2 September 16th 2013 cannot be ruled out and the turn of events which will take place is very fluid. The political scenario has changed so much since 2008 and one cannot rule out anything. Its just how one stategise and implement the plan and they will be VICTORIOUS.





HADI “Syok” now “Dispel..?”

When BN Attack! Attack and Attack on how PAS President said sometimes it could be ‘syok’ (a thrill) to be proposed for the PM  post plus also individual calls from the Ulama Wing the PAS President must be considered ,the rebuttal was not too quick nor swift from PAS.

DAP Karpal ,PKR Tian Chua have taken immediate action to protect their man Anwar but PAS only today through their SG Mustafa Ali clarified that it is not the party’s official stance to endorse Abdul Hadi as Pakatan’s next premier.

It’s a little too late as the Ulama’s INTENTIONS have been split open like a sharp knife cutting through watermelons. SPDP President even reminded his fellow dayaks in a local english daily in which we tweeted”SPDP Prexy Mawan reminds Dayaks of Hadi”s remarks of “cawat”(loinclothes) as Ulama Wing of PAS calls for PM seat while Karim Hamzah YB Asajaya and Assistant Minister of Youth was quoted ““Isn’t this the chap who belittles the native of Sarawak as still backward,  still pakai ‘cawat’ or loin clothes and don’t know how to vote?”

Anwar himself knows Hadi will not pass on this chance if and when PAS wins 60 out of the 70 seats they are allocated. This equation on probabilty which we tweeted back “@limkitsiang RT what if PAS wins 60 DAP 35 PKR 28. Still ANWAR meh Kit Siang?

The main tussle might be between Najib V Anwar but PAS will think this is their best chance to be Top “TAIKO” instead of being playing second fiddle all the time to PKR or DAP.

The GE13 will not only see New Alliances and New Probabilites but there will also be a lot of surprises in which many would not even think would have surfaced. Politics we know is nothing short of IMPOSSIBILITY.

NAJIB AND ANWAR knows Hadi is now dispelling it through his SG but the obvious is there for all to say”I TOLD YOU SO…..

PAS “Only Now You Realise…?”

Does it take three (3) Mistakes to Make A Right? Bersih 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0 PAS Participated but 4.o this comes out from the PAS Youth Murtamar….

“Delegates who spoke against the mooted protest when debating the motion, argued that party resources should be channeled towards facing looming polls rather than organising a mega protest”

January 12th 2013 the 4.0 Bersih, PAS youth unanimously now know that it was not in their bests interests as it will be seen as quoted from the internet portal” if we go ahead with this, people would say all we are capable of is going to the streets.”

So PAS now you know its Ambiga’s Bersih which has propelled her to NEW HEIGHTS and undisputedly a FACE which the authorities sees as person behind the protests on the streets. What’s more PAS should have known Anwar Ibrahim capitalised on this.

PAS who were making grounds and giving UMNO a run for their territory have realised their actions in joining the Bersih movement have in actual fact jeorpadised the party in more ways than one.

Even rebuttals like “But it is not our intent to frighten anyone but to continue our struggle for a clean general election ” was not entertained and unanimously the PAS Youth rejected to participate in 4.0 Bersih.

This report from a internet blog http://www.malaysiandigest.com which we extracted” Why break through the barricade? What would it have achieved? What was the objective of getting into the square?

Bersih 3.0 had already made its point – through the massive turnout. Its co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasen had by then called on everyone to disperse.

So why was there a group of people who still wanted to charge forward?

The reports on what actually happened have not been clear nor conclusive. Some say that PKR Deputy President Azmin incited the crowd to break the barricade. If it’s true, Azmin was behaving stupidly.

Some also say that members of PAS’s Unit Amal were among those who broke through. If it’s true, PAS needs to deal with them severely, because their action would have brought the unit a loss of respect

The party only need to consolidate and not to be UTILISED FOR SOMONE ELSE”S TARGET. Ambiga and Anwar achieved what they set out to do.



We have often seen in the news about military personnels “killed in action by friendly fire” More often than not the enemy escapes unscathed and unhurt and live to fight another day. The intel given by forces on the ground did more damage than good. This GE13 Malaysia there will be, it seems “personnel fights within the BN” as far as Sarawak parliamentary seats are concerned. 

BN engaging with BN friendly will give extra “HOPE” for the Pakatan strategic team to work on. The Pakatan team will be looking from the high ground and they will concentrate on the spillovers of the fight within BN to further strengthen their cause. We can write a number of thesis and have it submitted but often have we not question the WHY its been done?

There are obviously one thousand and 1 answers and you will have one answer already. We have heard too , the hearsays and the whatnots which spilled over at the carpets of the corridors of power. Many will not even leave their DEAR LIFE TO SAY THATS THE TRUTH.

The point of matter is with regards to SWP(Sarawak workers Party) and GE5 (BN Club) remnants of former PRS and SPDP engaging head on not only with the BN4 coalition in Sarawak but 1BN Malaysia made up of other BN partners. GE5 says if their candidate is not nominated they will stay out and support BN.

(Are you pinching youself in the face..Ya kah..??.)

We were fortunate to sit down with PRS YB Alex Vincent (Ngemah)  and SWP Protem Deputy Chairman YB George Lagong (Pelagus) and also PBB YB Len Talif (Belawai) at lunch during the recent DUN sitting. What was interesting was the question that was put to George Lagong?

“BN friendly but SWP is going against BN in PRS held seats? How can that be termed friendly when on one hand you are considered BN friendly but when election comes you fight us. Shouldn’t you be fighting the DAP or Pakatan?”

 Surely, this will be a major talking point in the run up to the GE13 says a political observer who was also at the table.

True enough, todays STAR news “let’s Tango,says Entulu” PRS deputy President was quoted” Come,face me in Selangau if you dare”he challenged Sng,the prime mover of SWP.He even said,”I will be sad if (Sng) doesn’t show up in Selangau as a candidate on nomination day.

Entulu even welcomed the candidacyof Sng’s son Larry or daughter,if Sng senior felt that they couldbeat him in Selangau. Sng would not be drawn into a war of words against Entulu but said that they SWP will field a candidate against Entulu.


What is friendly are the words which SPDP President has uttered which has caught the headlines. I’m sure you will agree with us these words are more BN tuned and in the spirit of a coalition which Taib and Najib would be praising the SPDP president.

SPDP to help PRS Vice President Salang win Julau

Spdp President Mawan said SPDP and PRS are friends and partners in BN,”We are not enemies.Our enemies are the opposition parties” He pointed out that the recent disagreement between Salang and Wong Judat was only personal differences and it was not fair to drag the party and accuse the whole party that it is against PRS in Julau.

As much as BN thinks that this tactic would benefit the coalition the Pakatan knows already the tried and tested formula. BN wants to openly bring in and lure the fish to the net says a Pakatan spokesman but we are ready to challenge BN in all the 31 Parliamentary seats. They will not be one seat returned unopposed says the spokesman. The BN friendly fight doesn’t work anymore as we are ready to face headon Pakatan v BN.

A political observer said,”Entulu should also throw down the chalenge to Pakatan instead of justs SWP. The enemy is outside but it seems now it has come back to haunt PRS from inside. However a win for SWP isn’t it also a win for BN? It’s BN friendly.?”

We would not like to drawn into the mix of it all and as far as audie61 is concerned we know,” 



DAP “No Room for Personal Views”

  • DAP Rule No.1  “you musts not speak your mind against the party leadership
  • DAP Rule No.2 ” If UNCLEAR  refer to Rule No.1
  • DAP Rule No.3  “same as above

Was DAP vice-president Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim remarks so damaging that he will be dropped from his senator’s post without even going through a disciplinary board of the party? Was Tunku even hauled up to explain? This is indeed a very face damaging episode for a senior politician in the party. 

 This extracted ( Tunku Abdul Aziz was expected to face censure from the DAP after his remarks rejecting the April 28 Bersih 3.0 sit-in in Kuala Lumpur.Moreover DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has said”his comment has placed the party in an “embarrassing position” 

We can write until we run out of words but you who are reading this article can certainly make up your own opinions and express your views.

Maybe when your comments go overboard (#$%@^&0)  are too much we will spam you and also drop you from our lists. (hik hik hik)


SPDP5 “Reconciliation…??”

BN Sarawak Chairman and CM Taib has said this two statements today,’

1.If they want to be as they are like their present situation, then let it  be…give them time to probably find a way to reconcile. I think that is not  completely impossible.“I think SPDP has much to lose and without five of its elected  representatives the party is not in a good position.

2.Taib Mahmud yesterday shot down the idea of a new party to accommodate the  five elected representatives who were sacked from SPDP recently for gross  insubordination.

“I don’t think that (formation of a new party) is a good idea because there  will be many hurdles for them to overcome.“They have to get the consensus of all Barisan Nasional (BN) parties to  enable them to be accepted as a member of BN … so it is quite a big hurdle’


There were many frantic phone calls and sms received by grassroots supporters and many were unhappy with CMs statement. But remember he has to balance his ship or the whole crew will start fighting and the ship will be veared off course.

SPDP “thinking caps” are already put in place and basically SPDP has the upper hand. The constitution is above all and CM Taib does follow the RULE OF LAW and its up to the sacked SPDP5 to interpret. CM is a trained lawyer and he has helmed the political ladder in Sarawak for a good 30 years.

Does the SPDP5 know their roles and their constitutional  laws..?

I might be wrong but I remember rightly during the height of the PRS crisis the then Chief Political secretary of CM who is now Assistant Minister Karim Hamzah said,”We follow the constitutional law in politics but we go around it sometimes to suit the political climate.”

We can quote to you as the DSG Paul Igai said,”we got the upperhand and ArticleX111  No. 5. states Any decision of the Supreme Council on the sacking shall be final and shall not be appealed from and questioned in any Tribunal or Court of Law.” 

CM Taib knows this and he knows by the next elections if these YBs are not back in their respective parties SPDP they will lose their seats and will not be renominated. Clear examples being former YB Larry Sng,YB Gabriel Adit,YB Stanley Ajang,YB Jawah Gerah,YB Jimmy Donald.

Did Larry get renominated by PRS…??

In article XIX of the constitution if i may:-

 1.Any person who has resigned,being expelled or whose membership has been cancelled for any reason whatsoever,may apply to be re-admitted as a member of the party after a lapse of two (2 years) after his resignation,expulsion or cancellation of his membership unless the Supreme Council determine otherwise which the decision of the Supreme Council is FINAL

CM Taib has been advised and he knows time is a healer eventhough the scar might remain.


Anwar “UMNO I CAN READ..??”

Anwar Ibrahim now an Antropologists { The scientific study of the origin, the behavior, and the physical, social, and cultural development of humans) or Mind Reader {  a person professing the ability of mind reading}?

You will have your say and I will not be the judge of this man Anwar Ibrahim. A BN leader even mentioned to me when this bernama report on GE13 surfaced ,”Anwar never fails to give everyone a jolt or two.His words are more of a wake up call to his Pakatan group” 

Well,this man never seems to give us a dull moment. You either love him or hate him. The reason as he tickled a few in UMNO in this political satement,‘Because I can read their mind as I used to be one of them, too,” He was referring to he himself being an UMNO Deputy President before he was sacked in 1998 and very much part of the team which wage electorial wars against the Opposition parties of DAP,PAS and Semangat 46.

If he is correct the Pakatan hierarchy will no doubt praise him.





Extracted from Bernama report

The opposition leader of Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim, has predicted the 13th general election in Malaysia to be held sooner than expected.

He said most of the opposition coalition leaders in Pakatan Rakyat had, during a recent meeting, predicted the election be held either in May or June.

They based their predictions on the various recent government assistance to the people that is scheduled to be delivered by March, he said.  

“But I think it will be held sooner. Why? Because I can read their mind as I used to be one of them, too,” he said during ‘An Evening with Anwar Ibrahim’ at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand (FCCT) in Bangkok last night.  

The five-year term of the current Malaysian government led by Barisan Nasional (BN) ends in March next year and the general election need to be called before that dateline.