Saratok “Spirit of Acceptance and Tolerance”

aspiritIn all the Parliamentary seats there will be intensified lobbying by the respective party and the lobbyists for the right and the ticket to stand on behalf of the Barisan Nasional coalition. Its only natural as its democracy being practised but there must be certain rules to adhere and RESPECT must be shown at all times.

The BN Chairman has talked earnestly about Loyalty and Winnability for the candidates to be chosen for GE14. At the recent press conference after chairing the Barisan Nasional Supreme Council another important criteria which he said and must be added in was the”Peoples choice and the Peoples Will” should be the prevailing consideration.

Saratok Parliamentary seat has been a very hot topic as the incumbent is an Independant BN Parliamentarian and also an ADUN for Pakan.

Mawan was President of SPDP party which he represented on behalf of BN and stood as candidate in GE13 defeating the PKR’s “heavy weight and giant killer” YB N39 Krian in Ali Biju. Many were pessimistic in his prospects in 2013 when he took on Ali Biju as Mawan went to “uncharted territory” as a Parliamentarian Candidate even though he was a State Full Minister and won numerous state elections. Winning for Mawan doesn’t guarantee anything as SPDP has now reiterate that the seat belongs to them.

Does SPDP now (PDP) have a choice now with all the truth surfacing on their Lobbyists?

BN will quietly whisper sweet nothings in the ear of President Tiong and inform him in the ‘nicest possible way’ that Mawan still holds the key to retain Saratok for the ruling coalition.

Truth be told, until recently it was very much SPDP but now the party has since changed its stand from a Sarawak based party and now its a National party with its membership open to all “Malaysians’ and also now has taken “Sarawak” out from its name to be rebranded as Progressive Democratic Party (PDP)

With the upcoming GE14 there are 3 PDP individuals named by the party to carry the fight for the party to retain Saratok.


If they have there would certainly be “Silent Treatment” from all staunch BN supporters,the YB’s in the area of Saratok and the related ruling government agencies towards the MP205 William Mawan.

One might want to recall some earlier articles which was covered and certainly they will not only dampen the spirit of the lobbyists but also make the people on the ground having second thoughts on their intentions and selfish needs.


Will BN let the lobbyists continue their movements or put a stop to it ?

It is not our divine right for to divulge in details and morover it is also within their ‘democratic rights” to continue but they do need to know when they hit a road block. BN will not be easily deceived though and for them to gain sympathy through the party leaves a lot to be desired.

Mawan has been quoted in 2015 “There is a possibility for us to be reunited with SPDP.But there is a possibility for us to be united with PRS and PBB. There will be options.”

By the looks of it Mawan is fighting very much to consolidate all his efforts for BN to retain the Parliamentary seat of Saratok. He doesn’t even hide behind the cloak and even have mentioned,”if I am not around for some reason or another he sees that the 2 present YBs as much better prospect in YB Wahab Aziz or YB Mohamad Chee bin Kadir as more loyal and winnable than the 3 lobbyists.”

The 2 YBs have been seen in many official functions together with their Member of Parliament and its very healthy for the BN spirit of acceptance and tolerance.


Mawan has consistently been harping the same tune to the voters of Saratok and his momentum is being seen and applauded by the top BN hierarchy. He has always puts Barisan Nasional first and his fight is not for any political parties but for all. He knows and understand the consequences of BN seat falling in the hands of the opposition and the people of Saratok will inevitably suffer silently in the wilderness.

Mawan himself practises multi racialism and though his constituency has over 70 percent dayak voters he doesn’t leave any race behind. They voted me in and as voters of Saratok and he wants to ensure that everyone will ‘work together“.The spirit must be there he said and it surpasses all “RACIAL BOUNDARIES

Mawan has instill the BN Spirit and Unity at the grass root level and it has reflected well in the eyes of the local Saratok peole who will no doubt put their trust and confidence in him to carry on for another term in Parliament.


PAS Hadi “Fighting for Political Survival”

Oh No, PAS President is at it again. What will happen to PAS in GE14 is anyone’s guess.acawat1

It does seem that he is at his best when his back is at the wall as he makes this political statement to try to coax Barisan Nasional leaders to accept him and the party into the BN fold.

Will Sarawak leaders accept him and the party with open arms? He has yet to make amends on his “CAWAT” INSINUATION way back in 2009.

Even MP Salang and PRS Secretary General said this,””He pointed out that Sarawakian   MPs objected to the bill because it is an opposition bill tabled by Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, who has few fans in the state.

“During the Batang Ai by-election in 2009, he said we were still wearing cawat. Later, he accused Christians of converting Muslims. Things like that do not speak well of him as a person and a leader. So when he tabled a bill like this, how can I be certain that he meant well?” said Salang.

This is extracted from Rakan Best Nye Page: “Apologise first PAS President Hadi. We in Sarawak always live in peace,harmony, eat,shop, no segregation and enjoy together. 

We dont want PAS in Sarawak.
Don’t try to say this for your convenience. “PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang says Malaysians can learn from Sabah and Sarawak, where the two states’ diverse peoples have lived in harmony for so long.”

Is Hadi making the right calls or is he trying to get back the sympathy from the opposition front ,making PAS relevant while backstabbing the Barisan Nasional Coalition at the last minute?He has something up his sleeves and political parties within the BN are watching closely with hawks eye and waiting to  pounce.

BN Sarawak can do without PAS assistance as it goes to win the seats in Sarawak for GE14

Anwar’s “Foot Wear” Propaganda

Two Different footwear one a sandal and the other a shoe. If Malaysians are to believe this they will believe anything.? Next I’m sure Anwar will try to garner more sympathy votes by conjuring other methods or spread more exciting LIES….


The extracted full report from Malaysiakini:-

( Don’t tell us someone wants to FOOL all the readers. Unedited below the full article }

Anwar finesses a shod-dy state

shoeFor a fleeting while, humble footwear – not diamond rings or luxury wristwatches – sparked attention as Pakatan Rakyat supremo Anwar Ibrahim was stumping Batu Maung, one of five stops in the indefatigable campaigner’s one-day swing through Penang yesterday.

The episode may have been trite, but in the way it played out, it had ripples of resonance for the overall scheme of things in these days of an imminent general election.
Anwar (right) had just ascended a low platform to begin his speech when a member of the audience (these days, his security finds it hard to keep the eager from milling close to the stage) noticed that the PKR adviser wore a sandal on one foot, while the other was shod in a shoe.
“Yes-lah, you must know I’m an ordinary person,” parried Anwar, nimbly fielding a curious onlooker’s inquiry.
“I’m not like Najib who has people to cater for him,” chortled Anwar, transmuting embarrassment into minor triumph.
Hurrying from one function to another and having arrived at PKR state executive councilor’s Abdul Malik Abul Kassim’s Chinese New Year open house in Batu Maung following prayers at a mosque in nearby Pantai Jerejak, it wasn’t hard to infer how he got his footwear mixed-up.
A man with a hectic speaking schedule such as his would conceivably lack the presence of mind about such trifles like congruent footwear.
NONEA little later when gently twitting Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak (right) over the latter’s fumble at the Penang BN’s CNY bash on Monday where the BN chairman failed to distinguish the crowd’s desire for world-class entertainment from its support for the coalition, Anwar’s rhetorical agility over his incongruent footwear stood him in comparatively good stead.
It was a nice little primer, perhaps, on how to turn incipient embarrassment to self-advantage.
Just shoes?
The aware know that in the long catalogue of national campaigns here and abroad, footwear – its poor state or mix-ups about it – are not items of inconsequential import.
NONEThere is an iconic image of Adlai Stevenson (right), the Democratic candidate in the 1952 United States presidential campaign, sitting cross-legged on a campaign platform while presumably looking through notes for a speech, with a hole on the sole of his shoe visible for the world to see.
The image, a reflection of the man’s fetching lack of self-consciousness, has carved a quaint and imperishable niche in campaign lore.
In the way he waged his campaign against war hero and eventual winner, the Republican Dwight Eisenhower, Stevenson – in 1952, and then again in 1956 – won worldwide respect for his decency, elevation and humour, mainly of the self-deprecating sort.
Rather like someone we know, nearer to our times and home.

Awang Tengah’s Men “Act of Betrayal…??”


It is even worst when the trust and confidence was wholly given and a plot is seemingly hatched.

They are saying”It’s time for the King to step down and he has outlived his usage” Usually these words are used by the King to rid off those who at the material time does not serve any purpose. Awang Tengah’s men have even termed “Pek Moh” White Rajah” which are used by the opposition and calling him by the name KING.

The KING would serve their project of “act of betrayal” to put their rightful heir to the Chief Ministers Chair”They have ‘bisik bisik”{whispering campaign} 3 reasons which even the common people within the coalition parties will buy.

  1. He has promised to Step down within two years after the State Elections which is still used from 1990’s.Has He?
  2. Federal has seen him to be too powerful and need Internal State assistance to remove him.thats the truth they say..
  3. Time’s up for Melanau rule ever since 1970-2013 (43 years too long) they say..” We need someone else and boss Tengah is the rightful heir. Tengah is untouchable now with war chests full”

Awnag Tengah’s men know that the Federal Government is in favour of someone else instead of their mentor. They are sharpening and brandishing their weapons for the final countdown. The numbers are there as one needs to know only that 5BN club Ybs are his,PRS State YBs are edging closer to him,SUPP YB Dayaks too and a substantial number of PBB Aduns.

Just how many ADUNS are moving with him and being put together by his men is anyones guess.? Have you totalled them up? We got the numbers and who’s who but will not detail it here.WAIT LAH..

The plot hatched is enough to tell the Federal boys my man is good enough for the CM’s seat..

The horse is in his final run and its getting weaker and you need to saddle onto a stronger horse which are famously uttered by the Speaker of Sarawak State assembly Mohamad Asfia Awang Nasar. So is it an act of betrayal by him?

Asfia was acting Governor and many said he was relishing the posts and loved all the attention and pomp that comes with the office.In order to suvive in the political world one needs to sacrifice others for his own salvation.

Obviously one needs to SACRIFICE TO SURVIVE and hence the ACT OF BETRAYAL takes place. Is he very much part of this plot? 

{You of all people reading this should know more than me.}

The informer a former major who called us very early this Sunday morning said “the Mathematics adds up” and his men are on the ground whispering and talking to the soldiers now. They have already PUT THE GENERALS in place and its now a matter of timing.

Even amongst the top civil service Awang Tengah’s man are sitting in and stopping Taibs man at their tracks or being put in position to threatened their plot.

It does look like the top Federal leader and his “hatchet man”are not too happy with Taib but the second in command is protecting him to be removed sooner rather than later. As GE13 looms nearer and PBB elections in full swing the plot has to work in favour of Tengah’s man or else they will be detroned and have to live outside their comfort zones.

It is not for the faint hearted and the Trilogy which we wrote earlier is bearing fruit:-

PBB veteran leaders and those sitting in the MKT’s(supreme council)  will obviously harp the same tune” we are behind Taib and we need his wisdom and political knowledge to get BN through the GE.” Our common enemy is PAKATAN.

Very True, but the tune is not being played and accepted by the grassroots as they are facing the enemies headon which are calling for the END OF “PEK MOH” TAIBS RULE. They are all informing their YBs we need to move now or never.

Its a difficult situation for many loyalists to Taib but they too need to look after their ‘rice bowls”. It usually starts from the youth and divisional/branch members and if Taibs men doesn’t cut off the betrayers/traitors they themselves will fall the hardest.

Awang Tengah himself has subjected to learn and be Taibs trusted lieutenant and will always swear allegiance to him but deep down within his inner circles the truth is otherwise.

A person can take so much and if Mahathirs theory of turning the gun towards Anwar in 1998 failed a different “storyline” would have emerged.

Taib knows he has to train his guns at one of his own soon for his own survival likewise Awang’s men and they are rapidly spreading the word that Taib will not be there after PBB convention and earliest in April.

The switch is turned on and it will not STOP…until the next time my friends..BE PATIENT.

SPDP-“Grassroot Makes their Stand…!”

DPM Muhyddin has made the call to two component parties in Sarawak namely SUPP and SPDP that efforts musts be made to solve ‘internal misunderstandings” first before the General Elections. It seems both the parties are closing in on the “recalcitrant YBs and MPs and others aligned to them and the “doors will slam shut” if BN were to play by the rules and common understanding amongst the various component parties.

A comment from a Pakatan member to us in his posting and the SPDP Muara Tuang Divisionals resolution is enough to open up political arguments in the corridors of power be it Federal Putrajaya or State Petrajaya .

When we echoed what DPM had said in our posting :- one of the comments from Agen308 put it very bluntly,”What is so susah here ? If you guys got the support of the CM , these 5 YBs already not in their government positions !! This is simple , when you sack them , find replacements and recommend them to the CM . This is what PAS did to Hassan Ali , end of story !! But in Sarawak , everybody have to tow with the CM . Tidak berani….

In other words they are saying to everyone BN has double standards while Pakatan will justs sack and remove the ‘recalcitrants” as in the first place the people voted for the YB or MP and the people demand answers or strict discipline from the ruling government.

Have they forgotten they are the “PEOPLES REPRESENTATIVE..?”

Muara Tuang SPDP did not mince their words and as of yesterday we have received a lot of smses which have been circulated and linked to all BN and SPDP members. It reads,”SPDP muara Tuang called for the ministerial and GLC linked posts of the five sacked office bearers,who are YBs,stripped off from them.therwise they justs piggy back on the cooalition and given greenlight to apply negative politiking in the pretext of serving rakyat.SPDP Muara Tuang maintained support to BN,PM and CM as Federal and State chairman.

Meanwhile insider sources have informed us that there will be a challenge to the President’s Posts and other elected Supreme Council posts. The 5YBs are already sacked but the other SC members and ordinary members of the respective divisions have yet to be sacked or ruled out from being delegates to the AGM/TDC on March 15th-18th 2012. There will be intense politiking in some unfriendly divisions and it will be up to the SUPREME COUNCIL to minimise the problems.

This if materialises will open another can of worms for the party…….

Firstly,there will be a constitutional crisis if rules and procedures are not being followed. Unfriendly fire will come from those reports which will be submitted to ROS.

Secondly,ROS being a neutral governing body will need to check out the allegations and it is imperative that the SPDP does not put anything to chance.

Thirdly,it is for this reason that SPDP Muara Tuang and other divisions who remain loyal to the party that the SPDP5 be stripped of all their positions or they will use whatever ways/methods to derail the party elections.

Another sms received reads as,”Its 3 weeks to the party elections and the heat is not turned up yet..!!”  Surely,the word on the ground is that there are more twists and turns coming and they might even try a similar tactic which happened during the PRS crisis of a “Court Injunction” to try to stop the party elections.

Another tactic would be “POLICE PERMIT..!!” It does pay to be reminded and we hope that all divisions concerned musts at least inform the SB or even get a police permit as a “gathering or more than 5 persons” can be adjudged to be illegal and made an issue.

There should not be any repeats of any issue which will make the ROS to take a stand and asks in their letter to the party later an example of which is”Give me reasons why we should not deregister the party” written in Bahasa Malaysia which is C.C to Secretary Genral and bcc President and Deputy President and of course also copied to the Home Minister. 

The grassroots have spoken and its time BN top leaders make an undivided stand and Pending,Piasau and now Muara Tuang have held their AGMs/TGM and they will be sending delegates to the partys AGM in Bintulu. Other divisions are having their AGMs in the coming days and they too will be making their voices heard.


SPDP “Updates Ulu Teru Function 23rd Oct 2011..”


We have just received the latest from the presidents house at 1050pm from our squad member

,”SPDP has not called off the function yet.But party will verify the security aspect in the area  on Friday. They will be working with the police to verify security aspect first.There is doubt  as to allegation of threat.”

According to an observer in the meeting one of theose present said,”Believe me..Ulu Teru function must proceed.Public Perception  is paramount. Postponement entailed you are losing ground. Postponement  of Ulu Teru Function has negative implications

SPDP Ulu Teru Function Postponed…”

The much awaited Ulu Teru Function and visit by SPDP President William Mawan to Marudi with MP Baram Jacob Sagan and his supporters on the 23rd of October 2011 has been postponed until further notice.

At press time the President and his close aides will be meeting at his house tonight.

The function was Called OFF by the Special Branch as there is a possibility of a threat to the President and his entourage. We were informed by a reliable source that the SB has called up YB Tiki and YB Nansian to their office as this was directed by Bukit Aman SB.

According to our squad member waiting for the meeting to convene he said,”Mawan was still keen to go ahead but he was advised not to by the Police.  He will go as soon as the Police gives the clearance as the SPDP and BN supporters are already very disappointed by this postponement.”

More will be posted in the local dailies tomorrow.

SPDP 5 “Days Numbered”

In the last few weeks the mass/media,facebook,twitters,stumbleupon and internet blogs have been “choked with the never ending story of SPDP and its saga with 5 YBs” The whole battlefield has even been shifted to an even higher ground to the far reaches of Marudi at Ulu Teru,Baram.

There has been counter actions and reactions from both sides and it has been a very sorry state of affairs and it has now come to a stage where the Federal Government and leaders are showing concerns.

This morning the local english daily carried this story:-SPDP top leaders told to solve their own problems. The article is posted below. There has been a call by the party for unity in an sms which has been circulating round and our fellow blogger Whizzekid has even posted it up in Bahasa Malaysia:-

The sms reads,'”we already have the blessings from the DPM to proceed with the Baram visit.DPM said the visit is to the Parliamentary seat of Baram by Vice chairman of Barisan National and a State Senior Minister (Tan Sri william Mawan)Baram BN MP Dato Jaco who is the MP for state seats of both Telang Usan and Marudi together with BN MP’s supporters.

Any resistance is tantamount to obstructing BN and Rakyat programme and deemed as blatant anti BN action.”


Paul Igai

(Deputy Secretary General and Political Secretary to CM Sarawak) 

An aide in the CM’s department has told us that the CM is very happy that Mawan has been invited by DPM for a briefing of the current disagreement in opinions in the party. The news will be headlined and highlighted by all the major tabloids in the city. The SPDP 5 Ybs are indeed being cornered an according to the aide CM said they will be facing a natural death in due time.


The article which appeared in the english daily

MIRI: Thirty longhouse chiefs, political and community leaders from SPDP Marudi Division are urging the top leaders to resolve the party’s internal problem and not drag the problem down to the grassroots to avoid jeopardising BN strength in Baram.

Their spokesman Penghulu Nyandang Rungking of Sungai Sebulu said the solidarity and unity of the grassroots were critical to the BN in facing the coming general elections, and Marudi had a track record of being a BN stronghold which should not be compromised.

Twenty-sevenlonghouse chiefs and SPDP sub-branch chairmen from Marudi Division said they supported the earlier statement made by Henry Gomes Chaling, TR Abok Jabu and Cr Kalang Ami, and SPDP Nabor sub-branch in advising the president against making a visit to Ulu Teru on Nov 22-23.

“We, the grassroots leaders were not informed of the visit which is said to be leader-with-the-people session, and only knew of it through the radio. We are afraid that the leadership crisis would spill over to the grassroots if he were to go ahead with the visit (to Ulu Teru),” he said.

The longhouse chiefs also said the timing was wrong for party president Tan Sri William Mawan to visit Ulu Teru or any other longhouses in the area.

“We are not against the government, the party president or the party. We are only against disunity which could harm the BN’s winning chances and the good track record of Marudi and Baram as BN strongholds,” they said.

They wanted the internal crisis to be resolved first before Mawan could go to the ground because as grassroots leaders, the people on the ground were the front liners in the fight to ensure BN victory in the coming poll.

They also said that they should not be held responsible if BN were to lose the election in Baram if their collective call to preserve unity fell on deaf ears.

They also said that the party president should have communicated with the respective branches and community leaders in Marudi and also the office of their elected representative Datuk Sylvester Entri if he (Mawan) wanted to visit them.

Nyadang added that if Mawan were to come bringing with him development projects to Ulu Teru, he was most welcomed, “but leaders with hidden political motives are not welcomed at the grassroots level”.

TR Engkas Entari of Sungai Mallang Sanin said that “lecturing ” the people here was not wise (Marudi) as their assemblyman scored the biggest winning majority among all SPDP candidates in the last state election.

“If it is an election campaign, he (Mawan) is welcomed to come anytime to help the BN win,” he said