A number of political analyst have predicted that “at least close to 10 seats” will be in danger of falling from BN to PR. It seems that PKR YB See Chee How is also doing likewise as he calls for Sarawak voters to make a change to ensure a substantial number of PR MPs be voted into Parliament to safeguard and advance the political and socio-economic well being of the state.

In no uncertain terms Karim hit back strongly”stating theat the needs of Sarawakians had all along been taken care of by BN and there was no need for PKR Anwar to show the way. He also said that See should look back at history and that Anwar has no LOVE FOR SARAWAK.

See Chee How is only harping what his boss “Anwar wants him to say to the people and ensure that Sarawakians will also ‘assist” and “help” in his quest for Putrajaya. Karim have said it many times to the mass media that Anwar did not do it for Sarawak during his time as Deputy Prime Minister.

Anwar must have forgotten about this song “Always on my Mind” while he keeps on singing on his campaign tours “It’s now or never” in pursuit to be Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Sarawakians do remember very well and not unless they are “mesmerised” which we would like to remind our friend YB See Chee How as we can clearly see some of the lyrics below:-

  • Maybe I didn’t treat you quite as good as I should
  • Little things I should’ve said and done, I never took the time
  • Give me one more chance to keep you satisfied
  • Maybe I didn’t love you quite as often as I could
  • And I guess I never told you, I’m so happy that you’re mine
  • You were always on my mind

YB See, we know you are trying to tell stories and meant well to give a good “perception” likewise most of us are too but Anwar’s “Sarawak Love” is over sold . We email,blog,text,instant message,facebooking and chat. There are also(24) twenty four hour news channels that have to report something,even when there’s nothing to report. You want to be in charge and try to make it viral but nowadays if the article or statement is not worth a pinch of salt it will only backfire.

The masterpiece propaganda of 916 which Anwar failed to pushed it through is coming back to haunt him in more ways than one. Anwar is now singing and drumming up support by telling Pakatan,”It’s now or Never”

  • Tomorrow will be too late
  • It’s now or never
  • My love won’t wait

We were told so many times by our parents and elders‘It is always the bests policy to speak the truth-unless of course,you are an exceptionally good liar

We must have forgotten Anwar keeps telling that he will give Sarawak what is being owed back to the people and some of his followers will be hoping that when the time comes they will be enriched and rewarded. A PKR member even said to me “its about power grabbing” and PR justs wants to get to Putrajaya soonest rather than later.

It does make sense therefore when Karim said Anwar is least concerned  about the state and its people.Anwar promises Sarawak greater autonomy,more oil royalty,highways,and et cetera and et cetera.



GE13 “Could it be November..?”

On September 25th 2011 we wrote that November 2011 could see Malaysians above the age of 21 going to polls to give a new mandate to the present ruling government. A year has lapsed and it seems the feel good factor is again at the doorstep and many pundits are predicting it could be this November 2012. Even Mahathir the former PM short of saying”have it now as further delays would give added advantage to the opposition”

Last year this article got everyone excited of pools looming:- . Even the Video Undi-Lah which was released around that time recorded substantial hits on

How soon and when is still on everyones lips and Malaysians are just waiting for the day Parliament is dissolved.

 Could it be Dissolved in November and polling on 12-12-12?

Many in the business sectors feels that the sooner elections is over the better it is as the worldwide economic climate is not too promising. Malaysia would also not be spared from an economic downturn.


DAP/SUPP “Popular,Likeable or Winnable..?”

   Chong alias Ah Jin (MP Chong Chieng Jen) is an icon and unbeatable.P195 Bandar Kuching  is very much a bastion for DAP and only, unless the people reject DAP outright or a miracle happens the BN/SUPP or any of the coalition partners will stand a chance to beat him.

Bandar Kuching P195 according to the latest SB/JASA/political analyst survey,statistics,figures and ground feel is still 70/30 leaning towards DAP. What does the BN Sarawak coalition and in particular the “seat allocated party SUPP” needs to do.? Where is the line which draws the voters back to SUPP? Frankly,if you ask any non political affiliated person they will reply”Virtually impossible against Chong as his smile is very contagious and he has the iconic look  and SUPP should concentrate on the other seats.”

{ However,There is an achilles heel for everyone though including MP Chong. We will get to that in another article }

Surely,politicians would not buy that and if the struggle is uphill it gives them more satisfaction to close the gap. Where does it put SUPP or the ruling BN coalition? Word on the ground swirling like a tornado is that the BN Sarawak is considering a three pronged attack to dispel all doubts that the BN4 is not in tandem with each other. SUPP falls into this category too and it would be seen as trying to put the “disatisafcation and unhappiness” to the backburner by naming three(3) BN direct candidates.

The names appear at the tip of ones tongue PRS will have to content with incumbent MP Billy Abit,SPDP with incumbent Tiki Lafe and SUPP will have to make do with an outside assistance in Popular Mayor James Chan. (backdoor also open is a senatorship if he fails to wrestle the seat)

3 BN direct candidates means that the BN coalition cannot blame anyone for interference as it will be based on facts ,figures and reports on the ground for a “MOST WINNABLE BN CANDIDATE” that surpasses all party lines. There will be a lot of anger plus sabotaging the party machinery in certain places but afterall the Candidate stands on a BN ticket and not party ticket.

Lets clear all doubts first. The person is chosen. The party recommends through their election committees, through their Supreme Council and the BN Sarawak Chairman vets through and BN Chairman will have the final say. Its a process and candidates cannot be chosen just on popularity,likeability or party support. “ITS THE TOTAL PACKAGE”

Many within the coalition will have more than words to say about us writing this article. As a coalition partner in BN ‘a seat won is a seat for BN towards the 222 parliamentary seat” P195 is no exception and Pakatan/DAP v BN/SUPP will be a titanic battle this time round.

A BN YB mentioned to us a couple of weeks that we must write without “fear or favour“as this will help to double check the YBs and in a way ensure that they carry out their “peoples representative work when the people voted them in. However he said all the “political manouverings or strategies” must not be published openly as it will be just like giving the numbers to your bank account.

When the Star journalists Raynore Mering wrote “CHEERING FOR THE UNDERDOG” it gave us the perfect timing to give our two cents opinions and many months of covert operations work to the fore. The SB too shared with us many hours of discussion,deliberations and fiting the jigsaws. P195 SUPP needs to stand strong together as their membership alone is enough to roll over DAP many times over.

Raynore wrote”the party is dreaming if it thinks it could recapture Bandar Kuching and Sibu” So yes,I am rooting for SUPP not because of anything but to see the party beat the odds

Is that A Message in a Bottle?

Putting aside all the rivalries, internal quarrels,ungentlemanly conducts and whatever ,whatnots it seems that P195 is a battleground which is within reach of a miracalous victory if SUPP puts their THINKING HEADS on.

Tan Kai a “likeable” SUPP Youth Chief even had dreams of taking his place inside Parliament as P195 MP with a razor thin victory of 6 votes.

Lately though,Mayor Chans name has surfaced way above as a political elitists as there is a strong undercurrent of him being a Popular and Winnable Candidate. CM Sarawak Taib knows that every vote counts if P195 is to be regained from DAP. Taib has only kind words for Mayor Chan who he describes as “very friendly and approachable.He maintained good strong relationship with the people”

Moreover Taib says Chan “cares for the people”. Taib  also said he hopes to get more leaders like him,those who are sincere and willing to listen and serve the people and talk to me on the needs of the people.’

BN Sarawak Chairman has given ‘thumbs up for Mayor Chan” and his candidacy cannot be ruled out if BN harbours the slightest chance of winning the seat from DAP Chong.

Tan Kai in a telephone interview said” Mayor Chan is a dstant possibility to be chosen as candidate but if the ground swell on the 3 BN direct seats bears fruition,we will have our work cut out and there must be a compromise somewhere and somehow or else it be no good for BN in totality.”

BN YBs are all under close surveillance and those hoping to be renominated will need to ensure they fulfill all the requirements. If not their time is up and it will mean a lot of convincing and lobbying to be given the ticket again. The same also goes for the other political divide in Pakatan. The person who is chosen to represent the coaltion must not only be politically attuned but also needs to have the charisma and be a peoples representative as the people will not take any more prisoners in GE13.

P195 is but one seat which makes up the other 222 seats in the Malaysian Parliament. SUPP and DAP will battle it out in this one urban seat and at the end of the day the candidate which appeals to the voters will have his day in Parliament when he is sworn in after the GE13.


Cybertroopers:-“IT’S THE CONTENT….!!”

Natasha gave Augustine a phonecall eventhough she has not fully recovered. Bro she said” read this and reposts the article and this is where the good is separated from those who dont have passion,commitment and the political will to fight for a good cause. The bloggers,facebook strategists must know their materials and what they set out to do and must be able to convince the young minds who make up nearly half of the voting strength in GE13

She continued we are in the position to be part of the winning team and unless the authorities think otherwise we would know where we go from here. We will know what to do when the time comes and the management of audie61 will weigh up all contigencies. OK Augustine said,”I’ll get it up and running and see how the response is.


also check this out:-

Malaysian Digest) – Content by Barisan Nasional (BN) cybertroopers and across social media platforms will determine the ruling coalition’s success in the next general elections, says Umno supreme council member Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah.

The popular deputy minister said BN had learnt an important lesson from its worst electoral performance in Election 2008 due to its failure to conquer the cyber-world which was then dominated by parties that eventually formed Pakatan Rakyat.

“We were not there (cyber world) in 2008… we handicap. We lost at that time, because of that we lost young voters.

“But now BN is prepared, we have a team of bloggers and new media known as “BN cybertroopers”, the difference now is the content of the media,” the Temerloh MP told The Malaysian Insider in an exclusive interview.

BN lost its customary two-thirds majority in Parliament and lost four states Pakatan before Perak fell back into its fold in 2009. Part of the defeat was attributed to BN snubbing social media websites in 2008 when a growing number of voters were internet-savvy.

Saifuddin, who often comes out with views that differ from other Umno leaders, explained that the BN and Umno’s top leadership are now seen to be active in social websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

“We look at Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, he’s very active with the new media as general elections draw near, compared to previous BN leaders.

“It can be said that the majority of leaders now are active in using the new media,” said the Deputy Higher Education Minister.

He stressed that BN and Pakatan’s new media unit are equally matched in strength, and they only differed in the contents of their blogs and websites.

“We are equally strong… but the contents will determine voters’ choice.

“If they (voters) feel our content is good, they choose us; but if Pakatan is good, they choose Pakatan,” he said, adding that BN is now starting to realise that the great influence of social media would determine polls result.

Saifuddin said that 90 per cent of the youth learn about the country’s political developments from the new media, in reference to a study by a Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia (UiTM) political science lecturer.

According to the study by Prof Dr Shaharuddin Badaruddin, 60 per cent obtain information from alternative media, 25 per cent from the mainstream media such as television, and only 15 per cent obtain political information through newspapers.

This proves that the contents of alternative media, which are more convincing and more “persuasive” in nature, will enable political parties to win votes and support, Saifuddin said.

With young voters and middle-class voters making up 30 per cent of the electoral roll, they are likely to determine the victory of political parties that contest in the general elections.

He said that with the changes and access to social media, the “rural” and “urban” terms are merely physical differences.

“Rural and urban are just physical differences, but there’s no ‘rural’ term for social media…the difference is only the speed and access to internet facilities only.”

Saifuddin said the demands made by middle-class voters are getting more and more complicated.

“Key issues such as basic infrastructure is no longer the main issue for them, because of that Fardhu Ain.

“The issues that they raised are fardhu Kifayah issues, every ruler will give basic facilities to the people, but how many are prepared to give media freedom, give attention to basic human rights and clean and fair elections.”

He said that various schemes announced by Najib during the tabling of the Budget 2013 such as the Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia and book vouchers are not adequate to gain the support of this group.

“They receive the government handouts, but they want more than that because they think such actions would be carried out by any party in power.

“Their demands are more towards basic human rights, freedom of speech and so on.”

Saifuddin saw Najib’s reforms in matters of freedom of speech, right to peaceful assembly and the repeal of the Internal Security Act (ISA) would potentially draw support from this group of voters.

“The transformation carried out by Najib does not normally come from Umno leaders.

“But he is more progressive and is a reformist.”

Pakatan Rakyat “Yea, Right Life Changes after 2008??”

The only person who escaped the cough and flu of audie61team was Augustine. He went through a few blogs and came about this Biswardi’s blog

We told him to reposts as its got value and moreover it will make people think twice before they vote.

Source By: KS Lee

I voted for a change in 2008. Hold on. Let me rephrase that, I voted for better tomorrow in 2008. Born to a low income Chinese family, everything about me in adulthood is average at best. Contrary to popular belief that Chinese in Malaysia earns more than the other races, to be honest I don’t earn a 5-figure salary after 20 years of working, neither do I have a penchant for business.

Like most average Chinese who works for big corporations, living in KL can be quite difficult. Raising two preschool children with wife who is not working, I live on paycheque-to-paycheque basis. My aging father and mother-in-law are staying with us, shortly after the twins were born. Our rented terrace house in Puchong is vulnerable to all sort of problems, from roof leaks to wall cracks to termite attack.

While Puchong may not be the best place to live, but do I have a choice? At least it is better than Cheras!. Often we have to cramp for space but we make do. Since I don’t intend to make this the letter a venue for my sob story, generally I’m not complaining, but what I do know that things can be better. Lost within the foray of election campaign in 2008, I thought it was impossible for the incumbent government to top the offer and promises made by Pakatan Rakyat in so far as Selangor is concerned.

Consistently feeling jilted, denounced and sidelined by UMNO-controlled Barisan, I didn’t think twice before voting for Pakatan. But post 2008 general election, politics (or in this case politicians) and the act of fulfilling promises for Selangor became strangers. I waited in vain for the direct financial help to ease the burden of my family’s expenses as a middle income earner, it didn’t happen. Allow me to be specific.

Pakatan Rakyat promised in 2008 to give free education to all preschool children in Selangor between the ages of 5 to 6-years old. In 2011, the twins turned 5 years old, but I still have to pay RM150 a month for each child in kindergarten’s fee. Perhaps they needed time to make the plan for the free preschool education to materialize, but as they now seek for fresh mandate to govern Selangor again in GE13, I am still paying for preschool education fees for the twins until they start Primary 1 next year.

Did my life or family life changed after voting Pakatan? So, calculatedly speaking, if I am paying RM150 a month per child for preschool education, I have to fork out RM3,600 a year in education fees alone. Fine, let’s move on to another matter. One of the most attractive pledges made by Pakatan Rakyat in 2008 which attracted me to vote was the special allowance between RM150 to RM 250 per month to all fulltime housewives in Selangor.

The prospect of getting that extra, however little that is to you, will make a difference to my big family. It could easily help with the grocery or utility bill. Of course that, too, didn’t happen. If it happens (which is not the case) my wife and I will have an extra of RM3,000 a year. Fine, let’s move on again. My wife and I have always been hoping to own a place as soon as we can afford it. The renting has been going on since our dating days and frankly I am quite sick of it.

Owning a property will make a smart investment if things get bad in the future. So I fell for Pakatan’s promise to ‘aid’ every Selangor citizen to own a home. Clearly, the aid never came. We are still renting the house we live in now. And if the reports by the newspaper and internet bear any truth at all, I know Pakatan has a lot more to answer for undelivered promises in Selangor.

Forgive my ignorance, but I don’t see them actively establishing religious institutions other than Islam as promised. And I wonder, is our religion inferior to the great Islam professed by the majority of this country? What about the promise to give free medical services to all Selangor citizens above the age of 65? Despite me constantly bashing and criticizing Federal Government, my father and mother-in-law still frequent the free 1Malaysia clinic.

Both suffering from diabetes and hypertension, they are still waiting for the free medical services promised by Pakatan Rakyat. I asked myself, why did I refuse to acknowledge Pakatans’s failure in delivering its promises? My pride stopped me from answering. I don’t know much about property, as you know, I haven’t even bought one myself. But I remember Pakatan’s promise to lower residential taxes by 20% and 10% on commercial premises in Selangor. I haven’t seen that happening anywhere.

Since this is not directly related to me, I let go of this promise too. But the biggest joke of them all is when Pakatan scoffed at RM900 minimum wage introduced last year. To me, it’s better the RM900 than the lies to defend poor people like farmers and fishermen by implementing a minimum wage of RM1,200! Did Pakatan Selangor make that happen? No.

Regardless what Pakatan has in store with regards to their political manifesto to gain more voters via PKR Buku Jingga or Belanjawan Pakatan Rakyat 2013, it is very clear to me what has been promised to the people versus what is being implemented in reality is two different thing. For a Selangor born Chinese, my vote for Pakatan has now directly costs me RM6,600 a year on the kindergarten’s fee and housewife’s allowance. Remember, just like everyone else, I voted for a change in 2008. However, with all the undelivered promises and series of excuses, clearly I am not going to make the same mistake again.

Atishoo “Knocked out”

If an incumbent YB and MP is dropped from the lists to contest in GE13 there will be all sorts of reasons handed to him/her. But when it involves health there is no choice but to step aside to someone who is capable and has the energy to serve the people of the constituency.

Our team of Natasha,Cindy and Ramesh are at the moment at home and unable to bring up to date stories/articles as they are suffering from influenza and cough. Could it be the Haze? A pharmacist said many people are sick and we should drink more water and stay indoors. Well even the boss is “KNOCKED OUT”

There were stories of the R.A.P Team (original or new)and also the Petra Jaya Incumbent who will not be renominated? We will get to that with insights when they are all well and giving “juicy stories”


SUPP Lantern Festival Reunion Night

Professor Sim told audie61 that he was very pleased and also happy that many supporters turned up for the Branch Lantern Festival Reunion Night. He also mentioned that the newly renovated Branch Office is there to cater for all constituents not only from Pending Area but also to those who needs service and assistance if and when required.

We are there for the People and the people are the ones who will put our party leaders in office. Without the peoples trusts and believe that we can deliver what we promised we will certainly not be “elected into office”.

Don’t worry he said ‘lets enjoy tonight and make it a memorable evening for all. He also thank SPDP Pending for their continued support and presence.

SPDP “Under Seige Again..??”

SPDP party members and loyalists must now be shouting with their lungs bursting and screaming,”ENOUGH,WE ARE NOT GOING TO SIT BACK. WE HAVE DONE OUR HOUSE CLEANING AND LEAVE US ALONE

A senior member of SPDP said to audie61 ,”It will continue on till the GE13 and this in itself is not good for Barisan Nasional. The party itself have had 6 assemblyman who are now residing outside 5 partyless(BN Club) and 1 in SWP. BN Club is not a registered political party and its justs absurb. We might justs call them PARTYLESS for now.”

An SPDP political secretary chipped in”We ought to be concentrating on the preparations of GE13 instead of involving in sinister plots as reported by the STAR tabloids today.”

SPDP is very much part of BN machinery and as such any Outside forces trying to create factions and instability within the party needs to be dealt with.

The instigative nature of the attack on SPDP senior vice president is uncalled for and those with personal agendas will also feel the wrath of the SPDP members in totality. The party will not stand still and be bullied to submission says the senior member and as such we are compiling all facts and figures. If it needs to be revealed later we will but for now lets fight a common enemy in Pakatan Rakyat.  

Please find the article which appeared today :-


Don’t Compromise Their Future..

We need not look further than what we have in store for the us. We need peace,stability and a strong government which will ensure that all races in Malaysia live side by side in harmony together.

Joseph Salang Deputy Minister of Information Communication and Culture addressed the multimedia participants that there must not be any compromise for Peace and Stability which will be a dampener for the future of our nation as it looks forward to 2020 and beyond.

He also said””Don’t destroy the nation’s future by believing the empty promises of the
opposition that they can become a better government.”

Our Future generation depends on us and those out there as”Media partners must answer the allegations and issues raised by the opposition as choosing to keep silence will only destroy this nation which we built together.”