DAP/SUPP “Popular,Likeable or Winnable..?”

   Chong alias Ah Jin (MP Chong Chieng Jen) is an icon and unbeatable.P195 Bandar Kuching  is very much a bastion for DAP and only, unless the people reject DAP outright or a miracle happens the BN/SUPP or any of the coalition partners will stand a chance to beat him.

Bandar Kuching P195 according to the latest SB/JASA/political analyst survey,statistics,figures and ground feel is still 70/30 leaning towards DAP. What does the BN Sarawak coalition and in particular the “seat allocated party SUPP” needs to do.? Where is the line which draws the voters back to SUPP? Frankly,if you ask any non political affiliated person they will reply”Virtually impossible against Chong as his smile is very contagious and he has the iconic look  and SUPP should concentrate on the other seats.”

{ However,There is an achilles heel for everyone though including MP Chong. We will get to that in another article }

Surely,politicians would not buy that and if the struggle is uphill it gives them more satisfaction to close the gap. Where does it put SUPP or the ruling BN coalition? Word on the ground swirling like a tornado is that the BN Sarawak is considering a three pronged attack to dispel all doubts that the BN4 is not in tandem with each other. SUPP falls into this category too and it would be seen as trying to put the “disatisafcation and unhappiness” to the backburner by naming three(3) BN direct candidates.

The names appear at the tip of ones tongue PRS will have to content with incumbent MP Billy Abit,SPDP with incumbent Tiki Lafe and SUPP will have to make do with an outside assistance in Popular Mayor James Chan. (backdoor also open is a senatorship if he fails to wrestle the seat)

3 BN direct candidates means that the BN coalition cannot blame anyone for interference as it will be based on facts ,figures and reports on the ground for a “MOST WINNABLE BN CANDIDATE” that surpasses all party lines. There will be a lot of anger plus sabotaging the party machinery in certain places but afterall the Candidate stands on a BN ticket and not party ticket.

Lets clear all doubts first. The person is chosen. The party recommends through their election committees, through their Supreme Council and the BN Sarawak Chairman vets through and BN Chairman will have the final say. Its a process and candidates cannot be chosen just on popularity,likeability or party support. “ITS THE TOTAL PACKAGE”

Many within the coalition will have more than words to say about us writing this article. As a coalition partner in BN ‘a seat won is a seat for BN towards the 222 parliamentary seat” P195 is no exception and Pakatan/DAP v BN/SUPP will be a titanic battle this time round.

A BN YB mentioned to us a couple of weeks that we must write without “fear or favour“as this will help to double check the YBs and in a way ensure that they carry out their “peoples representative work when the people voted them in. However he said all the “political manouverings or strategies” must not be published openly as it will be just like giving the numbers to your bank account.

When the Star journalists Raynore Mering wrote “CHEERING FOR THE UNDERDOG” it gave us the perfect timing to give our two cents opinions and many months of covert operations work to the fore. The SB too shared with us many hours of discussion,deliberations and fiting the jigsaws. P195 SUPP needs to stand strong together as their membership alone is enough to roll over DAP many times over.

Raynore wrote”the party is dreaming if it thinks it could recapture Bandar Kuching and Sibu” So yes,I am rooting for SUPP not because of anything but to see the party beat the odds

Is that A Message in a Bottle?

Putting aside all the rivalries, internal quarrels,ungentlemanly conducts and whatever ,whatnots it seems that P195 is a battleground which is within reach of a miracalous victory if SUPP puts their THINKING HEADS on.

Tan Kai a “likeable” SUPP Youth Chief even had dreams of taking his place inside Parliament as P195 MP with a razor thin victory of 6 votes.

Lately though,Mayor Chans name has surfaced way above as a political elitists as there is a strong undercurrent of him being a Popular and Winnable Candidate. CM Sarawak Taib knows that every vote counts if P195 is to be regained from DAP. Taib has only kind words for Mayor Chan who he describes as “very friendly and approachable.He maintained good strong relationship with the people”

Moreover Taib says Chan “cares for the people”. Taib  also said he hopes to get more leaders like him,those who are sincere and willing to listen and serve the people and talk to me on the needs of the people.’

BN Sarawak Chairman has given ‘thumbs up for Mayor Chan” and his candidacy cannot be ruled out if BN harbours the slightest chance of winning the seat from DAP Chong.

Tan Kai in a telephone interview said” Mayor Chan is a dstant possibility to be chosen as candidate but if the ground swell on the 3 BN direct seats bears fruition,we will have our work cut out and there must be a compromise somewhere and somehow or else it be no good for BN in totality.”

BN YBs are all under close surveillance and those hoping to be renominated will need to ensure they fulfill all the requirements. If not their time is up and it will mean a lot of convincing and lobbying to be given the ticket again. The same also goes for the other political divide in Pakatan. The person who is chosen to represent the coaltion must not only be politically attuned but also needs to have the charisma and be a peoples representative as the people will not take any more prisoners in GE13.

P195 is but one seat which makes up the other 222 seats in the Malaysian Parliament. SUPP and DAP will battle it out in this one urban seat and at the end of the day the candidate which appeals to the voters will have his day in Parliament when he is sworn in after the GE13.


6 thoughts on “DAP/SUPP “Popular,Likeable or Winnable..?”

  1. partistar says:

    So was SKY, once upon a time as the Opposition voice amongst the BN “Ugliest” till Song See Guan beat him but BN thought it was BN and SUPP win.

    Now Chong becomes the next DAP icon. But did he win or have SUPP and BN lost Kuching for what they had done to SSG?

  2. Calvin H says:

    DAP will have problems but it should be too much for Chong not to handle. SUPP infighting is the major cause which the chinese feels that they are too self centred and only selfish to make for their own personal pockets. voting for DAP is not the answer but teaching SUPP a lesson is.

  3. 2012 hope says:

    Tuai Rumahs say, “Tekan Ada Api,Buka Ada Air,Berkereta Ada Jalan,Ada BN Ada Semua,BN tetap Pilihan Aemua.”

    ” Anang Ngelaban Perintah ” .Solgan Bedekad Harus dikekalkan Dan Diteruskan.Iban Chiefs Say.

  4. phyllis says:

    Nobodys fault .Its all SUPP’s own doing where they are now. Luckily George Chan losts and he stepped down. Now this party in the eyes of the public is powerless.

  5. sarawakiana says:

    What the CM says about James Chan the mayor is enough for one to prejudge that he wants him as the candidate. CM will ensure he pours his millions to retake Bandar Kuching if the mayor stands. In other words he will say to SUPP “you listen i help,If you go against me no way SUPP will win back Bandar Kuching.
    Feel sorry for Tan Kai in the middle of it all.

  6. Iban. says:

    My assessment increase and the speed limit in my neighbourhood increase to 50 km/h.

    You still say popular mayor. Oh my goodness.

    Only service I get is garbage collection and once in three years empty my septic tank.
    Only now we see the dangerous trees on the road site been trimmed
    Can reduce the speed limit to 30 km/h.

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