Ah ..CHOooo..UMNOs Invicibility Threatened..

najib ong                  Natasha was sitting for a quiet Sunday lunch when an elderly Chinese politician gave her a tap in the back. He said to Natasha of audie 61,my nephews in Peninsular Malaysia are telling me this,MCA infighting is worse than the H1N1 Pandemic Flu. It is even being felt by the UMNO hierarchy and their CLOAK  OF INVICIBILITY is being THREATENED.. Will this Ah…CHOoooo (Loud Sneeeze) be felt by all the BN component parties in Malaysia.Its just a matter of Time when it will go full scale and they will not be a PATH for a return to glory days says the veteran politician. Great dynasties can fall and BN UMNO will only need to learn from HISTORY to avoid a similar journey…Ah CHOoooooooooooo…

“Is this REALLY FOR REAL..MU..??


This breaking news in the world of soccer would have everyone asking,”Is this really for real..?? Michael Owen a Liverpool goal scoring machine joining arch rivals Manchester United. A phone call to a Liverpool fan and he said,” He has seen his glory days while a Manchester United fan said,” Alex Ferguson always brings out the bests in a player.”

This is the extract from soccernet,”Michael Owen looks set for a surprise move to Manchester United, after having a medical on his knee on Thursday. The striker will then have a full medical on Friday ahead of signing a pay-as-you-play deal with the Premier League champions.

So the smses keeps coming in to audie61,”Whats the latest on Entulu taking on James Masing.” Its all quiet and calm before the storm and if Michael Owen joins MU who will say,” I told you so...(MU) Manek Urai”  It is also similar to saying Anwar is ready to join back UMNO….”

We say as always,”There are always surprises round the corner and anything is possible especially in Malaysia….hik hik hik.. 

What the Hell is Wrong with Our Mentality,Blind Spot and T-A-T??

The last few days we have been receiving e-mails from various sources telling us to blog on a number of local issues. What we are about to reveal will need immediate swift reaction and solutions as this involves government departments. Sad to say even an Asst. Minister in the CM’s office was quoted and reminded the civil servants also not to act as “Little Napoleans“. The tax payers money in keeping those who are nesting in these departments will be futile and wasted if procedures and turn around time(TAT) is above normal.

Incident No.1 on MPP gets tough with “slow contactors”. The full report can be read in Borneo Posts page 4. What we are saying is that ,”How come the Engineer in question only informed in the full council meeting?” Doesn’t this make a mockery of the system of tender and distribution of works? Who actually monitors which,how and who the contactors are reliable? Bad news and this must not happen in both Pakatan or BN led governments. The people expect development funds and projects to be carried out in the specified time and not dilly-dally.

This is the 21st century and if the mentality of our professionals in government departments remains lacklustre where are we heading? Are we too afraid to make complains ? If we do are we singled out as not government friendly? A lame excuse by the MPP Chairman in respect of blaming the contactor as reported should never ever be used. There are so many training and programmes the government servants attend and do they need to be tutored this,” Implementation Process…??””

Incident No.2 Ever since Sesco changed its name to Sarawak Energy the Ooomph pah pah seems to have disappeared into thin air. A number of complains especially with regards to street lightings will have now to take 48 hours to implement from the time of complain. 

Procedurely this is what actually happens,” The operator will ask,”Where is the place.? Who is complaining? Whats your telephone number and at the end “I’ll file the complain with the contractor.” A complaint was lodged by a houseowner at Taman Riveria at 20.48 and he waited and waited for action to arrive.

Unfortunatedly, nothing was done. What irked him was he needed to switch all his lights on as a deterrent for would be burglars. He said,Am I not paying for the street lights too?” He called again the next day,” We are looking into it was the answer until he fumed and they say 48 hours” He told audie61 Sarawak’s crime index is not actually very low is it with a bit of sarcasm added? He even said why not the CEO try this to find out whether his man are doing their job.

To make matters worse a houseowner in the area thought he found the solution to the problem. He said he knows so and so and called him at 3.00pm. Guess what the answer was? Mr.So and So has gone for TEABREAK at 3.00pm sharp. Hahaha is this how to get the boss in trouble? Certainly the face of SHOCKED was apparent and he was of course very very happy hik hik hik. This is not a JOKE and it reflects what the mentality of our governement system and the TAT is now. The PM’s department or the CM’s department should serioulsy look into these woes faced byt the TAXPayers and a lot of them out there are suffering SILENTLY with these attitudes of our LITTLE  NAPOLEANS.

By tthe way this above incident was also related to the relevant political parties involved in BN and Pakatan group. The YB’s P.A of the constituency was informed,DAP assembly man for Batu Lintang and also PKR information chief .This is not only a political issue and if the CRIME INDEX are to be lowered all relevant authorities needs to work as a TEAM and not push the monkey around to the delight of the would be BURGLARS.

We would have thought that the MBKS cutting tree incident which we covered a couple of months ago was bad enough but this by another Asst.Minister of Infraatructure Development who was shocked that eventhough contracts are awarded they are yet to be implemented. Quoting him,”The contract works awarded is two months and with only a mont left,there is still no sigh of any work being done.” He pointed out that any works awarded it was the responsibility of the contactors to ensure that any project is carried out according to specifications and completed within schedule.”

What is going on? If the contactors have too many projects there are others who are more than willing to take over if they are awarded? Whose fault is this? This goes to show the implementation process is not adhered to and there is a flaw in the system. It needs to be corrected and quickly before the ROOTS ARE TOO DEEP

It should not be the I’m paid by the government how much and Im only doing this much. The politicians knows what needs to be done and how to push it and this few incidents are not too kind on a few people but we are not a charitable blog. We are with the people,by the people and for the people blog and we will get to the bottom of the TRUTH.

ACTIONS speaks louder than words. I remember one incident many years back when AnAsst.Minister true to his words had the Kuching Mayor immediatedly down to Tabuan Laru to see a problem with the grasscutters dumpng the cut grass in the drain. The reaction from the houseowners in that area was overwhelming for the Asst.Minister. Of course its not his area of constituency but being an Asst Minister is not only for that ministry but its a Sarawak Ministerial Appointment. Is this one BLIND SPOT that needs to be addressed…?

The thing with mosts of our Ministers is that they are too afraid to step outside of their jurisdiction and also are afriad of incuring the wrath of the YBs in the constituencies. Need I elaborate here.?? Better not as the Ministers/Asst.Ministers might get offended but  they know themselves.

We say as always,”Let’s see some actions shall we..?????

Blessings,”Want Me,Why Not..??”


If there is a genuine push by the grassroots I will not decline to go for the posts as No.1 in Parti Rakyat Sarawak(PRS). Could Joseph Entulu be tempted to spill the beans ” if he ” is cornered and interviewed by journalists and reporters of the main stream media? No one should be surprised though as Entulu is very much a media friendly Deputy minister and he does give statements which in itself is ” NEWS ”

His dayak  statement was very controversial and he had to take out a full page supplement to cover what was overplayed by the media seeking fraternity. According to an aide JE was very upset as this was n0t what was intended and he is now very mindful of the press and would not like to be misquoted.  

Will he be trapped into making another ‘MISQUOTED STATEMENT” as the rumours are already swirling of him pushing James Masing PRS President all the way for the No.1 CHAIR. It is interesting to note also a BN component party MIC in their September congress will make amendments to their constitution limiting the terms of the President to 3 terms and other positions to 2 terms. Will James turn round to use this in their upcoming TDC to beg for another term before he hands over the baton.? James Masing is already 60 years old and he will try to buy some more time to cement his footing as the undisputed No.1 in PRS.

The ball is already on Entulu’s foot and its up to him how and what he wants to do with it..? A proverb commonly used in politics goes like this,” He who waits on others misses his opportunities.” Its a game where only the strong survives and with the financial backing accorded and blessings in place Entulu will be looking at a “WASTED GOLDEN CHANCE”

A political analysts said,”Sarawak’s political climate is somewhat calmer now and we cannot SEE WHO THE CROCODILES ARE AND WHAT THEY ARE UP TO. SOMEONE IS DEFINITEDLY STIRRING THE SAND IN PRS” The Tree shaking theory is irrelevant in PRS unlike PBB where once the tree shaking is implemented calm and order will be restored.

In PRS it goes further than that as this particular TREE needs to be uprooted. ( Remember Tun Rahman and Leo Moggie’s divide and rule where it saw birth of PBDS and decimated the once powerful SNAP under James Wong) . Could Entulu be just the perfect politician at this time for the bigger agenda of the POWERFUL CASH RICH  HIDDEN HANDS/PUPPET MASTERS.  

 It is an open secret now that the BLESSINGS are in place no matter how James wants to avoid it. James should know how the CM was on his side when he losts to Tajem/Sng. History does repeat itself  does he need to be reminded.?”

We say as always,”It’s all about timing in Politics and Entulu will need to make up his own decision. We will not be able to push him over the cliff could we..?? 

Beware,”Bomohs,Feng Shui Experts,Shamans,Spin Doctors..!!”

In this technologically advance age there will be no place where the law cannot get you. Maybe if you hide in the mountains of Afghanistan like “Osama bin Laden” there is a slim or glimmer of hope you will not be located. Really..! In all honesty someone is answerable especially the ” persons ” in charge of the sophisticated third eye in the US Intelligence. However this news really tickles me and I  really had an enjoyable and hearty  breakfast.

Would you believe if someone said to you  “An Astrologer is Arrested for Gloomy PREDICTIONS..?” You would obviously brush it off as nonsense or just a joke to make up the day. The question if it really happens what chance would you give Malaysian Bomohs,Feng Shui Experts,Shamans or Spin Doctors..?”

Here is the news and it comes from Sri Lanka and the Police in Sri Lanka have arrested an astrologer after he predicted serious political and economic problems for the government of President Mahinda Rajapkase. A police spokesman said Chandrasiri Bandara who writes for an astology column was picked up and questioned. The CID are asking him on what  “basis” he has predicted the outcome.

Moreover the astrologer had predicted a planetary change on October 8 will be inauspicious for Parliament and the government may not be able to arrest the rising living costs.(This is a prediction already predicted by private economists)

So Malaysians be careful in what you predict ,write or ask for ..? The eyes  of the law are always watching and their noses are always sniffing around. Wonder if a Malaysian Bomoh will somehow get him self noticed and create FRONT PAGE NEWS. Its not uncommon to hear nowadays around the world,”MALAYSIA BOLEH“.. Would you bet against this..??

We say as always,”Watch what you say as the long arm of the Law is just around the corner…Be careful on what you write on Najib or Anwar!!!”

*** THIS UPDATED PRS article is something worth reading:-http://sarawakupdate.com.my/blog/opinion/joe-entulu-joe-salang-and-joe-b/#more-3282

“PRS/BN Is it for Real Part 2.Next Change.??”


Lets put it this way:- “A fire would not start without a light..Would it..?” The question on most political observers are,” Has James outlived his usage in the eyes of the BN super powers.? Every politician has his day and the major political players in Malaysia and Sarawak are using all “diplomatic” means and handing economic packages to adopt a new leader which in their eyes are acceptable to their agenda.

Its not so much that Entulu is agreeable to the postponing of the TDC as per advised but even he will be under tremendous pressure to exert the agenda of his political masters. He will surely use past experiences of  Anwars No2 challenging No.1 that failed and also Sng Chee Hua’s failed attempt and mission in ousting James to wriggle himself FREE. Only Entulu knows bests and the CLOCK is ticking says a very senior member of a political party.

The opposition Pakatan is practising and preaching CHANGES in all respects and BN needs a new man at the helm. Entulu is very much in favour by the UMNO and PBB top boys and he will eventually have to submit to the political masters and heavyweights. Of course,he can deny “a million and one times” but the FACT remains he is being PUSHED OR ELSE…..Need we spell it out..?  


James as per informed sources is a master tactician and as a veteran battle- scarred politician will know what to expect. Can he or will he be betrayed by one of his own and as loyal as Entulu..? 

There are no prisoners in this political manoevering and Entulu will need to use his so called “Experience and Know hows” says one of Entulu’s close  aide.  For now though, there are no such battle lines being drawn BUT what happens later is another matter altogether. Many are feeding audie61 columnists with sensational hearsays/half truths and we will obviously blog what we know as always.Obviously there are more to come………..

We say as always,”Will the FIRE be doused off completedly..Only James and Entulu will know..?

PRS:”Masing’s Leadership Questionable..??”


It seems when we first asked the question …”Is it for Real..?” Nobody was too bothered nor even give a thought about it as its just another political spin doctors’ Doubles Game“. When all is well says a former PRS SC who has since joined PKR in the presence of some PBB youth boys,”the person in question seems suffocated and useless” Now everyone thinks it will be full blown like H1N1 but the PRS leadership has stepped in to quelled it all down.

As per this report from the internet portal sarawakupdate.com.my which is extracted and posted here,”

A small bird called Sarawak Update saying that Joe Entulu has called James Masing, citing the noise are not more than Pakatan orchestrated “Pantomime”.Ironically, the small bird was defensive when asked why TDC had to be postponed to March/April.

The small bird refused to acknowledged that Joe Entulu is actually buying time, stressing that Masing and PRS are tackling the situation.“They are investigating who is the hidden hand out to destabilise PRS,” the bird whistle…

The bird said the problem was blown out of proportion by the Pakatan…

audie61 was joined this morning for a brief interview with Sarawak’s PKR Information Chief See Chee How who expressed regret that some sources have blamed PRS infightings and speculations have been all “COOKED UP” by Pakatan. In his capacity and as the states information chief he stressed that Pakatan has nothing to do ,”Whatsoever to be involved in PRS matters.This is BN’s party problems and we should stay out of it. We do not want to be implicated and also get our hands dirty.”

It seems just as we were about to file this report another article surfaced. This time its headlined,”Masing left with eight months” The full report here.http://sarawakupdate.com.my/blog/opinion/masing-left-with-eight-months/

This part of the extracted article leaves a rather BAD TASTE IN the PRESIDENT’s Mouth” 

Many PRS leaders are now thinking otherwise. They find it very difficult to tolerate Masing brand of leadership.

I have been trying very hard to get PRS leaders speaking to my reporters, but none dare. Majority are observing some kind of “gag order”.It is learned that many things had happened in the past, especially Masing unwitty remarks against his YB that is deemed not a true blue PRS.

Well its already posted by the writer and its up to those who wants to interpret it correctly or therwise. We on our part are trying to stop this from being full blown and would like the PRS leadership to put a FULL STOP to it. How they do it remains to be unveiled by the sources from within PRS. All we know is that the Doubles Player is going for another KILL  The TDC they say is just another way of buying time as there are so many unresolved matters to be entertained.

We say as always,”James is the master tactician in this political GAME and he has learned from the BESTS..You know WHO…!!!

PPP & PKR Sarawak “Eating Rice with Ice cream”

Whats your take on the Politica l crisis in PPP and PKR Sarawak..? You want a straight answer,”Its like eating rice with ice cream” says a mass media graduate. Rice with ice cream is nice but its not a daily thing which everyone consumes.  The politicians within these parties should be talking about BREAD AND BUTTER ISSUES instead of too much pushing for their own agendas and forgetting the very essence on WHY the parties are formed. 

Do we need to explain further? These two reports which appeared in the internet portal and english tabloid is sufficient to send mosts people up the mountain and be a HERMIT. The internet portal Malaysiakini writes and the full report  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/106287  in which the Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein revealed that the ROS was considering issuing a show cause letter for PPP to explain why it should not be de-registered.

Furthermore he said,”he said that the ROS was still seeking explanations from several quarters, but investigations were being hampered by a lack of cooperation from certain groups.” Yummy,yummy now we say the rice will be tastier with ice cream and a bit of gravy on top. hik hik hik”

On the local front after covering a few days with a number of articles among them,”Restless souls in PKR Sarawak” and Anwar,”PKR Sarawak disintegrating H1N1” another statement from PKR State liaison secretary rebuking the PKR Batang Sadong Chief Sakawi Nahari in which it says that it clearly says,” Sakawi’s statement is his own personal comment.”  

Piee Ling went on further by saying,” The process of identifying capable leaders in fact began early this year.A lot of factors,including members views,have been taken into account before setting of the new line-up.

“As members we must respect the party’s final decision.It is the party’s democratic principle to let members address their grievances but the party has proper channels for this.” So it seems now Sakawi is being served ice cream with rice and taught how to take the bite and to swallow it.

A PKR senior strategists in a telephone conversation disapproved also with Sakawi’s outburst and he feels that Sakawi is only being used as a mouthpiece for someones agenda. Its my personal opinion only and there is a proverb,”MORE EATING RICE,LESS TALKING MOUTH.”

So Sakawi,”Prove your threat and lets see how many of you will pull out of PKR SARAWAK..??”  You should also be reminded that,”Half a truth engenders a new lie.”

We say as always,”The new voters are ready to tell the politicians about moving the country forward and they do not want to see too many infightings and unnecessary wastage of Brain Cells.” Have you tried EATING RICE WITH ICE CREAM..??

Anwar “PKR Sarawak disintegrating..H1N1??”

It’s on ‘Overdrive”. This were the words used by one of the movers of seeing a new political party In Sarawak to emerge. It seems that all these has and is vey well connected with The Surrendering of Anwar as the State PKR chief. Our earlier article covered https://audie61.wordpress.com/2009/05/27/anwar-unthinkable-for-sarawak/.

Even a Senior PKR member said that he has been told that such a plan has been making the rounds in the Sarawak political arena. If Thanenthirran  Hindraf national coordinator can form a new party Parti Makkal Sakti Malaysia within a short notice after meeting the PM Najib there are no reasons to stop a New Sarawak Based Party. This new party will inevitably derail part of Anwars plans to get the dayaks on track to go against the BN government.

A veteran Bidayuh leader even said,”There are more problems in PKR Sarawak which spells doom for the ethnic origin members. There are no clear cut leaders who will be able to bring PKR to greater heights. Yes,Anwar is good at oratory skills but his action has brought more harm than good by appointing a much  junior EXCO member to sort out the problems faced by the Peninsular based party in Sarawak.

What if there is a new party inviting Sarawakians to join? Could this just be making up the numbers? In other democratic countries the mushrooming of new political parties are seen as a “Healthy sign for Democracy“.

Sarawak based parties will be seen as the the vital cog and a bargaining chip for either the BN or Pakatan in the tussle for WHO TAKES OVER THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. It is happening and Najib being a military trained man knows too well of the advantages of controlling his array of allies and supporters. 

Anwar is seen doing housecleaning acts in PKR while Najib focusses more on long term achievements. Najib does not want to be embroiled in a war of words with Anwar as he knows too well the proverb,”A quiet dog has a more deadly bite”. He lets his close aides do the works for him while he goes about moving the country out of economic turmoil and breaking newer grounds in International relations.

The group of politicians who are very much part of Anwars vision for the future  of Sarawak has where it hurts Anwar mosts. Propaganda and rheotorics aside the worms in PKR Sarawak will eventually turned into more than positive for influenza A (H1N1). Something drastic needs to be done Anwar. Will it be a little too late..??

If PPP is being investigated by the ROS immediatedly by the PM there are even chances that Sarawak based parties will be given the chance for a breakthrough. These statement by Najib which appeared in Malaysiakini,””I will verify PPP’s status with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) first (before deciding on whether to attend the assembly.”

Its an all out action stance by PM Najib and he wants clear cut answers. He is not about to sweep things under the carpet.As long as the parties are not extreme in ideology there shouldn’t be any reason for ROS not to entertain the submission,registration and new existence of a new Political Sarawak entity. We shall see….

We say as always,”The movers and shakers of the New political identity will soon be making arrangements to file their party name and may even drop in at the PM’s door….Would we know..??