DAP Wong..Not You Also After Violet’s Statement..?

a11The amount of rain which hit Kuching starting from 2am to 11am this morning was unbelievable. The water that flowed down will have any area overflowing. We don’t have any answer to why the rain fell so heavily and this of course will be a concern, DAP Wong King Wei as the elected assemblyman you should approach the relevant authorities instead of “pointing the fingers’ through cyber space.

Can we have some Sanity and if you must please ask the “almighty one” on why the rain came down so heavily on Kuching?

Hujan Kuat Gilak, Drainage sik dapat flush water to the river so air cepat naik cepat turun..- So YB Wong this is from a victim too.


BN Sarawak To lose “Fixed Deposit..?”

Extracted from Malaysiakini…

BN may lose Sarawak as its ‘fixed deposit’ in the coming state election if internal problems within Sarawak BN are not settled within the next 12 months, warned Parti Rakyat Sarawak president James Masing.

“The problems within SUPP and SPDP still persist and unless leaders within BN are willing to take the bull by the horns, the instability within Sarawak BN will create unnecessary headaches for the chief minister,” he said during the PRS 10th anniversary dinner in Kuching last night.

“It was most unfortunate and rather unnecessary that a new political party called Teras (Parti Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak) was used by some disgruntled State Assemblymen just as Adenan Satem (Chief Minister of Sarawak) assumed the mantle of leadership.

“In fact, it was done as if orchestrated, on the very day Adenan (left) delivered his first winding up speech as the chief minister of Sarawak,” he added.

Masing, who is a senior minister and minister of land development, made it clear that PRS did not agree in the manner and the timing by which Teras was formed.

“And I assume that SUPP, SPDP and maybe some elements within PBB, also do not agree because it destabilises the newly appointed chief minister.

“Solutions to solve problems within SPDP and SUPP could have been handled in a manner which would have allowed the new chief minister time to adjust to his new position.

“It would have given him time to read the political landscape of Sarawak and then suggest the correct solutions,” he said.

“In trying to think of possible solutions, I recalled what Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said in his speech at the SUPP 23rd Delegates Conference in Kuching.

This is what he said: ‘You have gone through hell; I want you to come back stronger and ready to fight for BN. I believe in politics of principles’.

“The prime minister believed in politics of principles, and so does PRS. I also believe that the other BN component parties namely PBB, SUPP and SPDP also believe in this,” he said, pointing out that there are rules in BN which had over the years, bound the spirit of comradeship among BN component parties.

He added one of the rules, is that ‘admission to BN must be 100 percent consensus’.

“What this means is that if one party in BN objects, admission into BN family is impossible. This is the principle which Najib was talking about.

“I cannot see how UPP (United People’s Party) and Teras can get admitted to BN if we follow these principles.

“If admission of these two parties to BN is not possible, then another set of principles must apply in order to solve the current problem in Sarawak – that is principle of personal integrity.

“Among other things, All YBs concerned must look back to where they started and how did they got to where they are now,” he said.

‘Unity is strength’

Also saying unity is strength, Masing asserted that the four parties (PBB, PRS, SPDP and SUPP) must stand together.

“In order to win the 2016 state election, we must abide by BN rules. Thus this code of conduct among BN followers: you touch one you touch all’ must be practised with dedication and sincerity,” he added.

Masing said UPP which was formed by expelled SUPP leaders and Teras by expelled SPDP leaders, had been telling their supporters and members of the public that they are ‘already in BN’ by virtue of the fact that some of their leaders are in the state cabinet.

UPP is claiming 19 seats that SUPP is going to contest, while Teras is claiming eight seats which are allocated to SPDP.

“I believe all heads of BN component parties in Malaysia and in Sarawak think alike, sharing the same objectives, speaking from same page, sleep on the same bed and dream the same dreams,” he added.

“Unless we are humble enough to trim our egos, lean on and learn from each other, the 2016 state election and 2018 federal election will be worse – urban seats will go.

“The egos which have kept us apart will be dumped in the urban rubbish bins; we will be left with nothing but bruised pride. We will not be the administrators of this state,” he warned.

DAP “Making Their Stance Very Clear..!!!”


Earlier this was reported in the BNBFF FB page,”Sarawak DAP unhappy with PAS. Will not compromise and we will make our stance very clear.
Chong “to defend and uphold the principle of the formation of MALAYSIA,Sarawak DAP will discuss at length whether we should remain in our pull out of PR”

Now its quite clear that DAP,PKR and PAS Sarawak are not exactly brothers in arms as their political ideologies have clashed. The ‘HUDUD” factor has reached boiling point and DAP Sarawak central committee met and they have put their foot down and supported their Chairman Chong Chieng Jen.

This appeared today in an internet portal today and one does not need to be a political genius to work it out where the PR Sarawak group is heading to.

Article as appeared:-

QUICK TAKE: So the Sarawak DAP wants to get out of Pakatan Rakyat if PAS insists on working with the federal government to implement hudud in Kelantan.

Making this strong stand last week, its chairman Chong Chieng Jen explained that if hudud was implemented, Sarawak would also be affected because all federal government departments at the state level would then have to comply with Syariah law in their administration.

But Chong did not stop there. He also lashed out at the non-committal stance of the Sarawak PKR on the matter and warned that the recent meeting between Kelantan Deputy Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Dr Jamil Khir Baharom had revealed that there was no need to amend the Federal Constitution to allow for implementation of hudud in Kelantan.

“This means that there is no need to get a two-thirds majority from Parliament to implement hudud and if implemented, it would go against the Sarawak Constitution and the principles of the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) that clearly states that Sarawak has no official religion,” he said.


Chong’s threat to withdraw from the Pakatan coalition in Sarawak elicited a response from state PKR chief Baru Bian who expressed “shock” that Sarawak DAP has seen it fit to issue an ultimatum to Pakatan partner PAS  over its stand on hudud without prior consultation with Sarawak PKR.

Baru chided Chong referring to his past statements which clearly decreed that Sarawak was under no obligation to follow the prime minister on the hudud law in April and subsequent stand that Sarawak agreed to the formation of a secular Malaysia in June which were published in the local papers and shared widely on social media.

“Our stand could not be clearer or any more unequivocal, if Chong cared to read the reports. We have never faltered from holding firm to the guarantees of the Sarawak Constitution and the terms of MA63.”

Baru also questioned Sarawak DAP’s independent step when at the national level DAP had not given any indication of the position regarding this move.

“Perhaps there are internal factors and extraneous considerations at play here but I will not speculate on such matters. Suffice to say that I am deeply disappointed that DAP Sarawak should take such a drastic step at this time when the state election is imminent,” he said.

However, observers are aware that the differences and bad blood between DAP and PKR in Sarawak could not be just over this old hudud issue.

Since last year, PKR leaders in Sarawak have been jittery over the state DAP’s “Impian Sarawak” programme which is the party’s charge into the rural areas.

Armed with RM600,000 for the rural drive, a neat sum collected from the party’s state assembly representatives who had an allowance windfall, the DAP’s rural drive has been quite successful.

This has made certain PKR quarters unhappy as they see the DAP’s go rural drive as a threat for it has encroached into some constituencies which they have been eyeing.

Meanwhile, Sarawak PAS has also told DAP off, saying that the party was free to quit the state Pakatan coalition if it wishes to do so.

The deepening cracks within Sarawak Pakatan do not augur well for the state opposition in the coming state elections, due in two years.

G5 and SUPP 7..Whose Lovin’ You..??”

equation-split-1In 1960 Smokey Robinson wrote the song,”Whose Lovin’ You..?” Eversince the songs release many have taken turns to sing the song with the Jackson 5, late Michael Jackson, Michael Buble and recently Shaheen Jafargholi singing at the Michael Jackson Memorial.

A former political secretary during the SNAP era said the present G5 “sacked”and SUPP 7 “staying out of SUPP’s hq”-factional disagreement will need to be solved as the impending elections will leave the 35 out of 71 seats in jeopardy.

The 3 coalition parties in SUPP,PRS,SPDP needs to change with time. Politics changes with time and the parties cannot hold on to the same “formula” to stake a claim for their ‘agreed and consensus ” seats.

SNAP during its peak time had 18 seats but what happen to SNAP? Is SNAP still around or for that matter PBDS?

PBB with 36 seats no doubt he said “tried and tested” will still be a tough nut to crack and PR would not find it easy to even break the stranglehold. The past few months prior to the GE13 there were a lot of ill-feelings and mistrusts amongst the Barisan partners.

There was ‘open warfare” plus sabotaging but though the grassroots were fighting each other for their parties survival the top echelon leaders have yet to use the “guillotine” to chop the traitors to BN.

The usual brushing under the carpet syndrome “show us the proof..?” plus they are doing just to out manoeuvre the opposition will catch up with BN sooner than expected. BN must squeeze the living daylights out of the ‘traitors’ or what we know bests and nothing will happen to BN will shatter in front of everyone.

Did we not hear what the former SUPP President George Chan said to the Prime Minister when he losts in 2011?

Let’s be realistic and James Masing is up to his usual notoriety says a political enforcer in SPDP.

This extracted from FMT,”Irrespective of how SPDP president William Mawan feels, PRS will accept the ‘errant’ five if they decide to join, said its president James Masing.

Did James forget to ask someone else says an SPDP Youth Exco. If we remember rightly please check the May 16th 2013 article and we did find the statement as ,’Bengoh state assemblyman Dr Jerip Susil seems to think the possibility of this happening is “very real”.


He should be saying to SUPP,”Whose Lovin’ You ..?” Instead he chooses to court the G5. This extract,”In an immediate reaction to Nansian, Masing who is a Senior Minister in taib’s state administration said: “Since Mawan and SPDP cannot compromise with the group, it is better for them to join any of the existing BN parties rather than joining the opposition.’

Looking at events happening in recent days it does seem that the G5 are getting “jittery” says a senior SPDP supreme council member. SPDP will still lay claim to the 4 seats eventhough the assemblyman joins another component party. SPDP will still maintain its 8 seats and will not compromise of anything less. 

The G5 must be reminded  that in 2011 Assistant Minister Larry Sng was not included in PRS candidates list. Will they be given the seats? Of course the risks is there if BN breaks the consensus and “all hell will break loose”

What if SPDP makes the move and offer Wong Soon Koh and his assemblyman to join them? Did not Jerip said the deregistration is ‘real.?”

Why is James not courting the SUPP7..? 

Well this is what a former SUPP member who has drawn up a way for the politicians as an escape route:-

Option 1 is for Chin to register SUPP Baru for his supporters.

Option 2 is forming a new party and

Option 3 is for members to join any of the existing parties within BN.

“Don’t forget there is also the Barisan Nasional Party (BNP) which was registered as a political party in January 1974. It receives anyone who is not a member of other BN political parties as a direct member of Barisan Nasional.

Could this be the formula to be applied to solve the problems of the elected representatives from being partyless in the event that SUPP be deregistered?”

PRS can court the 4 of them making their assemblyman to 12 for now but what if SPDP courts SUPP. This will make SPDP with 7 and going into the elections provided the scenario winning all seats after 8+7=15 seats.

Whose lovin’ you is a HIGHLY CHARGED song and G5 and SUPP7 will need to weigh their options soon. The word is out that the State elections would be held sooner than expected. Even Noroden Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department is getting in the act by predicting it to be held in 2015

( extracted from Borneo posts-Normally, our state election is called a year earlier, so my prediction is it  will be held in 2015)


In time the picture would be clearer and it must be done to benefit the present ruling BN government or PR would cash in on the weaknesses.

The threat is real and when you finish reading this please don’t say these words,”NO WAY,IT WILL NOT HAPPEN..”


SPDP Vice Chairman says “Terima Kasih PBB”

captain zainuddin tun hamdan sirat (b)In a telephone conversation to audie61 Capt.Zainuddin Tan Sri Hamden Sirat on behalf of SPDP and President Tan Sri William Mawan expressed his mosts sincere thanks to PBB directly through to SG Datuk Stephan Rundi in the light of recent comments from grassroot members and leaders in Mas Gading Parliamentary Area. They were enroute from Bintulu to Miri.

SG Rundi thanked Capt.Zainududdin and said,”Get everything in tiptop order and organised and do not leave any stones unturned and win it for Barisan Nasional and your party SPDP. He reiterated that we go into the GE13 as 1BN and together we will be strong.”

Captain Zainuddin added we are united and we will work hard and ensure that the 4 SPDP seats remains with BN.

On another note he as Chairman of Mambong SPDP said that the party is all out to ensure a resounding victory for PBB in the Mambong Constituency. We are with PBB all the way in Mambong and I’m sure all SPDP members will be with all BN component parties in the 31 Parliamentary seats.

Capt.Zainuddin mentioned that all party members will be disciplined and if there are “traitors of BN” they will be disciplined by the party and referred to the disciplinary committee for immediate action. Those who still have doubts they better stand down says Captain Zainuddin.


Pakatan-Friendly An Election Trend…??

Wow… !!

So Much Love and Friendship in the symbols.

Apparently the initators of both the parties in Parti Ikatan Bangsa Malaysia (Ikatan) and Sarawak Workers Party (SWP) have something in common.

Both were MPs (members of Parliament) together. Also they do bond together our sources tell us. (sure you already know that…)

 The President of Ikatan is a Former information minister Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir and the party was launched on June 7th 2012 while Dato Sng Chee Hua (former MP Julau,ADUN Pelagus and former Deputy President PRS) is the prime mover behind SWP and his son Larry was elected as President and the party was launched on May 28th 2012.

Well,It will be the Malaysian General Elections soon. Stranger than normal things do happen during these times. Asks DCM Alfred Jabu and he will say..mushrooming only during…... Is it a Trend for the new parties ? So next time when one shakes a hand lets ask this question…Ready,Steady and Go….

Are you Pakatan-Friendly,BN-Friendly or People-Friendly?

“BN or Pakatan Judgement Day..??”

January the 9th 2012 exactly 18 days from now Malaysia would not be the same anymore says the emeritus professor to audie61 at breakfast this morning. It is already a known fact that BN is seriously facing a mountain full of “problems” as and when they face the electorate come GE13. Only PM and his closest “inner circle”will know when is the appropriate timing to call for the elections.

The No.1 question is “Are the people still steadfastly with BN or have they been disillusion with Pakatan and its promises and left?” He has been keeping his ears on the ground and feels that the Malaysian political scene is really rocking and the grounds are indeed shifting. BN does not need more problems on the plate.The M$500 given out has been twisted with facts from the ground that BN is indeed buying votes from the poor.


The middle/average earners are given goodies even as far as churning out of 1Malaysia TV.Najid even said during the Astro distribution of decoders,”Any group of people marginalised from access to real-time information is in a disadvantaged position and will fail to compete in today’s world.” 

The timing of January 9th is all not too perfect says many for Najib. Anwar’s judgement day he was UMNO Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister when he was sacked from the government in 1988 but now we musts be reminded that he is the figurehead of the opposition alliances. Mosts if not all the corporate giants in Malaysia does not need a political upheavel. Will after GE13 results provide assurances or justification that all will be healthy and well in corporate Malaysia?

The political BN strategists are in a hurry to get it over and done with and the Pakatan group are justs watching and rubbing their hands with happiness to see whether the “BAIT” will be bitten. The swing will be very significant and if elections were called after the judgement day BN will need more than “goodies”to win the middle and fencesitters voters. Malaysia like any other countries have sympathetic hearts and ears for the downtrodden and they will rally to the call of the masses.

The next question is if Anwar is “put away” the likeliest leader would surely be Nurul Izzah his daughter and she has the charm and the fighting spirit to carry the torch through the finishingline and even pushing the government to submisssion. I extract this from an internet portal,”Imprisonment of Anwar will enrage the masses, but a guilty or acquittal verdict will not yield political benefits for BN. If the strategy is to remove him it is not a wise idea. This will incur the wrath of  the people.  ”

What choices does the BN? The quick dollar is to upheld the verdict(we did’t say that hmm)through some manouevering which the think tanks of BN needs to look at the possibilities. We do not need to tell them how its done as Malaysia has already have a slogan,”MALAYSIA BOLEH” It will be all the wiser to have the judgement day after the ELECTIONS. Someone has already seen far ahead we hope and we need not spelt it further as if spoils BN chances and plans the ultimate answer would be,”Sorry judgement today for Anwars case file number is delayed due to No.1 No. 2 and No.3 …………………”

This is the ground feel and BN musts not justs be fooled says the emeritus professor. There are many theories and articles written on the date in question of Anwars day in court but for the greater good one has to sit down and think and to look ahead at what consequences would materialise from it all.

The peoples voices would be LOUD and CLEAR. Do we need to remind ourselves,” It only takes a spark to lit the fire.”

The article which sparked the response:-http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=24855:victory-to-pakatan-jailing-anwar-will-only-boomerang-on-umno&Itemid=2

Bersih 2.0 “Sabah Radio Station..??”

Has Sarawakian DJ Peter John aka Apai orang Utan left the UK based Radio Free Sarawak to be in Sabah? It is on everyones lips that he has seek greener pastures or apparently he has been”sacked” or asked to go willingly. Certainly one has to interview the man himself as our source says,” he is now in Malaysia and you can contact him.” Did we meet him..hmmm?

Well this is really getting the rumour mill up and about as last weekend Bugi Wijaya our Sabah correspondent sent us this story.

SAPP launches its alternative online radio so that listeners in Sabah will have an alternative radio (online) to provide clean, brave and truth on news and issues affecting Malaysia and Sabah in particular.  The launching with the theme Bersih, Berani, Benar is held in conjunction with BERSIH 2.0 and despite the intimidation of the police and the city hall enforcement unit.

The Radio Sabahtv.net as launched with the unveiling of the signboard at the party’s headquarters on 9th July, 2011 at 1:30 p.m. by President of SAPP, Datuk Yong Teck Lee.

The event was also participated by members of the Sabah Bersih, MCLM and UBF. UBF Chief Datuk Jeffrey Kitingan, Atama @ Andrew Ambrose Mudi, Co-ordinator Chairman for Bersih Sabah and also chairman of MCLM adhoc committee of Sabah, Ronnie Klassen of PKR also came to attend the launching.

Yong, in his opening address through a recorded radio message said the event was spurred by Bersih 2.0 call for free and fair elections so the theme for its Radio SabahTv will be “BERSIH, BERANI, BENAR”. He said SAPP supports the 8 points of Bersih 2.0 and to stop the electoral corruption by the BN government.

Earlier in the wee hours of the morning, the police tried to questioned the SAPP Youth on the launching especially on the theme with the words BERSIH and the yellow backdrop.  They backed off after the arrival of assembly woman for Luyang Melanie Chia Chui Ket and her husband Edwin Liew.

There was a strong presence of the police force during the launching which caused the local present lamenting that they are the ones creating the jam in the area.

Najib’s fixed deposit State of Sabah is under real threat and it seems that many in UMNO hierarchy are pushing for a separate State elections first before the GE13. The radio station does have a big impact on the voters mindset and if DJ Apai Orang Utan is roped in to assist the local Sabahan DJs it will certainly create more than a stir/ripple but a whirlpool of uncertainties in Sabah.

Bugi says,”Yellow is the colour now which BN/UMNO is so afraid. It was once Green(associated with PAS) Orange (Hindraf)  and also Black (Teoh Beng Hock) The time has come for BN Sabah to stand out and be counted.It is indeed high time that the internet cyber team rolls into Sabah to assist the machinery which is still living in the past era of winning the hearts and minds of the voters. The truth hurts and if Sabah BN still think they can steamrolled the opposition they just have to look back at these two dates 308 and 416.”

Sabah Radio Station will Hurt YOU..Sabahans have seen the light.


Anwar “GE13-People Decides …!”

Our last article the people power decides we said,”Of course its the people who will decide as when they have done it each and everyone of the 222 elected Parliamentarians will be the peoples choice. Its just ironic that at the PKR Shah Alam Convention Anwar is telling the whole world that Pakatan will win the GE13. The titled article by the internet portal seems to have challenged the BN to fight back-Anwar: BN no match for Pakatan, GE-13 is the best opportunity to win  

What do you sincerely and honestly think BN will do? Sit Back and Get hammered..?? Or Better still let the People Decide….

We shall see as the challenge has been thrown towards BN…


The article:- Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim said Prime Minister Najib Razak’s BN was no match for the Pakatan Rakyat and the time had come to finally win the federal government in the 13th general election, widely expected to held within the next few months.

Anwar, who is de-facto head of both the PKR party and Pakatan coalition, said BN had clung on because it cheated and used all forms of unfair means to win. This was why it feared the Bersih 2.0 anti-election fraud rally slated for July 9.

Anwar also said if Najib could promise he would hold free and fair elections, he would recommend to Bersih chairman Ambiga Sreenevasan to call off the rally. But the likelihood of the Najib administration acceding to the Bersih’s 9 demands for transparency are as good as zero.

“BN cannot debate us on governance or the economy, but only try to divide us,” said Anwar.

He added that despite the obstacles thrown in their way, Pakatan and PKR survived because they had “the programmes”.

The Opposition Leader and Permatang Pauh MP was speaking at the PKR election convention held in Shah Alam on Sunday. More than 4,000 delegates thronged the hall and the mood of elation and barely suppressed excitement could be felt as election fever gripped the party.

Earlier, secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution told delegates that the time had come for Malaysia to finally emerge from a dark age of feudalism and corruption dominated by the UMNO elite.

“It’s development time for Malaysia, it’s Anwar time for Malaysia,” Saifuddin said to thunderous applause from the hall.

Best opportunity

Pakatan came to power in 2008, sweeping control of 5 of Malaysia’s 13 states and denying BN its long-held two-thirds majority in Parliament.

In the past three years, Najib and his UMNO party have focused on how to wrest back these states which included jewels Selangor and Penang through the use of all ways and means and at “all costs”.

To maintain the upperhand, Najib also fully exploited the judiciary, tarnishing its credibility which is now at the lowest ebb following the Perak power grab. None of the other instututions such as the police, the MACC, the media, the civil service and even the government hospitals hold much traction with the people anymore, as Najib also bent them to his will in order to show his might over the Pakatan.

But the more the PM applied his strong-arm tactics and the more unprofessional the institutions became, the more the people rejected him and his UMNO party. Even the economy has suffered with few large investors willing to put their money here until credibility in the country’s system was restored.

Anwar told delegates the 13th General Election was the “best opportunity” to form the federal government as the Pakatan needed just a five per cent swing in votes to win. In 2008, Pakatan won 47 per cent of the 8 million votes cast, while BN took the balance.

“We have come this far from 1999, 12 or 13 years is a very short time. Now we need just five per cent to change the Malaysian landscape. This is our best opportunity, not just for Pakatan but for the people to change the government,” Anwar said.

Focus on election, not on whether I am jailed, says Anwar

Among obstacles that BN has thrown in Pakatan’s way include manifestly fabricated sodomy charges against Anwar, which he has denied and accused Najib and wife Rosmah of plotting, the Datuk T sex video conspiracy by 3 UMNO members with close links to Najib and ex-premier Mahathir Mohamad, the innumerable attacks against DAP and the Penang state government as well as merger offers to PAS, which the Islamist party has rejected.

However, the most immediate risk is from the sodomy trial, where Malaysians generally expect Anwar to be jailed, just as Mahathir had imprisoned him for 6 years in 1998. Many pundits worry this will set back Pakatan as Anwar is regarded as the glue that holds the coalition together.

Even so, Pakatan top leaders have braced themselves for such an eventuality and PKR itself has strengthened its leadership structure with deputy president Azmin Ali poised to step in and help PKR president Wan Azizah run the party should Anwar be incarcerated again.

“Forget about whether Anwar is thrown in jail but just focus on the election,” said Anwar.

He added that BN actually faced more problems than Pakatan and supporters should be confident their leaders can easily recapture their seats in the coming GE.

“Who doesn’t know about inflation? Independent power producers? The Port Klang Free Zone? Teoh Beng Hock? Don’t underestimate the wisdom of the people,” said Anwar.

“Machang, Permatang Pauh, Merbok and Gombak were all Umno strongholds. But look what happened in 2008. So make sure you work hard because you don’t want to lose by a small margin.”

BN and Pakatan will be at each others back and the People will decide during GE13 of course it very much still depends on the CANDIDATES PRESENTED.. 

Nothing will escape the PEOPLE NOW…

Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia,”A New Devil…?

The calm waters in Sarawak has even now thrown coffecups off the tables. Whats more when words uttered by Deputy Chief Minister George Chan are being EXPANDED to mean otherwise. The final words as quoted in his statement.”The devil you know,at least you know how he acts.The devil you don’t know that fellow may even chop your head off.”The devil I know is better than the devil I don’t know.

Of course he was refering to BN being the better of two evils says a political analyst. Anyway most politicians are not exactly ANGELS and mosts people do not have high regards for Malaysian politicians as a poll study has indicated that politicians are way down the ladder of one’s preferred profession.

The formation of Pakatan Rakyat sarawak has already kicked up a mjor storm in Sarawak with politicians from both political divide issuing their respective statements. Today it seems the “DEVIL” is the preferred CHOICE.

Lets just wait and see what is NEXT….????