Zaini Hassan”Are you a P.U.P..??”

To dog lovers “PUP” would immediately draw their attention to the little cute and adorable younger dogs. In this context we use the word PUP not to describe Zaini Hassan as out of his league as he wrote in Utusan where he made a ” subtle call to Abdul Taib Mahmud today to step down in order to save Sarawak BN, telling him to heed the lesson the Terengganu BN learnt in 1999.”

When we mention “P.U.P” we are saying to which category of political masters you belong to. Seriously,for argumentative sake only 3 earthly masters can remove Taib Mahmud and they are categorised into PBB,UMNO and PEOPLE.(you too should know who the other person is….)

PBB (Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu) where Taib is the President he has received unanimously the full support and pledges from his party and that goes without saying Zaini Hassan”CM and BN Sarawak Chairman Taib had just announced he would be leading BN in the next state elections.”

PBB has through thick and thin steadfastly stayed together with Barisan National and there are no questions of its loyalty says an Emeritus Professor to audie61. SUPP,SNAP and the defunct PBDS has one time or another been out of BN. Today we have SUPP,PRS,SPDP which makes up BN4 and Zaini should know PBB will stick with one of its own and will not even think of abandoning Taib just before the state Elections. He is in his 29th Year and can BN buy experience Zaini Hassan he asked..??

Secondly,Zaini are you representating someone from UMNO or are you so afraid that BN will lose its fixed deposit to Peninsular Parties in PKR,DAP and PAS. Are you the mouthpiece of UMNO or has someone asked you to spin an EXOCET MISSILE article to remind Taib that if Terenggganu can fall so can Sarawak. You should be driving fear into the opposition parties instead you choose to use this an advantage to show to your political masters that your writing can affect the mindset of the warlords in UMNO. Or you are capitalising on the situation to  prove your worth.??

My friend zaini there is a traditional saying,”When chopsticks are binded together no outside force will be able to easily break them.” Is the fear of Sarawak CM Taib going down the same road like Terengganu? You wrote,”The fears became a reality when PAS toppled Wan Mokhtar’s government and took over Terengganu.

 Obviously,there has been one too many many calls for Taib to leave and it was heard clearly especially after the Sibu Parliamentarty by elections.

A close aide and a PBB Political secretary said to audie61,”we have learnt our lesson very well from Sibu and we will leave no stones unturned as we go into this upcoming war. People are free to make their own opinions but we in PBB have not wavered and will continue to be behind our Commander In Chief. If CM Taib is able and willing we will fight and we will win the mandate of the people. Its a collectively decision tell the Utusan editor..

We have covered the two initials P.U. and the third P Zaini is People. The people will know how to choose their leaders and of course there are dissatisfation amongst the people on some of the YBs in the 71 State Assembly. Taib as assemblyman for Balingian N51 is only one of the 71 other peoples representative.

The people of Sarawak will have the right to choose,to elect their own leader in their constituency and God willing will be brave enough to choose the right leaders for their own constituency. Only the people will have the right to remove the leader and Taib like everyone else is subject to the constituents of N51 Balingian if he so chooses to remain in that seat.  

The Opposition parties are already so happy that Taib is leading the charge and now the Utusan article is saying Taib should stay out of it and listen to the ground. Its very clear that some Hidden Hands are pushing for Taib to stay out of this elections as there are FEARS that he will be the downfall of BN Sarawak.

Should BN Sarawak be scared?

N1 to N71 if the present YBs have looked and serviced their constituencies there should not be any fears? If the YBs have not gone on the ground or hardly seen they should be worried. There are ground reports from the various agencies/sources and the candidates put up will not be chosen from like plucking fruits from the trees. The political  parties will recommend and the candidates will be scrutinised from all angles. BN and PR will not choose unwinnable candidates thats for sure.

Zaini asked” Will the same happen in Sarawak?” We are saying to Zaini,” Sarawakians Knows Bests” and many will agree with us as Taib is only one person in a hopeful basket of 71 others.   

Even the Annointed CM in Waiting would be pleased to be delivered a handsome mandate from the people.THATS THE BIGGER PICTURE.

Hamim Husin,”Why OooH Why..??”

Yesterday we wrote “Racial Slur takes all of us..??” We have been receiving positive responses from our readers/friends near and far and many just couldn’t understand on Why  Oooh Why did he have to say what he said.

 Does he know that he is indirectly hitting with his right hand an uppercut at the Prime Minister Najib especially so with Najib at the UN Assembly saying that the moderates must now take centrestage instead of letting the extremists holding the world hostage by their bigotry and bias.

The Malaysian Cabinet it seems is so not amused and judging from this report which we will upload HamiM Husin will need to sought out for something better to do in the very near future. In other words his DAYS ARE NUMBERED.


The cabinet is upset over allegations that racial slurs had been uttered by a senior National Civics Bureau (BTN) official against ethnic Chinese and Indians during a recent function with Puteri Umno.

NONEAccording to reports, Human Resource Minister Dr S Subramaniam said the cabinet also ordered the chief secretary to the government Mohd Sidek Hassan to investigate the claims against BTN deputy director Hamim Husin.

Hamim was alleged to have referred to the Chinese as si sepet (squinty eyes) and Indians as si kaki botol (alcoholics) when speaking of the need for Malays to cooperate with other ethnic communities for political purposes.

Subramaniam, speaking after the cabinet’s weekly meeting, said the ministers were upset to hear of the allegations and wanted a full investigation.

“All we have now is a report on an online portal, claiming the deputy director made racist remarks. This is not enough to take action against the person involved.

“Chief Secretary to the Government Sidek Hassan has been directed to investigate the allegations first, before any action is taken,” the MIC vice-president added.

Lets see some ACTION sooner rather than later…

I’m sure most bloggers will not hesitate to pin him down and give him a good uppercut. Will YOU..???

audie61 stand by this,”To me racial lines,racial overtones,also racial “spat“ and practically a “fist in your face to prove your racial superiority” is a way back in time and the fight back for everyone has just begun. 


 RACIAL SLUR. If you have any friends left or have they started to look at you one kind in the eyes.National Civics Bureau (BTN) deputy director Hamim Husin.

GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE STARTED . HOW COULD YOU..?? Read here:-Why did you need to call Chinese as “si sepet mata” (slitty eyes) and Indians as “kaki botol” (alcoholics).

In the year 2008 May 18th we wrote :- Ugly-Head fighting back

My late journalist friend SC Chan commented

Thank goodness, those who utter racist remarks belong to a very small group, not even what I would call the minority.They do so ,if they are politics, because they are pushed to a corner or they are so obessed by deep hatred for a certain member(s) of another race after being insulted or because of outsiders’ perception of what their kind are like, which is usually not true at all.When you utter a racist remark you will be remembered for a long time. Two individuals did that, one a politician who did that many years ago, and the very people he thought he was championing rejected him so many times at the polls. Blame it on money politics? The other is one of the local politicians who think his kind no longer need other races to help them advance economically. He doesn’t know what he is talking about? His politics lacks the finese or touch of touch. There is surely a better word for cultural arrogance. Antho- centurian?

IN 2009 February 18th this happens “Anjing,keling’:Student files report” and we said,”Lets Kick Racism out of schools” and emulate the football culture of “Kick Racism Out of Football” Our article 

One of our comments had this,”

Last year I commented. I will repost what I wrote here,”Racism should be left deep in the dark waters. But unfortunately it happens everywhere. Yes, I agree it is a matter of educating the generations. It is afterall a vicious cycle & we will never be able to completely banish this disease.
Kudos to the author for daring enough in bringing his thoughts in writing.


It seems when Najib is out of the country in his maiden speech at the UN General assembly when he said that moderates must now take centrestage instead of letting the extremists holding the world hostage by their bigotry and bias. Very well said PM Najib but unfortunatedly when you are not in town the SHIT HITS THE FAN.

What happened? Barisan Nasional leaders, minus Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, today condemned yet another racial slur from a high ranking officer on the government payroll.

They also agreed that it had rendered another devastating blow to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s 1Malaysia campaign. Muhyiddin, however, claimed to be in the dark and reserved his comments about the latest controversy.

BY THE WAY how is the investigation work on the school principals who insulted their students with racist remarks.?? Sooner or later if left unchecked it will escalate further and it may take even a different angle. Its time to clam down on this.


Malaysians will know that we must never COMPROMISE ON RACISM. Its ugly,it scars and it hurts where even your heartbeat does not dare to venture.

Racism is not only calling names or marginalisation but it goes beyond that. My better half did comment to me that sometimes subconciously we forget that we are really ‘racist”. It only needs to be checked and tolerated.


To me racial lines,racial overtones,also racial “spat“ and practically a “fist in your face to prove your racial superiority” is a way back in time and the fight back for everyone has just begun




6″Billion Dollar My Man…??”

At a recent book launch  the Guests of Honour was all full of praise for the author which seemingly elevated him to “GOD LIKE STATUS“. His smile broaden and the face lit up and at that particular moment he could even walk on water the person who sat next to me whispered.

However and true to form the accolades stopped, He was not prepared for what was coming.This phrase commonly used and associated with football TV commentators worldwide,” Is there a twists in the tail reared its ugly head.??”

The words came out openly”I am not too particulary amused or excited with your words and cannot agree with your sentenceDamn the Dams“.The Jaws dropped from mosts of the invited guests and there must be a far reaching effect especially coming from a seasoned and veteran Senior politician.

Could he be refering to the 6 Million Dollar Bionic Man.?? No,Of course the politician wanted to inform in so many words but not revealing the true facts but just singlehandedly handed a knock out blow to the author and the people of Sarawak.

He cleverly camouflaged it and pinpointed it out at the master initiator of this project “If not for the Damned Dams, life for us politicians would be so much easier.”

 The DAM ISSUE Now with a price tag of 6 Billion will be the TOP weapon used by the opposition. Do we need to be “very imaginative and put on our thinking caps” on how they will use it to their advantage and capitalise to win some votes over?

In the next few weeks or months leading to the elections the Bakun Dam issue will not just take a back seat. It will be up to the politicians from both sides be it BN/PR to handle this issue. The following article below extracted from an internet portal and  is also a news feed from Bernama.

The Sarawak government has offered RM6 billion to buy over the Bakun hydroelectric project from the federal government, said Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud.

“We have made our bid (RM6 billion), the bid is flexible in the sense that if the method of payment can be made lighter we can increase a bit more, but there is limit to what we can pay,” he told reporters after attending an Aidifitri open house at Kem Penrissen Batu 8 in Kuching today.

 bn supreme council mt meeting sapp sabah issue 190608 taib mahmudTaib (right) said the negotiations on the matter (the state buying over the project) were still ongoing and that a final decision had yet to be reached.

According to him, the federal government had yet to put a price tag on the project which is estimated to have incurred costs exceeding RM7.3 billion.

The Bakun project, Malaysia’s largest hydroelectric dam, is located on the Balui River in the upper Rejang River basin, some 37km upstream from Belaga.

The hydroelectricity project was first mooted in the early 1980s by the federal government to diversify the country’s power sources and was first awarded to Ekran Bhd, a company controlled by Tan Sri Ting Pek Khing.

The physical work on the dam started in 1994. Sarawak Hidro was established to take over the project’s development and management in 2000 after the Asian financial crisis of 1997-98 crippled the

At end-2002, a Sime Darby-led consortium won a competitive tender to undertake the civil works for the dam for less than RM1.8 billion.

The Bakun Dam, the second tallest concrete rock-filled dam in the world, is expected to be completed this December.

About 300 MW of hydropower from the first turbine are expected to be generated by the middle of next year. It will have the capacity to generate 2,400 MW of power when all eight turbines are in place by 2012.



PKR “Balai Ringin Ketua Cabang”

It goes without saying “An hour in politics is certainly a long time for the rural voters.”The PKR supporters knows that they need to be patient in the heat of the election. The intensity and the commitment shown by the candidates in garnering support was second to none. There were close calls of “eruption of fireworks” and also just  a minor skimish of “shouts of disgusts“heard but cool heads by the PKR scrutineers prevented the cancellation of voting according to a PKR spokesman to audie61.

Balai Ringin the first Iban Majority Seat and Constituency saw a three way tussle on who deserves to head the division. PKR Wanita Chief Ibi Uding was challenged by Sarawak PKR Vice President Jimmy Donald and PKR Member Cobbold John.

The final tally of results Jimmy Donald heads the division with 84 votes with Udi Uding polling 76 votes while Cobbold only managed 10 with 2 spoit votes.

It is indeed a severe blow for the PKR Sarawak Wanita chief as she will need to reassess her strength on the ground.She will need to close ranks and remain hopeful that she will still be picked to stand as a candidate for the upcoming state elections in N25 Balai Ringin.


PKR “Elected Office Bearers and Official Results”

The final results were all tallied and announced at around 6.15pm at both the counting centres of Petra Jaya and Stampin Divisional Meetings. There were excitement all round at both centres as the results were announced.

The Petra Jaya Ketua Cabang is now headed by Zulrusdi Bin Haji Mohamad Hol who received 67 votes while Ramlee bin Mahtar garnered 41 votes with 6 spoilt votes.. The Deputy Cabang was won by Azman Salleh who received 77 votes with Idwar Baharuddin at 36 votes and there was 2 spoilt votes. 

The Naib Ketua Cabang at the Stampin saw a three cornered fight in which there were some very tense moments and even a so called “friendly shouting match” was heard amongst the lady candidates. It was only natural as elections bring out the true characters and personalities of each candidate. Chow Ah Hong received 20 votes while Nazarudin @Madi B,Drahman notched up 52 while the victorius Voon Shiak Ni topped at 98 votes with 4 spoilt votes.

Immediatedly after victory she spoke to audie61 and we asked her,”Where do you go from here?”  She punched the air and told us this is the “FORCE OF THE STATE WANITA WING” The strength of the wing is tested again and we have overcome like we did when we went into the Sibu Parliamentary elections. She was quick to thank her team of election supporters who helped her to campaign and she briefly mentioned the following to be included in our article:-She thanked the The State Wanita chief  Ibi Uding and the State wanita colleagues for their support and also the Stampin Wanita Chief Narbriella Illyana Abdullah. Voon also said,”this is indeed healthy for PKR and it shows that PKR believes in the grassroot and the supporters have chosen the ones to lead them for 3 years.

The Timbalan Ketua Cabang for Stampin was won by Loo Chao Min who polled 107 votes to Yunus B Ahmad Zaid who managed 65 votes. The counting of the votes  which was  witnessed earlier by the  press and bloggers  as PKR practises Transperancy and Accountability nearly blew over when one of the counting agents requested the it to be a “family sort of affair”. Not to create an unhealthy scenario the media boys left quietly but begrudgingly. 

The final result of the afternoon was the much awaited and anticipated result of who leads Stampin Cabang. See Chee How the Sarawak State Infromation Chief was challenged by the Batu Kawah Ranting  Chief Soo Lina. When the results was announced and Chee How polled 110 to Soo Lina 60 with 5 spoilt votes Chee How thanked her for putting up a good fight. Both sets of supporters agreed its time to close ranks,consolidate and fight the common enemy in the next State elections which will be called very soon.

Updates “PKR Elections In Kuching Divisions”

2 corner fights  both areas- In Stampin Sarawak PKR State Information Chief See Chee How is being challenged by Lina Soo from the Batu Kawa Branch while Ramlee Mahtar is pitted against  Zulrusdi bin Mohd.Hol for Petra Jaya Division Chairman. Both areas are incident free and the members are casting their votes to determine the Chairmans and the new team.

The full results will be uploaded after audie61 visits the polling stations with pictures….