DAP “Cutting SUPP’S Ribbons..!!”

How times have changed. The once powerful SUPP party has been cut down to size and now a new power has emerged. DAP who used to “slander and make fools of SUPP YBs”have taken over the roles of looking after the Chinese Interests in Sarawak.

SUPP to DAP is justs a party that is living on borrowed time and if this picture is a clear Perception that DAP is telling SUPP,” The tables have turned.” Eventhough its a opening/launching of a new advocate for YB Ting Tze fei (ADUN Meradong) the opportunity presents itself to make it a Picture Political statement to SUPP.

The Chinese newspapers wants to know what we do now and not SUPP. SUPP has merely got two(2)only Chinese YBs while we have 12. Thats a whole lot of difference.

But on the other side of the coin,”SUPP should be telling DAP-practise what you preach not only cutting RIBBONS too. ” Is this a deliberate act to tell the SUPP YBs? If you can, we can too but we are superior to you now. YOU ARE NOBODY NOW

SUPP should also be fighting their own publicity war which is UNFORTUNATELY is very lacking and moreover their constituencies are in fact in the urban constituencies where mosts people are computer and social media savvy.

SUPP will be anniliated if they continue to be ENGROSSED IN IN-FIGHTING instead of fighting the enemy outside which is DAP and PKR.

Component parties cybertroopers in PBB,PRS and SPDP and BN blogs can only assist so much but if their own machinery are not working overtime but still have the attitude that we will cross the bridge when the time comes ‘ EVEN GOD CANNOT HELP THE PARTY

SUPP, now DAP is laughing at you and they will continue to be the peoples choice unless you step up your game.


“Sarawak 2 Gone ,1 Other Going…??”

Joey received an sms from a source who works as an advertising accounts executive,”Very soon Sarawak Opposition Legislators will be on the plane to South Africa for the Football World Cup. YB Dominique has tried going into the DUN by road and river but it seems the DAP YBs would fly to South Africa before the BN YBs. Sarawak DUN finishes on May 26th 2010. You know what the 3 YBs should do…??”

Joey replied “thank you for info..and have you got any message to them .??” The source replied,”Sure,tell them to tell their counterparts in South Africa of their mistreatment and stop the BN Ybs from entering South Africa. That will be FAIR as FIFA practises FAIR PLAY…hehehe

The whole episode can be read here as we have copied from an internet portal for your easy reading. So who else will be joining these 3 on a trip to the World Cup 2010..??

Maradong state assemblyperson from DAP Ting Tze Fui is now a step closer to facing suspension over remarks she made to the House last November.

NONEThe state assembly has passed a motion this morning to refer Ting (right) to the state legislative assembly rights and privileges committee, where she will face possible censure.

In the motion filed by SUPP deputy secretary-general Wong Soon Koh, he recommended for Ting to face the committee, and was passed by the House in a vote of 59 to four.

Pakatan has seven assemblymen in the house, including six from DAP and one from PKR.

Chong Jen Jien (DAP-Kota Sentosa) and Dominique Ng (PKR-Padungan) were both suspended on Tuesday, while Opposition leader Wong Ho Leng (DAP-Bukit Assek) could not vote due to a “technical problem”.

The five-member committee, all of whom are BN representatives, will now haul Ting for a hearing before making recommendations to the Speaker, which almost certainly would result in a suspension.

‘Unfair and undemocratic’

When contacted, Ting described the move as “unfair” and “undemocratic”.

“No matter what we say, BN will still find ways to suspend us,” she said, adding that her fate was almost sealed.

Although close to facing suspension, Ting says that she is not disappointed, instead urged the Sarawak voters to vote in more Pakatan representatives in the state assembly for a stronger “opposition voice”.

Ting had raised the ire of the state government after accusing them of misappropriating public funds during the debate on the state budget last November.

Soon Koh, who is also the Sibu SUPP chief, had threatened on Tuesday to file the motion, despite Ting producing a newspaper cutting headlined “Billions siphoned – Sarawak government stepped in” to substantiate her claims.

BN’s vengeance

If Ting is suspended, she will be the third Pakatan representative following Chong and Ng, to face censure since the Sibu by-election last weekend in which DAP managed to wrest the seat previously thought to be a BN stronghold.

Suspension from the legislative assembly appears to be a common tool for the state government. Ho Leng, who was newly crowned as Sibu MP, himself was suspended last year for 12 months. The suspension expired on May 13.

Meanwhile, Ng who was served with a suspension of 12 months on Tuesday, is complaining that the state government was barring him from entering the public gallery of the House.

In a statement, he said that the state secretary also refused to give him the order paper, saying that he has no right to be within the compound of the state legislative assembly.

“I want to know what my rights are during suspension,” he said.

The order paper is usually a public document which can be obtained by anyone. The parliament’s order paper for example, can be downloaded off the Internet..

Muhyddin..”What next on the Application Papers..??”

Marina Undau

My better halfs uncle who is English was very angry when he was told of Marina’s issue. His first words was ,”Didn’t I tell you that we finished our 100 meters race 100 years ago. Here in Malaysia there is still in mosts government application forms a column for RACE. No Need for all this nonsense. I am married to a Bidayuh and does my children need to fill in their race in forms when they enter the British universities. Oh yea..!! British /Bidayuh he said sarcastically.

On one hand its triggered a very big response in Sarawak in the mass media,internet blogs and mosts of all a very “HOT TOPIC” in the coffeeshops. Even this report from

Where and When will this stop? Do we blame our local ADUNS or MPS for not doing their required duties?If we continue to point fingers it will never ever end. There must be a solution and someone in the top hierarchy/corridors of power must put a stop to this. An Iban  friend of mine who is married to a Chinese said to me without even thinking,”Why we just emigrate and I dont think the government  cares .?

Two arguments here in that he is already fedup with the government policies or he has given up completely and being professionals their children will  have a better chance of a good education as their grades permit them to pursue their dreams of having quality life after they graduate.

Malaysia is half a century old(above 50 years) and we still have a RACE COLUMN IN MOST FORMS. This must be gotten rid as this will only hamper the progress of the country as it works itself towards a developed nation by 2020. With more outflow of brains to other countries like what my Iban friend has this would be very serious for the country. In time we will only have HALF BAKED/HALF COOKED BRAINS left in the country.

It’s time the system rids itself of priveleges/preference /priorities especially for education. There are no second chances if you cannot keep up. You only have to blame yourselves if you fail to make the grades. Our almighty creator gave us BRAINS AND IF WE ARE LAZY we pay for it. Race is not an issue here. No one is stupid by all counts and each of us has a GOD GIVEN  talent to ensure that our country MALAYSIA is not left behind in all aspects. Those who are smart are not necessarily good business man and vice versa. Well,do not need to give a lecture here.

So what is next Malaysia? Bumiputra is not a religion and it should never ever be used to differentiate the priveleges accorded to anyone who is Malaysian. There are so many wrongs that needs to be put right and mosts people in Sarawak have to thank Marina. There are always something or someone who sparks it off and thank God for Marina.

Uhuk! Uhuk! Uhuk! Malaysiakini Story on Selangor

The coffee crowd at “Coffee Fresh”was building up and there were many people in line. Suddenly Joey of audie61 heard a familiar ringtone on her mobile phone. She tried to ignore it but a few more messages came through . Aarrgh! What the heck and as they are messages from her ex colleagues in Malaysiakini. Ihoooo..! ” the waiter ask,”Can I help You..?” Instantly she said Yes,What is this…..Uhuk..! Uhuk! Uhuk..! Selangor….OoooH ..Please..This is the report from Malaysiakini….

For the Pakatan Rakyat states, it seems, all roads lead back to Barisan Nasional (BN) rule and Selangor is next on the list. That is, if Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has his way.

 It all started with the coup de grace that saw BN taking over Perak. A beaming Najib – who was then PM-in-waiting – announced that the coalition is taking over the silver state in his capacity as state Umno liaison chief.



Najib was handed the portfolio after the Jan 29 Umno supreme council marathon session. He took over from disgraced former Perak MB Tajol Rosli before the events led to the controversial takeover.

The adroit orchestration which toppled the Perak government, saw three Pakatan state assemblypersons suddenly jumping ship and becoming independents. They later expressed their support for BN.

In an ominous move chillingly similar to the Perak fracas, Najib was elevated to the throne of Selangor Umno liaison chief on April 24.

As pointed out by Universiti Malaya antropology and social sciences lecturer Noor Sulastry Yurni Ahmad: “If we remember what happened in Perak, we can infer that Selangor is next in Najib’s sights; he has promised to take over Selangor and he is likely to do it.”

In contrast to the surreptitious manoeuvring, prior to the fall of the silver state, Najib’s recent campaign started with him blatantly telling the nation that he intends to “win back Selangor”. He said this while officiating the Kuala Selangor Umno division meeting on Aug 9.

The prime minister’s statement stirred a hornet’s nest amongst Pakatan leaders. They rushed to close the respective barn doors before any more of their prized elected stallions could bolt.

As with the political jumping jacks in Perak, the assemblyperson in question will usually ‘disappear’ before reappearing to announce he or she has switched sides. This was the case with Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi, Osman Jailu, Hee Yit Foong and Trojan Horse Nasharuddin Hashim.

Now PKR’s Port Klang assemblyperson Badrul Hisham Abdullah is nowhere on the radar and, so far, has remained incommunicado.

Looking at his ‘disappearance’, the Machiavellian machinations attempting to derail Selangor Pakatan may have been long in the making. This is despite Najib only making the announcement a few weeks ago.

Fanning the flames of race and religion

Another facet of the ruling coalition’s long standing machinations seem to involve a concerted effort by Umno leaders, BN-friendly media and NGOs. All apparently with the underlying agenda of fanning the flames of race and religion, specifically to highlight issues which are sensitive to Islam and Malays in Selangor.

Noor Sulastry, who specialises in ethnic and racial politics, confirmed that “there are elements of race and religion in news carried by the mainstream media”.

She mentioned Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian and others under the Media Prima and RTM aegis as being the usual suspects.

The trend probably started with the scathing attack on DAP parliamentarian Teresa Kok over the azan issue. This was followed by Bukit Lanjan assemblyperson Elizabeth Wong’s condemnation as a person of ‘loose’ morality over her intimate photo scandal. 

They were joined, in the line of fire, by Selangor exco Ronnie Liu (right) who was slammed over his alleged involvement with vice and gangster elements, as well as, over the alcohol issue. Another state exco, Dr Xavier Jayakumar, also faced flak over the ‘insensitive’ relocation of a temple into a Malay-majority area.

But the most prominent of these ‘attacks’ was the crusade by none other then DPM Muhyiddin Yassin himself against de facto PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim, calling the latter “a traitor to the Malay race”.

Muhyiddin’s allegations against Anwar go hand in hand with recent sharp rhetoric in editorials and articles in Utusan.

One commentary in the Malay-language daily drew the ire of Centre for Independent Journalism executive director V Gayathry who said: “I believe that the commentary is trying to racialise the fundamental issues of governance and accountability. It gets problematic when you use (the) racial lens to solve these issues.”

Officials from the NGO Permuakatan Ummah (Pewaris) and Muhyiddin, however, defended Utusan’s articles.

The DPM explained that the articles were only a reaction to protests which challenged Malay institutions. This is a 360o turn from his earlier chastising of the newspaper for its article titled Melayu dikhianati? (Malays betrayed?) on June 2.

Noor Sulastry commented that the DPM’s defence of the Malay daily had sent the wrong message.

“As a senior government official, Muhyiddin’s statement paints the picture that Utusan is a government tool,” she explained.

“BN’s shameless use of the media to further its hegemony is a throwback from the Mahathir era.

“The implications also goes beyond our borders as most in the international community now seem to think that Malays are racists.”

Agitating the Malays

The lecturer further added that the reason for the focus on these sensitive issues, relating to Islam and the Malays, is because “Najib is trying to win the support of the Malay Muslims”. This is especially to reach the grassroots from lower income groups.

She explained that the use of free terrestrial stations under RTM and Media Prima, is extremely effective as most of the Malay grassroots do not have access to more impartial reporting of the alternative media and channels like Awani, on paid services like Astro.

According to her, Najib, by using these sensitive issues, would erode Malay support for Selangor Pakatan agitating the Malays into questioning their support for the state government.

What makes it worse, as she sees it, “DAP seems to overshadow PKR in Selangor. Even in PKR, its information chief Tian Chua seems to have more prominence than Anwar.” This makes it easy for BN to portray the Malays as being neglected.

However, Noor Sulastry warned that this is not helped by the fact that non-Malay communities are also starting to make demands that Malays may find sensitive.

Driving a wedge into Pakatan

But more than just agitating the Malays, BN is looking to drive a wedge into Selangor Pakatan. This is a major driving force of their Selangor campaign.

Najib himself specifically mentioned PAS and DAP as convenient targets when announcing his campaign to take over Selangor. In his statement, the PM described the unlikely duo as “oil and water”.

Noor Sulastry concurred that the two parties “have very different ideologies”.

But nothing better describes the schism between the two Pakatan



components than what Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo (left) told The Nutgraph in an interview. “PAS is pushing for an Islamic state. DAP always maintains it’s a secular state.”

This is the crack in Pakatan that BN is looking to drive a wedge into. Looking to turn it into a yawning crevasse that they hope would eventually break Pakatan’s back.

These are the provocations that Umno and its Youth movement are heaping upon PAS. They are using issues like the alcohol ban and unity government as bait to lure the Islamic party into a head-on collision with DAP. This is the powder keg situation that BN is hoping to ignite, in order to break apart the fledgling opposition coalition.

Umno’s sudden religious attitude seems to be a tad hypocritical however, as Noor Sulastry observed, “nothing was said of the same issues in other BN-led states”.

She also warned that “even PKR members may be at odds with PAS, as PKR is more ‘secular’ than the increasingly hardline PAS”.

She, however, concluded that despite BN’s attempts, “Pakatan is still united for now, though the opposition coalition will forever be marked by the ‘taint’ of the scandals peppered against it”.

The ‘taint’ may even cost long term damage that may make itself felt in the next general election, she added.

Well..Let’s SEE how it unfolds…Where is Badrul…..Hmmm..??

NO.1 Man a Blogger + Updates Batang Ai N29

Well all the talks of Blogger being a thorn to any ruling government should be disregarded and dispelled. The No.1 Man in the country newly installed Prime Minister Najib keeps the nation updated in his blog www.1malaysia.com.my .

He has been using the new media,incorporating video messages and posting them on you tube. He has also used Twitter(the social networking service that allows users to send short messages to each other)

Najib realises in order to keep tabs with the alterantive media he needs to embrace this new media tool. Even President Obama has used it to his advantage and we question,”WHY Not Najib as the New Prime Minister of Malaysia…??” 

Anwar Ibrahim(opposition leader and defacto leader of PKR) blogs too from  http://anwaribrahimblog.com/ and so does former PM Tun Mahathir http://www.chedet.com/.

Of course when bloggers do write it is bests that they follow the rules as much as citizens journalism is concerned. There must be facts,figures,statistics to substantiate all claims and they never lie. The ruling governments in the world thrives on Information and they are willing to spend astronomical sums to stay ahead of this political game.

Surely,with this No.1 man Najib being called a blogger too in the mainstream media all earlier SWEEPING STATEMENTS  should be put to RESTS.

As for N29 Batang Ai both sides of the political divide are using all their knowledge and experience to swing the voters to put a mark X on their candidates. Streams of election campaigners are seen making their way to Lubok Antu and even there are “SMS’s” now being send.

Every one is using whatever ways to campaign and the mosts creative to date if I may say is the ‘Life Buoy PKR FLAG” floating on the Batang Lupar river. New methods of Propaganda war is necessary.

The urban voters have already bought the ideas and expect the political parties to be creative and always a step ahead. In the rural areas. FLAGS,POSTERS,BUNTINGS and BILLBOARDS are still the usual ways of getting the message across. Of course the party election ceramah speakers play a very vital role too.

Business is brisk in the town of Lubok Antu and the shopowners are smiling and grinning from ear to ear. Tony ak Lu and Andy of audie61 will be heading towards a longhouse in the interior this Saturday night to gauge the sentiments of the people.   

We say as always,” Bloggers  are here to stay and unless the internet/cyber space  is shut down for good the BLOGGERS have a place called home IN MALAYSIA. For now on behalf of audie61 crew,we congratulate the No1 man for being installed as the Prime Minsiter of Malaysia and being a BLOGGER. 

Mercedes”O.K. By PM”

So much said and finally the PM has given his blessings for the new luxury cars says the Malaysiakini portals report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/86728 . The MB Ahmad said that he had a cordial meeting with PM and Najib and the matter has been solved.

Why is it in the first place this was not done? After the hoo-hahs which has caught the imagination of the whole country then the MB said a concensus was reached. Is this the way to do things? Is the MB Ahmad using this political strategy.”Ask and you will receive.Knock the door it will be open” I wonder whether he will entertain me the next time i knock at his door. You’ve got my number 019………..

He also said that he had received support from other state leaders and ministers on the use of the new luxury cars. So its simple show that you support PM or knock at the MBs door your wishes will be seen too. I wish it was that simple…! There are too many “toll gates” in between and unless you walk the corridors of power that can never happen. 

Sharir said there is a directive but it seems that his words can only be used for the TV consumption while the cabinet is even not as powerful as the MB. Just a little explaination is all it takes. I do need to learn a trick or two from him. He is good don’t you think so………..? 

Related report:   http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/86719

It’s PUBLISHED..”PKR S-G” visit in Sarawak

PKR news is everywhere in Malaysiakini. In Sarawak it seems for PKR to make the english daily’s,”It must be HOT”. The Secretary General of PKR who was in Kuching made a strong statement and for Borneo Post to even contemplating putting the story up the Editor must have the courage. Is someone else looking at his chair soon…? 

BN In Sarawak has changed their stance? The information is for all the rakyat and seems to be very fair so they say and the blanketing of opposition news is a thing of the pasts. The chinese daily’s are more open in this sense but the english media are more reserved. If only,there is 100% press freedom then all political parties will be on level playing field. Just a thought..!!! Will it ever Happen..? Anwar (picture)should acknowledge BP as a liberal minded paper if they give him and his party PKR the coverage. 

The full report

BN MPs will jump ship: PKR sec-gen
By Samuel Aubrey

KUCHING: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) is still confident of forming the new federal government by Sept 16, saying yesterday that the Barisan Nasional members of parliament will jump ship.

An adamant PKR secretary general Datuk Sallehuddin Hashim said these crossovers would take place amid the latest allegations of sodomy against its de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“If he (Anwar) can get (two opposition parties) DAP and PAS to work together, what more to say about his ability to get MPs from Sabah and Sarawak and even Umno to join us?

“There are indeed MPs who want to cross over. Of course, our supporters are impatient for us to make it to Putrajaya (the nation’s administrative city) but Datuk Seri Anwar had said this is not a ‘main-main’ (light) matter and cannot be rushed,” he said at a press conference here yesterday.

State PKR liaison chief Dominique Ng, who is also the sole PKR elected representative in Sarawak, was present at the press conference along with several other state PKR leaders.

Yesterday was Sallehuddin’s first working visit here as PKR secretary general since he took over from Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim in early April.

While in town he met with state PKR leaders on an upcoming seminar on ‘Leadership towards Realising New Hope for PKR Grassroots Leaders in Sarawak’.

Anwar is expected to fly here to declare open the seminar on July 26, and a large rally is being planned to welcome him.

Sarawak is also the second state after Selangor to organise such seminar.

During the press conference, Sallehuddin also spoke on the latest political developments in the country including the announcement by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi that he would hand over the post of Umno president and BN chairman to his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak by mid 2010.

“The announcement was expected,” he said, adding that the successor should have been the people’s choice and not one handpicked by those in power.

He also hoped that the motion of no-confidence against Prime Minister filed by PKR president Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail at the Parliament on Thursday, will be allowed in the Dewan Rakyat next Monday.


Related report:- http://www1.malaysiakini.com/news/86017

“Political Withdrawal Syndrome”(PWS)

Malaysiakini  portal has this headlines :- Are we sick of Politics.? We certainly will be if everything that we do are politicised to the fullest. Read it here http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/85734. Anyway going away from it all I was invited to a late afternoon “roti canai and teh tarik” at a cafe called Maju Jaya by a few of my PRS divisional wanita members. (Tightening our belts) 

They said,”You know what Boss,Ya ! remember our breakfast meeting.” hmmm…tsk tsk trying to catch a breath. Yup, the railway from Lundu to Lawas so what is happening? It’s not linking North to the South of Sarawak. Its been hijacked and CM has just announced that its from Similajau in Bintulu Division and Tanjung Manis in Mukah Division. Taib even said the railway would facilitate logistics growth in the 320km regional corridor and its a cheaper alternative compared with the present mode of using cargo trucks. How like that..? We thought we would suggest this when we are Assemblywomen. Well,at least..

There is more oh yea. hit me with it..”without revealing the cost” of the railway project, Taib said its development would go on beyond 2020. Taib was speaking in his key note address in a three-day conference on the theme “Sarawak Corridor Development: Reshaping Human Talents for the Future” in Bintulu. So apparently someone has been Evesdropping.

Taib also added that divisional residents and district officers in the state would need to work together in shaping the minds of the people within their jurisdictions to ensure they get maximum benefits from the development of the corridor project. Will we get the maximum benefit..? Who will get the contracts..? Don’t tell me …your guess is as good as mine..

If its not politics its of course development and other interesting places to eat and what to eat. Wanita members are also very keen to talk about the latest fashion and also one eagerly awaiting news that is the arrival date of Angela Jolie’s baby. Why..? no need for me to answer this one. So are you all sick of political news or what..? 

Just a note to the CM by the way if we had the Lundu to Lawas railway line we would stare at the countryside,meet new friends,relax and destress ourselves by not worrying over the price of petrol… you should know what this all means.(PWS)……….

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“It hasn’t stop yet.Penang and Bakun.Next.?

It seems that our Government under PM Abdullah is going through a really HOT and  shaky ride. I want to keep track but it has been more than 100 days after the General Elections things should have stabilised. We have had the rice dilemma, Mahathir leaving UMNO, Tengku Razaleigh’s challenge to PM, fuel price hike, 129 BN to 78 Pakatan in Parliament, SAPP threat of no confidence vote against the PM, Altantuya denials and to cap it up the press and media boycotting the Parliament’s lobby in protest of a new ruling. There are others though….but hope we don’t get fried by then…

Malaysiakini reported today that the government is postponing two major projects in Penang – the RM2 billion monorail and RM1.5 billion Penang Outer Ring Road (Porr) and this can be read in details at :-http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/85072 .

Not to be outdone Sime Darby drops costly Bakun Project. Why..? It will not take an equity stake in the controversial Bakun hydro-electric dam project as the board is of the view that the project economics do not fit in with their business strategy.

Sime Darby’s group chief executive Ahmad Zubir Murshid said “We are withdrawing our proposal to take up an equity interest in the project but will continue in our role as a contractor to complete the construction of the dam.”He went on to say that Sime Darby will not participate in the costly plan to supply energy from the Bakun dam through undersea cables to peninsular Malaysia.

Sime Darby leads a consortium in the construction of the six billion ringgit (1.8 billion dollars) project in the eastern Sarawak state on Borneo island. The 2,400 megawatt dam was approved in 1993 and is expected to be completed in 2010. Mahathir was quoted back then as saying,”Bakun will not only provide the cheapest source of energy,but will also serve as a catalyst for the country’s industrialisation programme.”

Its 3 months before September 16th for Pakatan to fulfill its takeover bid date and 5 and half months before UMNO General Assembly. Will Pak Lah and BN be able to sustain an avalanche of more dramatic events in the coming months. So far he is able to fend off all attacks and BN is holding up well. Next please…

6 months later (June 1st -Jan 1st)

Datuk Suret Singh Road Safety Department (JKJR) director-general says that the enforcement of the rear seat belt law will only take effect in January 2009. ( see our earlier report –https://audie61.wordpress.com/2008/05/25/back-seat-belts-june-1stgreat/ )

“Enforcement is important but the impact could be temporary. It is not an inner-driven value but externally enforced. So, when advocacy is used, it (wearing rear seat belts) becomes a culture,” he told reporters today.He said that during the advocacy period,back seat passengers found not wearing seat belts would be advised, given pamphlets and stickers on its importance.

I take a significant interests in that when I was in England I was saved by the seat belt when I crashed into a wall in Bournemouth on 24th of April 1984. The XR3 Ford car then did not have Air Bag and also my friend Mark Battistini who was at my back was pushed forward towards me and that did not help in me getting severe facial injuries. It was headline news and I still keep a cutting of the Bournemouth Echo 1984 to remind me of that accident. I’m glad to be alive and its 24 years from that episode and I see the Malaysian Government has finally realised that back seat passengers also need to secure themselves.

 Well done Malaysia!! Read more also at  http://themalaysianinsider.com/mni/enforcement-of-rear-seat-belt-from-jan-1.html