Wishes for All

The Management and Staff of audie61 would like to take this opportunity to wish all friends,allies,supporters a very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year 2012.

Lets all usher in the year of the Dragon hoping that every one will be blessed with prosperity,fulfillment and above all good health.Lets celebrate and spread good cheer to all those who are dear to us.

A friendly reminder,”Those who are travelling by Road transportation back to their families during this festive occasion be extra careful and we hope you will get to your destination and back safe and sound.”

See you HERE Soon.

After 26th March-Sarawak Polls

No guessing game needed. His 30th year book is already taking shape and now with his marriage what else is NEW? He can take his  lovy-dovy time now and wait for the right moment. The cut off period though is July 2011.

Eventhough Sammy Vellu the former MIC President has already called it a day. The “HEAT” is on  CM Taib to finally leave the State adminstration to a New Man incharge.

 A school of thought has even said,”he should leave sooner rather than later as if he delays and take charge to lead the State in the next elections he will lose his invicibility” Sammy Vellu is enjoying his new found status and Taib must also be looking at this angle.

 An Assistant minister and YB N6 was quick to point out to audie61 almost immediatedly,”We need his Wisdom.HE knows the State to well and BN Sarawak will need him to lead us into the elections

The internet portal Malaysiakini has this,”Guessing Game Coninues on State polls-“It has been a year when political pundits engaged in a guessing game of when the state election would likely be held – although the current term of the Sarawak state legislative assembly expires only in July next year”

Another BN assemblyman also told a journalist in our presence,”CM Taib holds the key but we must be prepared at all times which we are as always ever since the losts of the Parliamentary seat in Sibu. That was really a blessing in disguise and now the BN Sarawak will not take anything forgranted. We will face the enemy who is outside headon and we will stay united inside.”

The call of “The enemy is Outside was echoed by UMNO Youth Chief and Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin and he has really touched the “NERVE POINT” of the BN coalition partners. Even now as we are speaking at the Pakatan convention the YB said,”I heard the BN is under attacked and at every opportunity the shells and torpedoes are being fired at us with regards to Pakatans march to Putrajaya and how NOT WELL(tidak bagus) we are running the country. They are having their convention now just after our BN Convention.


The YB continued “CM will scrutinize and ensure that our 71 BN candidates are up to mark and as PM Najib says “winnable candidates” which has far reaching effects and all the State BN Chairmans will need to adhere to. Its already a different approach and away from the ‘norm where the warlords will push their candidates through and try to derail the machinery if their candidate is not picked.” CM has always gathered information and he knows the ground well if not he would not have stayed this long.

Can you manage even 15years without collapsing..?? 


On one side of the coin the people are blaming the ruling BN Government for the price increases on the petrol,diesel,Liquified petroleum Gas(LPG) and sugar. On the flip side some are also finding fault at the whole world economy which has spiral down and has affected the country. It is so easy to pinpoint faults at BN/Pakatan but the reality does sink in especially for the people on the street and working for the daily earnings.

Has overpolitiking affected both political divide until they drive each other up the wall..??  Both coalition  are so afraid of each others shadows and it needed a “Saint” Idris Jala now to inform the public of the true picture.

He is not even a politician belonging to any political party but a Corporate Man ropped in by the Government and he has no qualms but to blast it out that Malaysia may go bankrupt by 2019 if things are not checked.

Paul the Octopus a media darling now is overused and he might be stressed/burnt  out sooner than expected. We have turned to PETER the Electric Octopus to WAKE UP THE WHOLE COUNTRY TO THE REALITIES WHICH MALAYSIA NEEDS TO FACE.

Both sides of the divide needs to find a solution and deliberate it in Parliament and get to the bottom of it all. Believe it or not an EMPTY GAS CYLINDER 5 years ago costs $40 as deposit. Now for new house owners/shops/vendors the price for deposit for a similar cylnder is at M$120. Even your favourite coffee with sugar will soon see an increase of at least 10cents to 20 cents.


Lingam would have told you that its correct,correct,correct especially for too much sugar,sugar,sugar will have detrimental effect on your health.



“Had A Bad Day..Watch.??”

Its one of those days when we hear people from all walks of life complain about Life in Malaysia will never be the same again. Why…?? Subsidies gonna be cut,price of oil,tuition fees,standard of living,cars,housing,food etc etc will ALL GO UP.

Hang on! Life’s not to bad if you CAN LOOK AT THE BRIGHT SIDE OF IT. The Almighty Creator will want us to be HAPPY and Cheerful now.MALAYSIA IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY.LET’S BE OPTIMISTIC



PCM..”Creature of BN..??”

audie61 and the crew had a great laugh.These politicians certainly know how to come out with names or at bests get themselves into trouble or shoot themselves at the foot.

One can just imagine on how will the leaders of PCM react..?? Don’t tell me just Brush it off after being called ,”PCM is the “creature” of Barisan Nasional. If PCM is the creature what are the members called..?? Hahaha Sort that out and if you can’t maybe Baru Bian can help. ( Look at the above.We have found the illustrated members…..”  “CREATURES

How can we have any understanding with PCM, when it is the creature of Barisan Nasional, whose intention is to disrupt our preparations for the coming State election”? Baru Bian Sarawak State PKR Liason Chief  speaking to reporters.

The full report can be read HERE.

“S-G SPDP…??”

Will he ..? Will he not..?

It seems barely a few days after the SPDP TGM there are strong undercurrents swirling that Sylvester Entri might not be re-appointed as Secretary General. There seems to be very strong objections from the majority group who wants to put their own man to be the SG to the party. A phone call was even made to the Executive Secretary of the party by our source to clarify whether the President has made up his mind and his answer was a ,”No not yet” 

It appears that Mawans hands are tied closely and it remains whether he will come out unscathed or face a revolt of some sort inside the Supreme Council. Will they use a 2/3rds majority to remove him if he goes against their wishes?  A preemptive move by a ‘NO CONFIDENCE VOTE on the President”

So who is the other person favoured. It seems lawyer Kilat Beriak is the frontrunner if Sylvester Entri (Assistant Minister) is not reappointed.   Why Kilat and not Sylvester..?? This needs not be answered by audie61 as it is already well publicised that earlier there were some internal arguments which had sparked up a TEAM A and TEAM B grouping which was eventually compromised with a solution.  

It seems that actions can only take place after the party elections are held to eventually sort out  the  niggling internal problems. According to our innsider source its a FRESH NEW Headache for Mawan and it is not so difficult to solve. He can just discard both these two persons and opt for someone who has the caught the imagination of the party and public at large. Even those in the BN family are talking about him being burnt to ashes.

But as the saying goes,” Like a Phoenix he will rise from the Ashes and claim his Rightful Place.” Could Philip Ngo be just the right person to take over the SG posiion to balance the possibility of a ‘CRACK IN THE PARTY“. We never know as the decision lies in the hands of the President and he can surely use Philip as a leverage to stop all the infighting or interference from outside as openly claimed by some.

Surely the defeated Deputy President candidate will not be well received by Nyarok or Tiong but they say the party is above all and it could just be the right tonic for the BN SPDP party. A well placed source said Philip has certainly created enough Bang for the party and he could be just the perfect antidote to influence many more young and dynamic members to BN and SPDP.

This words could be just perfect to start a new reengineering and reinventing exercise for BN. Philip has walked the talk and he could counter PKR Dr.Chua Jui Meng very easily if he campaigns in Sarawak as Dr.Chua is known to have said these words,” A politician who keeps quiet is not a politician.” So could we see a choice between Sylvester.Kilat or Philip? If you are the President of SPDP  who will you choose…???

Mawan will use the time available to weigh the options and he alone will announce the SPDP SG as it is his prerogative..

Anwars” January 25th date”

Natasha of audie61 received an sms from a former colleague,’ Check out Anwar’s date in Court and reposts the article if possible.” 

We reposts the article from an internet portal for all to have an insight:- 

The High Court today dismissed an application by Anwar Ibrahim to strike out the sodomy charge he is facing. The court then set trial dates from Jan 25 to Feb 25 for the case to continue.

NONEThis morning, Kuala Lumpur High Court judge Mohd Zabidin Mohd Diah ruled that only a full trial could determine if there was actual penetration as charged by the prosecution.

Anwar’s defence team had argued that the sodomy charge could not stand as medical reports showed no penetration on the victim.

“While the medical reports may ‘state no conclusive clinical findings to suggest penetration of the anus/rectum’, this court however cannot cancel the charge,” said Mohd Zabidin, before a packed court room, which included former MCA vice-president Chua Jui Meng, who recently joined PKR and PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

“Witnesses have to be called in to testify to attest to the matter. The matter has to go through full trial to also consider the forensic evidence, to determine the case ,” he added.

Zabidin said this evidence and report would be useful to the defence team in creating doubts over the testimony of the witnesess on the incidence of penetration.


Anwar had previously failed in his attempt to remove the prosecution team from the case.

Allegations against the AG

Anwar, 62, was charged with allegedly sodomising former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 24, at a condominium in Bukit Damansara on June 26, last year.

He had claimed trial on March 10, at the Kuala Lumpur High Court against this charge. He was initially charged with the offence at the Sessions Court, before the case was transferred to the High Court.

Justice Zabidin, in his 14-page judgment also touched on Anwar’s defence team’s submission that the prosecution had acted ‘mala fide’ in preferring the charge. He said the allegation is mainly against Attorney General Abdul Gani Patail.

“They argued that the prosecutors in this present case had realised the role the AG had played then in 1998. They listed the role played by Abdul Gani in twisting and fabricating evidence against Anwar in 1998.

abdul gani patail“Despite this, there is no evidence to suggest that the same scenario is happening in this present case. Just showing Abdul Gani’s (left) role in 1998 is insufficient. That the present batch of prosecutors may have knowledge of this does not mean they (prosecutors) would be biased.

“It is also insufficient for the court on the balance of probabilities at this level, to decide that the charge faced by the accused is a result of mala fide,” he said.

Thus, Zabidin said Anwar’s application to set aside or quash the charge under Section 377B of the Penal Code is dismissed.

Anwar’s lead counsel Karpal Singh indicated to Zabidin that they will appeal today’s decision. Lawyer Sankara Nair told reporters later he would file the notice of appeal tomorrow.

Anwar unhappy with trial dates

Meanwhile, Anwar said he was disappointmented with the manner the High Court judge fixed the trial dates without considering the fact that an appeal is pending at the Federal Court on a related matter.

Anwar said that he was waiting for the Federal Court to hear his appeal to obtain further documents and evidence from the prosecution.

“The judge has decided to fix hearing dates in total disregard to our appeal on the matter. This is a first – there is ‘no need to wait for the Federal Court, let us proceed with the hearing’.

“Previously he had decided for us in gaining evidence from the prosecution and now he has decided against us by fixing the trial date.

“The very least is for him to respect his own previous decision that allowed us access to the documents and give time for the Federal Court to hear and decide on the matter,” he said.

Anwar also said while the court had verifed the medical reports from four specialists who said there was no penetration, this is the first case in the world where prosecution has been allowed to go on despite the reports stating there was no penetration.

He said today’s decision was also perplexing in that while the judge seems to have agreed on the role played by Abdul Gani in fabricating evidence, he decided that the present batch of prosecutors would not be influenced by bias.

anwar release 020904 sukma dermawan close up“However, we have evidence that solicitor general 2 Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden was involved in the Sukma Darmawan (right) case, where evidence was also fabricated and in the end Sukma was cleared.

“I’m worried that this prosecution, led by Umno, is withholding vital evidence directed to hurt my case. If such evidence is provided to the defence, I’m prepared to have the case proceed tomorrow,” said the opposition leader.

Describing today’s judgment as disturbing, Anwar said the medical evidence was conclusive and the judge seemed to have acknowledged that but he had hinted there maybe some other evidence to be adduced.

This is the first case in the history of modern times that you prefer a charge of sexual abuse ignoring medical evidence that conclusively states there was no tear or penetration.”

“I think we are in for a tough battle. We will fight them because we have compelling evidence and facts to support us. But the manner the prosecutors and court want to proceed with the case seems a bit worrying to me and my team of lawyers,” he said.

The defence earnestly asked Justice Zabidin to set mention dates instead of trial dates during proceedings, because of pending cases at the Federal Court. However the judge refused and fixed the hearing next month.

Sankara said his team would be studying on whether to apply for a stay of the hearing pending the appeal of related cases.