After 26th March-Sarawak Polls

No guessing game needed. His 30th year book is already taking shape and now with his marriage what else is NEW? He can take his  lovy-dovy time now and wait for the right moment. The cut off period though is July 2011.

Eventhough Sammy Vellu the former MIC President has already called it a day. The “HEAT” is on  CM Taib to finally leave the State adminstration to a New Man incharge.

 A school of thought has even said,”he should leave sooner rather than later as if he delays and take charge to lead the State in the next elections he will lose his invicibility” Sammy Vellu is enjoying his new found status and Taib must also be looking at this angle.

 An Assistant minister and YB N6 was quick to point out to audie61 almost immediatedly,”We need his Wisdom.HE knows the State to well and BN Sarawak will need him to lead us into the elections

The internet portal Malaysiakini has this,”Guessing Game Coninues on State polls-“It has been a year when political pundits engaged in a guessing game of when the state election would likely be held – although the current term of the Sarawak state legislative assembly expires only in July next year”

Another BN assemblyman also told a journalist in our presence,”CM Taib holds the key but we must be prepared at all times which we are as always ever since the losts of the Parliamentary seat in Sibu. That was really a blessing in disguise and now the BN Sarawak will not take anything forgranted. We will face the enemy who is outside headon and we will stay united inside.”

The call of “The enemy is Outside was echoed by UMNO Youth Chief and Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin and he has really touched the “NERVE POINT” of the BN coalition partners. Even now as we are speaking at the Pakatan convention the YB said,”I heard the BN is under attacked and at every opportunity the shells and torpedoes are being fired at us with regards to Pakatans march to Putrajaya and how NOT WELL(tidak bagus) we are running the country. They are having their convention now just after our BN Convention.


The YB continued “CM will scrutinize and ensure that our 71 BN candidates are up to mark and as PM Najib says “winnable candidates” which has far reaching effects and all the State BN Chairmans will need to adhere to. Its already a different approach and away from the ‘norm where the warlords will push their candidates through and try to derail the machinery if their candidate is not picked.” CM has always gathered information and he knows the ground well if not he would not have stayed this long.

Can you manage even 15years without collapsing..?? 


12 thoughts on “After 26th March-Sarawak Polls

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    Taib Mahmud the thief minister of Sarawak is giving his politic of self development a break with all the negative reports and allegations by Sarawak Report. While Sarawakians are kept guessing when he will call for an election, unfortunately the cuckold thief minister is consolidating all his will power to achieve his first ever erection in many years now that he has a new and sexy wife in her 30s.

  2. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:
    :idea: VOTES FOR ‘P’rice ‘R’educe ‘Pakatan Rakyat’ to help n protects all our poor n needed RAKYAT :idea:
    :oops: ‘B’arang ‘N’aik gomen gonna INCREASE petrol + all goods very soon again BEWARE!!!!! :oops:
    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

  3. Bidayuh Headmaster says:

    All Bidayuh seats under BN will fall. All Chinese seats represented by SUPP are as good a s gone. Orang Ulu are voting out BN. Half of Iban seats have turned black. Ronnie could not have been more right to predict that UMNO dominated BN might lose as many as 40 to 45 seats. Keep up the pressure guys. Work hard to liberate ourselves from Taib Mahmud the paramount thief and Lanun.

  4. Salah Satu says:

    More plunder od state resources and robbery of lands meaning the nearer end to BN Sarawak. Najib is on panic note, Taib is in desperate move….all feeling uncomfortable of ground sentiments; only SUPP George and goones are thinking SUPP is safe and Chinese voters are returning into their baskets…LET US SEE. Lovely and cute PRS silent over land robberies may feel secured believing all Dayaks/Ibans still trust in their YBs with bamboo chicken and salted wild boar meat awaiting their election visits, LET US SEE ALSO. No different for you, SPDP.

    Year 2011 will tell you all the difference.

    Happy New Year 2011 to all who are willing to vote out BN from your lovely land of Horbill…remove those similar to Taksin and Chen Shui Bian and put them up at the right cages

  5. Lee Hui says:

    PBB is taking desperate measures to invite “responsible” Sarawakains (very deceitful word) to be PBB bloggers to counter all the truth and documented allegation against Taib, Najib and UMNO dominated BN. Sarawakians are entitled to know from where the RM10 million fund is from. If its is from the private fund of Taib or Najib or their sympatisers, its their business. Not a cent should come from taxpayers money of government coffers!

  6. Asri Rahman says:

    A repost from Pak Bui : Abdul Karim Hamzah

    Abdul Karim might provide a better service for his constituents by agitating for a full and transparent investigation of the deaths of three poor villagers, followed by the prosecution of anyone found negligent. He might consider using his legal training for the benefit of villagers.

    He might try to be forthright regarding why the funds so badly needed for infrastructure development in Asajaya have not reached people at the grassroots level.

    Instead, he has been trying to defend Taib for being rich.

    Abdul Karim is an elected representative who has failed to ensure the provision of the most basic services to his constituents. He ought to search his conscience, and resign.

    He, and all the BN representatives, serve only Taib, and not Sarawakians, even though we Sarawakians pay their salaries. These representatives are deaf and dumb when it comes to corruption and poverty in Sarawak.

    They are blindly loyal servants of Taib, a man who sleeps in mansions (all over the world), while other Sarawakians are forced to drink water contaminated by faecal bacteria.

    When Abdul Karim insists on defending his master Taib, he is, in effect, telling all of us Sarawakians: go ahead and eat shit.

  7. SK Subramaniam says:

    KUCHING: The state government’s ongoing survey of native customary rights (NCR) land is an insincere exercise to hoodwink the native owners, according to newly annointed PKR vice-president Baru Bian.

    Describing the Barisan Nasional government’s move as ’empty rhetoric’, Bian said: “If the government is sincere, they should also survey the ‘pemakai menua’ (territorial domain) and ‘pulau galau’ (communal forest).

    “This is where the natives earn their livelihood.

    “What I heard is that they only surveyed areas around the ‘payung rumah’ (the surrounding areas around the longhouses). What about their ‘temuda ‘(farming land), their burial grounds, pemakai menua and pulau galau?

    “What the government has been doing is an empty rhetoric. It is an insincere exercise in order to hoodwink the people,” he said.

    Bian said it was typical of the BN government to make promises especially since it is election time

    “You know this is an election time, and this is just another grandiose promise which may not materialise after the election,” said Bian who is also the Sarawak PKR chief.

    The federal government recently donated RM20 million to the state government to enable it to survey NCR land in the state.

    Second Minister of Management and Resource Planning, Awang Tengah Ali Hassan, said recently that the state would apply for another RM60 million to continue with the survey exercise.

    Drop court appeals

    The exercise has now become the talking point of every state minister and BN leader in any function either in town or in the rural areas.

    According to Bian, many NCR landowners especially in Serian are not happy with the way the survey was conducted.

    Bian also appealed to the BN-led state government not to pursue with its court appeals after it had lost its cases to the NCR land owners.

    “My firm has won at least 10 cases for the natives, and other law firms have also won four or five cases. In all these cases the government pursues with its appeals.

    “If the government is sincere, it should drop all the appeal cases and at the same time issue them with titles,” he said.

    In welcoming the recent announcement by Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud to alienate 2,000ha of land to independent Chinese schools, Bian questioned the method by which he intends to do it.

    “Is it not quite evident that he is taking away NCR lands of the poor natives in the interior of Sarawak to give to the Chinese schools?

    “Is it not a clear case of right hand giving while the left is taking away? “ he asked, demanding that the chief minister clarify the matter as it is a serious issue that could possibly involve native lands being taken and given away.

    • Lee Hui says:

      Did the thief minister say he was limited in capacity when helping the community or group that needed help? How is Taib going to distribute the 2,000 hectates he pledged ( I repeat… pledged) and through whom…George Chan or Chou Chee Min? Urban voters and the Chinese are not fools if UMNO dominated BN needs to be reminded at all.

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