“Kitar Semula Topik/Isu”P201

Wah!!!!! Sik ada lain isu ka?


As GE14 draws near “macam-macam” unhealthy statements from the opposition front appears and they seem to be doing only one thing

They have not been able to penetrate the heart and soul of the constituencies mentioned and they will pick up ‘only the ones” they think can score them political and ‘brownie” points.

Is there another agenda being played by someone who is eyeing the seat? Will not want to get into “the matter for now and we leave that to another day if the need arises.

For the information of the general public at large the facts and statistics below don”t lie.


The opposition put up at No.7 which is so irrelevant and in actual fact does not require us to rebuke it. (extracted below)

7.Aku yakin Cikgu Ani hanya berani berkata2 sedemikian dihadapan penduduk kampung semarang dan di kawasannya sahaja.cuba Cikgu Ani mengulangi kata2 ini di hadapan penduduk Shah Alam ataupun di kawasan elite.cuba tengok.”

For the information of the opposition front every constituency have different demographics and the mentality of the people also focus on other needs and wants.

We must be fair in our political statements and to be honest the Minister from Sarawak helming the Women,Community and Development Ministry is doing an exceptional work and her presence is felt not only in Malaysia but throughout the World.

Shouldn’t we be proud of our fellow Sarawakian instead of knocking her down unnecessarily?

The people of her constituency has no reason whatsoever not to give her a fresh mandate and the PM plus the CM Sarawak will consider her to continue.

Iboh bante sesuka hati jak!!!



Loyalty.”No substitute”

a1a2a1When the chips are down your true friends will stick together with and by you. When good times roll the friends who are now enjoying the fruits of your labour will be dealt a BAD HAND in time to come if they conveniently forgets you.

Whatever comes around will go around and that is the basic understanding of how karma, the law of cause and effect, works.

My friends become your friends and your friends too will back stab you. An enemy will never even get near you.

There is still a flicker of hope and this is dedicated to the friends who have betrayed my trusts. BEWARE YOUR TIME WILL COME.

“Lan Berambeh Anak Sarawak 2014”

rt1Make a date 31st October to 2nd November 2014:-

Have you mark the date or added it in your INKPAD.? If not we are disappointed in you. Don’t miss this chance !!! We will tantalise your taste buds,mesmerize you with our culture and Showcase SARAWAK as a destination where the people comes first and politics takes a backseat. (politics lets do it another day shall we..?..so much too write about but its not TIME YET…

We asked,” Are You Ready..?”



“ARE YOU READY.?” when we completed this article


Barely ten days after the Hari Raya celebrations it does seem that the first salvo is already fired by this blog with this extracted article  http://sebanaku-sarawak.blogspot.com/2013/08/fadillah-tidak-tepati-janji-dan-tidak.html. In all fairness, this blog does stir some controversies especially if one is “implicated or mentioned”. One though have to take some of their articles with a pinch of salt as it does create uneasiness and at times ‘gets the nerves frayed and tempers at boiling point

We covered PBB watching the UMNO elections and its a fact that many will try to earn ‘brownie points” or even “put their heads on the guillotine” as we wrote earlier” the youth elections will be again be the centre of attention as there are nearly more than half over 45′s who are ineligible to be part of the movement.

In the worse case scenario Fadillah will have to use his political know-how to stop an all out assault by certain groups trying to wrestle power in the youth wing for their own personal Agenda. He will confide with the President of the Party and seek his wisdom to ensure all parties will be democratically looked and that is by PBB consensus.

No matter who tries to create,stir or whipping up a storm especially when its party elections time in PBB it will be quelled before it gets UGLY.

After you are ready it’s time to face the political manoeuvring within PBB. see you next time…

PBB “Supportive for Solidarity”

The journalists and UMB BN cyber troopers that attended the courtesy visit of SPDP Pending Division to Fadillah Yusof (Deputy Minister of Science,Technology and Innovation , PBB Pending Chairman and Sarawak State Youth Chairman ) got what they wanted to hear,”In terms of solidarity PBB is all out together for solidarity with all the other component parties in SUPP,PRS and SPDP. Thus this P195 and P196 Friends of BN we are fully behind supporting the idea through.”

Meanwhile,Wanita Chief of Pending Winnie Lim mentioned to the journalist this will make us work harder to strenthen the BN machinery in anticipation of the upcoming GE13. We are not competing with anyone and we are playing a supplementary role to assist our component party SUPP in P195 and P196. The programme/concept is collectively well received by members of 4 component parties. 

If the opposition parties thinks that its going to be a “walk in the park” against BN they are in for a real fright come this GE13 says one of the BN Youth Exco.  

Bekir for Samarahan,Mukah or PetraJaya..?

Where will Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib stand to be MP candidate for GE13?

 Surely no one would go against “the anointed one” The motion has been set and mosts leaders from PBB Bumiputra Wing who are aligned to CM are jumping on the bandwagon and giving their endorsement freely. The lists includes State Assembly Speaker Awang Asfia Awang Nassar, Senator Idris Buang,Minister in Chief Ministers Office Fatimah Abdullah,Chief Political Secretary to CM Karim Hamzah,Youth Information Chief Aziz Adenan and the latest being Second Minister of Planning and Resource Management Awang Tengah Ali Hassan.

The Chief Minister has already said he hopes that Bekir is ‘serious in serving the people” in response to his son Bekir’s statement of “I am always interested in Sarawak politics but no one has yet called me,” Last weekend Awang Tengah joined in by echoing his boss CMs words,”“I am very happy for him and I hope he is serious”.

A few murmurs from the political circles are coming out with their own analysis from a different perspective. It might not affect the choice but certainly its worth to hear their views.Mosts of them are in agreement that,”Its good the leaders are coming out to endorse but something is missing.”

The 3 main factors includes  namely

  •  1.Why are the grassroots leaders in these two areas P197 Samarahan and P213 Mukah keeping mum?
  •  2.There is definetely a deafening silence and hardly a whisper of support from any dayak leaders from PBB or any component parties?
  •  3. Why is the Youth Chief Fadillah Yusof quiet?

In answering the first question there has been a tinge of disappointment in Samarahan Constituency for Bekir’s brother Sulaiman.The grassroots felt that that they were let down by Sulaiman eventhough they put so much hope on him. They felt now they needed somone else besides Sulaiman’s brother as the saying goes,”Once bitten twice shy”

Even Karim Hamzah told a reporter that each individual is different and that claims that he too will let them down is unfounded will not easily erase the ‘fear of another misjudgement” Bekir needs to consider this factor too as eventhough his brother in 2008 garnered 15559 votes against PKR candidate Hussain Abang Apok 4148 this time round it will not be so smooth sailing. One of the seats earmarked by PKR is also P197 Kota Samarahan and Baru Bian has already said this,”We have spoken to the people on the ground and so far the response is very encouraging.”

P213 Mukah the incumbent Muhammad Michael leo Toyad who is already in his seventh term has already made his stand by saying,”well,I have no wish to step down.I am still able to work at the moment also I am still working to develop my constituency,so I am ready to defend my seat. Bekir would know that the incumbent has twisted his words saying the above as on one hand the incumbent says… “its all depends on the party’s decision if I stay or not.”

Bekir too knows that that Leo Toyad who was once a Roman Catholic and now converted is not well received by his constituency,there has been calls of him being replaced by new faces and there are names being thrown around in Alphonsus Dorhat,James Pieng with others even before Bekir’s name emerged. There seems to be a very loud calling for a Christian Melanau assemblyman to serve this notably christian dominated constituency and in the lasts elections the signals were very apparent. Bekir will have his hands full as Leo Toyad would not give up his seat so easily.

The second question is the dayaks feels that the Melanaus are building their dynasty. If any of their leaders openly support not one of their own they will be scorn upon by their own community. It has been reverberating for some time now that the dayaks are hoping that one of their own take the helm and if endorsement is given to Bekir it will hamper any dayaks from getting the coveted chair. The dissenting voices speaks loudly,”Another thirty years no way..!!”

In keeping their distance the current crop of second echelon dayak leaders would know they will not be ‘singled out”by any group in the Bumiputera wing. There is already a known ‘power struggle’ amongst certain leaders and the grouping is getting clearer as the days goes by for the CM to finally call it a day. The dayaks are not only keeping out of endorsing”Bekir’ openly but avoiding being dragged into the skirmishes which are happening behind closed doors. 

Thirdly,one parliamentary seat which Bekir looks as challenging to stand out on his own would be the P194 Petra Jaya seat. The incumbent a deputy minister is also the Youth chief of the party. Bekir knows this area very well as he has his house located in this constituency and he knows that there are at least 5000 and above opposition voters. PKR has already indicated that there are signs that they will be able to win this seat and wrestle it from PBB. This even makes it a stronger case for Bekir has he is known to “love challenges.” Even DAP MP and Adun Chong Chieng Jen has thrown a challenge to Taib Mahamud his dad that he should move away from safe seats to fight the opposition in urban or semi urban areas.

Bekir would like to win this seat handsomely and tell DAP and PKR that he managed without using his dads influence. His dads preference would be for him to stand in Kota Samarahan or Mukah. The people of Mukah yesterday called audie61 and said,”Toyad still wants it and nobody else but only Bekir can take it away from him.”

 Bekir knows that he needs to be serious to please his dad and he would not just pick up P194. He has to wriggle out to prove his worth in the political field and a platform right in the middle of Kuching Division where the voters are semi urban and winning it would be the icing on the cake for him. Fadillah has kept quiet on this matter and he might just be thinking of “changing his seat” to maintain his parliamentarian status. Will he be given a “safe seat..?”

Year   Barisan Nasional Votes Pct   Opposition Votes Pct
2004   Fadillah Yusof (PBB) 18,236 75%   Wan Zainal Abidin Wan Senusi (PKR) 5,420 22%
2008   Fadillah Yusof (PBB) 19,515 78%   Mohamad Jolhi (PKR) 5,118 20%

PKR Sarawak Women chief Nurhanim Moksen even mentioned in a telephone call to us that he finds the challenge of Bekir to be interesting and she says winning for PKR will not be so easily as Fadillah would have been easier to challenge. They know how to handle Fadillah as they have kept track of his movements and will use it as “atomic bombs” on him and oust him. PKR must be confident enough on this seat as it was unveiled recently that P194 is also amongst their winnable seat.

The Bekir factor will be a twist in PKR’s works and Bekir a “fresh face”succesful businessman and also with good political linkages would be able to win back the majority of the constituents to the BN fold. Many in this semi-urban enclave would be very happy to give him a chance to improve their Petra jaya constituency as they know he does thrive on challenges. Bekir knows the option of P194 stands out eventhough the safe seats of either P197 or P213 are as good as him being given on a “silver platter” an MP seat.

It’s really Bekir Taibs Choice dont you think..??

PBB “Musuh di luar….”

audie61 on a quiet  saturday afternoon received a number of smses. We are anticipating the much talked football game the Quarter finals of the FA Cup tonight at Old Trafford between Manchester United and Arsenal.

Surprisingly we received this sms about a “Majlis kesyukuran and  Perjumpaan Pemuda PBB” from a blog www.sebanaku2u blogspot.com. We also received a tweet on the “air asia crash” which turned out to be “false news” The news spread very rapidly..

So who do we believe now..? 

Not to be hoodwinked into believing we decided to check with some PBB members close to the Youth Chief Fadillah Yusof. One youth member who goes by the nickname”semalam” said it’s good and according to the blog he said the blog did mention,”PEMUDA PBB, MUSUH KITA DI LUAR SANA. MASA UNTUK KITA MENGHANCURKAN PIHAK PEMBANGKANG!!!

‘semalam’ even went on to say its time to ‘Bantir PKR kuat kuat. He heard also that the PKR one day convention in Batu kawah area is also drumming up support to defeat BN. Its now time and we must be united to fight a cause. No time to pick fights. We also checked with the Setiausaha Kerja  who said,”let me check and if there is its very good. This will dispel all doubts that PBB youth not united”

Even PBB Youth Chief N7 agreed and he said its time to fight the enemy outside. A few PBB YBs when contacted for comments said it seems that this blog is very much pro-BN and he does go an attack the PKR boys which is very good for us as we are defending our turf. Of course mosts of them had kind words for the blogsite but they too know that the blog will turn anytime if its they do not perform. We have to be careful with the blogs and they are highly sensitive.

Our earlier posting did create some small waves and it was misunderstood by some. They have since seen clearer skies and are not so touchy.

Oooops.. did we just say that..!!!


Get your Facts right…!!

It seems the Youth Chief of PBB absence from the rostrum is now getting a wee bit out of hand. audie61 has been receiving phone calls a plenty plus a number of emails. Some were very kind ones while others too good hahaha to be published if you know what I mean.

 It was just an innocent statement in English meaning,”Have you got a sore throat?”as we know by all accounts that the facts we put up were gathered from various sources. We are not in anyway “mercenaries” or “paid to write”. By the way,don’t get it wrong again…You will be paid accordingly if the masters you served thinks that you have done a good job.It’s only natural and don’t for once say that we imply anyone. Get it right please…! Facts.don’t.lie….Really.

 However we wish to make it clear though here that this blog http://www.theunspinners.blogspot.com/ must try to get their facts right before they publish their article. Kawan check dahulu sebelum pos lah..??

They posted,” Baca pula Audie 61 sini tentang Yb Fadilah sakit tekak. Tidak hairan mereka merancang YB Fadillah Ketua PBB tidak ada di Majlis BN Sarawak ini.”
Is this insinuating that we are part of the game in getting to their personal feuds if there are any. Are they any.??

 The fact of the matter remains we did not want even to implicate anything on the PBB Youth Chief. It was a genuine question and he reserves the right to answer if he wishes or remains silent. No one will say he is a fool if he keeps quiet. We are humans and by nature we are very curious and audie61 is asking though…

By the way why suddenly a peninsular blog has got so much interests in Sarawak PBB Youth affairs?

There are too many “heroes’ or “champions’ who feels that bashing up or “hantam” all the way is the correct way. Its the Sarawak State elections soon and if there are any issues to be settled amongst the youth boys its bests they settle it at the round table. Who are we to campur in their problems?

If there aren’t any friction or disagreements that would even be better. The enemy for BN Sarawak is outside and they should know where their guns are pointing. There is an avenue for each action and we have everyright to express our own opinion without fear or favour.

Isn’t this a democratic country..??

It is so according to my journalist guru  a former group editor he said just posts the following sites for them to make up their minds.




 6. http://hornbillunleashed.wordpress.com/2011/03/08/15841/

PBB Fadillah “Tekak Sakit kah..??”

Fadillah Yusof the PBB Youth Chief was a surprising absentee from the youth speakers at yesterdays BN convention. The other component parties were all represented by their respective Youth Chiefs and they made their points heard.

We as delegates to the convention were sitting with some delegates from Paisau Miri PBB members and they asked their deputy leader ,”Fadillah tekak sakit kah.Tak mungkin malam tadi ada nampak dia dan dia cakap dengan biasa..”

Now the question is how come the person in question who stood on the rostrum was Wan Hamzah Wan Paie an exco member and also Ketua Demak Laut. By protocol it should be given to the deputy or even one of the vice presidents says a political observer. We attached herewith the full lists below.

A Pbb member even told audie61 that CM did call Fadillah towards him and queried him why? CM after questioning him left the stage and was seemingly not too happy according to our source. 

Another political analyst said,”The organisers should put their foot down in that the Youth Chief of PBB and the BN Sarawak Youth Chief should address the delegates. But who are we to know what their political game is all about?”

One youth member clearly very upset chipped in,”Sudah Berlaku.Apa boleh buat? Pulangkan kepada Ketua Pemuda dan kepimpinan BN. Nasi sudah jadi Bubur”

A member of PBB who was at the dinner and who wanted to remain anonymous from a Kuching branch said,”He knows about the unhappiness and many were talking about it last night. Some are even saying that the Youth Chief passed a remark,”Let the small people speak. Malas mau cakap” He continued that,”this should not be a problem but some people in the pemuda or the MKT will find fault with Fadillah for this.But for now the enemy is outside in Pakatan Sarawak and not PBB itself.

But another thing which a member was very unhappy were all the exco team members especially the top tier of the Exco Youth notified of this action by Fadillah. Some are not amused at all and this is not very healthy as the BN is gearing up for the impending elections. Could Fadillah be luring out the people who are behind a blogsite which came out with this article:-http://sebanaku-sarawak.blogspot.com/2011/02/miri-marriot-confidential.html

If he is Fadillah chose the wrong time and the wrong place to punish the wrong doers. He has forgotten his role in BN Sarawak and as such he should have made an effort to stand up and be noticed by all. He could even stand next to Hamzah and said he would let him do the talking. This is not the time to give an opportunity to someone new eventhough he is highly qualified and the statement is not right.

CMs speaks about politics of reality and my GOD the rumblings are getting louder in the youth wing of PBB which we leave it to another day to cover. Like the PBB member who said,”Any problems kah in PBB..?




Ketua Pemuda

YB Datuk Haji Fadillah Haji Yusof

Timb. Ketua Pemuda

Saudara Daniel Jubang Datuk Kenneth Kanyan

Naib Ketua Pemuda

Saudara Kr. Ensaring Ak Suel

Saudara Kr. Dr. Simon Sinang Bada

Saudara Pandi Suhaili

Setiausaha Agung

Saudara Gerald Rentap Jabu

Pen. Setiausaha Agung

Mohd Kamaluddin Mohd Effendie


Saudara Kr. Awangku Jinal Abedin Pengiran Haji Jawa

Pen. Bendahari

Saudara Kr. Jampi Anak Tutong

Ketua Penerangan

Saudara Abdul Aziz Adenan

Pen. Ketua Penerangan

Saudara Kr. Dennis Ngau Jok


Saudara Petter George Segie Saudara Kr. Stanley Sila Saudara Hamzah Ibrahim Saudara Romeo Christopher Tegong Saudara Wan Hamzah Wan Paie Saudara Bell Bernard Aggan Saudara Raymond Joseph Tanin Saudara Ramli @ Narudin Sidi Saudara Henry Kilah Talek Saudara Morshien Affandi Saudara Haji Radin Kadri Radin Budiman Saudara Mohammad Tinggal Abdul Hamid Saudara Hajis Japar Anak Labaw Saudara Ambrose Jemut Ukam Saudara Kr. Haji Irwan Zulkarnain Hj.

Muhammad Hasbie


Saudara Charles Benet Ait Saudara Ripin Haji Lamat

Saudara Tony Malang Saudara Suhardy Busserah

Saudara Alvin Runggah Jimbun Saudara Mohamad Safri Haji Abdillah

Saudara Miro Anak Simoh

Setiausaha Kerja I

Saudara Fazzrudin Abdul Rahman

Setiausaha Kerja II

Saudara Leonard Jambu



ITS OFF…”Heavyweight Youth Chief Contests”

Breaking News;- 1.30pm .

In another twists and turn to the PBB Youth Chief Contests ,”Karim Hamzah Political Secretary to the Chief Minister and ADUN Asajaya,” has called the friendly contests off. Having listened to all corners and advises from the top PBB echelon leaders he has withdrawn his nomination and decided to support the incumbent Youth Chief to carry on his good work.

Eventhough this has disappointed his supporters Karim said,” ITS FOR THE BETTER GOOD.”


Plainly, the top PBB leaders have spoken and one thing is certain,”PEMUDA MESTI CEPAT RESPONSIF TO MASALAH RAKYAT..”

Karim thanked all concerned for their undivided support in a telephone call to audie61 and says its all for the party unity.