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May this Hari Raya Celebration usher in a year full of Joy,Happiness and Togetherness for you and your families. May the Almighty God shower you all with his Blessings and may your year be blessed with Good Health and Prosperity.

Dayaks-“Silence Deafening..??”

Is there any truth what is being written in this report-we extracted “Unrestrained drinking, frequent fightings in public places and other activities have been cited” ( click below)?

 An emeritus professor said that our Dayak Assemblyman should be at least be seen to do something if thats the word to be used to address the issue. They are put there,voted in by the people who have faith in them and if mosts of them lost their jobs in their thousands it will be a major social problem for the Sarawak State in the long run.     

Even a former newspaper critic said,” Our Ministers must make an effort to find out the truth of the matter backed up with statistics. Can they justs take a Ban as a ban when it affects their own countryman?

 A delegation with the Malaysian government to the Singapore republic would just draw more light to a rather touchy issue. This will have adverse effects on the manpower business between both countries.

The Silence is deafening but lets take that as a Starting Point to ensure that we will always lbe there for our people in their hour of need. We musts not take it as absolute truth until the ban is in totality for reasons which the country rejects our workers.

Efforts has been made by a political party from Sarawak and they have informed the Malaysian Home Minister and at press time the ministry has yet to meet their counterparts to resolve this issue.

When will we know..?

Will all our workers be victims of mindless some..?


 A SUPP Pemanca said to audie61 over breakfast this morning,”George Chans outburst which reads as-.”‘if DAP joined BN, it will be also useless like SUPP, MCA and Gerakan’ because BN does not care about the Chinese.” This will return and haunt our party SUPP and eventhough I am serving in a constituency where we don’t have a representative I do feel scared for our other candidates.

 We are allocated 7 seats and 2 of them are now in the hands of DAP namely P195 and P212. Our other 5 seats are held now by MPs (P 219 Miri-Peter Chin),(P196 Stampin-Yong Khoon Seng),(P199 Serian-Richard Riot),(P211 Lanang- Tiong Thai King) and (P208 Sarikei- Ding Kuong Hiing)

 We have covered this earlier and click here to see:- 

According to an observer “If GE falls in the month of November SUPP will have the same problems of being headed by the present leadership. The SUPP general assembly will only be held in the month of December which will not benefit the party. SUPP losts 13 out of 19 seats it contested in the recently concluded Sarawak State elections and this in the majority Chinese urban areas. In the coming Parliamentary elections 6 seats are urban areas and 1 semi-rural seat in P199. The observer says he does feel for SUPP and the Pemanca is obviously scared as he has received very “negative reports” from the ground.

The FEAR says the Pemanca is more or less like “you can feel it in the bones” We have spoken our pieces to the party hierarchy and they know the chinese majority of voters are teaching SUPP a lesson but we have to soldier on. We will still have to consolidate our forces and hope SUPP listens more than ever now to the voices of the people. The newspaper articles which has been read by thousands should be looked into immediately and SUPP needs to address the issues or else they would be more FIRE for SUPP after GE13.” 

BN will be worried,wouldn’t they..?? 

GE13 SPDP:- Nyarok Out..Enturan In…

An SPDP privelege source telephoned audie61 and said,”Have you heard the latest from SPDP..? It seems that Deputy President of SPDP Peter Nyarok is now sleeping in the same bed as the SPDP Separatists 5. Also he is eyeing the P205 Saratok seat which is currently being held by Jelaing Mersat. Eversince he losts the N34 Krian State Seat he has been telling his closest aides that he stands a mosts likely chance of being nominated to be a candidate to representBN/ SPDP.

Word has it however that the President of SPDP William Mawan has already been grooming another person to replace  the incumbent in the person of Enturan who is an engineer. Two other names in Chambai and Kilat were shot down by our source in that they are not on the same wave length and radar of the President.

 The General elections cannot come any faster for Nyarok as he feels that this time round he will be more motivated and eager to retain the parliamentary seat for BN/SPDP. In the lasts state elections many issues were brought to his committee but were shot down immediately due to over confidence and ignorance and also without revealing and informing the incumbent Peter Nyarok.

One today still very much remains a sore point for the election committee members in that when they asked to reinforce more posters and printed materials they were brushed aside. Worse came up from the mouth”Materials,they cannot vote..!!” PKR Ali Biju used the propaganda materials to his advantage and scored big winning over an Asst.Minister with over 2,089 votes. 

In elections every little things matters and if this kind of arrogance and attitude is not erased the candidate and the party will suffer big time. A source on the ground also informed us that in lasts weeks meeting in Saratok the component partiers have already indicated that they prefer Jelaing to be maintain as candidate and they saw Nyarok feeling very uneasy in his chair. He has sinced pushed his agenda further by courting the SPDP5 who were once not on the same boat.

The President is watching the developements with an eagles eye and also monitoring the moves made by his Deputy. PKR Ali Biju has already indicated strongly that if Jerlaing and Nyarok is fielded he will stand and if anyone else he will only give a helping hand. This is good news to SPDP President but he will not take it literally as he might justs be fooled by this arrangement. He needs to field for the party a winnable candidate and well received by the grassroots.

Nyariok might justs have to count and work his mathematics again if he thinks that he will have any chance of being nominated. Our privelege source says,”Nyarok might try but he will fail in his quests


Anwar and Najib..”New Twists/Conspiracy…??”

1998 Anwar was supposed go down in history as “taken out” and Now 2011 he is still very much part of Malaysia’s political landscape.So much has changed and it has reached to a political tussle unimaginable for the rakyat of Malaysia between 2(two) UMNO party leaders. Both have their own dreams of the coveted PM chair.One has made it by default so far and the report by John Malott the former US Ambassador to Malaysia  does jumble up some of our brain cells.

The words of John read as,”When I was in KL, Najib’s personal think tank was called the Malaysian Strategic Research Centre, or MSRC. MSRC basically was two people, Rohanna Mahmood and Razak Baginda.Neither Rohanna nor Razak are government officials, so I am not violating any US laws by revealing what they told me and my Embassy in those days.

A secret pact

In 1998 Rohanna joined me for a private one-on-one luncheon at the Ambassador ‘s residence. It was during the time when Anwar was starting to challenge Mahathir, subtly but still obviously.

Rohanna told me that Najib and Anwar had reached a secret agreement. When Mahathir was gone, Anwar would be PM and Najib would be Deputy PM. That was the deal.

That never happened, of course. When the going got tough, Najib stood by, and let Anwar go to jail.

What about Razak Baginda?

He told a senior Embassy officer, “The decision has been made. They are going to “nuke” Anwar politically for all time to come. “Until he can never stand up again politically.”

He ends his article by saying,”Can there be any doubt about what was going on then – and what is going on now?

The political fight between the supposedly ‘bests of colleagues in UMNO in the earlier years” has indeed captivated the whole country. Some are even saying that it has turned into their own PERSONAL BATTLEFIELDS. Now,the new conspiracy is to get rid and remove these two “lead actors.” Now one is UMNO President ,the other PKR de facto leader.

The political picture is murkier as Najib has been pushed to the brim of losing it and UMNO warlords are already looking even beyond Muhyddin as the caretaker PM for the General elections. The possibility of Hishammuddin Hussein and Mukhriz Mahathir as the No.1 and No.2. has even been making the rounds in the political circles. Both are equally well supported from within their own party circles and also from outside with the BN component parties.

Far fetched..?? Dont think so..!!

UMNO can say we change for,”We give the rakyat what they want. This is the NEW BN.Give us your Mandate..”


PRU 13…”Kuasa Rakyat..!!”

Parlimen Sarawak 31 kerusi. BN 29 Pakatan 2. Banyak orang analisi bercakap akan ada bumi gempar di Sarawak di PRU13. Ini di sebabkan “Rakyat Sarawak tidak berapa gembira dengan muka lama pemimpin BN. Kalau tidak ada pertukaran Pakatan akan menang lebih daripada 9 kerusi. Ini benar.”

A retired government civil servant said to me this was told to him last night as he attended a buka puasa function at a malay kampung in Serian. It seems that the people are making their feelings known more than ever now as the GE13 approaches.

Its now left to the party machinery to pick their mosts suitable candidate to face the people. Gone are the days when a BN ticket is already 80% a sure way to be a YB or MP. BN MPs are now feeling the heat and there are seen more than ever on the ground  and these statements from two parliamentarians speaks volumes.

One may asks,”Where are the 9 seats that Pakatan will do well to wrestle from BN.?”

P218 Sibuti MP Ahmad Lai said,”these “jealous: people had been spresading negative comments about the government and are trying to their best to destroy his reputation in order to wrest control of the seat in the 13th Genral election” The headline of BN will never let opposition take Sibuti has angered many in the civil society. This is short of of saying again,”Protect at all costs

Meanwhile, P216 Member of Parliament for Hulu Rajang Billy Abit Joo said that he was leaving his fate to the (federal and state) BN leaders to decide whether he will defend his seat in the coming parliamentary election. This statement was on the 16th of August 2011 which appeared in an English daily.

Today 22/8/11 he said “he was aware of a move by a small group in Kapit to come up with their own candidate to replace him.I am not stealing the seat from anybody but instead some peole are trying to steal it away from me” It seems the MP from Hulu Rejang is saying,”Come take it away from me,I am more than capable still to stand and defend the seat.


His scorecard to date reads as :-

Year   Barisan Nasional Votes Pct   Opposition Votes Pct
1990   Justine Jinggut 4,200 54%   Billy Abit Joo (IND) 5,393 42%
1995   Billy Abit Joo 6,731 67%   Lucius Jimbun (IND) 3,084 31%
1999   Billy Abit Joo 6,884 70%   Kumbong Langit (IND) 2,751 28%
2004   Billy Abit Joo 6,949 67%   Bendindang Manjah (SNAP) 3,283 32%
2008   Billy Abit Joo 6,590 59%   George Lagong (IND) 4,426 25%

The MPs can harp on their achievements,how they have performed, even some go on signature campaigns and lastly intense lobbying. It really BOILS down to the party and the respective coalitions in BN or Pakatan to put up their best and winnable candidate.


9 Seats Are you still asking where..!

“Anwar v Najib…!”

It has reached to this Anwar vs Najib

SUPP President George Chan recent outburst has put the “cat amongst the pigeons.” His statement which reads as.”‘if DAP joined BN, it will be also useless like SUPP, MCA and Gerakan’ because BN does not care about the Chinese.”

Does that mean that Pakatan has one hand in the bag and will wrestle all the Chinese seats?

Was he trying to tell the Chinese based parties that we stand a better chance to be outside BN? There are too many issues which needs to be addressed and SUPP is indeed in a desperate situation. The GE13 will indeed be the last bullet to salvage its once proud standing as a party that ”clearly stands together for the Chinese community

 The people on the ground have indicated in so many words,”Anyone who stands against SUPP candidates now has at least 60 % of the votes in the pocket. The ground has reverberated at the lasts State elections and mosts political analysts are telling BN that in Sarawak that SUPP might just be extinguished by suffering a total wipeout.

“If you ain’t listening you will suffer an Unprecedented  loss of magnitude propositions.”

The battle royale will be left to UMNO , the Sabah and Sarawak based multi racial parties to lock horns with the Pakatan trio of PKR,DAP and PAS. The smaller independant minded parties in SAPP(Sabah) and SNAP(Sarawak) might just play the kingmakers in determining who will be the new Government of the Day after GE13. SNAP is awaiting new leaders to emerge and making it more than relevant as it prepares for its TDC this year.

Now the situation on the ground for BN is simple,”go through every candidate not just two or three times but listen to the people on the ground before affixing their names on the candidate lists. Pakatan has already started to vet their candidates and are ready for the showdown.

Anwar vs Najib will indeed be a Battle Royale………