Mawan Exclusive,”Imbroglio in Saratok”

It was a supposedly to be a light morning casual chit chat with Mawan but however the whole situation triggered Mawan to give an exclusive from his political heart to audie61. He  talks about Saratok , Pakan and Political Expediency, Ministership ,Parties and New Voters trend in the country.amawani

Saratok P205

Saratok delivered the Parliamentary Federal Government award as the best in the state in terms of assistance to the people out of the 31 Parliament seats in Sarawak. It was won in 2014 a year after he won the the parliamentary election in 2013. As an incumbent MP   he worked tirelessly on the ground to see to their needs like an eager “First Timer in Parliament”. He was using his experience as a State YB which he garnered over 20 years and it proved to be succcessful. There is nothing to shout about it ,he said and he is only doing what the people wants and he delivers.

There is an idiom which is,”if it ain’t broke,don’t fix it” PM and the Top BN leadership will only know too well. Mawan has proven to be reasonably successful and an effective assemblyman and he is from 2013 in Saratok till today proving also to be a well liked,well mannered and down to earth parliamentarian. His experience as a “State Assemblyman and Minister in dealing with all sorts of problems big or small and also led as a Party President in SPDP will not be discounted or overlooked by the Prime Minister,Chief Minister either.

He said there are a number of PDP hopefuls in Subeng Mula,Basil Thomas and Dr.James Chella and they have been going around the constituency claiming to be the rightful candidate for BN in P205. Of course he knows that they are trying to impress the party and wanting the people to give them the mandate. They are also bearing down ‘some funds” for assistance in their own little way to sway the people. Mawan said as incumbent he has brought ‘government and parliamentary development funds” aplenty to the constituents and the people knows too well.

PM Najib knows well enough what Mawan is capable of and the award is a living proof of Mawan’s “Rakyat Di Dahalukan” which is in line with the BN slogan.

According to a special investigative report the aspirants or lobbyists are getting each others “THROATS” and this in itself is not healthy for Barisan Nasional for GE14. It will be a huge mess for BN to clean up as per the report which will tilt the balance away from the first timers,fence sitters,undecided voters. There is so much confusion on the ground and its a sticky situation and its not at all HEALTHY for BN in Saratok.

Mawan wants this Imbroglio to stop as it will deteriorate further as a number of Supreme Council members in PDP are behind each of their hopeful and aspirant candidate (names withheld). Mawan himself as always preached the “Unity of Barisan Nasional”is of utmost importance as to regards to personal interest and grudges.

Tiong himself  seems to be ill advised on this matter and he needs to look at the bigger picture of Barisan Nasional and not to be misinformed ,misguided by some over enthusiastic party boys. Surely, Tiong doesn’t have his own Agenda besides for the better good of Barisan Nasional ?

Pakan and Political Expediency

Pakan is a state constituency in Sarawak, Malaysia, that has been represented in the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly since 1969. Mawan won the State seat in 1969 after the delineation and have won it consecutively for 7 terms. He has brought a lot of development to the state constituency in terms of water,electricity,road linkages and economic benefits to the people he has served. (current picture of road in progress)amawan2.jpg

Mawan said in the last state elections he has expressed his interest to step down and participate in the State elections of 2016. He even told the late CM “Tok Nan” that he is going to step aside for a candidate of CM’s choice. He was summoned to Sri Perdana and in the presence of the Prime Minister and the late CM told in so many words was told “THIS IS A POLITICAL EXPEDIENCY

Mawan you are very much needed to win the seat for BN in Pakan. At that particular time when Mawan was summoned the former DCM Alfred Jabu and current DCM Douglas Uggah was also around says Mawan.

Mawan has already made up his mind and he was push into it and “SACRIFICED FOR BN” by the late CM Adenan and PM Najib. It was last minute,last hour thing and it is not right for people to hearsay that he is SO GREEDY and wants both the State and Federal seats. This is very significant he says on the statement.

Paul Igai in his statement said,”another reason Mawan should be dropped is that there is an understanding in Sarawak BN that no one should serve both as a parliamentarian as well as a state assemblyperson. He also cited Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas’ recent statement that no one should hold both a parliamentary and state assembly seat.

“I fully support Uggah’s statement on the matter and I hope both the state and national BN will adhere to the concept.”

Why is that that many are not looking above and beyond the Unifying factor of BN instead are trying to find ways and means to put BN Politicians at loggerheads when the truth is not told said Mawan.

These are his words,”I have already indicated to the late CM Adenan and PM Najid that I am willing to Sacrifice the state seat for Federal Seat in our meeting in Sri Perdana and it was Political Expediency that I was chosen as a BN Direct Candidate . I have secured the seat for BN in Pakan even though the margin was small of 426 and its still a BN win. An independant Jawie Jingot @ Jenggot received 3573 as compared to Mawan 3999. Tiong in a press statement of PDP did say this,”BN deliver all seats provided that all the BN component parties cooperate among ourselves and not sabotage each other.” Mawan have not sabotage anyone and he is not about to start doing that and he knows how BN values his loyalty.

Mawan said if a solution is to be found for this “imbroglio of Saratok” he is now ever ready to RELINQUISHED the Pakan seat for the better good of the unity within Barisan Nasional. Of course, its up the Chief Minister Abang Johari  and the State Barisan Nasional hierarchy whether i should bring this chapter to a close . PM Najib knows what Mawan wants and he values BN loyalty and a win for BN for Saratok in the upcoming GE14.

Will Tiong be rubbing his fingers to have the State seat of Pakan back as a PDP seat? That is for deliberation by the State BN and Mawan says as long as the State seat belongs to BN  even if there is a by election called he is all supportive for a BN appointed candidate. President Tiong will have a Vertigo if after Mawan relinquishes it will still be at square1. Who will claim this seat is anyone’s guess.?

State Ministership

I did not go back on my words that I am going to serve as a FULL STATE MINISTER in CM Adenan’s cabinet. I could have chosen the easy way out and be taken in any component party of BN or be picked as a Minister which is the prerogative of the Chief Minister in naming his cabinet. Instead after Sri Perdana Meeting he has already made up his mind and as a Promise to the PM Najib and to CM Adenan to concentrate on his Federal duties. Its of no use saying that I have been dropped and “party less” which is a very feeble excuse to gain political mileage by some political opponents but the truth always  prevailed says Mawan.

Parties and Voting Trends

There are many businessman, individuals and groups of people who want to join certain parties but due to mistrust,infighting and petty politiking are opting out of Political parties and are non aligned to anyone. Mawan said that this trend is developing and it will tilt the voters mindset as they will vote the ‘choice of BN direct candidate” PM Najib would not only want to win for BN but also to secure a 2/3rds majority to have a stable and secure government for the good of the country.

Mawan says,”Its a new challenge for the parties to be relevant to the voters and to look at a bigger picture where every vote counts and the Parliamentarians to be effective in their designated tasks for their own constituency.”

The late CM Adenan knows that Mawan’s experience in the state after serving as a Minister will want Mawan to be a good Federal parliamentarian who will not only be good for Sarawak but also beneficial for Malaysia as a whole.

audie61 says,”The whole Imbroglio in Saratok and to a certain extend Pakan have been told as per this interview and Mawan will not hesitate to RELINQUISH his Pakan seat if that is the wish of the BN hierarchy and he will certainly abide by the BN rules as set down. Of course at the end of the day, Mawan will listen to only the advise put forward by the top BN leadership in CM Abang Jo and PM Najib .

It was a fruitful conclusive interview by Mawan and he sticks with his decision.BN will decide and he will toe the line.

That’s Mawan for you.

Nazri Went on an Overdrive, Over reacted and Overheated to “Samseng”

It was supposed to be an  Iftar@KL 2017 programme at Dataran Merdeka. The political journalist and those who know Minister Nazri Aziz well enough were waiting for the perfect timing. They got it spot on bang,bang bang and he shot everything that came his way.

at1.jpgNow #Sarawak is trending in social media at No.1 and there are many angry net citizens who are giving the Tourism Malaysia Minister a piece of his medicine. He called newly appointed Sarawak Tourism Minister “Setahun Jagung” (greenhorn) and also told him in so many words:-

“You should not talk big in politics. If you want to show samseng (thuggery), we are bigger samseng. I won’t let him be samseng like that; I have been a minister for a long time.”Don’t be a samseng when you are a new minister. If you want to learn to be a samseng, you can learn from me.”

When pressed further he even had a go at Miri,”On the city of Miri’s opposition towards the tax, “Miri only has one hotel”.
Wow, he even went further like a man possessed on a witch hunt on the byelection of BN’s chances in Pujut. Surely, this must have gone very well with BN Sarawak’s component parties and they will even lay out a RED CARPET TREATMENT for him to campaign for them.

Karim Hamzah does not want to aggravate the situation further and he was very magnanimous in his reply when asked by reporters in a programme “bubur lambuk”organised by the Island Big Bikers in Kuching Sarawak.

Karim reiterated that “We are not against the Federal Government.We are asking them to consult us because they are certain things that may need a little bit of adjustments.”

Is that wrong ? The bill as shown here extracted,” Tourism Tax Bill was introduced on April 4 and passed in the Dewan Rakyat a day later. Dewan Negara duly passed it, too, on April 27.

In the Dewan Rakyat, Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz read out the bill for its second and third readings at 1.39am on April 5 before it was passed at 4.57am”

Can it be delayed instead of being enforced by July 1st? Certainly in a democratic country the Prime Minister and his cabinet could be consulted again and deliberated on the table and that was what our newly appointed Sarawak tourism Minister was hoping and asking for.

Instead Karim got a tongue lashing and many are questioning Nazri’s agenda now? Is he doing it on purpose to show his mettle as someone very big and powerful within UMNO circles or is he doing for someone else across the political divide? We dont want to assume or else we too will get heavy “bombardments” coming our way.

Even now Fadillah Yusof PBB Youth Chief and Rahman Dahlan have come under attack when they are protecting one of their own. Nazri even have the cheek to say they are not ‘neutral” as they are both East Malaysians.

atourismIsn’t this going to blow over with now Sarawak pulling out its representation in the Malaysian Tourism Board in which the Minister of course is Nazri Aziz. This political statement comes a day after the spat between Nazri and Karim. Nazri also thanked the Sarawak government for pulling out and thats real “political sarcasm” on his part.

A political analysts just wants to touch the cream on top and said,”Federalism throwing their weight around as Sarawak’s Tough man the late CM Adenan is not there to rally the people and take the flak himself. Our source said Nazri himself will not be afraid to go in the ring with anyone but he did and does fear CM Adenan.

Is that the reason why he sees Karim Hamzah as a late upstart and “wet behind the ears” and even named him “Setahun Jagung” Many entrepreneurs are now capitalising on the Setahun Jagung term and have called their burger ANC SetahunJagung. Drinks ice kacang with Setahun Jagung,T shirts are also being made. This political spat will and are a windfall for some people who knows how to cash in.

Social media is abuzz and love him or hate him the Tourism Minister has waded into the battlefield and got on with his work. Nazri’s agenda will only surface long after he is gone. But it will do no good to Sarawak or Sabah if its already in full implementation. Sabah Tourism Minister Masidi Manjun have also joined in the chorus of agreeing with Karim and even PRS Youth Chief and Assistant Minister Snowdon Lawan came out to openly support .

Nazri as a senior cabinet Minister should not have reacted the way he did and he was Overheated in his responses which will have a detrimental effect on the Tourism Industry.

Anyway,Politics is interesting at the best of times when the right subject matter surfaces.


Through the years audie61 have seen this menacing lawyer going through his work full of youthful zest and enthusiasm. Of course, his package doesn’t come across as Mr.Nice plus someone who is “Love to Hate him” but there is a catch,” He gets it done.”

In his first foray into the “elections world” in 2016 he stood on BN/SUPP ticket in the Kota Sentosa Seat against the “mighty” DAP Sarawak Chairman Chong Chieng Jen. The result as many have predicted that he would not stand a chance. The ground talk ,”Sacrificial lamb plus no wants loves him.” Is that so?

Many Kota Sentosa constituents are now regretting it by not putting him in as their “Voice” in the State assembly. Wilfred Yap is very menacing when you are first introduced to him. He is a six footer,walks very fast, his handshakes are firm plus his voice is not EXACTLY SOFT.

Many though would crave for his voice especially those in politics. He would have won a long time ago if he was a “DAP Candidate” during SUPP turbulent years. If he had taken a bite of the DAP’s cherry. Many young leaders left for greener pastures or retire early as they could not take the “losses” to once a strong party. He stood firm with the party and today he has been appointed as ” Public Complaints Bureau Chief” and also a Councillor of Padawan Council.

He has been working or as they say “turun padang” and criss crossing the constituency of Stampin. The President of the party Yb Dr.Professor Sim knows Wilfreds Potential and knows that the “people of Stampin constituency” will take him in as “their Stampin voice and adopted son” in Parliament for GE14.

Wilfred said on his walkabout,”its really a good feeling now that people are coming up to him,shaking his hands,tapping his shoulders and giving him encouragement for the Stampin Parliament Seat.” Previously in his first foray in the State elections he was all “gungho”to fight DAP but there wasnt the genuine warmth and sincerity from the people then unlike now when he is weekly attending to their needs.

The SPCB “Supp Public Complaints Bureau” seat has indeed been a blessing as this service is 24/7 and he is attending to all the needs of the people who ask for help or assistance. The “Hate”syndrome of this young lawyer is finally been tested to the fullest. He is seen daily in the media and in the social media world. There is no escape from the watchful hawks eye and it will very political disaster if he fails to deliver on his words.

His earlier  involvement in an NGO Jaycees International which has “service to humanity is the best work of life” is being realized. The President of the party Yb.Dr.Professor Sim knows that Wilfred will come good and to win over the Constituents he will have to put Wilfred through the “mill” with the most stringent test.

Of course when the road is already been build it will be easy for many in the party to want to be the party’s candidate too. Wilfred sees that “factional infighting or mere sabotaging” on his candidacy will be very incessant. He believes in his party that SUPP that they will make the right choice and will support whatever decision the top leadership makes.

Meanwhile he will continue to serve for the better good of the constituency and will reach out to all Sarawakians whatever race,religion,colour,culture or background.

The opposition will not only hear him now but if he is blessed with the Stampin Candidacy and elected he will not let the people and his party down. He knows too well the feeling of defeat after his first outing and he will not want to let the BN Chairman PM Najib Razak, State Chairman CM Abang Johari,President of SUPP Yb Dr.Professor Sim and his party go through the process of anguish and defeat. This time,he wants to do it more for the people of Stampin Constituency and let them be assured that they put the right man there.

The Stampin Parliamentary seat is a very “winnable seat” for Wilfred as he has his trump cards up his sleeves. The BN Strategic and election support team needs not look further than Wilfred and need to give him their “Fullest Support” to make it a resounding victory for BN and SUPP.

Wilfred was grilled and attacked mercilessly and directly from audie51 team and he felt the full brunt of our force.

We ended with this “if good men look on and do nothing the bad men need no better opportunity.” Wilfred smiled and said ,”He is ready for this next phase of challenge in his life and there are no inbetween.

His Party President, his party comrades plus those who sees his overall potential knows best. He is menacing yet very passionate towards his work for the people.

Wilfred Yap woud be a valuable asset to the incoming Parliament of Malaysia  

Don’t Compromise Their Future..

We need not look further than what we have in store for the us. We need peace,stability and a strong government which will ensure that all races in Malaysia live side by side in harmony together.

Joseph Salang Deputy Minister of Information Communication and Culture addressed the multimedia participants that there must not be any compromise for Peace and Stability which will be a dampener for the future of our nation as it looks forward to 2020 and beyond.

He also said””Don’t destroy the nation’s future by believing the empty promises of the
opposition that they can become a better government.”

Our Future generation depends on us and those out there as”Media partners must answer the allegations and issues raised by the opposition as choosing to keep silence will only destroy this nation which we built together.”


KA-BOOM.”100% Behind It all….!!”

We have heard of the Andy Williams song”You’re too good to be true” but if we are e lovers THAT”S O.K, but one of the lyrics that really gets me..Oh pretty baby, don’t bring me down I pray….



WORDS,PLEDGES,APPEARANCES IN NEWSPAPERS just like Andy Williams song “Its too good to be true”

100 % Behind are all but just mere words when actions/words are unfulfilled and it happens once too often and the silent majority are now fighting back in a way which will determine the outcome of politicians who are true to their words or justs paying lip services.

BN OR PAKATAN needs the peoples representatives who can work for the country instead of justs promising the world i.e (I will give this,that,and that) to the people and many wannabees will very soon know their true values….




“UMB Hebat..-Surat Layang !!”

The blogsphere is there to be won. In the years gone by, say 25 years ago we used to spread political propaganda/information through TV,Information services Department Radio services and films,letters, word of mouth and there were a lot of “surat layang”

Today’s world and technological advances and computer savvy voters have turned to the internet,blogs,twitters,stumbleupon,Linkedin and the mosts used social media tool is FACEBOOK.

Are you hooked up to any of them?

Everyone is able to access especially with the Information and Culture Ministry trying to get the rural areas connected and to stop the Opposition harping on inaccessibilty of the NEW MEDIA. The MCMC are tasked to work out the rural digital divide and make Malaysia more progressive as it forges closely to achiving a fully developed status by 2020.

The cyberwar is being fought fiercely between Pro BN and Pro Pakatan troopers and they will try to outdo each other by getting their messages across. Without a doubt this is also used as a tool  to try to defame,character assasinate and spread malicious lies and hopes that they trickle down to the grassroots to secure VOTES.

Its up to the cyber troopers,bloggers,facebookers of both Pro Coalitions to defend and tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

UMB has been set up as a solid, strategically monitored, defensive and tactical unit to combat the political parties from LIES and UNTRUTHS. It has become a much neede machinery for politicians from both political divides to use and to try to paint the wrongs to RIGHTS. Politicians without the UMBs or any socialmedia units will stand more to loose than to Gain.

Its becoming to be an ASSET to blockade FALSE PROPAGANDA and to push the much needed messages of the political parties across. You musts know the “surat layangs’ of yesteryears and how effective they became.


UMB was spoken by many during the UMNO AGM and this article written by one of our associates WHIZZEKID is well worth looking into:-

UMB telah menjadi sebutan di persidangan UMNO yang baru saja berlangsung minggu lepas.

UMB di bawah naungan Tun Faisal Exco Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Malaysia juga kian menunjukkan kehebatan mereka dengan kehadiran blogger yang berwibawa dan berkaliber. Dengan penyampaian berita dan info terkini amat membantu kemenangan BN. Ianya bukan hanya perkara remeh. Bagi sesetengan orang UMB tidak diperlukan kewujudan mereka. Namun di persidangan UMNO yang lepas malah PM kita juga menyebut akan kepentingan UMB di era ini.

Penubuhan UMB Sarawak yang diketuai oleh Abdul Aziz Adenan Satem juga kelihatan menyerlah dengan beberapa blogger mereka yang sentiasa aktif memperjuangkan hak rakyat dan juga mengungkai segala rahsia dan persoalan tentang pembangkang. UMB PBB, UMB SPDP, UMB SUPP dan juga UMB PRS berganding bahu bersama-sama bersatu hati di dalam UMB Sarawak. Begitu juga facebook dan tweeter mereka yang sentiasa aktif. Bukannya macam sesetengah akaun facebook , tweeter dan blog yang SEDANG TIDUR sekarang…

Unit Media Baru medan perang di era ini yang mampu menggegarkan pihak pakatan. Jangan pandang rendah pada UMB. Janji UMB akan memperjuangkan hak rakyat dan BN. Jangan ambil remeh akan kewujudan UMB.

111111..What Changed in your Life..??

Numbers are very significant in our lives. We were born at what time,what date and what year. There is no such thing as someone telling you ,”I don’t believe in numerology.”Do you believe that the person next to you now is watching your every move. He is looking at his watch determining and taking notes of what he has seen and jotting it down.

I’m not kidding and thats the truth

What really happened for you on 111111. In Malaysia in the political sphere many held their breadth and waited for the great announcement of  PM of Malaysia Najib Razak saying,”Parliament is dissolved” It did not happen and many political pundits were left to speculate for another day. Najib even said to the reporters they would not be an election this year. So will he take a year to change things by going for 21-12-12. (see below article extracted from a blog source)

As for the couples it was a very busy day for mosts of them who has taken the significant steps of saying,”I DO” to each other. We at audie61 wished them all the bests and may they live a very fulfilling lives together for better or worse,in sickness and in health and for all the good times and in bad all throughout their married life. Some may cherish this moment 111111 all through their human life while some sad to say will fall apart.

Did you do that or did you do something more significant. Only you would know and will remember it for the rests of your life and when 211212 comes along you will say,”111111 i did that and my life changed…

Oooohhhhhh Yeeeaaaahhhh..!!

The article below is extracted with thanks…… 

11:11 Phenomenon, 11/11/11 & 21/12/2012

The winter solstice of 21-12-2012 marks the end of the Mayan Long Count cycle. This occurs at 11:11 universal time. This fact opened a Pandora’s box of interesting new 2012 linked data.

Some years ago amidst my explorations of occult subjects I discovered the cult of interest surrounding the specific time 11:11. This movement came about due to peoples peculiar experiences with that time or with the number 1111. Generally speaking this was a matter of synchronicity or meaningful coincidence.

[Skip to 11/11/11 article]

The 11:11 phenomena’s participants would find that most days they would happen to look at a clock at exactly 11:11 or perhaps 23:11. Some tried to explain why this was happening.

The most popular explanation was that a group of higher being, or angels, were using it to bring themselves into human awareness.  This explanation became very popular and spawned numerous groups and books. This interpretation of 11:11 phenomena is however not of great interest to most 2012 researchers like myself.

The number 11 in both singular and duplicated form has great importance for 2012 related astrology, prophecy, numerology and history. Lets just start by making everyone aware that if we take the Mayan symbol for 11 and then duplicate it, flip its duplicate, shift them both ninety degrees, we have the image of 11:11.

Of course 11 has its own numerological meanings. One numerological interpretation is that it marks the beginning of new cycles, increased spiritual leanings and compassion. It is considered as one of the master numbers, those few that are not reduced by the addition of the constituent numbers.

This number and specifically the time 11:11 being so linked to the December 2012 event has stunned many of those experiencing these temporal synchronicity events.  Indeed it has shocked some of the supernatural and occult subject researchers who had long begun to ignore the phenomenon, myself included.

I have myself experienced many 11:11 temporal synchronicity events. Additionally I have 1:1 in my birth-date, which on an intuitive level always felt some-how important to my life quest. It was the synchronicity of separate personal contacts having sent me 11:11 related data within hours of one another that brought this subject up again actually. Logging into a 2012 site in which to post a follow up I found myself on post number 1111 of the web thread!

An important element of the 21-12-2012 subject is the contemplation of Solar dynamics and Solar behaviour. I am no Heliophysicist or particle physicist so will rarely brave explaining any magnetospheric dynamics in relation to 2012. Even respected ‘experts’ on the science behind the workings of our nearest star admit that they do not have complete models. New understandings are constantly being reached in this area of astrophysics.

There is no doubt that the Sun’s erratic behaviour has massive effects on Earth’s biosphere. We sometimes forget that we do not merely orbit the sun but rather reside deep within its magnetosphere, the invisible part of the sun that extends out as a spherical bubble enclosing the inner planets

Many experts have contended that changes in atmospheric ion count for example can effect human and animal behaviour, as well as our bio-clocks. Thus influencing biological, physiological and behavioural patterns of all living things. Certainly we know that some frequencies of radiation from the sun can effect cell division or brain functions. Excess or lack of certain frequencies and types of solar radiation have been observed to give radical effects on human beings under laboratory conditions.

The reason why the Sun becomes important in the 11:11 subject is not simply the solstice point in our calendar. It also happens to be that the sun’s magnetic field operates a cycle of polarity reversals averaging 11.11 years in length. The next peak of this cycle happens to be in the year 2012 and has been predicted by some astrophysicists to likely be a very active maximum. Some posit possibly the most active since the end of the last ice-age.

There are also important 11 year cycles in human population growth in respect of birth rates.

Even more incredible is the finding that the entire mass of the black hole central to our galaxy spins once every 11 minutes.

Nikola Tesla, the unsung hero of science whom gave us such wonders as alternating current (imagine not having that!), was very interested in the Sun. Although a hard scientist he was also rather superstitious about numbers, and held the perhaps strange belief that the Sun and the Earth were dynamic living organisms. A belief held by many indigenous peoples of the America’s. I mention this because on some level I am left wondering if the Sun is either consciously or by unknown natural mechanisms communicating with the life forms that inhabit its sphere of influence.

Is the Sun, our temporal governor, speaking to us through the very devices that display its movement through the divisions of the day. Could this really be like the elephant in the living room that nobody wants to see. The sun having an 11.11 year cycle, the winter solstice of 2012 falling at 11:11 and people all over the world finding themselves bombarded with 11’s just as science is predicting some kind of majestic solar event at the peak of this current cycle seems more than coincidence.

One rather dire possible event is the Earth being hit by a massive Solar event such as the November 2003 monster X-ray flare that erupted from the Sun. This was the most powerful solar flare ever recorded at X-28. It blinded the NOAA GOES satellite for 11 minutes.

There is even a cosmic 11-11 mystery. Two comets called 34D/Gale and Boethin, have mysteriously vanished. Both of these were 11 year period objects!

Interestingly 11’s have played important roles in recent history.  The 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th day is the official moment of remembrancefor the lives lost during, and cessation of, the terrible fighting in Europe during WWI. Two minutes of silence are observed, a pair of 1’s yet again.

More recently we have the initiation of a war on September 11-01, which may yet be remembered as the start of WWIII. It also transpires that 111 in numerology is a ‘power number’ related to fresh modes of thinking applied to new cycles in life‘s play.

The TowerIt is of additional note that not only did we have the start of the war-on-terror on the 11th September, but that it was heralded by the destruction of the two great world trade centre buildings appearing to stand above the New York skyline in the form of an enormous 11.The 1st plane that impacted was flight 11 with 11 crew on board.

An aspect of 9-11 not mentioned much is that card number 16 of the classical Tarot portrays a tower struck and crumbling away with people falling. The card appears in Tarot spreads as an indicator of massive tumultuous and painful changes before something new can appear. It was as though the symbol for massive turbulent changes just leap off our Tarot card and onto our TV screens.

As a 21-12-2012 subject matter researcher, it would be perhaps ironic if I had missed the timing of the event in relation to that subject. The events of that fateful day occurred just over 11 years from the end of the Mayan calendar. Was this a vast cosmic herald of great change relating to the numbers 11, 111, 11-11?

Its also interesting to note that the very numbers of the solstice date 21 12 2012 combined give us the number 11 once again. Almost like a fail safe, just in case we were too dumb to notice all the other 11 related patterns!

One fun mathematical oddity is the fact that 1111 multiplied by 1111 gives us 1234321. This forms two sides of a structure like a small Maya stepped pyramid in numeric form. In terms of the much vaunted ‘New Age’ and the coming of the era of Aquarius it is notable that the water bearer is the 11th sign of the zodiac cycle.

Interestingly 1111 days before the 2012 solstice is the date 6-12-09. The fact that 6, 9, & 12 are sequential multiples of perhaps the most highly regarded spiritual number 3 is a notable fact. For my part 3, 33, 333 & 3:33 have been the numbers that follow me through my life more than any others in relation to synchronicity. The 11 link returns when we divide 33 by 3 which of course give us 11 once again. Also don’t forget that the date 9-11 can be seen in numerology as 333-11.

Another notable date is of course 11-11-11 which may well present some interesting suprise for our planet. I have noted that on previous dates such as 10-10-10, 09-09-09 etc. important events have happened. I will be writing more on this in a seperate article nearer the time to include both my actions and expectations for that date.

Perhaps the most powerful lesson inherent in the number 11, is that there is one, and next to it there is one. I am another yourself, and you are another myself. Each is one. All are one. There is only one or lak’ech as the Maya say.

If only all mankind could find in that a simple positive message.

DAP vs MCA Ipoh Timur..??

Usually political spats will end up with interesting solutions for some while others more “dirt” out from the cupboard. A MCA veteran in a telephone conversation said to us ,”This Ong and Chua spat is getting nowhere and it will be dragging down the party more. When two elephants go ahead the rests will just watch and see who succumbs but so far its getting worse.

Ong now even dares the President Chua to stand in Ipoh Timur in the Next Ge13. We tweeted,”Winner takes all MCA President Chua Soi Lek vs DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang in Ipoh timur in GE13? Mother of all Battles.Both winnable great”

He went further and said,”The press/media smell a kill and they know Ong will be all out to get at Chua. Its a very good political move on Ongs side and Chua would have difficulties wriggling out of this situation. He has though, got himself out from an”embarrasing situation” and also came out tops within the party. But if Lim Kit Siang dares Chua to come to Ipoh Timur that will be a completely different situation. ”

If Lim Dares Chua the greatest beneficiary would be Ong. MCA top guns would need to put their thinking heads on to see whether it is advisable for Chua to go to Ipoh Timur. Chua is a fighter and if he dares takes the challenge MCA knows that their President is a man of his words.

  Will we hear the lasts of this? 

The article below:-

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 3 — MCA maverick Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat suggested his party president and rival Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek run for national elections in the DAP stronghold of Ipoh to prove he is a “winnable candidate”.

Ong, who is also Pandan MP, continued his bitter rivalry with Dr Chua on the micro-blogging social network which started yesterday at the MCA’s 58th annual general meeting.

In a post on his Twitter account, talk2otk, Ong (picture) said: “Wow, Chua Soi Lek claimed he is winnable anywhere. Good 4 him 2 contest in Ipoh Timur or Barat as he is helming Perak MCA.”

Both Ipoh seats are considered DAP fortresses held by two opposition strongmen. Veteran lawmaker and DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang is the MP for Ipoh Timur and Ipoh Barat is held by M. Kulasegaran, who is also a DAP vice-chairman.

The former transport minister was responding to Dr Chua’s declaration to reporters last night: “I consider myself a winnable candidate everywhere I go.”

Johor-born Dr Chua was Labis MP before he was forced to resign after a video recording of him having sex with his mistress in a hotel room was leaked to the public.

The visibly annoyed Dr Chua also called on Ong yesterday to quit the party after the latter’s “disparaging remarks” against the MCA’s top echelon.

“Who is CSL 2 demand me 2 resign as MP of Pandan? Mandate came from rakyat, not from CSL,” Ong tweeted his reply today, adding: “My relevance is not 2 be dictated by our maharaja CSL.”

Barisan Nasional chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak has said that only winnable candidates will be fielded by the coalition in the 13th general election, and has hinted that incumbent candidates may be dropped in favour of younger BN leaders.

Dr Chua, who deposed Ong as MCA boss in a fractious power struggle 18 months ago, continues to decline confirming his own candidacy despite revealing this week that several current leaders will not run in the coming polls.

Rumours have also been swirling since February that Ong will be dropped as Pandan MP as he grows increasingly isolated following his defeat to Dr Chua.

In 2008, the married Dr Chua stepped down as health minister and MCA vice-president after admitting he was the man featured in a secretly-recorded video which showed him having sex with his lover.

The Labis seat is now held by his son, deputy minister Chua Tee Yong.

But Dr Chua made a comeback later to win the party’s deputy presidency after the MCA’s top two leaders resigned due to its poor showing in Election 2008. The party won just 15 of 40 federal and 31 of 90 state seats it contested.

The party subsequently sacked Dr Chua in August 2009 over the sex scandal, sparking an extraordinary general meeting where a vote of no-confidence in Ong was passed.

Dr Chua became MCA president in March 2010 in fresh elections where he saw off Ong and former president Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting.

MP’s Beware “The Third Eye..!!”

When we sat down for breakfast this morning the N1 Candidate for PKR Boniface Willy Tumek said,”not many bloggers and main stream media are willing to write about NCR, illegal logging and land for oil palm.” Anyway we in PKR will and defend the State rights and the natives rights as it has been way over the top. It’s good that Adenan Satem is the new Minister with Special Functions and let’s see how far he will reach down to the companies to stop these ‘ malpractises.”

We have two elected representatives in the State Assembly in Baru Bian and See Chee How who will be keeping a very close eye on these matters. They have been elected as they have championed the cause and won a number of court cases and now its up to the “experience boy in new clothes Adenan” to engage them if necessary.

Willy said,’We in PKR have been using the alternative media to the fullest and armed with this technology we have penetrated deep into the BN Bastions. Only now,BN are looking at it seriously and the FACEBOOK, twitters and blogs are already the politicians third eye for them. Very soon, it will be the General Elections and the MPs (members of parliament) who don’t use this media will be in for a shocker.

Even PBB Daud Abdul Rahman Tupong N6 had a shock when his seemingly safe Bidayuh areas saw decrease in votes from the semi-rural constituency. He used to see only around 23 opposition in this polling district but in the last elections it has increased to 101. The younger set of Bidayuh voters have made their intentions known and they are not staying anymore in the villages. They want development to reach their areas and if the Government concentrates on too much urban development the answer is ” we will go against as there are not any business opportunities in the rural areas”

The Facebook photos of HI Chin posted is a good example that the MPs and the ADUNs today will not be spared. The ever increasing technological advances are now the THIRD EYE and the politicians today have to step up or they will be SHIPPED OUT. This is a very good example on how the PKR National Vice Chairman SN Voon engaged ,”Hi chin ,can you tell us where is this place ? We have alerted the members from PKR Bau to attend to it … Mr Boniface Willie hp number is 016 8835668. Please call us … Thanks.

BN legislators are slowly catching up but it is still too slow and they are not exactly directing their party counterparts to be on the alert.The rubbish was cleaned up but does this simple tasks need to reach the politicians ears and eyes before it is carried out. The ruling government put in adminstrators who should be working for the government as they are also “paid by the rakyats $$$$” This is not an excuse and before long many will feel the wrath of the THIRD EYE.

MPs you have been NOTIFIED……

“Dayaks being Chased Away….???”

The political landscape in Sarawak is changing not only every day but as the curtain draws nearer the State elections its basically every hour. News are filtering out from most political “wannabees” at such great speeds that verification is left to the ones who have access to information.

Even the BN Sarawak Cyber troopers are now finding hard to keep pace with such sites as Sarawak Report,Hornbill Unleashed, Sarawakawaken,Dayaknation and Dayakspeaks. These sites are seen as gaining so much popularity with their spicy and unmistakably anti-Taib spins. Even now the PKR Sarawak chief Baru Bian we quote,”I am extending an open invitation to him to debate against me on the NCR land issue.”

He is really going all out to draw the opponent(Taib) out in the open to see whether Taib is taking the bait. Many political analysts are saying,”This debate will not take place even as Taib says he accepted the challenge” Read more here..

Many bloggers will be fighting this issue over the blogsphere but they can only do so much in support of Taib. Reality hurts and how many BN YBs are seen lending their full support as of now we can count them by our fingers which has not even made the 8th count. They know who they are and CM Taib is keeping tabs of all who is with him at this battle 2011 which will supersede the Ming Court affair of 1987.

This is no more hearsay as even publications are also surfacing out in the open. The dayaks are no more what they were 25 to 30 years ago where information technology and accessibility is unobtainable and kept from their eyes and ears. The younger dayaks are beginning to stand up and many are looking at events unfolding which the BN YBs have basically no answers to them.

BN YBs are working hard to deflect whatever comes their way but they do need the help of the cybertroopers which will pull them steadily through. Many still think that cybertroopers are facebookers,twitters and only smses savvy.

Its beyond that and they must have the soul to get through to their readers and eventually information will only reach the ground zero level. The pro-BN government machinery will need to look at what their Pakatan counterparts are doing in the states run by them.  CYBERWAR IS REAL……. 

The frontliners will face many challenges as they battle to fight the PERCEPTION warfare in the blogsphere. The urban areas the people have more or less made up their minds on who they think will lead them in the next DUN. Rural voters will need more persuasion to change their allegiance and votes but its up to the parties concerned to work their propaganda. The age of technology has also caught up with the rural interiors and many are using it to their advantage.