CM Adenan Wants to Help The Rural Poor

adenan15State government to focus on rural development to narrow rich-poor gap

Posted on June 29, 2014, Sunday

BINTULU: The state government will place emphasis on rural development to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor in Sarawak.

Chief Minister Tan Sri Datuk Amar Adenan Satem said yesterday there was a need to narrow down the increasingly widening disparity.

Speaking at the annual Gawai-Kaamatan Celebration 2014 at Rh Meikle Ding, a 28-door modern Iban longhouse in Sungai Seputan, Sebauh about 55 kms from here, he said there must be an improvement in the life of the rural poor.

The celebration was jointly organised by the Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), led by its president Datuk Joseph Salang and the Sabah Kadazanduzun Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), under Bonipasius Bianis.

“That is why I have asked for an increase in oil royalty from the federal government.

“I have talked to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak about this and he seems quite receptive to it. I will pursue it further,” Adenan said, adding that he would be attending a briefing by the national oil and gas company, Petronas on its activities in the state tomorrow.

Meanwhile he reiterated his advice for the different communities in the state and Sabah to continue to zealously safeguard their existing peace and harmony.

“For Sarawak, we will continue to ban outside racists and religious bigots from coming in to destroy these for us,” he said.

Although Islam was the country’s official religion, he said, everyone was free to practise the religion of their choice.

At the function Adenan announced a government grant of RM900,000 to improve the Kemana-Jepak Road. — Bernama


Audie61's Weblog

BN TERASOur Emeritus Professor said the news/media headlines should read BN READY FOR STATE ELECTIONS .

The writeup will start with ….BN Component parties agree fully to work together to defend all seats allocated against the opposition Pakatan group in the upcoming state elections. However this is totally against the flow of how the BN component parties in Sarawak that is,”washing dirty linen in public which the voting public is sick down to their stomachs with.

On one hand the CM who has taken office barely 3 months is besieged with BN component infighting which has escalated over from the former CM. The 10 YBs who have on 15th May 2014 said that they will all come together to join a new political vehicle in TERAS ( Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak) is facing stiff resistance from the other BN Sarawak component parties in PRS,SUPP and SPDP. PBB has through some of their assembly made positive political statements…

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BN TERASOur Emeritus Professor said the news/media headlines should read BN READY FOR STATE ELECTIONS .

The writeup will start with ….BN Component parties agree fully to work together to defend all seats allocated against the opposition Pakatan group in the upcoming state elections. However this is totally against the flow of how the BN component parties in Sarawak that is,”washing dirty linen in public which the voting public is sick down to their stomachs with.

On one hand the CM who has taken office barely 3 months is besieged with BN component infighting which has escalated over from the former CM. The 10 YBs who have on 15th May 2014 said that they will all come together to join a new political vehicle in TERAS ( Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak) is facing stiff resistance from the other BN Sarawak component parties in PRS,SUPP and SPDP. PBB has through some of their assembly made positive political statements in relation to TERAS and the 10 YBs.

The Emeritus Professor said this headline,”PRS, SUPP, SPDP declare pact to defend their state BN seats allocation from Teras, to convey stand to top Barisan leadership that they won’t budge. Masing went on to say that Teras elected representatives who won their seats under SUPP or SPDP should have the moral to resign when they left the parties.

They never stood as Teras candidates. In the last state election they were nominated either by SPDP or SUPP to represent BN.”

He said if they were to contest in the next state election they should stand under the Teras banner and must not mislead voters into thinking they were contesting under BN.”

A YB close to Mawan posted three questions

  • 1.Why are they so Afraid of us?

  • 2.Have we taken their seats away yet?

  • 3.We are all BN are we not?

We are NICE PEOPLE and why are they creating such a Ruckus even before we have submitted an application to join BN. Shouldn’t they be concentrating on fighting the Pakatan group and win back their losts seats . This is totally absurb and to see three component leaders not only merging in minds but merging physically is akin to the dark days of MIng Court 1987 when BN faced the Maju group.

Extracted from the Broken shield please find the following,”

1987 Ming Court Affair

This political crisis already started brewing when Rahman Ya’kub was the governor of Sarawak. He criticised his nephew in a speech at a ceremony of opening of Bintulu port in 1983.[7] In 1985, Rahman Ya’kub was involved in a bitter dispute with his nephew, Abdul Taib Mahmud over allocation rights. In 1987, Rahman Ya’kub formed a new party named Parti Persatuan Rakyat Malaysia Sarawak (PERMAS) in order to challenge Taib Mahmud at the polls. He also formed an alliance with Sarawak Dayak People’s Party (PBDS) in order to unseat Taib Mahmud. In March 1987, 27 of the 48 state assemblymen suddenly directed their support to Rahman Ya’kub while calling Taib Mahmud to resign as a chief minister. Among the defectors were Taib’s 4 cabinet ministers and 3 assistant ministers. A war of accusations on timber concessionaires then broke out between Rahman Ya’kub and Taib Mahmud. Taib Mahmud revoked 30 timber licenses held by his defectors and Rahman’s clients.[6] Taib then accused Rahman for awarding 1.25 million hectares of logging concessions worth RM 22.5 billion to Rahman himself and his relatives. Rahman Ya’kub, in return, revealed a list of timber concessions covering 1.6 million hectares held by Taib’s clients and family.[5] Despite the unsuccessful attempt at the 1987 Sarawak state election, Rahman continued his struggle with his allies, Sarawak Dayak People’s Party against Taib’s led Sarawak Barisan Nasional until 1991 Sarawak state election when Taib’s coalition won an overwhelming majority of 49 out of 56 seats in the state assembly

Another interesting character must be Datuk Justin Jinggut, a former SNAP vice president who is now actively promoting himself to be the PKR supremo in Sarawak. Interestingly Justin Jinggut is Norlia Tun Abdul Rahman’s husband. Now, who is Justin Jinggut again?

“I believe the first double-frogged politician was “born” in Sarawak. It was in Sarawak where this culture of double-frogging began when Ulu Rajang MP Justine Jinggut elected unopposed on a SNAP ticket in the 1982 parliamentary election defected to Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) in 1983. In 1986, he contested on a PBDS ticket and won with a big majority. He leap-frogged back to SNAP before 1987. In 1990 he stood again on a SNAP ticket and was soundly defeated by Billy Abit Joo of PBDS.” –

Are they any similarities to this episode asked the YB? How can he, meaning James Masing during the heightened SPDP crisis (2010)said that the merger of SPDP/PRS will go through if a “certain personality is not involved. Today he is seen not only merging in mind but physically putting his hands behind that certain personality.

Politics they say do not have enemies and this has proven to be so true of James Masing following through with Willaim Clay’s quote,”This is quite a game, politics. There are no permanent enemies, and no permanent friends, only permanent interests.”

James Masing knows too that driven to a wall he would use whatsoever opportunities that are available to him. We wrote the following and please go through them.

One political source have similar thoughts to audie61 in that he said that James is holding both Peter and Tiong at their private parts and he will turn on them and be called by the Chief Minister of Sarawak and then iron out his political wishes. Both Chin and Tiong would be caught in a “LALA” land and they will suffer greatly with this association of minds.

The master in James have seen off Leo Moggie, Daniel Tajem, Sng Chee Hua and would not have much problem with Tiong King Sing or Peter Chin. Wouldn’t SUPP and SPDP be smarter and said to those who have left,” Good Luck” instead of kicking off a ruckus which we know well enough from insiders that they are pushing the blame indirectly to PBB.

The 10 Ybs are only trying to find a home for the next two years and they too will not be guaranteed a ticket to be the candidate in the next State Elections. Najib and Adenan have time and time again said BN will only field Winnable candidates and not those who thinks they can win without lifting a finger.

Many will point their fingers at audie61 for opening the Pandora’s box but the blame should fall on those who have misguided, mistimed and misadvised their Party Presidents and have Overblown EGO’s which they failed hard to contain.

BN Sarawak have a test and tested culture and those who are caught in the ‘TREE SHAKING” and washed away by the fast flowing waters will suffer greatly in the oblivion. PBDS,SNAP and some in PBB have suffered too and this Perfect May 15th 2014 storm are catching some out already.

Wouldn’t it be better if James,Peter and Tiong and his merryman said we are all out against the Opposition Pakatan group…???

Ochoa Stopped Brazil Singlehandedly

ochao1Brazil failed to score for the first time in the group stage since 1978 as they were held 0-0 by Mexico. The hero of the Mexican team was none other than their goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa who pulled off some fabulous saves.

Brilliant ,Amazing game and how it finished 0-0. Ochoa’s save from Neymar in the first half was a world class save and it was reminiscent of Gordon Banks save from Pele in the 1970 World Cup which ended 2-2.

Man of the Match and he could even win the Golden Glove of the Tournament would you agree?

Muller got Pepe “Red Carded”

Germany v Portugal: Group G - 2014 FIFA World Cup BrazilGermany could have walked all over Portugal with their efficient and systematic football. They are cruising at 2-0 and now with Pepe off the field the score stands at 3-0 halftime with 45 minutes to still to play in the 2nd half.

Was the sending off necessary.? The referee has once again taken the “limelight” and spoiled an encounter which will eventually be more than the 3-0 goals conceded.

The headbutt is the talking point as Pepe was seen to be in the heat of the battle giving Muller a mouthful which with his head moving downwards could certainly “hahahaha hurt Muller”.Sorry Muller you should be off too with your ‘Best actor award” as if being hit with a REAL HEADBUTT.

Germany is so much the better team and Portugal was made to look like a schoolboy team even though they had Ronaldo as their superstar.

Commentors and maybe his coach will blame Pepe for his stupidity but if there were playing they would have gone back to Muller and said,”Get up and don’t be so soft”

We picked this up from some comments which was posted,”

Who would’ve expected that Pepe would get sent off? Unthinkable.


28 Goals in 8 Games..

world cupThe 2014 World Cup is serving us all a feast of goals averaging 3 goals per game. The Highest scorers were the Netherlands with 5-1 when they astonishingly trounced 2010 World Champions 5-1. Mexico versus Cameroon was the only game with a solitary goal in which Mexico won scored by Oribe Peralta their top scorer in qualifying.

Cameroon coach Volker Finke said .”We have five days to recover, “We will analyse this together because the match against Croatia is very important if we want to stay alive.”

Every game is important and after the first game completion of Groups A to D the other groups E to H will take centre stage starting tonight with Switzerland taking on Equador in a group E match.

Lets just hope that the teams from Group E to H will also serve us with their entertaining brand of good football and goals a plenty.

It’s been an exciting World Cup 2014 so far with its fair share of upsets and astonishing results.

Astonishing 2nd Half by Netherlands.

flyiingClose your eyes and believe.

41 years ago Spain got beaten in a similar scoreline 6-2 in June 1963 to Scotland.

This time they were soundly beaten by the Dutch 5-1. The Dutch team took revenge from their loss 1-0 in the 2010 World Cup Final.

Robin Van Persie  who scored the flying header in the games equaliser had this to say,”For us, this is a dream come true and we have to enjoy it — everyone in Holland must, too.

“This is because of the coach. He has prepared us great and he predicted how the game would go. It’s incredible, because it was exactly as he and the staff predicted for us.”

Spain were humbled,humiliated and thumbed by Netherlands.

Spring-Cleaned…or Confused..??

When the portal printed the article  Baram MP: I’m not leaving SPDP or BN it stirred up the hornets nests. Some made phonecalls to the relevant key personnels who had made known their intentions to leave SPDP together with the MP. When we contacted them the answers were “Ask the MP himself”

Now,the million dollar question is whether there is any Truth in the report or have the MP for Baram made a 360 degrees roundturn. Anyway if he did we wish him well and hope he clarifies his stand clearer than,””You have to excuse me, I am new to politics,”


The extracted article

BN’s Baram MP Anyi Ngau today claimed that he is still with BN and the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) and has not applied to join any other political party.

Anyi, a first-time MP, was present with a host of other Sarawak state and federal lawmakers who announced in a press conference in May that they were joining the newly formed party called Teras.

Former SPDP president William Mawan  was among those who announced his intention to join Teras.

“I support the stand of the new acting president of the SPDP (Tiong King Sing), and we are moving together as a BN team,” Anyi clarified in a press conference at the Parliament lobby.

However, Anyi was unable to answer when probed about his presence at the press conference where William and other lawmakers announced that they were joining Teras.

“Yes, I happen to be there, but let’s leave it at that, shall we?” he said, when pointed out that rumours about him quitting SPDP came about due to his presence at the press conference.

“You have to excuse me, I am new to politics,” he added.

He said even at the time when the press conference took place, he had “no intention” of leaving SPDP or BN

Adenan “No Bigots,No Racists and Extremists”

adenan558bSarawak is tightening its immigration rules and stepping up scrutiny of visitors particularly from the peninsula to keep out “extremists, religious bigots and racists”, Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem said.

At a press conference to mark his 100 days as chief minister, Adenan (pic) said racism and religious intolerance were “not in character with the people of Sarawak”.

“We have lived harmoniously all these many years and it is my responsibility to see that we, people of all races and culture, continue to live harmoniously together.

“May 13 never happened here. As far as Sarawak is concerned, May 13 (race riots in 1969) was a distant thunder on the other side of the hill,” said Adenan, who succeeded Tun Abdul Taib Mahmud in February.

One way to safeguard the harmony in the state, he said, was to keep religious fanatics and racists “of all colours” out.

No officials would say how many names are the “black list” of people banned from the state, but one name that Adenan himself had said months earlier was on the list is that of Perkasa chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali.

Perkasa is a Malay right-wing group that had been fanning racial and religious tensions in the peninsula.

Adenan was responding to questions on how he planned to achieve his vision of making Sarawak a “progressive, vibrant and harmonious” state when the rumblings of religious and racial intolerance were getting louder in the peninsula and could spread to Sarawak.

Even though immigration is a matter under federal purview, Sarawak and Sabah have autonomy over immigration in their respective states under the terms of the Malaysia Agreement and, therefore, can bar anyone they deemed undesirable and a threat to the state.

Sarawak PKR vice-chairman See Chee How, meanwhile, reminded Adenan that his 100-day “honeymoon” was not without bitterness.

He said Adenan that he and his new administration are perceived as interim and “a continuation of the old administration that is under intense scrutiny and criticism locally and internationally”.

He added that Adenan was seen as playing second fiddle to Taib, who is now the Yang DiPertua Negeri.

“Adenan was given a lot of slack in his first 100 days. He has enjoyed a high level of public support.

“The high hopes for what he will be able to accomplish, the benefit of doubt given to him that his administration will govern in ways that they like becomes a trust in the new chief minister and in the promises that he made in his inauguration speech,” See said in a statement.

“The new chief minister vows to be a chief minister for all Sarawakians, to protect the popular aspirations for state autonomy, special rights and privileges under the Malaysia Agreement, and higher oil and gas royalty.

“He further promised to bar the entry of racists and religious bigots and declared that there will be no implementation of hudud in Sarawak and no seizure of Holy Scriptures (Bibles).

“All these bode well with the general Sarawakians,” See said.

However, Adenan’s mantle as the Barisan Nasional state chief was also being tested, See said, referring to two senior ministers and about half a dozen assistant ministers who stirred political unrest in the state BN in a mass exodus with their supporters from their former parties to join a newly formed party.

The move provoked strong opposition from three state BN coalition parties Sarawak United Peoples Party (SUPP), Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) and the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP).

See summed up Adenan’s 100 days by saying: “While there are no major accomplishments yet, there are also no failures, disappointments or liabilities.

“The new chief minister must deliver his promises and be the chief administration to fulfil the hopes of Sarawakians that things can change and their lives will be improved under the new administration.”

June 6, 2014.