“War” in Malaysia..??”

Please lah ..this is absolutely nonsense when the Silat Master “Mahaguru” Tan Sri Omardin Mauju comes up with it’.

We maintain our stand to go to ‘war’

if they still want to proceed with this illegal rally. If it happens, I cannot guarantee I can control the emotions of my members because they have been taught to act when faced with opposition.”

For the information of many who does not know self defense let me tell you,” My 3 brothers and my dad all received 1st dan Black belt in Tang Soo Do {Moo Duk Kwan-Korean of self defence) way back in 1976. {received mine from the then 7th dan Instructor Hwang Kee on 15th June 1976.

We took it as an art of protecting ourselves and not to go against anyone. We were taught specifically to use it only when we are attacked. We took a solemn oath. But unfortunately or rather by twists of fate I was attacked by some school bullies,”Kwailo-English boys by the way who kept on pushing and hitting me and also calling me Asian Shit/Prawn Balls” in England. I was even hauled up by the authorities concerned in England after giving those “Kwailo’s” a taste of the medicine. I was told in so many words “You are a student at your art of self defence and didn’t your masters teach you.?”You should fend them off instead of giving them broken lips,nose and bruises”

Your actions could have got you deported and also even jail sentences. I was given a very strong warning and it wasn’t just a simple telling off. Mine you, I was 17++  then and been young doesn’t mean you can get away with murder. I was given probationary sentence and asks to teach students the art as a punishment every Wednesday afternoon. They even wrote to our Federation in England to asks permission for me to conduct classes for the benefit. That is how they teach offenders and that should be the way.

This report written by Iskandar Dzulkarnain I have every reason to be supportive. He said,”The Mahaguru, a Tan Sri wants to whack the living daylights out of Bersih activists for participating in a Democracy March. Silat, an Art of Self Defence is now being used to launch a pre-emptive strike. A chop, chop here and a chop, chop there, and then some flying kicks everywhere as they have been taught to respond when faced with opposition.And all the while we thought that Silat is actually practised for self-defense. Why would they also want to go to war?

By the way,if I had continued with my art of self defense 35 years later from 1976 I would have also been nearly if not a Grand Master of the Korean Art. In my training in Kuching at that time when my blood rushed up my brains especially at free sparring I did a lot of damage intentionally or unintentionally. Three persons had broken arms from my round houses kick and back spins while many had their “balls kicked” amongst whom was a retired Police OCPD and a very hated officer by the Miri gangsters. He would drive fear when the bad hats were hauled up before him and its the truth.

Ever wondered what happen..Spare the details shhh?

Please lah the rally if it still goes on is not a chance for the Grand Master of silat to tell his students to hit back with lethal kicks and the rests of the late Bruce Lee’s style. The Mahaguru might have been watching too much “Kung Fu Panda movies recently says my malay friend. He should just go into hiding after this as many other grand masters of the art of self defenses would not like to be associated with his concept.

Maybe its now called the art of attacking…or prepare to go for “War.”

WHAT SAY YOU………….Ooooh Please lah..!!

Reshuffle “Any Expectations…??”

The Sarawak August House assembly will adjourn sine-die as of tomorrow. We expect the newly elected assemblyman from both houses to bring back with them many good and pleasant memories.

The next question on mosts political observers would be,” Who will join the Sarawak Cabinet as the New Assistant Ministers/Ministers/Deputy Chief Minister.?”

The longer serving assemblyman who would be considered to be in the line up for Assistant Ministers comes from the lists of:-

N16 Bengoh- Jerip Susil, N1 Opar- Ranum Mina, N14 Asajaya- Karim Hamzah, N4 Pantai Damai-Abdul Rahman Junaidi , N22 Sebuyau-Julaihi Narawi and N17 Tarat-Roland Sagah Wee Inn

Will they be any Female Assistant Ministers in the new line up..?

The same goes with who will be the new Deputy Chief Minister as the posts is still vacant due to the loss of George Chan in the lasts state elelctions. It is the prerogative of the Chief Minister and we might even be in for a few surprises.

Shall we tell you…..!!!


BN “Wake Up Call…!!”

As the country prepares itself for the next GE13 PBB Youth Exco Radin Kadri has set the”cat amongst the pigeons” What a Wake up call and he has certainly hit the chord which has ‘got some leaders worried and looking over their shoulders” It sure is an uneasy feeling and they will have many a sleepless night.

A corporate manager who is a member of the party told us “When you play with fire sooner or later it will burnt you.He knows that some youth exco’s are trying to put it right but “some within the factions if there” are any are out of sync. Would you bet your last dollar that the next statement from the Central Youth Wing would be,” All is well within.There is nothing wrong in the youth body and please dont let your speculations become an issue.” 

Baseless allegations as always needs to be substantiated and Radin will certainly and is ready to show that he just will not come out to speak to the press/media if he doesn’t have the necessary document or proof with him. He knows that BN faces a ‘crucial GE13″ and any wrong move or infighting will be of no good to the coalition. 

Whatever and Whichever way you look at it he has indeed been brave enough to openly put his position  into jeorpardy. He certainly could be ‘hauled up for disciplinary action and will be asks before the board to substantiate his claims.” If the PBB hierarchy feels that he is right and his remarks justifiable they will “reward him in due course” and if not a rather serious consequence would fall on him. 

Radin has given “BN A WAKE- UP Call

The media article:-

KUCHING: The Youth wing of Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) should come up with evidence to support their claims of the presence of traitors within the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.

The call was made on Saturday by PBB vice president Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman, who is also Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department and Tupong assemblyman.

“We don’t want baseless accusations that can undermine the party,” he said when responding to a call made by an exco member Radin Kadri Radin Budiman on all component parties of the state Barisan Nasional to be wary of the presence of traitors in their midst.

Radin made the call last Friday when commenting on a speech made by Tarat assemblyman Roland Sagah in the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) last Thursday that Sarawak would lose its autonomy if the traitors’ secret agenda were realised.

Radin even urged PBB to carry out its internal investigation to ensure that the party does not have any dubious character as its member.

“Whether these persons who collaborate with foreigners are from the opposition or PBB, the leadership has to investigate because only after they are identified can we know whether they are PBB leaders or corporate personalities, and know the full extent of their conspiracies,” said Radin.

Meanwhile, the chief political secretary to the chief minister Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, who is also Asajaya assemblyman, denied there were traitors in PBB.

“As far as I know, there are no traitors,” he said, adding: “May be Radin (Kadri) knows better.”

Karim, also PBB supreme council member, said Radin should have identified the traitors and not simply make a sweeping statement.

Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president Tan Sri Dr James Masing also joined the fray to rebuke Radin over his style of politics.

Masing, also Land Development Minister, said he had no worry about the traitor issue because his party had undergone a house-cleaning process some time ago to purge out people of such characters.

“BN should not tolerate ‘traitors’ in its fold. (However), we don’t have such characters in PRS at the moment. We have done our house cleaning of such characters a few years ago,” said the Baleh assemblyman.

Sagah, in his speech when debating the address of the Head of State in the DUN said it was known that there were Sarawakians who actively collaborated with foreigners in London, elsewhere and even within the state under cover with the aim to topple the BN.

SUPP ‘Disturbing Statements from Party Members”

I will “swim and sink together” with the party. There is no other party for me except SUPP. How often have we heard these words coming out from politicians. Countless I presume and we will not hear the last of it. This sort of promise is so easily said and broken easily too.

I remember someone told me once,”my friends could not swim so they sank ; and we could swim so we swam to safety. So will the SUPP loyalists sink or swim?

audie61 met two party members at different locations and also had a lunch meeting with a number of veteran political boys. Earlier we heard from the SUPP lawyer and a party loyalists,”My blood runs deep for the party but the dragging on of leadership changes after losing so badly will be like another nail in the coffin when the General Elections is upon us.

The former President Wong Soon Kai stepped down immediately after his loss and why not George Chan. He is just putting on a show and he does not want to step down it seems. He controls the party and the SG does not have much say in the party as one can read from the constitution.

Does the party want him to stay and thats a million dollar question?

Isn’t there anyone else and as second echelon leaders we are indeed very concerned. The people in the urban areas have spoken loud and clear and its up to the next generation of leaders to show their mettle. The longer it goes on and even with the 58  bringing the party to court it will not solve anything. It’s high time the President thinks for the party and just let go.

The other Youth member of a Kuching Branch told us this you can put it and see whether its true or not. “Many young SUPP members have left the party and are staying out and does not want to be associated with the party when the leaders are still the same. They have had enough of false promises and thats why the voters also turn against the party.”{ Chin A- truth in Hockien}

He told audie61 to just write it and dont worry thats the truth. The truth hurts he says and only if we keep pressing them, we just hope they will realise and decide to go. Why want to hold on when your powers are no more there and gone. He added you just put this out,”

Many young SUPP members have left…

does not want to be dragged in to write negatively about the party but those words are from their own long serving members. We will try to reveal the feelings on the ground for the any parties concern.

A group of veteran native politicians also said,”SUPP needs to solve their own problems fast or else they will be irrelevant. To have a long political history  is good but what good is it when the people dont want to vote your party anymore.?

Seems the Chinese in urban areas have made up their minds and if not for the 4 native seats SUPP would just have 2 left out of 19. We think SUPP needs to address whatever issues very fasts or else it will be a total wipeout soon. SNAP was strong once and don’t forget see what happened to them at the lasts state elections and thats a good example.”


DAP “Speechless….ATHEIST OK Bah.!!”

The country’s civil servants are now taking the brunt of politicians and general public at large from trying to push their message across in terms of scholarships,race and religion.

Malaysians have grown up no doubt and while we grow up they will be many obstacles which the country will faced.  Some good laws, some obsolete laws while some needs to be revised and looked into by our parliamentarians and state legislators. 50 years for a country to put everything in order is indeed a very short time.

Not all things will be fair to the naked eye but obviously the people who implement and deliver what the policy holders deliberate must also know that there are a lot of ‘sensitive issues which must be dealt with amicably”.

Malaysia is a multi racial,multi cultural and multi religious country where Malays,Chinese,Indians,Kedazans,Ibans and other ethnic races live together and surely they will be differences but we accept that we need to live peacefully in accordance with the Federal constitution. If we move slightly away from its origin


We are not about to lecture the DAP on this issue but we need to address this issue by angling it correctly instead of politiking on it.  Yea,DAP is a political party we know and without a doubt its like scoring points 1 Up to the gallery. We all know too you are doing your job by publicising it but one must remember this is a highly sensitive issue.

Lets take up my case and see whether I make sense or not. We all were young once,brash,radical rebellious and at times uncontrollable. I do come from a staunch Catholic background and when we were young we followed everything our parents threw at us in accordance to our faith and the many no no’s which are ‘blasphemy’ if we break them. I confessed my sins every month without failed. If I did not I imagined I will be attacked by the “devil and his followers

Religious festivals,prayers were all kept in checked. Sunday Masses were a must and all attempts were made not to miss them. When the boy grew up thats me coming from overseas the boy changed to a man and started questioning. I stopped going to church on Sundays and even had a good ‘three hours session being lectured” with my uncle who was parish priest  of St Josephs at that time in 1984. He is still a Priest but now the Parish priest of Blessed Sacrement BDC in Kuching Sarawak. (you have my permission to asks him) At the end of the blistering and hard counselling I was given a chance to speak.

I said to him in front of my dad. Why should I go to Church? It doesn’t make me any holier than thou.? I also said Why was I not given a choice of religion? Why was I baptise to the faith? Then I could see the anger and the astonishment from their eyes.

My dad replied,” Oh Yeah, when you are born if we know you are going to be like that we might as well save the money spent on milk for a better purpose(Want to know the exact words.We might just as well KILL YOU or starve you and leave you for DEAD. no need to waste the duit susu  ).See whether you could be like what you are today” Today I see it. Our parents wants the bests for us. They can give us a religion to follow but in the end its up to us to CONTINUE PRACTISING IT. We have our own choices but its up to us.

As for the DAP Komtar assemblyman he is trying to do the bests for his child but it could be a genuine mistake and it also could be put right by seeing the officer in charge. We also do not know what really transpire between him and the NRD clerk on duty. Do you know what actually happen..?? Was the CCTV on??

I must say when I changed my IC earlier this year I tested the NRD lady. Of course I was cheeky and naughty and she took it. She was putting the RACE in my IC I said,” Rojak.. she said,”cannot ..how come I said mixed blood so I put Sino/Melanau.  She changed to Chinese so I took it eventhough my name had an extra name behind( ….. curious dbl click here)

{The only reason why I changed my old IC was that the immigration officer in Sabah when I entered say this is the last time we allow you to use the old IC and now we have Mycard.

I have a tendency to love to go against the system to tests it fully and I was reminded by the former Home Minister who said,”we can still use the old IC until such time it outlived its usage and will be obsolete. I remember telling the officer I am after all a Malaysian with or without a Mycard. He accepted and after trying my luck in and out of Sabah a number of times it I might just run out of LUCK and I could be turned back to Sarawak for reasons like being a ‘ bad element/hat“. So I became a good boy again. Really…!!!  :p

Next it came to Religion I put ATHEIST . { One who disbelieves or denies the existence of God or gods} She said sure or not and I said alright. She doubled checked everything before she put into the system and I asks her NICELY AND COURTEOUSLY boleh kah repeat?

I said not Atheist but a Catholic. I have a choice to lie and should even have capitalised on the system if I wanted while the little girl had no choice.Parents up and down the country will no doubt look into this matter now more seriously and carefully.

To be Speechless I don’t think so. Stand up and be Corrected.Help and assists to put it right more like it YB. We have already told you that Malaysia is still very much a young country and we need to help our civil service at times too. The laws that govern the country can be put right through the proper channels and through the Legislative houses i.e in Parliament.  The laws might be outdated and thats why you are in position to asks your colleagues in Parliament to do something about it. We told Hannah Yeoh your Selangor DAP YB too and the same goes for you.


WE HEAR YOU…………..    

Below:-The internet portal article which has created a STIR  but the Bersih 2.0 rally on the 9th July 2011 seems to have overshadowed it all.

More cases of rejected attempts by parents to register their children with the National Registration Department as ‘Anak Malaysia’ have poured in.

NONEThe latest case is that of Komtar assemblyperson Ng Wei Aik (right), who was dealt the same fate as his counterpart in Kuala Lumpur Hannah Yeoh yesterday when he registered the birth of his second daughter Ng Caryn.

Caryn, born on June 11, was registered by her parents as “Anak Malaysia” for race and “Belum Ada (none yet)” for religion.

But when the official birth certificate was issued to Ng, the two sections were written as “Chinese” for race and “Buddha” for religion.

Ng, who is political secretary to the Penang chief minister, is “speechless” that the NRD, without consultation and without his approval, has chosen the race and religion of his own child.

Rather than blaming the officer, Ng targetted his complaint squarely at NRD’s rigid system, expressing disbelief that his child was “ordained” a Buddhist when he clearly stated that she does not yet have a religion.

He was equally upset that Chinese was chosen as the child’s race instead of Anak Malaysia.

“Why should she decide this for me? This is a serious matter…why we cannot have a choice for our own children, to register them as Anak Malaysia without a religion yet,” he said.

“This is the spirit of 1Malaysia and should be encouraged. Our future generation should have the liberty and freedom to decide their own race and religion,” he added.

Appealing against NRD’s ‘unethical act’

Responding to a Malaysiakini article yesterday highlighting that the NRD issued birth certificates without the ethnicity of the child between 1996 and 2000, Ng said it was not necessary to state those two elements.

The issue of ethnicity in birth certificate registration and other official forms was raised after Yeoh, Subang Jaya MP, failed to register her daughter’s race as ‘Anak Malaysia’ earlier this month.

Like in Ng’s case, the NRD officer rejected the parents’ request and chose ‘Chinese’ as the race of their daughter Shay Adora Ram.

The NRD has clarified that the race of the child must stem from either parent in a mixed marriage and that no ‘mixed-race’ registration is allowed.

Though he recognizes that he is ethnically Chinese, Ng still thinks he should be given the choice to select his own race as Anak Malaysia.

He said he was appealing against the “unethical act” of the NRD officer who, when asked, told him that a child must be registered according to the father’s or mother’s race and religion.

“Our system is outdated and corrupt until there is no flexibility for us to decide our own faith and religion,” he said.

“I do not want to force my future generation to follow my race and religion…I do not want them to be like (those) who did not have a choice before” he added.

CM Taib makes Official Statement…..

We were informed a few days ago that CM Taib will make an official stand on some allegations. This morning it was already in the print/media and we put it up in Twitter a few hours ago.

Many journalists just could not wait for the CM’s official statement and also ‘kopi shop’ talk was that he will deny all allegations. Whichever side of the political divide you belong to one must take into account that he as the polical leader has the “courage to spill the beans and put it right.”

You can deliberate till the cows come home at night but the fact remains he is already very much ,

1UP , Ahead and Moved On

This is extracted from an internet portal………………………..

Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud has categorically denied allegations by the Bruno Manser Fund (BMF) that he has a bank account in Switzerland.

The long-serving chief minister made the denial in a personal statement in the state legislative assembly after the question-and-answer session this morning.

“Let me state categorically that I have no secret Swiss bank account, nor assets or investments of any description. None whatsoever.

“Indeed I have so stated in an unequivocal term in a letter addressed last month to the president of the Swiss Federation.

“In my letter, I have specifically asked the president to confirm that she has allegedly ordered any investigation into the allegations by the BMF to the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Finma) or to furnish me with a copy of the application so that I can exercise my right to seek and obtain legal redress,” he said. 

NONE“I also pledge to render my fullest cooperation to the Swiss Federation to swiftly bring the truth to light so as to nail down all malicious falsehoods.

“Let me reiterate here that the allegations by BMF are false, evidently politically motivated,” Taib (right) said.

He said that BMF has a track record of making scurrilous and scandalous allegations against the state government of Sarawak for many years, including the cutting down of 90 percent of our rainforests, although local and international forestry experts have certified that 70 percent of our forests are still being sustainably managed.

“Therefore, BMF’s false allegations that I have assets in Switzerland is a continuation of its malicious efforts to smear the state government, the state and the leaders,” he said.

Taib said his attention has recently been drawn to allegations online in a disreputable website that claims the Swiss authority may investigate him and the nature and sources of assets belonging to him located in Switzerland.

“The allegations by BMF have since been used by local politicians to advance their own political agenda against me and the state government that I lead, once again with a strong mandate from the people during the last state election.

“As head of the state government and a member of the legislature, in keeping with the parliamentary practice and tradition, I am accountable to this august House.

“Therefore, it is only proper and right for me to make a personal statement to this August house in accordance of Standing Order 22 on the allegations by BMF, a foreign NGO not at all accountable to the people of Sarawak,” he said.

Anwar “GE13-People Decides …!”

Our last article the people power decides we said,”Of course its the people who will decide as when they have done it each and everyone of the 222 elected Parliamentarians will be the peoples choice. Its just ironic that at the PKR Shah Alam Convention Anwar is telling the whole world that Pakatan will win the GE13. The titled article by the internet portal seems to have challenged the BN to fight back-Anwar: BN no match for Pakatan, GE-13 is the best opportunity to win  

What do you sincerely and honestly think BN will do? Sit Back and Get hammered..?? Or Better still let the People Decide….

We shall see as the challenge has been thrown towards BN…


The article:- Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim said Prime Minister Najib Razak’s BN was no match for the Pakatan Rakyat and the time had come to finally win the federal government in the 13th general election, widely expected to held within the next few months.

Anwar, who is de-facto head of both the PKR party and Pakatan coalition, said BN had clung on because it cheated and used all forms of unfair means to win. This was why it feared the Bersih 2.0 anti-election fraud rally slated for July 9.

Anwar also said if Najib could promise he would hold free and fair elections, he would recommend to Bersih chairman Ambiga Sreenevasan to call off the rally. But the likelihood of the Najib administration acceding to the Bersih’s 9 demands for transparency are as good as zero.

“BN cannot debate us on governance or the economy, but only try to divide us,” said Anwar.

He added that despite the obstacles thrown in their way, Pakatan and PKR survived because they had “the programmes”.

The Opposition Leader and Permatang Pauh MP was speaking at the PKR election convention held in Shah Alam on Sunday. More than 4,000 delegates thronged the hall and the mood of elation and barely suppressed excitement could be felt as election fever gripped the party.

Earlier, secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution told delegates that the time had come for Malaysia to finally emerge from a dark age of feudalism and corruption dominated by the UMNO elite.

“It’s development time for Malaysia, it’s Anwar time for Malaysia,” Saifuddin said to thunderous applause from the hall.

Best opportunity

Pakatan came to power in 2008, sweeping control of 5 of Malaysia’s 13 states and denying BN its long-held two-thirds majority in Parliament.

In the past three years, Najib and his UMNO party have focused on how to wrest back these states which included jewels Selangor and Penang through the use of all ways and means and at “all costs”.

To maintain the upperhand, Najib also fully exploited the judiciary, tarnishing its credibility which is now at the lowest ebb following the Perak power grab. None of the other instututions such as the police, the MACC, the media, the civil service and even the government hospitals hold much traction with the people anymore, as Najib also bent them to his will in order to show his might over the Pakatan.

But the more the PM applied his strong-arm tactics and the more unprofessional the institutions became, the more the people rejected him and his UMNO party. Even the economy has suffered with few large investors willing to put their money here until credibility in the country’s system was restored.

Anwar told delegates the 13th General Election was the “best opportunity” to form the federal government as the Pakatan needed just a five per cent swing in votes to win. In 2008, Pakatan won 47 per cent of the 8 million votes cast, while BN took the balance.

“We have come this far from 1999, 12 or 13 years is a very short time. Now we need just five per cent to change the Malaysian landscape. This is our best opportunity, not just for Pakatan but for the people to change the government,” Anwar said.

Focus on election, not on whether I am jailed, says Anwar

Among obstacles that BN has thrown in Pakatan’s way include manifestly fabricated sodomy charges against Anwar, which he has denied and accused Najib and wife Rosmah of plotting, the Datuk T sex video conspiracy by 3 UMNO members with close links to Najib and ex-premier Mahathir Mohamad, the innumerable attacks against DAP and the Penang state government as well as merger offers to PAS, which the Islamist party has rejected.

However, the most immediate risk is from the sodomy trial, where Malaysians generally expect Anwar to be jailed, just as Mahathir had imprisoned him for 6 years in 1998. Many pundits worry this will set back Pakatan as Anwar is regarded as the glue that holds the coalition together.

Even so, Pakatan top leaders have braced themselves for such an eventuality and PKR itself has strengthened its leadership structure with deputy president Azmin Ali poised to step in and help PKR president Wan Azizah run the party should Anwar be incarcerated again.

“Forget about whether Anwar is thrown in jail but just focus on the election,” said Anwar.

He added that BN actually faced more problems than Pakatan and supporters should be confident their leaders can easily recapture their seats in the coming GE.

“Who doesn’t know about inflation? Independent power producers? The Port Klang Free Zone? Teoh Beng Hock? Don’t underestimate the wisdom of the people,” said Anwar.

“Machang, Permatang Pauh, Merbok and Gombak were all Umno strongholds. But look what happened in 2008. So make sure you work hard because you don’t want to lose by a small margin.”

BN and Pakatan will be at each others back and the People will decide during GE13 of course it very much still depends on the CANDIDATES PRESENTED.. 

Nothing will escape the PEOPLE NOW…

GE 13 “People Power Decides…..!!”

In the last General elections and the by-elections that followed the people of the constituencies have spelt it out to the ruling coalitions/political parties. Many political observers are putting their necks on the chopping blocks and are pretty sure that “only those hardworking,reliable and truthful” present MPs stand a chance of winning or retaining the seats.

 The 3 criterias are what the people want and not only paper certificates. A rural voter from Mas Gading P192 on the same breakfast table interjected and said,”We need politicians who can serve , not shout and promise. We have given them chances and enough of FALSE PROMISES politicians” Is he sending out a signal..?

The group unanimously agreed on the statement of truthful,hardworking and reliable.They clarified by pointing it out…..

When the people say ‘truthful-it means those who fail to deliver their promises might just forget it. The world is globalised,technological advances and most computers are just a touch away. Those who daydreams to be given a second chance might just want to prepare for their PENSION.”

When the people say “reliable-it means those who never say NO and are seen working on the constituency during the weekends and even are available on WEEKDAYS when the constituency committees requests their presence. {Excusable though if they send representatives when they are caught up on official functions. }

When the people say hardworking- it means that they must be seen hardworking for their constituency and not hardworking to “fill up their own” pockets. Its not a passport for them to enrich themselves.

The people will decide and the political parties need to listen to the ground level and go through a very thorough process to ensure their candidates will stand a chance to be voted in. The GE13 will be soon as many predicted some even put it as 11/11/11 which according to numerologists is a very good day for polling date.

Of course those who win on this date will be one of the 222 Malaysian Parliamentarians.

It’s after all the PEOPLE’s POWER who will DECIDE..



(Informed by wordpress that this is audie61 1313 posting….)

SPDP ‘5’ Will They..??”

A number of questions will be answered today at the SPDP Supreme Council meeting in Sibu. The mosts common and obvious question seems to be,

“Will they attend or not..?”

Some political observers have already called audie61 and one said,”tell your President that its no point to wait for them. Just carry on with the agenda and let the press/media speculate.” Another said,”this spells trouble ahead for the party.”

Whatever it is,let the party members solve their own internal problems and outside interference should only be called in when the problem is too large for the party to handle.

 SPDP President Mawan will obviously react to the press and say,”They are still SPDP members and not until they themselves decide otherwise.”


UMNO/BN Bloggers “Not up to Scratch..??””

This article by Bernama and it relates to what Vice President Ahmad Zahidi Hamidi has said. Basically,there are some HOME TRUTHS. From what we gathered there are too many who are looking at numbers and how much HITS they can get instead of getting to the real issues of “ENGAGEMENT WITH THE ENEMY” 

Technically no doubt mosts of them are gifted but when it comes to the real issues at hand they are not looking through the eys of the politicians nor the public at large. On a number of occasions they drifted so far away from what counts as turning support into votes and many political secretaries/boys have to take the time and effort to guide them through and get them back on track.


Some think their articles or spins are worth so much that they are have become mercenaries. They have veared from their original focus point to assist the political parties of their choice and instead have become liabilities to their political masters. Discipline and following the rules are no more in their vocalbury.

 Of course,Zahid will not want to go into the details and if he does he will be in for a rough ride and will not know how and WHAT HIT him. The number of unlisted and independant bloggers have surged eversince 308. Pakatan took it to BN then and now BN is fighting back to capture cyberspace but at a very heavy costs. The UMB of the political parties are not only fighting Pakatan but also the enemy from within.  

Their ears are like satellite links and their eyes are watching and connecting to your heartbeat. Ask any UMB BN blogger and they will have the same story to tell you. There will hold back and have reservations no doubt as they are so afraid to be cut off from the main team.

There is no HOLE where they cannot reach and they will try whatever to get their article to be so far fetched or believable to earn respect from their peers in the cyber world.


Read below and let your brains dissect it to FIT who you are and where it will TAKE YOU….Oooh I say some can’t even understand English..Soon they will misquote this article and time to bash,bash and bash. 

REALITY HURTS>>>>>>Oooh Ah..

 BENTONG 12 Jun — UMNO perlu mewujudkan “unit tempur siber” yang lebih bersistematik dan mantap bagi menangani isu-isu yang dibangkitkan pembangkang dalam alam siber.

Naib Presiden UMNO, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi berkata, unit tempur siber parti ketika ini dilihat tidak memberikan perincian serta penghayatan pada sesuatu isu sehingga gagal menyampaikan maklumat kepada kumpulan sasar.

Malah, katanya, unit berkenaan juga selalu kalah dalam menjawab isu-isu yang dibangkitkan pembangkang dalam media baru itu.

“Berbanding pembangkang, mereka (unit siber) dikumpulkan dan mengupas isu mengikut tafsiran masing-masing yang kebanyakannya menjurus ke arah membelasah kerajaan.

“Padahal kita ada kumpulan yang lebih besar tetapi mungkin satu unit tempur siber yang bersistematik perlu diwujudkan bagi membalas segala serangan,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan persidangan perwakilan UMNO Bahagian Bentong di sini, hari ini. – Bernama