BN SUPP “SO SORRY” Don’t Play Play with Tycoon Ting

This Malaysiakini report just about sums it up for SUPP. After their disastrous outing in the last State Elections losing 7 seats and 4 in the Kuching Divisional area this is like a Boxers’ Knock out Punch on SUPP President Dr. George Chan. This headline in Malaysiakini,”There appears to be a falling out between Sarawak’s well-known tycoon Ting Pek Khiing, a strong supporter of Sarawak United People’s Party (Supp) and the party president and Deputy Chief Minister Dr George Chan.”

What will this do to DAP and PKR..? Obviously, even before the battle gets underway for the next State Elections, the referee has blown the final whistle for SUPP in the Kuching area to wrestle the lost seats back . It made all the Chinese tabloids and it is headline news and the POLITICAL DAMAGE IS IMMENSE. According to a political pundit SUPP would be better of swapping seats with the other BN component parties in PRS,SPDP and PBB and make it a really component consensus to help each other during their hour of need. There has been much talk that Padungan seat currently held by PKR Assemblyman Dominique Ng will be the surprise package and as one BN member would say,”IF PKR WANT CHANGE,WE WILL GIVE THEM CHANGE”

SUPP will have no choice but to agree when the decision is made. Its no use to cry over spilled milk but Tycoon Ting has open up the POSSIBILITIES. What then is Ting’s agenda? This extracted version from Malaysiakini ,” The latest development surrounding the new Chinese school project has come at a time when Supp is preparing to hold its triennial delegates conference (TDC) in Kuching. The TDC is scheduled for Dec 13-14.

 george chan hong namIt is likely to be brought up at the party conference and rivals could use that issue to embarrass Chan (right) and try to force him to step down.

“For a man with immense wealth, being owed a paltry RM3 million is nothing, so many people think there is more than meets the eyes,” commented an opposition politician.

Ting might have tried to use his contributions to the party as a leverage but the party might not have acquiesced to his requests or demands.

A Chinese school board of management member, who asked not to be identified, acknowledged that Ting might have another agenda.

“Whatever it is, if this matter is not resolved amicably, the Chinese community will blame Supp.” Sarawak PKR Stampin division leader See Chee How told Malaysiakini that this episode is all part of the Chinese dilemma over the question of education in the country.

Chinese primary schools are all government-aided schools where the government finances the school administration and the salaries of teachers.

The land on which the schools are built does not belong to the government but the school boards of management have to raise money for the construction, repair and maintenance of school buildings.

Often, they are dependent on generous tycoons like Ting Pek Khiing to partly sponsor any major projects for their schools.

It looks like this time, Ting has become one unhappy sponsor. Why? Kuchingites are still trying to find out.

It just goes to show that Tycoons and Businessman do have a hand in local politics and if they are not dealt the HAND which favours them they will retaliate. They are actually the movers and shakers of not only Malaysian politics BUT the world politics depends on these LOBBYISTS. A senior political writer says to audie61 that he cannot AGREE MORE and feels that SUPP has been given the kiss of death. Could it also have to do with the local Bintangor committee elections he asked? That we would have to leave it to SUPP to clarify and today it was all SUPP hogging the headlines and the coffeeshop talks. BN also needs to look at this issue very closely as it will have a domino effect. Pakatan will obviously be too happy and grab the opportunity with both arms.