“Maju Group 1987 Nearly…2011.Not Unless..??”

20 seats out of 48 seats in 1987 and the Maju group nearly did it. 15 seats were won by PBDS and 5 seats by Permas. If the CM has the “Inspiration” he might just call the early elections in 2010 just a year short of the full term. 23 years later after 1987 and the seats have increased to 71.

The major opposition players now are PKR,DAP,SNAP and PAS while BN are PBB,SUPP,PRS and SPDP. According to a political analyst the chances of the opposition toppling the State BN it will take a major shift from the electorate to stop supporting BN or NOT UNLESS there is an EXTRA ORDINARY MIRACLE OF DIVINE INTERVENTION.

The most obvious one we could envisage is CM being returned to the Almighty Creators Arms and there might be serious infighting within BN/PBB. This is truly a long shot.Don’t dream….hmmm

Even that with PKR having a new man at the helm his team needs to seriously look into the lineup which has been proposed before he takes office as the new Liason Chief of PKR Sarawak. Known as a no nonsence man Baru Bian according to few who knows him he needs to put his foot down and hopefully he plays his part as a politician and not a full blooded lawyer when he assesses the situation and groundswell of the names proposed by the so called lobbyists.

Of course if he can wrestle the State that will be an achievement but even to wrestle the Malay and Bidayuh seats will take some doing. A few days ago we wrote about Sarawak Advertisement N31 and we know we created more than a few ripples in the Bidayuh hinterland. There are some who told me that I hit the NAIL AT WHERE I WANT IT TO BE with this statement,There are a number of calibre people around but it seems that your PKR boys/Political scientists we call them here..haha are not doing enough or just plain SELFISH LOOKING AFTER THEIR OWN POSITIONS

As for the Iban areas many say its a forgone conclusion with too many Iban infighting and factions which has appeared and the seams are irrepairable and how many will give PKR Ibans a GHOSTS OF A CHANCE. It will be better served if SNAP is given a number of seats to contests in their predominantly strong areas. It must also be noted that SNAP has also losts its Invicibility of previous elections.

I was taken aback by some young Intelellectual Ibans who said to audie61 that if the remnants of the partyless PBDS were to revived the party it will be a different ball game. 1983 was when James Masing and his group started the revolution and till today he reminds himself of that with his car No as 1983. Were they trying to tell me something and they said the “Burning ambition of the Young and Dangerous might just light up another 1983 leader.” The whole group (band of brothers)was in that age group in their 30s and James Masing in 1987 was 38 years old.

Will 2010 or 2011 churn out another young group and bring their political ambitions forward. We know that History has a way of repeating itself BUT it seems that the dayaks are too divided and there is too much fighting amongst themselves that there is still TOO MUCH DARKNESS AHEAD FOR THEM.

DAP will certainly capture more Chinese seats and even wrestling 15 out of 18 seats on offer in the Chinese dominated constituency is not impossible. PAS will have difficulties but if they are given 2 seats to concntrate their full machinery on and it must be  predominantly malay, in the interior and coastal areas they might just surprise the BN/PBB candidates.

There are certainly a lot of work that still needs to be done and as a PKR Wanita Exco has previously said,’ This is our bests chance and if we dont grab it there will not be another . Baru Bian will have his hands full and he will need to exercise caution as there are NO MORE SECOND CHANCES FOR HIM IN THIS POLITICAL MINEFIELD. Every step he takes he must be mindful that he does his homework as its too easy to criticize others until you take the helm. Its very lonely on the top and he needs both hands to protect his throat from being SLIT. We wrote about him joining PKR about 1 and half years ago and to be pushed forward to helm the PKR machinery in Sarawak is no easy tasks.

There will be some who will say Baru is from a minority ethnic group . It doesnt matter though and Im sure his man surrounding him will know how to cover him or do they need to? Simple,CM Taib is a Melanau and do we need to explain further.

The next State elections will be interesting no doubt and given the BN machinery and stability especially in PBB it will still be a Herculean Tasks for the opposition to denyBN even a 2/3rd majority. 1987 it was very nearly and will 2010/2011 The GODS are on the oppositions favour. Something tells me they need to PRAY HARDER….

“A Sarawak Advertisement…N19.”

This is not the first time nor it will be the last time*wink..wink* that I have a ” Friendly Chat ” with a political veteran. Was it a predetermined meeting..NO CHANCE..!! It must be the Constellations or maybe its even  predestined by the Almighty Creator,” Praise the Lord ” that his time is now or mine to advertise him.

How well do I really know him..? Am I falling for it.? Is there a bargain or a trap waiting to engulf me in flames.? Enough of the doubts and as clear as the deep sea waters this veteran politician seems well mannered with a touch of human ethics and is a class act. Our paths have crossed on numerous occasions and from what I have gathered from his close friends he does pack a dictionary full of good political knowhows in the government machinery.

Why now and why did he NOT come into my life when he was on top of his political game ? Is fhis a politicians way of using the Tools available to him to push himself back in the limelight when all seems losts and gone. Anwar Ibrahim is a good example.

The day after 30/8 a certain prominent Datin mentioned to me,”audie would you believe it ,even in my wildest dream we would never have thought that Anwar will come back and give BN many a sleepless night.”

OooH  O.K. forgive my longwindedness I am getting there and  the area in question is  first a Bidayuh Constituency in the heartland of Serian N19. The total votes stands at 15449 and the YB who has sitting in the chair for as long as I know and that must be nearly 20 years.

YB Frederick Bayoi is a charmer in PBB circles with his down to earth approach but lately there are voices within the area that he is beginning to loose some of the plot. Of course that could be personal or the oppositions way of trying to derail the man or even from the younger PBB boys and I person in question seems to be Martin Ben.(Don’t let YB Bayoi hear it from here..Ssshhh..)

Secondly who is this person I am advertising.. Here Goes the tremor..(droom droom droom -drum rolls please).. for it to be heard all the way to the PKR hierarchy in Kuala Lumpur as the person in question is a University mate of Anwar Ibrahim. He was in the Faculty of Academy of Arts while Anwar was in Malay Faculty Studies.

He  remembers Anwar very well when Anwar shown like a Beacon of light in the Speakers corner in Uni and especially so when Anwar spoke on the issues which he Champion,’ The Cause for the Baling Farmers in Kedah.

Need you all know more or is he doing the same like our old schoolmates of 1978 who are now putting together a Team to be given the opportunity to help Sarawak towards 2020.

The advertising Fee will come later I presume…ya right.. but there must be a reason why I see him in a different light to push him forward to even be considered a candidate in the next Sarawak State Elections. Anwar just consider him as a God Sent signal to you and do not just brush him off. (skeletons in the closet..???)

I’m sure your Information Chief See Chee How will know how to get hold of him or even PKR State Advisor and former Senator Michael Bong  will know how to rope him in.( Both of them from SNAP previously)

There are a number of calibre people around but it seems that your PKR boys/Political scientists we call them here..haha are not doing enough or just plain SELFISH LOOKING AFTER THEIR OWN POSITIONS.

He wrote it down his resume for me on the only blank piece of paper at the back of an Old German football odds paper dated 9/1/2009. I will keep it in a my security box just like I did for the PRS original membership lists. Maybe when Pakatan takes over the federal government in future I will tell them how the ROS made the decision and it must not be repeated for the honour of the civil service. The time will come don’t worry as Paul Kadang says as History has a way of appearing when you least expects.

He is 62 years of Age like Anwar of course still handsome he says.

  • He is Andrew Nyabe a Bidayuh. He holds a degree and Dip of Education from U.M.(1968-1971).
  • In 1972-1976 He served as a Upper  Secondary School Teacher(SMK Binatang & St. Thomas Secondary Kuching. 
  • 1977-1987 He served as a Political Secretary under the SNAP allocation.
  • 1977 served in Ministry of Communication and Works
  • 1978-1984 Local Government Ministry
  • 1984-1987 Land Development Ministry
  • Present Chairperson Koperasi Sdn.Bhd.

Impressive credentials and why is he not even in the local Bahagian PKR Committee. Maybe his credentials must have feared the people who are running the divisions. They always say Good People never make good in Politics and this could be a Clear Cut of putting his experience in a COLD BOX till someone DIVINE opens it .

It seems a retired Police Officer by the name of Akaw Norijeb recruited the following persons for the PKR Bahagian and the Chairman is Encik Ramli,Secretary Max Sunting Treasure Sapiee bin Chiniong. ( politics huh!!!)

I am a Division Chief and I know very well that it does happen in divisional committees but in POLITICS it is selfishness which usually pushes one up the ladder of success. I am lucky enough to have a great team of members who are very cooperative and we push for Team efforts instead of individualism. The MU team is a living example and Alex Ferguson knows how to deal with THE BIGGER THAN LIFE OR VERY GUNGHO FOOTBALL SUPERSTARS

Andrew has helped many people to acheive the YB status but it seems what he is lacking is,” ALL HIS DEAR AND SUPPOSEDLY CLOSE FRIENDS FORGOT ABOUT PUSHING HIM UP AFTER THEY HAVE MADE IT.”

The same goes for a number of aspiring politicians in PKR they forget that its not them that put them there but the people surrounding them and the voters in the constituency. I remember how one senior PKR politician who said to me that in YB Dominiques greatest chance to be YB he was helped by Anwar who saw where the votes were and how he pushed them to get the votes.

If not for Anwar there is no YB Dominique today. He will still be trying to be a YB I suppose and maybe in 2011. But its destiny and maybe Andrews destiny is about to be written as he will be seated if all goes well in one of the 108 YB rooms available in the new DUN building.(at the moment there are only 71 seats to be contested)

So whats so special about Andrew.? He told me Its the struggle of his people (mosts of them say the same thing hik hik hik) which he would like to address in his twilight years and hopes that the GODS will answer his prayers. He is always on the ground in the constituency and this advertisement on him will be like a lottery won by PKR as I will have done him justice and if Anwar does call him for a FRIENDLY CHAT that will be 1 less out of the 6 seats in the Bidayuh hinterland to capture.

Its up to PKR now as I know for well that a lot of the former BN political secretaries are now been closely watched by the present BN State administration. So PKR dont tell me after 2011 elections that you did not listen to this Sarawak advertisement. Dont regret and say later IF ONLY…………….I have made my stance here and See Chee How the almighty creator has bestowed upon you to give Andrew at least an audience if not Anwar will have known you just let him past through the NET…

 Political advertisement N19 Frederick Bayoi is already looking over his shoulder ..I’m sure Andrews closest friend former District Officer Roland Abot will even vouch that PKR is definedly a loser if Andrew is not even CALLED UP OR CONSIDEREDfor an interview……

.Now then you wouldn’t like to let Anwar down do you…???