Mawan Exclusive,”Imbroglio in Saratok”

It was a supposedly to be a light morning casual chit chat with Mawan but however the whole situation triggered Mawan to give an exclusive from his political heart to audie61. He  talks about Saratok , Pakan and Political Expediency, Ministership ,Parties and New Voters trend in the country.amawani

Saratok P205

Saratok delivered the Parliamentary Federal Government award as the best in the state in terms of assistance to the people out of the 31 Parliament seats in Sarawak. It was won in 2014 a year after he won the the parliamentary election in 2013. As an incumbent MP   he worked tirelessly on the ground to see to their needs like an eager “First Timer in Parliament”. He was using his experience as a State YB which he garnered over 20 years and it proved to be succcessful. There is nothing to shout about it ,he said and he is only doing what the people wants and he delivers.

There is an idiom which is,”if it ain’t broke,don’t fix it” PM and the Top BN leadership will only know too well. Mawan has proven to be reasonably successful and an effective assemblyman and he is from 2013 in Saratok till today proving also to be a well liked,well mannered and down to earth parliamentarian. His experience as a “State Assemblyman and Minister in dealing with all sorts of problems big or small and also led as a Party President in SPDP will not be discounted or overlooked by the Prime Minister,Chief Minister either.

He said there are a number of PDP hopefuls in Subeng Mula,Basil Thomas and Dr.James Chella and they have been going around the constituency claiming to be the rightful candidate for BN in P205. Of course he knows that they are trying to impress the party and wanting the people to give them the mandate. They are also bearing down ‘some funds” for assistance in their own little way to sway the people. Mawan said as incumbent he has brought ‘government and parliamentary development funds” aplenty to the constituents and the people knows too well.

PM Najib knows well enough what Mawan is capable of and the award is a living proof of Mawan’s “Rakyat Di Dahalukan” which is in line with the BN slogan.

According to a special investigative report the aspirants or lobbyists are getting each others “THROATS” and this in itself is not healthy for Barisan Nasional for GE14. It will be a huge mess for BN to clean up as per the report which will tilt the balance away from the first timers,fence sitters,undecided voters. There is so much confusion on the ground and its a sticky situation and its not at all HEALTHY for BN in Saratok.

Mawan wants this Imbroglio to stop as it will deteriorate further as a number of Supreme Council members in PDP are behind each of their hopeful and aspirant candidate (names withheld). Mawan himself as always preached the “Unity of Barisan Nasional”is of utmost importance as to regards to personal interest and grudges.

Tiong himself  seems to be ill advised on this matter and he needs to look at the bigger picture of Barisan Nasional and not to be misinformed ,misguided by some over enthusiastic party boys. Surely, Tiong doesn’t have his own Agenda besides for the better good of Barisan Nasional ?

Pakan and Political Expediency

Pakan is a state constituency in Sarawak, Malaysia, that has been represented in the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly since 1969. Mawan won the State seat in 1969 after the delineation and have won it consecutively for 7 terms. He has brought a lot of development to the state constituency in terms of water,electricity,road linkages and economic benefits to the people he has served. (current picture of road in progress)amawan2.jpg

Mawan said in the last state elections he has expressed his interest to step down and participate in the State elections of 2016. He even told the late CM “Tok Nan” that he is going to step aside for a candidate of CM’s choice. He was summoned to Sri Perdana and in the presence of the Prime Minister and the late CM told in so many words was told “THIS IS A POLITICAL EXPEDIENCY

Mawan you are very much needed to win the seat for BN in Pakan. At that particular time when Mawan was summoned the former DCM Alfred Jabu and current DCM Douglas Uggah was also around says Mawan.

Mawan has already made up his mind and he was push into it and “SACRIFICED FOR BN” by the late CM Adenan and PM Najib. It was last minute,last hour thing and it is not right for people to hearsay that he is SO GREEDY and wants both the State and Federal seats. This is very significant he says on the statement.

Paul Igai in his statement said,”another reason Mawan should be dropped is that there is an understanding in Sarawak BN that no one should serve both as a parliamentarian as well as a state assemblyperson. He also cited Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas’ recent statement that no one should hold both a parliamentary and state assembly seat.

“I fully support Uggah’s statement on the matter and I hope both the state and national BN will adhere to the concept.”

Why is that that many are not looking above and beyond the Unifying factor of BN instead are trying to find ways and means to put BN Politicians at loggerheads when the truth is not told said Mawan.

These are his words,”I have already indicated to the late CM Adenan and PM Najid that I am willing to Sacrifice the state seat for Federal Seat in our meeting in Sri Perdana and it was Political Expediency that I was chosen as a BN Direct Candidate . I have secured the seat for BN in Pakan even though the margin was small of 426 and its still a BN win. An independant Jawie Jingot @ Jenggot received 3573 as compared to Mawan 3999. Tiong in a press statement of PDP did say this,”BN deliver all seats provided that all the BN component parties cooperate among ourselves and not sabotage each other.” Mawan have not sabotage anyone and he is not about to start doing that and he knows how BN values his loyalty.

Mawan said if a solution is to be found for this “imbroglio of Saratok” he is now ever ready to RELINQUISHED the Pakan seat for the better good of the unity within Barisan Nasional. Of course, its up the Chief Minister Abang Johari  and the State Barisan Nasional hierarchy whether i should bring this chapter to a close . PM Najib knows what Mawan wants and he values BN loyalty and a win for BN for Saratok in the upcoming GE14.

Will Tiong be rubbing his fingers to have the State seat of Pakan back as a PDP seat? That is for deliberation by the State BN and Mawan says as long as the State seat belongs to BN  even if there is a by election called he is all supportive for a BN appointed candidate. President Tiong will have a Vertigo if after Mawan relinquishes it will still be at square1. Who will claim this seat is anyone’s guess.?

State Ministership

I did not go back on my words that I am going to serve as a FULL STATE MINISTER in CM Adenan’s cabinet. I could have chosen the easy way out and be taken in any component party of BN or be picked as a Minister which is the prerogative of the Chief Minister in naming his cabinet. Instead after Sri Perdana Meeting he has already made up his mind and as a Promise to the PM Najib and to CM Adenan to concentrate on his Federal duties. Its of no use saying that I have been dropped and “party less” which is a very feeble excuse to gain political mileage by some political opponents but the truth always  prevailed says Mawan.

Parties and Voting Trends

There are many businessman, individuals and groups of people who want to join certain parties but due to mistrust,infighting and petty politiking are opting out of Political parties and are non aligned to anyone. Mawan said that this trend is developing and it will tilt the voters mindset as they will vote the ‘choice of BN direct candidate” PM Najib would not only want to win for BN but also to secure a 2/3rds majority to have a stable and secure government for the good of the country.

Mawan says,”Its a new challenge for the parties to be relevant to the voters and to look at a bigger picture where every vote counts and the Parliamentarians to be effective in their designated tasks for their own constituency.”

The late CM Adenan knows that Mawan’s experience in the state after serving as a Minister will want Mawan to be a good Federal parliamentarian who will not only be good for Sarawak but also beneficial for Malaysia as a whole.

audie61 says,”The whole Imbroglio in Saratok and to a certain extend Pakan have been told as per this interview and Mawan will not hesitate to RELINQUISH his Pakan seat if that is the wish of the BN hierarchy and he will certainly abide by the BN rules as set down. Of course at the end of the day, Mawan will listen to only the advise put forward by the top BN leadership in CM Abang Jo and PM Najib .

It was a fruitful conclusive interview by Mawan and he sticks with his decision.BN will decide and he will toe the line.

That’s Mawan for you.

Shafie Apdal…WHY.??

ashafieIts very unusual for someone like audie61 to write about our Neighbours Sabah’s intention of changing their ruling State Government. We do understand that politics do take a lot of different forms like water to reach its intended end.

However as the above picture shows we do take it seriously when  Parti Warisan Sabah president says ,”“Unlike voters in Sarawak where BN has inculcated fear in them, Sabahans are risk-takers. They are saying: ‘Don’t take us for granted’.

The full text of the interview can be found here

Seriously, Mr.President when did BN inculcate fear in the voters during the 11th Sarawak State Election wherby the late Adenan Satem was the Chief Minister. The late Chief Minister went to the areas where the opposition was strong and used his wit,charm and charisma to sway the voters to vote for Barisan Nasional. Did he use his iron fist and harsh words? No,No,No.

We followed him in his campaign trail throughout and we are very pleased that he was very much loved by the people and he served BN with commitment,responsibilty and we are very proud of him.

Today we have a Chief Minister in Abang Jo who is following the late Adenan’s footsteps in getting down to the people and serving their needs. Tell us Shafie Apdal,” Will Abang Jo also inculcate fear to the voters? He is afterall Sarawak State Barisan Nasional leader.

If you want to topple the BN Sabah Government please dont use Sarawak Voters as scape goats or trying to paint a bad picture of Sarawakians. We have weighed our options well and we will not throw away our stability,peace and harmonious living for the sake of disunity and uncertainty.

Our Sarawak State Government is a proven identity and you might learn a thing or two politically from us.


PR Taking over Sarawak Government..?

Is this threat real? If left unchecked slowly and surely it will happen.

The government of the day must not just brush this as just another PR Propaganda or Day Dreaming to PetraJaya. We highlighted this 7 years ago long before it hit the shores of Sarawak and where BN/SUPP was given a “grievous bodily harm”to the party.(13 seats losts out of 19 )

The article which created a stir and also got yours truly given a “right smack in the face plus many unkind words” can be read HERE. There is no denying that times have changed. The strangledhold and iron grip by the present CM is being chipped away by the PR coalition but it has yet to penetrate the 35 PBB held seats and 7 PRS seats( one seat losts to independent and since now belongs to SWP).

In 2011 BN managed 55 out of 71 seats and with Taib understandably not getting any younger the PR coalition with YB See Chee How boldly stating ,‘we are gearing towards capturing power in Sarawak in the next state election” (see below newspaper article )

Warning signs for BN Government? Do we need to tell them more? It does seem though that many BN Facebookers and Bloggers have already made their stand and ultimately it plays into PR hands. The “war-room” must be ready to answer if PR achieves their target which is of course from what we gathered denying the 2/3rds majority and see an end to many veteran assemblyman.

There will be an influx of PR assemblyman and strategists unlike what we have experienced in the next state elections. Its a worrying sign and no one can deny the importance of the parties very own media team. The BRAIN must be identified now and we would like to quote from Pengerang MP Azalina Othman who said”it takes a local to understand local conditions and specific events” which must be read and targeted as “the right man for the right job and producing results and keeping “EVERYONE’S INTERESTS LOOKED AFTER AND WORKING TOWARDS THE DESIRED RESULTS” 

“The bottom line is to win an election and not to BACKSTAB,BACKBITE,BADMOUTH  each other. Still, we would not be everyones friendly ally but the groupings and togetherness of our own CYBERTEAM are now STRONGER THAN EVER and have receive due recognisation to be a vital cog in the Administration.”

The destiny of the BN Sarawak government is in their own hands and the WAKE UP CALL was when the “KEY TO ANWARS LOCKED DOOR WAS FOUND” The rests as we say is history and the momentum is gaining traction. The rumour mill have even spun viciously that it will still be BN4 v PR4 (new addition SNAP out..another new player ) in the coming state election.

PR4 will be in place sooner rather than later and the final surgical instrument will be used to carve BN4 piece by piece says a PR strategists and an assemblyman. You know where we going for and the BN/SUPP areas are a foregone conclusion as he sounded confidently.

My mind is saying “NO WAY PAKATAN” but the reality and its a fact that the grounds are shifting and those who are sitting pretty have better realise that its not as comfortable as it seems.


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OMG ” Now In English”

First my mistake,” I did not copy and paste the full malaysiakini article” Some and many too, say Malaysiakini is not VERY PRO-BN and I should not be quoting from there. audie61 should not be popularising the article eventhough they said something good about it.

This is what the Prime Minister said from the article which I fully support.ExtractedPrime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has dismissed allegations that Sarawak Chief
Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud had amassed billions of ringgit.”There are
all kinds of allegations, jangan kita layan (let’s not entertain it),”
he said at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur this morning.

Najib was responding to a question on a report produced by Switzerland-based NGO Bruno Manser Fund (BMF) claiming that the chief minister, who has been in power for 31 years, has emerged as the country’s richest man with an estimated wealth of US$15 billion (RM46 billion).

PM said “There are all kinds of allegations, jangan kita layan (let’s not entertain it}  (This is the statement  I support)

  1. Isn’t PM supporting the CM? Isn’t this English?
  2. Where did audie61 go wrong?
  3. Reading and extracting not Very PRO BN internet portals and quoting is wrong?
  4. How are we going to put things right when we dont even know what are our enemies/opposition are doing?
  5. One can have their own opinions and evaluate what we have done. The cyber world was captured nearly 90% by the Pakatan cybertroopers in 2008. Today we are fighting back. Is it wrong to read even an opposition blog and tell the BN Boys how we need to put it Right against Pakatan?
  6. Is MY ENGLISH too difficult to understand ? Oh Gosh……!

OMG do we need to explain further.Maybe we dont really know how to write??????? Or for that matter people or some of our readers don’t understand MY ENGLISH. Oh My English have suddenly been misinterpreted.


It saddens me when some are trying to hang on someones shoulders trying to make an easy kill for their own benefits.

Without a doubt I stand by Chief Minister Taib and Prime Minister Najib. CM Taib said to me” If I am so VERY RICH I would not be working in my office in the 22nd floor from 8am -5pm.

OH YEAH ! I can hear and feel the flying daggers coming my way…

Lucky ME MY FORCE FIELD is still intact…hahahaha

* not looking down on those who dont understand me and the English Language but to tell those who are out to defame me. Judge it yourself where I stand…

KA-BOOM.”100% Behind It all….!!”

We have heard of the Andy Williams song”You’re too good to be true” but if we are e lovers THAT”S O.K, but one of the lyrics that really gets me..Oh pretty baby, don’t bring me down I pray….



WORDS,PLEDGES,APPEARANCES IN NEWSPAPERS just like Andy Williams song “Its too good to be true”

100 % Behind are all but just mere words when actions/words are unfulfilled and it happens once too often and the silent majority are now fighting back in a way which will determine the outcome of politicians who are true to their words or justs paying lip services.

BN OR PAKATAN needs the peoples representatives who can work for the country instead of justs promising the world i.e (I will give this,that,and that) to the people and many wannabees will very soon know their true values….




Adenan..Logging No..!!”

It’s crystal clear what Adenan Satem Minister in the Chief Minister’s Office and Special Functions Minister has said in a Press Conference to the media at his Office. However there are many out there who still have their own interpretation on his tasks. Adenan a trained lawyer would only say what he knows is right and will not try to hookwinked the people into believing him.

One must know that he is not in the chambers to be challenged says a staunch supporter. Adenan would silently do his required tasks eventhough there are some disgruntled voices and whispers in the corridors who are justs willing him to fail. He is doing to serve the rakyat to the bests of his abilities and will let the POLITICAL SIDE meander its own course.

Of course, Adenan being quick witted knows that some are using the media to corner him and he stressed on the particular subject of logging licences but reminded them that ,”I’ve got no power” 

It will be a testing time for Adenan and his colleaques in the new cabinet lineup but he knows all will gell like Clockwork in no time. 

Someone’s Watching…

DAP Sarawak.. BN “Dayaks Traitors..??”

This article which appeared today at an internet portal which mentioned this “suddenly I felt pieces of paper being pushed into my pocket” by DAP Sarawak Chairman Wong Ho Leng has indeed stirred up an uneasy feeling amongst the BN YBs .Some YBs at open houses were seen chatting away and reasoning why Wong Ho Leng  brought it up in the first place?

This will create an atmosphere of distrusts,uneasiness and betrayal which the DAP opposition leader hopes it will achieve. We extract the following where you will be able to analyse and make the judgement whether the DAP Leader is notoriously up to and extend being politically mischevious or was he trying to convey a message to the BN YBs

 Hellooooo”you are on CCTV”

This has also indeed another way of telling the voters,”your dayak YBs should not be there and it also serves to tarnish the good name of BN overall.”

The extracted version:- “He said many Dayak BN leaders were supportive of the opposition on the issue of native customary rights (NCR) land.“It is really pitiful and sorrowful that the Dayak ministers, members of parliament and state assemblymen are not prudent and not true spokesmen for the Dayak communities.

“They are not daring enough to talk about NCR land problems in Parliament or in the state assembly.I can tell you that during coffee breaks, they (BN Dayak reps) chose to sit next to us.

“And suddenly I felt pieces of paper being pushed into my pocket. Even without opening the papers, I know what is written inside.“It concerns NCR land problems which they (BN reps) want us, the opposition, to raise,” he said.

Next DUN Assembly Sitting  you will know who The BN ” Traitor” is wouldn’t you..??

Sarawak Trilogy~Road to 22nd Floor-(Part 2).”The Chair.”

In Part 2 of the Sarawak trilogy our Emeritus Professor  said to audie61 ” the dayaks are moving silently but in togetherness and hoping that one of their very own will have the Coveted “Chair”. He said if you still have any doubts call this particular opposition leader and to reconfirm with him.

We called YB See Chee How the PKR assemblyman of N11 Batu Lintang and he reaffirmed,” BN has won the mandate of the people and they will rule for the next 4 half years until the next State elections. Whoever sits as Chief Minister it is very much in the hands of the BN coalition. Yea,the people have spoken for now.”

We asked if he has any preferences as enquired by Emeritus Professor and he said of course and you know lah. I don’t need to spell it out and that we will see if it materialises sooner rather than later. We are all fighting for our chair but once we have won our coalition parties will surely eye the “coveted”Chair. Its no different from BN and its up to them to sort it out themselves.

Emeritus Professor said you see,” What is wrong if Jabu,Masing and Mawan and even Uggah have all the intentions of working and grabbing the chair which will come with it the power to run the state administration. Abang Jo and Awang Tengah will try to put all barricades in front of the ‘dayak’ leaders who aspire to grab the chair.

It is no more a secret that in the UMNO circles Abang Johari looks a clear favourite for the chair if a Malay leader is looked upon to break the reins of the Melanau led rule for the pasts 41 years eversince 7th of July 1970.

Awang tengah will tend to differ. He has build a solid team of legislators behind him and being CM Taibs “delivery boy” he has build up his own arsenal of wealth and influence to have the UMNO hierarchy bending down on their knees. Even Taibs former bro in law will seem to have missed the ‘boat” once again. Having said that Douglas Uggah is seen as a potential darkhorse if the dayaks pull out a fast one on the BN adminstation. Tengah knows it too well and with his Federal links Uggah might just cross the line ahead of Tengah.

Tengah now has not only try to outmaneuver Jabu but also Uggah and as far as the corridors of power in PutraJaya.The tussling for Dayak or Malay CM is in high gear. CM Taib has kept his silence and is watching every move,steps and actions by his colleagues who are ever so willing to take over his Chair.

One particular conspiracy which has reached the CMs ears is that on Bustari Yusuf a well connected businessman to the Najib administration. He has placed high hopes that if all fails on the Jabus,Joharis, Tengahs or even Uggahs the person who has the rightful heir should be his younger brother Fadillah Yusoff. Fadillah a longshot might justs be the answer to UMNO’s dream of coming ashore to Sarawak and building bases for a long stay.

 Is Fadillah the answer..?   

Whoever wants to stay on as leader in UMNO needs the mandate from the party and Najib, Muhyddin,Hishamuddin or others knows very well.If UMNO sets up 31 other divisions in Sarawak it will have a major say in the running of the party. The GE 13 will be a watershed for UMNO as it faces a serious threat from the opposition to remain in power. Sarawak’s CM successor will have a very meaningful and tasks ahead in the lifeline of UMNO Malaysia.

We were told in so many words that a certain ” bug” was placed into the office of the Prime Minister when some Sarawak leaders came a calling. This was all related to us by our source who walks the corridors of the PM department. A highly sophisticated device was tested.It was done to protect the PM in office as it would deflect any other devices which were meant to “‘record the coversations”

Cautious that their actions were  monitored by CM Taib they all went privately under the guises of some important developments in Sarawak. {Even for that matter SUPP leader George Chan visit before going off to London on a “Gag order” for his party leaks aplenty on recorded voices were heard coming out from Putrajaya.}

Masing and Mawan were all sent under covert operations to Najibs office after our dear friend DCM Jabu has made his way to Putrajaya. The call for a dayak leader was very strong as the perception of Sarawak dayaks was for one of their own. PM as a leader was fed with the information from his special officers and had to investigate further. Jabu who was summoned and during the conversation Jabu was asked specifically if the position opens up will he take it.

PM casually asked him and without even a blink of an eye he said,”me of course and why not.” The oppostion parties are harping on dayak leaders and who better than him. In his mind he cannot afford to have Masing and Mawan to overtake him and he also knows that Uggah is eyeing his deputy posts. He needs to dispel all doubts that he is more than capable having served as deputy to Taib where he remains as”trustsworthy”as ever.

He knows all will be reported back to CM Taib like all meetings but unknowingly he was ‘bugged“. It is a known fact as an obedient deputy he has shamelessly said in a DUN sitting “yang di kasihi a record 49 times”it will be just fine and he as always will have Taib again in his hand.

Did his political strategists saw this coming what’s more in all places in Betong..?

Taib knew about the seemingly”harmless plot” but he quickly moved to put his deputy in place by saying,” If I step down so will Jabu.” It has pained Jabu  till today and as a fighter and ruthless as they come Jabu  will not go down without a fight. The political wheeling and dealing by Putrajaya was not about to get Taib off guard.

He has been informed too that Masing and Mawan been asked similar questions which the PM rephrased “given the chance would you take the high chair which is the CM seat.? None of them were fools and they answered yes but with your kind blessings sir. This to CM Taib was the window which he had and he shifted gears and threw caution to the wind.

Time though not on his side he went through the adminstrative matters as if nothing has happened and he brushed aside what dirt comes his way intentionally. Taib was at his bests and Jabu was relieved to say the least. Jabu did not know that further political dangers were lurking around and he will be sliced open like a clean cut watermelon again.

In the lasts supreme Council meeting CM Taib played another of his card. He justs mentioned to the whole council minus a few potential CM shortlisted candidates that he is seriously looking into the matter of stepping down and said this should remain within these four walls only. How often have we heard politicians saying,”Please don’t tell anyone.?What happens..!!” surely it will not spill out but it didnt lasts very long.

His deputy knowing that he needs to regain the trusts of his boss was quick to ask him to stay on and that they still need his wisdom and astute leadership. Jabu was thrusts in the forefront again and he was pushing his message across.

CM Taib does not like to be pushed to a corner and Jabu did not have a choice and eventhough there were no seconders Jabu had to do it or face being left in the cold. Jabu having faith in his intuition knows that if by any “unwelcome news” he will be the default CM for a period of time{good enough for him} as George Chan has been removed by the electorate.

One must always take note that CM Taib will eventually let go but on his own terms and will not take too kindly by being unceremoniously overtaken. Jabu’s actions has made Taib biting back says an aide “You can’t try to force him as he knows how to turn the tables on you, as he had done in the past. Some political hopefuls tried to force him out but in the end, they ended up in political oblivion.”

Will Masing put on a late charge to PM? Masing would love to argue with that as he has 8 Aduns and 6 MPs with him and Jabu does not even have the majority of dayaks assemblyman with him in PBB. Jabu will certainly say without a doubt,”It’s mine as PBB has 35 unblemished record of wins in the lasts State elections while Masing losts Pelagus to an independant.”

The independant candidate George Lagongs role is being used to hold Masing at knives edge and Masing had told PM Najib that he will deliver all PRS seats prior to that. Jabu knows the Masing is within control for the time being and he will even offer Masing the DCM and Finance Ministers portfolio.

Jabu is determined to make sure that he wraps it all up and he knows William Mawan is a distant second and he will offer him a more senior posts to appease him. To check Awang Tengah he will have to offer the DCM posts and Abang Johari the Governors position in due course.

Will Tengah justs accept that too.?   

The Chair will certainly take a lot of beating from now on until the movements of the dayaks and Tengahs have stopped working in overdrive. Fadillah’s brother is dangling the carrot in front of Najib,others in KL and in Putrajaya that his brother represents the new face of sarawak and UMNO will win more upcoming elections with him at the helm.

The person to sit in the chair remains a very big mystery to some but the inner circles and very close aides to CM and PM haved had their their lips sealed. Any disclosures will have the OSA thrown at them not from afar but pasted in their faces. Its a matter of time CM Taib relinquishes but a close aide of Masing said,”I bet you he will never let go and he will see it through to the end.”

Jabu is at a delicate position and his movements are double checked. If he cant get what he wants he will continue with CM and staying as No.2.He has already been found out eventhough his intentions were somewhat for the good of the State of Sarawak. He has in a way betrayed not only the trusts of his boss but his overplay in his political moves in stopping Masing,Mawan,Jo,Uggah,Tengah and “Bustari=Fadillah”  has had a devastating effect.

Jabu has over enthusiastically declared that he is the rightful heir to the chair but Abang Johari like Awang Tengah would not have it easy for Jabu to get away with it. A new unknown face would even be thrusts forward even giving the frontrunners gasping for air. Jabu will not justs let the chair by pass him so easily and his innermosts brain juices is telling him