KA-BOOM.”100% Behind It all….!!”

We have heard of the Andy Williams song”You’re too good to be true” but if we are e lovers THAT”S O.K, but one of the lyrics that really gets me..Oh pretty baby, don’t bring me down I pray….



WORDS,PLEDGES,APPEARANCES IN NEWSPAPERS just like Andy Williams song “Its too good to be true”

100 % Behind are all but just mere words when actions/words are unfulfilled and it happens once too often and the silent majority are now fighting back in a way which will determine the outcome of politicians who are true to their words or justs paying lip services.

BN OR PAKATAN needs the peoples representatives who can work for the country instead of justs promising the world i.e (I will give this,that,and that) to the people and many wannabees will very soon know their true values….




24 thoughts on “KA-BOOM.”100% Behind It all….!!”

  1. Fiery_fury says:

    If words are not put into actions, it’s just mere words. They say actions speaks more louder than words… or in this case, the truth is covered by a big fake mask. What charity has he done lately? Wilfred, you honestly believe in this guy?

  2. phyllis says:

    Correct. No more lip services by YBs or MPs. We are nearly towartds 2020. Only the good ones are and must be put in as people representatives. This is for Malaysia and not for personal gains.

  3. Fearless says:

    Quoted : ‘rezeki jangan ditolak, musuh jangan dicari’, and “If we are not united within BN, it will be difficult,”isn’t that what he said lately? How come the contradiction? Belum jadi YB lagi….

    • ruthless says:

      If you read at his press statements, he want be candidates if given a chance?? The first step toward be BN candidates, he already FAIL? Above “PICTURE” would gives hundred items he has promise??? To be wait and see???

  4. DAP Rocket says:

    We keep our words. Thats why people vote for our YBs . If our YBs out of line we ensure they will not be given any more chances to stand. Clear we are true to our words.

  5. Warikato says:

    Mesti”rezeki tidak boleh di tolak” But if promises and actions are done all the time and who will believe. Even Hantu themselves scared of the person hahaha

  6. 3stooges says:

    Land grabbers and people like him should just go out of Sarawak. They dont deserve to be here and they will pay a price soon.

  7. iBan says:

    What a pity. The voter now are very wise. They get what they want.
    Rome was not built in 1 day.
    City roads are good. They will vote opposition come rain or shine.

    It is the rural voters that will decide. We understand you all have to go through the motions in the urban areas. Good luck.

  8. ngap sayop says:

    I hope SUPP will not trust this guy… I heard his brother at Batu Kawa also react the same reaction! NATO! they should be rejected and buang negri! hahaha!

  9. ruthless says:

    My PBB friends in Batu Kawa told me that because of him being a PBB chairman in Batu Kawa , PBB Batu Kawa SPLIT into two group. Now after reading through your people comments, i understand WHY. Oh! don’t forget he got ” ARROGANT” adviser as well, who always think he is smarter than his boss.

    • Q Mark says:

      Ruthless, I agree to your comment about the “ARROGANT” adviser. Talk, he is Number 1. When do things, he is also Number 1…… (counting from the last)……

  10. Cab says:

    Di depan senyum manis, Di belakang tikam pahit. Adakah ini yang kita mahu? Please lah, say out must do lah, if everyone can win seat by just giving voice promises i also know how. Come come i promise 1,2,3,4,5 wah…. you believe? Vote for me ya.

  11. mahathir says:

    heard his advisor is actually the one who runs the division for him. he is just a puppet, some say. true ka? if this is true, then better get the advisor to be the chairman.

  12. ahmad ibrahim says:

    heard janting sweating till he got fever when he heard hasim yap is to be at the spring. that is why he didn’t turn up. he was afraid that he had to kiss hasim yap’s ass that night for killing him in the last party convention.

  13. alan newman, new zealand says:

    Pandelela should ask Mr CM Taib:” Why was Bruno murdered after he came all the way from Switzerland to help natives against your destruction of forest? Why was your US Aide Boyert tortured till he died with a plastic bag around his head when he didn’t show total obedience? You are Chief Ministr, Finance Ministr & Planning & Resources Ministr for 31 years and yr Uncle some 20 yrs before you. You control all aspects of economic activities from timber to shipping to land development to hydro; contracts awarded without tender, your cronies live in palaces while there’s no decent trunk road from Sematan to Limbang, while natives lack electricity and drinking water. How much have you, yr Uncle and cronies taken from Sarawak? Foreign analysts estimated not less than RM25billion = RM25,000 million. Your daughter in law’s divorce claim alone is RM400mil. Have you not indirectly or directly destroyed Sarawak? Foreigners in bersih, democratic countries like NZ rate you as a murderer, lower than the lowest animals and criminals.They are shocked you have the cheek to still show your face.”

  14. alan newman, new zealand says:

    One of the most sickening, despicable regimes in the world. State-controlled media, deceiving the people, rigging elections, gerrymandering. Stole, mismanaged and losing hundreds of billions of RM$. The Twin Towers remains half empty, Dayabumi is infested with drug-addicts. Apartheid: Petronas – 99% Malay. Universities out of reach for Chinese & Indians causing brain drain & financial outflow. What happened to Scorpene’s Mongolian murder? Murder of Teoh B H over an alleged few thousand RM$ on his wedding day? Death of Boyert – Taib fomer aide? What happened to MACC’s investigation of Taib’s 31 yrs in power, holding 3 supreme portfolios of Chief Ministr, Finance Ministr & Planning & Resources Ministr & profiteering from every aspect of Sarawak’s economy. Concessions & contracts awarded without tenders….the list is endless. Shame on you BN, UMNO, PBB. God’s nemesis will deal with you, just watch.

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