GE 13 “Mukah P213..New Face…??”

Sarawak English daily”The Sundaypost” published this article and to read please click this link:-

8 thoughts on “GE 13 “Mukah P213..New Face…??”

  1. kpt99 says:

    Toyad has been long overdue in Mukah,form then,deputy education minister to 0 KPI MP now

    Mukah developed and progressed fast is not cos of his efforts and hard work.

    It is cos Taib is there concentrating with full dedication to move Mukah,his ancestor’s birth place to new height before he calls it a day in politic.

    Strongly agree that Toyad should be replaced.

  2. Political Observer says:

    Those above 60, and more than three terms should also be replaced. The generations borned in the 60’s and 70’s should be given the chance as now they are in their prime. These generations roles have been deprived seens the older generations had overstayed and that our country has been deprived of their talents. Besides Toyad, Billy abit of Hulu Rejang, Jelaing of Saratok, Jacob Sagan of Baram, Wan Junaidi, Taib, etc shld go. Otherwise, another plus for Pakatan Rakyat.

  3. dayang says:

    Family ties good this Chua. Heard from my friends in Mukah that they are very well established and the people look up to their family name. Good start. Toyads time is already gone. No need for BN to even reconsider him.

  4. kpt99 says:

    There is no doubts that Chua is interested in becoming YB since he started his political career with Datuk Sng while he was still with PBDS and PRS.

    If he remains in SPDP, the chance of being nominated as a candidate is nil.PBB would not budge even an inch to any other party interferences in their areas.

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