Sarawak Minister “Santau-ed..??”

It seems that ‘rumours” especially when it involves a “high profile Sarawak Minister” it sparks, and it does catch fire quickly and by the time you spell your name it will already have arrived at every possible political corridor or corner. 

True Kah..? Benar Kah..?

This internet posting and the blog which started posting since May 11,2010 and has visitor count of 6135 at time of writing is creating some sort of uneasiness amongst the PBB circles.

Who is behind it is the next question..??

The number of articles it churns out is unbelievably realistic but mosts of it needs confirmation. The slogan of the blog however giving credit where its due,” We aim to expose the truth … only the truth.” where the word “aim” has to be taken literally. It has also created an account in FaceBook under,” 

Sebanaku Sarawak

Cindy of audie61 made enquiries and checked with Awang Tengahs Brother in law and he said,” That is absolutely no truth and he was with the Minister last Saturday.Who is cooking these stories up..??”  

Awang Tengah is one of three named as possible successor to Sarawak CM Taib Mahmud. The other two are Adenan Satem and Abang Johari.

An excerpt from the blog ,” There are rumours that Dato Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hassan had fallen ill on last Friday due to ‘santau’ which is a kind of black magic .”


Anwar”Watch this….!!”

If Low Taek Jho is making headlines with his partying around the world and how he  did it as he reveals in  an exclusive interview “Business with parties” there might be much still for the Pakatan opposition party to do before it can really keep up with the BN.

The ruling government has not stop in its endeavour to remain in power and they will try to maintain or push further ahead in its agenda. It is up to the Pakatan group to woo the voters with not only finding faults in the ruling BN administration or harping on the usual tag words of corruption,cronyism,nepotism and mismanagement.

There must be a breadth of FRESH AIR and this clipping might just help those making an effort for the corridors of POWER.





“Pakatan Sarawak Realistically….”

Series 7 Project 71 next Wednesday 4th of August 2010 must not be missed. Eagerly waiting will be many amongst the many political analysts and critics from both political divide on what is the political message and mileage from DAP YB Chong ADUN N12 Kota Sentosa.

Word is that after ” They call him Justice Bao” which kicked up a storm especially with misinterpretation  this could be another masterpiece from the writer/journalists Si Poh Liang. The 5 series to date can be read at 

 An excerpt from the article,”You must act like Bao Qingtian (the legendary Justice Pao of China’s Song Dynasty). So, in politics, they call me Bao Qingtian.

That is the reason why I have a lot of problems. They also call me the “Lion of Justice”. I got more problems. I was given two names … these placed a great burden on me, a very heavy burden. I don’t know why they nicknamed me like that during the election (campaign).

The insider on this project has indicated that it will surely be a TOP END ARTICLE and the Hidden political message would be….


Oooh You Just Can’t Wait.!!! “

PKR ” Communist are We..?”

A political watcher said,”The Cat has been thrown amongst the pigeons”

 Some one also wants to be a Hero especially going all out against PKR/DAP/PCM.” Does he know that he might have  shortened his political life especially on the mention of PKR wanita chief Ibi ak.Uding.

A PKR supporter asked” Could it be done deliberately..? Politicians know the repercussions and the reason will be reflected in the coming State Elections. We are campaigning in the best way we know. Communists are we..?? ” 

The Sarawak tribune covered the article in Project 71 covering N25 Balai Ringin and the headline appeared was “Beware the thieves in the night

Snowdan Lawan assemblyman for N25 Balai Ringgin has compared  the actions of opposition politicians to tactics of CCOs(communist guerillas) He questioned the motives of opposition politicians who went ‘from longhouse to  longhouse in the dark of the night to gather support” He also threw down the gauntlet to PKR Wanita chief ibi ak Uding to come out in the open. He also welcomed the DAP and PCM as he said.”the more the merrier”

Meanwhile audie61 called the PKR Wanita chief for any updates. It has been a BUZZ today and our PKR source mentioned to us that Ibi has been receiving a lot of calls and it has indeed been inescapable from most political conversations  in Sarawak.

Every poltical party are making preparations for the impending Sarawak state elections and there will be hundreds of statements of this magnitude and Snowdan will not be the last to challenge the opposition politicians.

A check with tribune newsroom and there is a counter reaction and this was filed in by their lead reporter and we publish the contents here:-

Abang Salfian Nawawi
26th July 2010


KUCHING: Sarawak Pakatan Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Wanita Vice Chairlady Voon Sia Nie refuted to YB Snowdan Lawan’s statement on the frontpage of New Sarawak Tribune’s on July 26th (yesterday) comparing the opposition’s tactic of the CCOs (communist guerrillas).

“We are not like communist and we are not thieves,” she said adding that “it is not a very fair statement” and asked Snowdan to clarify what does he meant by that statement.

“What is wrong about us coming to the longhouse at night, it a democratic country, we are not “thieves” stealing, we are just campaigning as the State election is near,” said Voon, venting her anger through a telephone interview yesterday.

“That type of statement is not very good and I want to ask him (Snowdan) what is the different when he (Snowdan) went to the longhouses to campaign..nobody is stopping him so what is wrong with us doing it.”
“I believed that this also shows we (PR) are putting out a creditable candidate (Ibi Uding) who is the Sarawak PKR wanita chief and that is why the challenge was thrown directly by Snowdan, indicates that Barisan Nasional (BN) is running scared of our candidate.”

“Wait and see the next State election, PKR central had identified Ibi as one of the potential candidate (in N.25 Balai Ringin) according to the quota for Pakatan Rakyat (PR),” she adding that Ibi is presently concentrating on the fight (campaigning).

In the last State election, in a three corner fight, Snowdan garned 3,075 votes defeated an independant candidate Cobbold Lui (742) and Ibi Uding (contesting on a SNAP ticket) garned 1,559.

SUPP Resignations,”Implications..?”

The sms earlier read to Natasha of audie61,”A press conference by Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Bengoh branch youth chief Lee Chee Fui will be held at Four Seasons hotel at 4:00pm today.”
By late afternoon it was revealed that Lee with a group of party members from Bengoh Branch said they decided to quit the party SUPP. The political arena was slightly rocked similarly to the  6.1-magnitude earthquake that hit northern Sumatra this morning, sending tremors to the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. There was also not a need for a tsunami warning.

The SUPP top leadership had already decided not to take disciplinary action against a number of the Branch members for their outspokeness and the case was considered closed. 

Their boldness and actions has somewhat created a downward spiral for the Bengoh SUPP State Seat. The truth though is that there were “Disagreements and Requests” which could not be met halfway and their untimely resignation strategy might just backfire on them.

Word has been circulated to the Pakatan4 and in a telephone inteview PKR Sarawak Information Chief See Chee How said.” The Coalition will  monitor the whole situation and will discuss it collectively when the need arises. There will not be any RASH decisions and we have had learnt our lessons in Sarawak and the implications it will have on the Pakatan4.”

The Blade is already drawn,”It will be swung,stabbed and struck…??” Our formation in Pakatan needs to be resolute and strong to outmanouvere whatever is thrown and hurled at us. We need to stick together and agree in matters which will not divide us

It seems that some doors are already closing for the Bengoh SUPP members but their boldness might just trigger another divison to follow suit according to our reliable source. SUPP needs to iron out these problems before the State BN Chairman decides or is ready to call for Sarawak State Elections.

Seems SUPP has triggered a “small war” to tell CM that they are not ready yet…???

You did not plan this did you…??

DAP Sarawak”Postponed because of Japan and now..”

The land seminar was supposed to be held at the DAP headquarters on Saturday 19th June the very same day Japan was to take on Holland at 7.30pm. audie61 wrote an article and it was postponed according to MP Chong due to Fathers day which many wanted to celebrate instead of a Land Seminar.

Fair enough and of course as children we have to at least bring our Father to have a good meal and a good family day outing. But now after having failed to get a Police Permit to have the Land seminar conducted in the vicinity of the coffee shops the angle has shifted.

 Could this be the same SEMINAR..?? Even if it is not or has been conducted in their premises the Rocket boys and girls should know that confrontational stance with the boys and girls in blue is only asking for TROUBLE..


This is serious matter and they should conduct it at their headquarters or at a venue which is suitable to hold thousands. Are they afraid that it will not achieve the desired effect? if the people sees it is well worth it they will even scale Mount Matang to hear it out. Are we being too sarcastic here..? Why does DAP need to create this political mileage when they know that they are very much the VOGUE in Kuching. 

Even the young kids shout,”Hoi chi” ROCKET..!!!

DAP does not need to worry if they have the support of the people as 2006 has shown they have defeated the SUPP candidates. Is DAP feeling the heat that they have not done enough? Its Peoples Power and maybe George Chans statement recently,”We Will Win All Back” has reached the ground.

The article which appeared in the internet portal:-

DAP will attempt to sidestep the authorities by changing the format of its Kuching event, slated for tomorrow, which was not granted a permit by the police.

chong chieng jen interview 141108 02“Instead of giving talks, the speakers will be present at the coffee house and members of the public can pose questions,” said DAP vice chairperson and Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen (left).

The party had initially planned to host the “Land and Rakyat” seminar on land issues, but was denied a permit as the venue was regarded as inappropriate for the event.

Contacted today, Chong said that the police cannot disrupt the event, which is expected to attract a few hundred urban dwellers, as “you don’t need a permit to sit down and have coffee.”

“They cannot chase us out of the coffee house because all we will be doing is sit there and answer questions,” he said.

Sparse traffic

 According to the parliamentarian, the reason of traffic flow given by the police doesn’t hold water as the coffee house is located in an area where traffic is sparse.

As such, he said, the move appears to be politically-motivated and is a “form of suppression” by the BN ruling government in anticipation of the upcoming state election.

“The police appear to just be trying to interfere with politics…or are acting on the instruction of some political party.

“Land is a very important issue and there are a lot of scandals affecting BN leaders, so the more people come the more they will know and BN will lose support,” he said.

Chong added that the event could not be moved to a different venue as the notice from the police had come at the last minute.

DAP Chong “Accelerated Too fast”

The last twenty four hours in Sarawak has seen the arrival of Najib in Miri but that has caught the imagination for only the Miri people in particular his visit to Long Banga in Ulu Baram. The PM is on a two days working visit.

However throughout Sarawak the article which appeared in Sarawak Tribune Project 71 on Voon Lee Shan DAP Assemblyman for Batu Lintang has created a huge wave and had many talking in all the political corridors big or small. Voon in own words said when questioned in the exclusive interview,” When the chief Minister finally steps down,who will be a capable replacement? He answered there is still no one capable of replacing Pehin Seri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud. Who will be able to lead the State Barisan National? Taib is still the only leader capable of leading the PBB(Parti Pesaka Bersatu Bumiputra Sarawak)

In the Borneo Posts and Tribune today Chong said in praising the Chief Minister in an article in New Sarawak Tribune yesterday,said it was Voon’s personal opinion and not the party’s.

The Borneo Posts highlighted it today as “Voons statement is according to his is his personal opinion.He may think very highly of Taib.But it is not DAP’s stand. We dont share the same opinion as Voon and we think it is high time he is replaced. 

A political analysts said that “Voon is very witty and he did not waver from the question and for Chong to pull the trigger on one of his own eventhough he is suspended is not very or too  clever.” 

Chong has lighted the fire and the damage control on DAP is his to repair. The Justice Bao as Voon was headlined in the Tribune has struck back and Chong needs to lower his gears especially when it will affect the party where the people can just choose who they want.

Did Chong Accelerated Too Fast..??