Pelagus N54 PRS “Sore Thumb”

Wah! Having been just appointed recently the “so -called Political Secretary to CM” has taken a bold step and have come out speaking against one of CMs prerogative appointed Assistant Ministers.

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  • Taking Advantage of the Situation?


Everyone knows that Taib is under utmost pressure not only from the People of Sarawak but also from the UMNO led Federal Government. The Opposition backbenchers have been harping on CM outliving his usage and also the people are turning against him and he will be a thorn/blessing for the Opposition if he leads the Sarawak BN into the next State Elections.

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We do not need to elaborate on this subject further but we are disgusted to say the least that during such turbulent times a statement of this sort is forthcoming . A political watcher and a close aide of CM said this should never have even surfaced in the Malaysian Mirror internet portal,” 

The current two-term incumbent Larry Sng Wei Shien is no doubt an assistant minister in the government. He is there because of the party and the voters. But once he has served his term, it is time for him to go because he is now not a party member,” he said.

We have told them we have a candidate to replace Sng. They have also pledged they will only support BN candidate in the coming election,” he said.

Don’t tell me that he was misquoted and that the internet portal has taken it out of context next..?? This will give the Pakatan opposition extra ammunition to attack the BN Sarawak Government.


Honestly,Larry Sng remains a Sore Thumb to Parti Rakyat Sarawak(PRS) but the less the party harp on it the better it will be for BN Sarawak. This will be like opening another frontier of attacks when on one hand PRS says they have solved their party problems and the other looking to attack the CM from another angle. Seems that the Political Sec in question  needs to seal his lips accordingly and do more written reports. He must have also made use of what PM Najib said in this article to try to justify himself,”

 I’m sure the CM’s office is notified on this matter and he must be extra careful or it will be too full blown to wipe it out.

This statement ,””it is a traditional PRS seat and should belong to it.” should be left to the CM to address and  BN Sarawak Coalition knows bests what/who the groundswell favour on the candidates and the area which party represents.

Its not that simple anymore or is the Pol- Sec living in a Different Time Zone from the Other BN Political Secretaries.?? Does he need a POLITICAL GURU to remind him or is MADE TO BARK out instructions from the PRS Party Hierarchy and should we just bluntly tell him my friend,”