DAP Sarawak”Postponed because of Japan and now..”

The land seminar was supposed to be held at the DAP headquarters on Saturday 19th June the very same day Japan was to take on Holland at 7.30pm. audie61 wrote an article https://audie61.wordpress.com/2010/06/15/dap-sarawak-bola-land/ and it was postponed according to MP Chong due to Fathers day which many wanted to celebrate instead of a Land Seminar.

Fair enough and of course as children we have to at least bring our Father to have a good meal and a good family day outing. But now after having failed to get a Police Permit to have the Land seminar conducted in the vicinity of the coffee shops the angle has shifted.

 Could this be the same SEMINAR..?? Even if it is not or has been conducted in their premises the Rocket boys and girls should know that confrontational stance with the boys and girls in blue is only asking for TROUBLE..


This is serious matter and they should conduct it at their headquarters or at a venue which is suitable to hold thousands. Are they afraid that it will not achieve the desired effect? if the people sees it is well worth it they will even scale Mount Matang to hear it out. Are we being too sarcastic here..? Why does DAP need to create this political mileage when they know that they are very much the VOGUE in Kuching. 

Even the young kids shout,”Hoi chi” ROCKET..!!!

DAP does not need to worry if they have the support of the people as 2006 has shown they have defeated the SUPP candidates. Is DAP feeling the heat that they have not done enough? Its Peoples Power and maybe George Chans statement recently,”We Will Win All Back” has reached the ground.

The article which appeared in the internet portal:-

DAP will attempt to sidestep the authorities by changing the format of its Kuching event, slated for tomorrow, which was not granted a permit by the police.

chong chieng jen interview 141108 02“Instead of giving talks, the speakers will be present at the coffee house and members of the public can pose questions,” said DAP vice chairperson and Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen (left).

The party had initially planned to host the “Land and Rakyat” seminar on land issues, but was denied a permit as the venue was regarded as inappropriate for the event.

Contacted today, Chong said that the police cannot disrupt the event, which is expected to attract a few hundred urban dwellers, as “you don’t need a permit to sit down and have coffee.”

“They cannot chase us out of the coffee house because all we will be doing is sit there and answer questions,” he said.

Sparse traffic

 According to the parliamentarian, the reason of traffic flow given by the police doesn’t hold water as the coffee house is located in an area where traffic is sparse.

As such, he said, the move appears to be politically-motivated and is a “form of suppression” by the BN ruling government in anticipation of the upcoming state election.

“The police appear to just be trying to interfere with politics…or are acting on the instruction of some political party.

“Land is a very important issue and there are a lot of scandals affecting BN leaders, so the more people come the more they will know and BN will lose support,” he said.

Chong added that the event could not be moved to a different venue as the notice from the police had come at the last minute.