“BN Direct..BN Club Party..??”

It seems that only T.Murugiah Federal Deputy Minister or Larry Sng Sarawak Assistant Minister will be given the Key to the Lock so easily. One has to remember though very clearly that it is the prerogative of the Prime Minister of the Chief Minister/MB of the State in picking/vetting the right candidates for the coalition in any elections.


Barely a month has passed when the Deputy Prime Minister Muhyddin said,” Do not let dirty linen be shown to the public and BN Parties to ensure that all is within control so as not to jeorpadise the BN spirit and togetherness

Is There a BN CLUB PARTY IN THE OFFING..? DON’T  RULE THIS OUT says a political aide ??

audie61 were told by a PRS insider who  also wants to remain anonymous that ,” Larry Sng is the frontrunner as mosts ground reports remains in his favour and if Wilson just does not harp or do something the chances of him nominated will pass him by.( The internet portal has news from bernama which is reposted below) 

The same could be said about Edwin Banta who is making a push for the Tamin seat. It is very healthy to lobby as long as BN stands to win and not to lose. He was quoted as saying.”he would leave it to the party’s and Barisan National leadership to decide if he should stand in Tamin.” He even said that ,”I have been going around but i do it in a subtle way because the Incumbent is still there.” audie61 had earlier covered this story and we again called Edwin Banta and he said,”As it is..I leave it to the party and BN

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The bernama story from the internet portal:-

Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) has dismissed any suggestion its former member Larry Sng Wei Shien be a BN direct candidate for the Pelagus seat in the coming state election.

 Such suggestion was inapplicable and unacceptable as Pelagus was clearly and traditionally a PRS constituency, said PRS information chief Wilson Nyabong.

There were precedents in the Belaga state and Mambong parliamentary seats as those seats were claimed by other BN component parties.

“But, no BN party is claiming Pelagus,” he told reporters in Sibu to dispel rumours that Sng (right), an assistant minister in the Chief Minister’s Department, was defending the seat on such arrangement.

Wilson said the party had more or less identified Sng’s replacement.

“We have explained to the voters in the constituency that Larry is no longer a party member so he cannot represent it or the BN when his term expires.

“They, especially the women voters, understand this and have pledged to support only PRS/BN-sanctioned candidate,” he said.

On Sng’s action in maintaining he is still the BN representative, Wilson said as of now, he was still so as he was still serving his term as assistant minister and the state legislative assembly had yet to be dissolved.

On another matter, he said PRS would fight groups and individuals out to destabilise the party.

This included planting candidates to contest against its official candidates, especially in the Pelagus and Ngemah state seats.