PKR nudged out by DAP


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” WHO AM I..??”

At the Euro-Football the countdown before the kickoff at Ukraine and Poland starts from 10,9,8,7 to 1. But here we give you only 57 seconds to answer us which means you don’t even have a minute to play with before you answer the following three simple words…

“WHO AM I..?”

OH! U are really thinking about the Jackie Chan’s movie..No,no. For those who are wondering who this Jackie Chan is lets give you a brief introduction( Chan is one of the best-known names in kung fu and action films worldwide, known for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, use of improvised weapons and innovative stunts).

Well.some of you might be scratching your heads again.What”s the game plan with this blog? If we know, we would not be asking the questions but we will be providing the answers. Could it justs be one of those days when its the beginning of the week. Monday..remember the Boomtown Rats single….(I DONT LIKE MONDAYS) which was Number 1 for four (4)weeks in 1979.

Hold On ! Surely, by the time you have read so far you musts have 20 seconds left to answer “Who am I.?” Shall we give you further clues?

One of my FB friends even wrote “sometimes I feel I’m a men and at da same time I’m a lady…hmmm....Wow! there were many comments and one in particular answered the writer of the posts..{ Am not worried but u shud coz u had the statement hahahaaaaa}

Or could you be this?

My body looks decreasing I don’t know who am I? My foot is black,But I dont know who am I. I am in a big hand.But I don’t know who am I. Oh. I know I am a Pencil. I am just being used.

TIMES UP..Thats 60 seconds and a minute is up. Have you made up your mind who you are.?

Gosh! Don’t be worried you are who you are, you are here on this earth for a purpose. Did we answer you ? You still scratching your head..Don’t bother, as the MIRROR IN WHICH  you are facing is giving you all the answers you need to know.



WHO AM I..? 


“Stop the Backbiting”

We have two ears to listen and a mouth to speak. But rather than going on a trail of witchhunt and create enemies which we live to regret

It’s bests we just SMILE and BE HAPPY.

What has been done, is done and will never be easy to be erased and God will punish those who speak foul of one of his own. They say if you cannot Stand the heat,get out and stay out.

To those who love to snip and shoot meaninglessly away at all angles or also hoping to trawl the fish into the nets please don’t bother.

The blogs are meant to dessimate information and musts be used in the bests possible way to ensure the credibility of the source of information and also the way its being written basically not to run foul of the long arms of the multi media laws.

We musts be able to receive as much as we can give but there are limits when its overboard. A reminder,”


Give us your bestsSMILE AND SAY CHEESE


{…..dun think you got us and we will not strike back but they say one’s patience can take only so much Now you know you are human too…hahahahaha…}

After 26th March-Sarawak Polls

No guessing game needed. His 30th year book is already taking shape and now with his marriage what else is NEW? He can take his  lovy-dovy time now and wait for the right moment. The cut off period though is July 2011.

Eventhough Sammy Vellu the former MIC President has already called it a day. The “HEAT” is on  CM Taib to finally leave the State adminstration to a New Man incharge.

 A school of thought has even said,”he should leave sooner rather than later as if he delays and take charge to lead the State in the next elections he will lose his invicibility” Sammy Vellu is enjoying his new found status and Taib must also be looking at this angle.

 An Assistant minister and YB N6 was quick to point out to audie61 almost immediatedly,”We need his Wisdom.HE knows the State to well and BN Sarawak will need him to lead us into the elections

The internet portal Malaysiakini has this,”Guessing Game Coninues on State polls-“It has been a year when political pundits engaged in a guessing game of when the state election would likely be held – although the current term of the Sarawak state legislative assembly expires only in July next year”

Another BN assemblyman also told a journalist in our presence,”CM Taib holds the key but we must be prepared at all times which we are as always ever since the losts of the Parliamentary seat in Sibu. That was really a blessing in disguise and now the BN Sarawak will not take anything forgranted. We will face the enemy who is outside headon and we will stay united inside.”

The call of “The enemy is Outside was echoed by UMNO Youth Chief and Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin and he has really touched the “NERVE POINT” of the BN coalition partners. Even now as we are speaking at the Pakatan convention the YB said,”I heard the BN is under attacked and at every opportunity the shells and torpedoes are being fired at us with regards to Pakatans march to Putrajaya and how NOT WELL(tidak bagus) we are running the country. They are having their convention now just after our BN Convention.


The YB continued “CM will scrutinize and ensure that our 71 BN candidates are up to mark and as PM Najib says “winnable candidates” which has far reaching effects and all the State BN Chairmans will need to adhere to. Its already a different approach and away from the ‘norm where the warlords will push their candidates through and try to derail the machinery if their candidate is not picked.” CM has always gathered information and he knows the ground well if not he would not have stayed this long.

Can you manage even 15years without collapsing..?? 

“What would Life be for them..??”

Police and Politicians would always try to issue statements and also tell Voters “DON’T GAMBLE YOUR FUTURE AWAY” This though has got to be just UNBELIEVABLE and WAY ABOVE BEING NORMAL.

Anyway the gamblers are anything but normal as they are addicted and would go to any length and breadth to satisfy their DAILY KICKS.


BUKIT MERTAJAM, Dec 18 – For residents of Kampung Baru, there appeared to be a grave situation.

This followed “spirited” activities in the dead of the night at a Chinese cemetery in Kampung Baru here over the past two weeks.Strange men were spotted walking stealthily towards the cemetery. To some residents, the thought that paranormal activity was in progress, could have crossed their mind.

Probably unnerved by the nocturnal goings-on, some residents alerted the police.When undercover policemen turned up at the cemetery yesterday evening, they found no hint of the macabre.

Instead, they stumbled on 23 spirited men, including several senior citizens, gambling passionately at the burial ground.The police nabbed the suspects, including 70-year-old men, and seized RM40,671 and gambling paraphernalia including a bowl, three dice, 78 gambling chips, three long tables and 20 chairs.

A police spokesman said today, a team of personnel from the Penang police contingent anti-vice, gambling and secret societies division raided the area.

He said the suspects were detained to facilitate investigations under Section 7(2) of the Open Gambling House Act 1953, which upon conviction, carries a fine of up to RM5,000, or six months jail, or both. – Bernama

“What Seat…??”

Have you heard about the latest rumour that has being going around? Yay it’s about me.  No…..,unfortunatedly its not the “DATUKSHIP” that I thought i would be getting ( shoot!).

Oh Well! Wishful Thinking. Hahaha……

What’s the rumour..???

Well,a little bird just told me some interesting piece of news. Me,moi (in French) is lobbying for a Sarawak State Seat. The only seat that I know that I am lobbying for is a Luxurious Sofa seat for my house which needs the approval of the Minister of Home Affairs.(wink,wink you know what I mean)

So what’s all this about this talk about the “THE SEAT” that I am supposedly going after? if you know about it let me know…..

If you want to recommend me a Luxurious sofa seat you’re welcome too.

HahahaKiss Kiss