“No clear Line in Politics ..Theory yes!”

aacca1A senior political analyst said to audie61,”There is no clear line in politics. He also made a clarification regarding PBDS candidates who stood in 1987 and 1991. During the Ming Court 1987, PBDS was at odds with Taib Mahmud and they joined forces with PERMAS to try to oust the then Chief Minister. PBDS leaders held positions in the Federal BN Government during this period but were outside BN in the State.”

So the headline on the article which is extracted fully Masing”Get this clear, Sarawak BN does not include Teras.UPP” leaves very much to be desired. The writer should have clarified the Minister’s statement instead of agreeing fully.

A source telephoned audie61 and even said,” the name of the game is that Masing only wants to rid off all challengers so that the DCM posts is within his reach. Fair enough to harp about it,but isn’t that challenging the Chief Minister’s statement of BN plus in the present ruling government?” PBB,SUPP,PRS and SPDP are of course the BN coalition but TERAS and UPP are helmed also by BN assemblyman and their members.

Teras,UPP are not anti-BN are they now? In political theory they are but politics is never a clear line.

The final candidacy will be very much to the Chief Minister wouldn’t it be? The 3 Presidents of the party will be giving their names of their candidates and its up to CM Adenan to give the nod to all the lists submitted. CM Adenan will want winnable candidates for all those seats which BN will be contesting. Isn’t that his decision plus inputs from the BN coalition members and his strategists?

Maybe,for the record audie61 would not know yet as they are not sitting in the Chief Minister’s chair.By the way,we are not stalking the writer but only asking why is that his focus is only UPP and in particular TERAS.

The full article which has been extracted. 

The people in Parti Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak (Teras) and United People’s Party (UPP) will find BN’s door wide open if they take the cue from PRS president Dr James Masing’s statement on Oct 5. Masing had said the current political scenario in the state would not be an issue if the people concerned were not only thinking of themselves. The current stalemate could easily be settled if those involved were serious in serving their constituents. “In the 12th general election, we had a situation in Julau. It’s PRS seat and (Datuk) Joseph Salang wanted to stand as BN candidate but he was not a member of PRS.

So was Kanowit. It’s a BN seat and (Datuk) Aaron Dagang wanted to stand as a BN candidate but I said it’s a PRS seat. “So I went to see (then Chief Minister) Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud. Sir, I have a problem. Julau and Kanowit are my party’s seats, but the guys who want to stand there are not from BN. What am I going to do? “He said: ‘It’s simple, ask them to join you’. So I talked to Joseph Salang and Aaron Dagang to join us, which they did,” Masing was quoted as saying.

He said the reason Salang and Aron agreed to his proposal for them to join PRS was because they had the voters’ interest in mind. Masing further added: “So that’s how I solved the problem. Why make it so difficult, I cannot understand it because they think of what there is for them and not for the people who vote for them.

That’s the difference.” By “they” he can only mean the people in Teras – William Mawan, Peter Nansian, Sylvester Entri, Rosey Yunus and Paulus Palu Gumbang – and those in UPP – Wong Soon Koh, Dr Jerip Susil, Ranum Mina and Dr Johnical Rayong. Mawan’s declaration of “I am always Barisan, Barisan, and Barisan, through and through” will be seen as only political rhetoric if he keeps insisting Teras is a member of BN whether or not some component members of the ruling coalition agree.

Similarly, Wong’s BN posture cannot be genuine if he thinks UPP is the sole representative of the Chinese community and brushes aside Sarawak United People’s Party’s (SUPP) presence in the ruling coalition. Mawan and Wong must not think for a while that Teras and UPP are so important to BN that the ruling coalition will not hesitate to expel Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) and SUPP just to facilitate the admission of the so-called BN-friendly parties.

BN will not do that to its component members not only because that’s not how BN solves differences in the coalition but also because there are people who know too well the difficulty, or rather the impossibility, of winning in the election if they don’t stand on a BN ticket.

I think that’s what Masing was hinting at when he said anyone aspiring to be BN candidates should not just rely on the ‘dacing’ (scale) symbol to win seats, but more on their own popularity. Who in Teras will dare say they can win even without having to be on the side of the BN?

Mawan, whose election debut was as a DAP candidate, certainly can vouch that the surest way to lose is as an opposition candidate like he once was. Who in UPP, with the exception of Rayong, dare claim they don’t need to use the ‘dacing’ symbol to win in the coming state election? Rayong won the Engkilili state seat under opposition Sarawak National Party (SNAP) ticket in 2006 while Masing stood on Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) ticket against the BN twice – in 1987 and 1991. “

The real test of winnability is the ability to win without the use of BN symbol, especially in rural areas. So non-BN candidates cannot be supported by the BN political organisations until and unless they have been admitted to BN; otherwise BN is seen as fighting against the very laws it created,” Masing had said in his Oct 5 statement.

Right at this moment, Teras and UPP are not components of BN, until and unless they have been admitted into the BN, their winnability is not only suspect but irrelevant. However, the Teras and UPP people can make their winnability relevant if they are willing to play by the BN’s rule.

And Masing has just set the tone, if BN and your voters are your prime concern, then swallow your pride and play by BN’s rule. In Sarawak, that rule is set down by Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), PRS, SUPP and SPDP. It can’t be any clearer, Teras and UPP can’t be so dumb not to understand that. –

1st CM Taib ,Now PM Najib…??

wong3The never ending SUPP crisis goes into overdrive with Wong’s faction making arrangements to meet the BN State Leader in CM Sarawak and after that they met PM Najib.

The groups faction said this,‘This is a challenging and crucial moment. We want to have a comprehensive and wholesome approach to the issue.

“We are not upset or emotional over what had happened. There is no point to rush into any decision. So we are seeking advice from BN top leaders,” SUPP Bengoh chairman Dr Jerip Susil

He further added that,”SUPP President Peter Chin by issuing show-cause letters to Wong and four other leaders aligned to him had done more harm to the party than good.

“At this time, we should bring people together. At the end of the day, what matters is the unity of the party. There is no point to exclude anyone or sack anyone.”

When we start to exclude, we will not be able to achieve the purpose of reconciliation and unity,” stressed Dr. Jerip

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SUPP Facing De-Registration..??

tripleThe Problems facing SUPP are a plenty. It does not take a “rocket scientist” to figure whats going to happen next. Even the BN Leadership will be looking over their shoulders at the possibilities of another BN party reaching the end of its lifeline due to infighting and distrusts amongst own party leaders.

We are watching very closely at whats happening NEXT..??

“Twitting..Not but Radical Change..!!”

LEAD1The SUPP Saga continues. Seems the coffee cups and tables are about to be lifted from the floor as the ‘war of words” are anything but cordial. Surely,when they are asked to sit down in front of the PM or DPM,or CM the blame will be shifted to the newspapers,internet portals,blogs and now Facebook as MISQUOTING them. What can we say?

Someone has to take the wrap and even be buried alive in the ground. The question of SUPP and the other Chinese parties in Malaysia is simple. Who the “F&*#” meaning the urban voter who sees it clearly would vote for a party which is still involved in SERIOUS INFIGHTING.?

  • Any level headed voter would say ,”you think they can look after our interests? 
  • They are so involved in looking after their own chair that they don’t have time for us.
  • Why should we vote for them and the party?

There are no excuses and should not be anymore “B&*%S@#T for all this.

We look at how 2 BN parties turn round its fortunes. PRS (PARTI RAKYAT SARAWAK) and SPDP (SARAWAK PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATIC PARTY)  are very clear examples of infighting. Both managed to clear all the messiness and with good machinery,strategic usage of resources they managed to win all their seats in GE13. After the storm the calm will set in and the political party leaders who are now seen as a thorn in BN’s butt needs to wake up to the REALITIES that once your time is up its up. Caution to all and its a fact  (There is no turning back and if you are still a YB/MP serve your constituents well or you will also pay the consequences of being voted out).

It’s a simple idiom,”they just need to put their house in order first” Here we are not trying to cross over the line by hitting hard at the parties but there should be a CUTOFF POINT and it must not continue or the party will be irrelevant. Selfish leaders will be the downfall of political parties and infighting will not win many friends outside with the voters.

BN Sarawak will go to the polls soon or at the latest in 2016 and SUPP a component party of BN Sarawak with 19 seats to be contested will have a rather ‘bumpy road” ahead. PBB 35,PRS 9 ,SPDP 8 will also face some tricky battles but will not be as bad as SUPP if their infighting does not solve itself soon.  We can write till the next election is called on SUPP but nothing beats the following quote which is the ULTIMATE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

Professor Sim SG SUPP said,” Politics is the art of making the impossible possible,but it needs big bold radical change,not twitting..”

Excellent but does SUPP have the stomach to go through with it? We remember telling the Youth chief Tan Kai that they are the youthful movement of the party and they need to voice out and tell the veteran leaders to step back and let the young ‘turks” take over the helm for the survival of the party. { There are surely the Presidential council for the party and veteran leaders who would want to see SUPP achieved its greatest height once more (19 Assemblyman and 7 MP’s.)


SHOULD WE WRITE MORE UNTIL THE NEXT TIME………lets have a nice meal with (………..

‘Warring Factions At Each others Throats..??”


When party grassroots gets involved in TOP leadership tussles the only logical way out for ROS is to ask the factions to have another AGM or face the consequences of having the party deregistered. There are many options available amongst them which was used before an “INDEPENDANT COMMITTEE” to overseer the whole election procedures.


The news which has appeared in the major tabloids/internet portals (see below) in the last few days does not look very promising for the BN component party. The BN top leadership having secured the mandate to form the Federal Government would not want SUPP to further deteriorate into the abyss. Presently SUPP has 6 0ut of 19 State assemblyman and the ones who are holding the SUPP’s rein have no State Assemblyman on its side and has only 1 Federal Full Minister in Richard Riot.

The party is beyond redemption says a political watcher as the once powerful party has sunk deeper into a “State assemblyman versus the Party diehards”  What else is there for them to fight for.? Seems the sooner the ROS rules the faster the problem will be solved. It’s a mockery to the political system and the infighting not only affected the equilibrium of the adminstration but the peoples needs are being overlooked.

When you are engrossed in infighting do you honestly think the RAKYATS needs are looked into? Do they have the TIME? Their times are only left to fight each other with press releases, dinners and get togethers to show each others strength says the political watcher.

The extracted article from Borneo posts below:-

SIBU: The issue between the two warring factions in SUPP is no longer one of  five assemblymen standing up for a comrade.

The wounds inflicted by the spat between party chief Tan Sri Peter Chin and  Sibu branch head Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh worsened yesterday when 3,000 Dayak  members from its Sibu Bumiputera Unit announced their support for Wong’s  faction.

Unit chairman Andrew Shilling said his members were unhappy over the party’s  Central Working Committee’s decision to refer only one of the six assemblymen in  Wong’s camp to its disciplinary committee. On Sunday, the group of six – Wong  (Bawang Assan), Datuk Francis Hardin (Simanggang), Datuk Lee Kim Shin (Senadin),  Dr Jerip Susil (Bengoh), Dr Johnical Rayong (Engkili) and Ranum Mina (Opar) – said in a statement they would `sink and swim’ together if Chin dared to sack  anyone of them.

In yesterday’s press conference, Andrew said: “We stand united here. If you  (Chin’s faction) dare to touch one, you touch all – the 3,000 Bumiputra members  of Sibu Branch. We remain one with Wong’s faction.”

He said party headquarters in fact had no authority to handle such a hot  issue as the Registrar of Societies (ROS) was still investigating irregularities  reported in the run-up to the party’s triennial delegates’ conference (TDC) in  December 2011. Asked by reporters what their next course of action would be,  Andrew reiterated that his unit would stick with Wong’s faction. Andrew said his  exco members were unhappy with SUPP Central Working Committee for stirring  actions leading to the burning of the reconciliation bridge.

He said they supported the statement by Dr Jerip Susil about Wong’s faction  being united in pulling through this turbulent period, and about Chin’s faction  being insincere when talking about reconciliation.

“Now that they want to take disciplinary action, they are burning the bridge  of reconciliation.”

Although the show cause letter had been issued to the Piasau and Bekenu  branches, he said there were 12 other branches which had yet to receive the  show-cause letters.


sup 1The internal fighting which is affecting SUPP does not seem to “simmer down”or “go away”as far as a number of political watchers are concerned. It will take a miracle to regain its former strength and if true to form the “party will be worse off and may be left with only 1 or 2 assemblyman out of 19 it used to boost. Previous article click HERE:-

This was mentioned to us when the headlines “1 mean 6,SUPP Chief told”(see below extracted Borneo Posts article)

The words came through as ” KAPAL SUDAH KARAM. What more to say? Swim to shore lah..!”

Another chipped in,”Save yourselves before its too late.SUPP has losts its touch” The reality is many have abandon ship and with ROS decision soon or IF ANY it will  further bring the party to its knees.


The extracted article   

Wong Soon Koh’s faction warns they would all ‘sink and swim’ together if any member is sacked

SIBU: The war of words between the two SUPP warring camps heated up yesterday with Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh’s faction cautioning the party against sacking any of its members.

“Since Day One, when (party president Tan Sri Peter) Chin’s group intended to attack any one of us, the bridge of negotiation has been burnt.

“We have decided to sink and swim together. If any one of the six is being kicked out of the party, the other five will sink and swim together (sic),” said Wong’s faction in a statement released here yesterday.

The statement was in response to Chin’s statement on Saturday that the assertion by Dr Jerip Susil (the Bengoh assemblyman in Wong’s faction) a day earlier that all six members in Wong’s camp had been referred to the disciplinary committee was “not factual”.

After chairing the central working committee meeting at SUPP headquarters in Kuching, Chin said only one of the six assemblymen had been referred to the disciplinary committee.

“We have not referred any of them to the disciplinary committee, except for one,” said Chin.

SUPP split into two factions following accusations of irregularities in the run-up to the party’s triennial delegates’ conference (TDC) in Kuching in December 2011.

One camp is helmed by Wong, who is also SUPP Sibu chief and Bawang Assan assemblyman, and the other by Chin.

The other members in Wong’s faction are assemblymen Datuk Lee Kim Shin (Senadin), Datuk Francis Harden (Simanggang), Ranum Mina (Opar) and

Dr Johnical Rayong


They also said in the statement that it made no difference whether the party intended to take disciplinary action against one of them because all six would “sink and swim together”.

It also said Chin’s motive was clear: His faction wanted to act against Wong’s faction.

The group also cautioned that Wong’s faction had the support of political secretaries to the Chief Minister, councillors, community leaders, government appointed representatives, and party members.

“Some of them have indicated to Chin already about their firm stand in sinking and swimming with us.”

Wong’s faction also said they supported Dr Jerip’s statement that the party should not mete out disciplinary action against any member as the Registrar of Societies (ROS) had yet to decide on the legality of its status following problems emanating from the run-up to the TDC in 2011.

They added that before the ROS announced its findings from their investigation, “Chin’s faction has no authority to act against any of us”.

Meanwhile, in Kuching, Dr Jerip told The Borneo Post yesterday their motto of was ‘one for all and all for one’, so when a member gets a show cause letter, all are affected.

“It will be a direct affront to the whole team.

“We have subscribed ourselves to one for all and all for one, emphasising the unity we are subservient to,” said Dr Jerip.

He added that issuing a show cause letter to any one of their members would be against the spirit for reconciliation.

“There is a general lack of regards on this matter right from the beginning, when constant requests to rectify irregularities were ignored.”

Dr Jerip, also Assistant Minister for Public Health, said Chin’s camp was responsible to conduct the party’s TDC in a constitutional manner.

He added any aggrieved member had equal rights to seek arbitration from the Registrar of Societies (ROS) once the party failed to conduct the TDC according to its constitution.

“We put it to the party leadership to be responsible for any future action to be taken by ROS.”

He appealed to ROS to resolve the issue quickly to enable the party to regain grassroots support.

“We seek the understanding of ROS to settle this matter soonest possible so that remedial steps can be taken to regain the people’s trust and support to Barisan Nasional.

“Let it be clear that all party members from both sides must abide by the party’s constitution so that fairness and justice are not just seen, but practised.”

Any personal agenda should be put aside, stressed Dr Jerip.

SUPP Leads by Example …..

SUPP P196 aspiring candidate Wilfred Yap’s own words and we will respect that,” A PARTY WITHOUT DISCIPLINE HAS NO HOPE”

If BN component parties all show this True Barisan spirit it augurs well for the coalition going into GE13.


Wilfred Yap (The Star 25032013) 

Jumlah Pengundi: 67,257 <!– Peningkatan jumlah pengundi: –>Peratusan Kaum: M: 11% C: 76% I: % B/Sab: % B/Swk: 12% L: 1%
1. Datuk Yong Khoon Seng (BN) [21,966] 2. See Chee How (PKR) [2,198] 3. Voon Lee Shan (DAP) [18,896]
Jumlah undi:
Majoriti: 3070 Undi rosak: 428
Penyandang: Datuk Yong Khoon Seng (BN) (Majoriti: 7,731 undi)

“Moral Support to the Police and Military Personnel”

SUPPSUPP Central Women Section have invited all Malaysians in Kuching to come out in full force to give

Moral Support to the Police & Military Personnel at Frontline in Sabah”

on 8.3.2013 (Friday)

Venue 1 – Merdeka Plaza

10:30am Arrival of Working Committee

11:30am – 4:30pm Signatures Begins


Venue 2 – the front of Sarawak Visitors Information Centre (Old Court House)

5:00pm Proceed to Old Court House

5:30pm Arrival of YB Dato Sri Peter Chin Fah Kui, SUPP Party President Arrival of Distinguished Guests  Arrival of Leaders of BN Components, Youth & Women Section

6:00pm Opening Speech by Party President

Speech by Tan Kai

Speech by Wilfred

6:15pm Ceremony Begins

6:20pm Handover of donation to “Tabung Wira Lahad Datu”

Awang Tengah’s Men “Falling Short..Bomohism Needed..??”

tt“Precious” is associated with Gollum in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The 22nd Floor”Chair” is very much associated with the seat of the Chief Minister of Sarawak. The PBB convention this year 2013 depending on when the GE13 will be held will very much see an emergence of a “new and younger force of new leaders” if the overall plan succeeds. 

The Awang Tengah’s Men have been brainwashed and this is how the INCEPTION works in the mind handed down to the young youthful recruits.It’s a Diversion which is seen getting ready for the crowning  of the 22nd Floor Chair.

I will assist you in your actions everyway I can but for the people who get in the WAY OF THE BOSS GREAT plan,we will not forgive them.

No matter who they are,you will remember that won’t you?

If the little ones are not sacrificed,the major ones can’t be completed.This is the LAW OF NATURE taking its course in politics.

( By the way,do not attempt to translate into Bahasa Sarawak or Bahasa Malaysia. Then it will be OH MY ENGLISH AGAIN)

The ground movements did not start just last year. The pieces have been put together ever since the 1990’s when CM hinted that he will step down to make way for his successor. A lot of manoueverings and unfulfilled political ambitions has flowed down the bridge and many have been washed out into the sea and into the abyss. There have been too many names of past PBB leaders to mention here. They know too well.

Awang Tengahs men have seen it happened and they do not wished to be part of this FLUSHING SYSTEM. They have all and tried “carefully” to move their strategies ahead and they see a 78th Year old CM who will not have his ‘midas” touch left as one after another his trusted hands are being brought down.

We covered it by mentioning ” sinister and outside forcesbut the internet portal http://www.sarawakreport.org blew the lid wide open with the following which we extract “Many believe that he had heart disease because of natural sickness. But, in reality he was actually got serious illness because of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx’s magic. Many people in Sarawak know about it actually

Is there a necessity for Awang Tengah’s men to follow through? Surely by ousting Adenan Satem the next person who will incur the wrath will be Abang Johari. The succession and the 22nd Floor Chair have indeed turned them into unknown”faceless enemies” and their determination to fulfill and see an end to ‘melanau rule” is overwhelming.


We covered this subject in 2009 https://audie61.wordpress.com/2009/06/27/bewarebomohsfeng-shui-expertsshamansspin-doctors/

 imagesCALKM0MLToday Awang Tengah’s Men are falling short because the evil plan has been hatched and the “BOMOH” ritual which was suppposedly to do healing has been used to move a darker,sinister,shadowy and occult like plot.

According to wikipedia the defination of “The bomoh’s original role was that of a healer[1] and their expertise was first and foremost an in-depth knowledge of medicinal herbs and tajul muluk or Malay geomancy.

However some use to summon spirits[ Spirits are said to be able to heal the sick, seek missing persons or even investigate reasons for bad luck. Spirits can also be used to attack people, cause sickness and misery and many other bad things.]

Has this been Used? Awang Tengah’s men knows better…

Awang Tengah’s men only cares about their BOSS rising to ther top.Usually its using the intentions of those around him. In the end,the ones that are sacrificed are the ones that is in the day.

Even their next rivals i.e. Abang Johari’s  men {ADUNS} are being approached with good intentions but when further pressed its a hint to move them towards their fold and to WEAKEN the association and to in doing so betraying. Two or more of the rivals ADUNS (names withheld for now) are being put through the process with the same modus operandi: and same script-

  1. He has promised to Step down within two years after the State Elections which is still used from 1990′s.Has He?
  2. Federal has seen him to be too powerful and need Internal State assistance to remove him.thats the truth they say..
  3. Time’s up for Melanau rule ever since 1970-2013 (43 years too long) they say..” We need someone else and boss Tengah is the rightful heir. Tengah is untouchable now with war chests full”

Earlier even amongst the majority Chinese based party SUPP there were pressured calls of CM relinquishing his posts before GE13 as the voters in the urban areas have blamed “PEK MOH” or “Pak Uban” for their losses. SUPP has 7 seats and two(2) are in DAP’s hands. They fear a whitewash and there musts be a sacrificial lamb. Its justs too easy to blame PEK MOH says a veteran SUPP Member who was jailed in the 70’s for his beliefs in SUPP.

He said” We should not blame CM Taib. He has done much for the State for nearly 40++ years. Has the Chinese been persecuted he said in terms of religion,education and economic wellbeing? Why should we use this for winning votes instead of getting on at the head of Barisan Nasional Sarawak who is the CM Taib.”

There will also be calls by some Awang Tengah’s men to have a rally blaming others for exposing them and they will use slogans”HIDUP TAIB” “KITA SOKONG CM TAIB” and the lists might go on. This will be the diversion which might justs be a little too late when all words spoken cannot be retrieved. Politics they say there are always room for forgiveness but the scar and hurt has been done.

CM has been reading a different book from Awang Tengah’s men and they are falling short because his eyes are watching and his ears are on the ground. The MIDAS Touch though slackening but the MOLES and BETRAYERS have better watch their backs. The leakages in the State administration is not something which musts be taken lightly says the inner circles to CM Taib.

Awang Tengah’s men might have been checked sooner rather than later but they are not about to give in so easily. They will use ways to cheat,allege and defame others but PBB will take care of their own. 

Awang Tengah’s men knows that the OPPORTUNITIES are there eventhough DANGER lurks. Now with the Adenan Equation taken out slowly but surely so they think the attention is on Abang Johari.

 The message is very Clear as the PBB AGM approaches. Their next enemy is the obvious and Abang Johari is keeping a watching brief says a close aide.

 Abang Johari might be smiling says former group english newsmedia editor that its no more a three horse race but knowing Awang Tengah’s men they will only feel satisfied with their BOSS as the sole and rightful heir to the PRECIOUS CHAIR.

Falling Short..no way for Awang Tengah’s men even with CM having his eyes open and ears on the ground . They will Kill rather than to be Killed.

SAY THIS WITH FULL VENOM “PRECIOUS“[ horrible swallowing noise like Gollum in his throat“. 

AND YOU KNOW WHAT’S IN AWANG TENGAH’S MEN MINDS…Abang Johari  we are coming after you..

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