Awang Tengah”s Men Making their Moves..?”

We each have our own reasons to make the moves.

tengahIn the Lord of the Rings movie the ring was very “PRECIOUS” says Gollum. He wants it, he needs it and he practically betrays his own master.

In this succession and a follow up to the Trilogy -The road to the 22nd floor which is the Office of the Chief Minister of Sarawak there are undercurrents and it seems some people just cannot wait any longer.

We covered it in details a few months ago :- but since its got a bit more spicy and the words used are worst than bushfires.

Taib with half of his eyes closed still maintains that he knows what is happening. However his closest aides and relatives are uncomfortable and are very worried as the ones he has put his trusts have turned against him.

In the following days we would be putting it together to reveal how the trusted aides men have moved his man to inform business partners/associates to look towards the FUTURE and ABANDON Taib and also end Melanau rule.

It is not Awang Tengah himself but those associated with him they say.Are you buying that?

Are you ready for more?? Soon my friends..


16 thoughts on “Awang Tengah”s Men Making their Moves..?”

  1. Politic is just like chess games, if you see the opportunities to finish your opponent off , strike or else wait until WHEN? For another 30 years kah??? Well done Awang Tengah.

  2. Tengah’s men are looking over their shoulders now. Kill or be killed is the way forward and they are surely getting together.Ruthless, is promoting Tengah and he must have a soft spot for him to too. Taib is certainly not sleeping well now.

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