PAS Sarawak Leader leaves Party

pas utk semua(Extracted from internet portal)

Former Sarawak PAS election director Mohd Fidzuan Zaidi has confirmed that he left the Islamist party two days ago.

Although the outcome of the elections at the party’s muktamar last week- which saw the progressives camp being purged from the party – was not the main reason he left the party, Fidzuan did not deny that he was quite disappointed with the results.

“Yes, I’m a bit disappointed. But it’s normal, like when a team we support loses.

“Like football teams Manchester United and Liverpool, there’s dissatisfaction if they do not win. But it’s not my main reason for leaving PAS,” he told Malaysiakini when contacted.

Fidzuan said his main reason for leaving the party was because he wanted to focus on his career and to take a break from politics.

Fidzuan’s leaving comes after Santubong PAS commissioner Andri Zulkarnaen Hamden denied that party members were leaving the party.

“Many have asked me on the issue faced by the Sarawak PAS leadership as of late.

“I want to stress that all those speculations are just rumours,” Andri had said.

Could re-join the party in the future

Fidzuan who has been with PAS for 20 years explained that he was the type who could only focus on one thing at a time.

“I am a determined person, so when I do something, I do it wholeheartedly and one at a time.

He also denied that the conflict occurring between the party’s two camps was a reason why he had left the party.

“No, it’s just that if I am still a PAS member, I still have a responsibility in the party,” he said.

He was also open to the idea that he could re-join the party in the future as it all depends on his career.

Fidzuan has also yet to receive a response from the party’s top leadership over his actions.

“Maybe they will say ‘all the best’ to me,” he said

17 to 15 Still In Terengganu..!!

It will be 16 to 16 when the final result will be known in Terengganu. Sorry statistics and figures don’t lie. No way close if one was to read the following analysis below. Moreover the might of both BN and PR would be tested to the fullest. You can say back to us,”Bro this is a by election and anything can happen”

Well, at the end of the day its your own opinion but the reality is such.

Read below the extracted article:-

The death of the UMNO State Assemblyman for Kuala Besut Dr Abdul Rahman Mokhtar this morning at the age of 55, has suddenly woken up the political pundits who had gone off on holiday after the May 5 GE13.

That is simply because Barisan Nasional won the State Government with a wafer-thin two-seat majority. With Abdul Rahman’s death, it is now Barisan Nasional’s 16 seats vs Pakatan Rakyat’s 15.

Assuming that Pakatan Rakyat wins the by-election, it will be a hung State Assembly of 16 vs 16 which could force a State election to be called.

Former politician Lee Hwa Beng was quick to realise that and he tweeted, “The death of the BN ADUN would put the Trengganu Assembly 16BN:15PR.This By-election would be interesting.”

A few others said it could be a 16 vs 16 situation.

But let’s not get too excited. Check the numbers and the history, and you will realise that many of the so-called political pundits are too presumptuous.

Kuala Besut is one of the four State seats in the Besut Parliamentary constituency.

In 2008, the Besut Parliamentary seat was won by Abdullah Md Zin (BN – UMNO) who polled 29,376 votes and the majority was 10,590. His opponent was Hussin Awang (PAS) who polled 18,786 votes.

The Kuala Besut State seat was won by (the late) Abdul Rahman Mokhtar (BN – UMNO) who polled 7,123 votes and won with a majority of 2,631 against Nik Muhammad Zawawi Salleh (PAS) who polled 4,492 votes.

The Kota Putera State seat was won by Muhammad Pehimi Yusof (BN – UMNO) who polled 8,090 votes and won with a majority of 3,332. His opponent was Mohd Md Amin (PKR) who polled 4,758 votes.

The Jertih State seat was won by Idris Jusoh (BN – UMNO) who polled 7,912 and the majority was 3,046. His opponent was Mohd Hassan Salleh (PAS) who polled 4,866 votes.

The Hulu Besut State seat was won by Nawi Mohamad (BN – UMNO) who polled 6,740 and the majority was 2,453. His opponent was Mohd Zain Hassan (PAS) who polled 4,287 votes.

In the 13th General Elections this year, the Besut Parliamentary seat was won by Idris Jusoh (BN-UMNO) who polled 35,232 votes and the majority was 8,342. His opponent was Riduan Mohamad Nor (PAS) who polled 26,890 votes.

The Kuala Besut State seat was again won by (the late) Abdul Rahman Mokhtar who polled 8,809 votes and the majority was 2,434 votes. His opponent was Napisah Ismail (PAS) who polled 6,375 votes.

The Kota Putera State seat was won by Mohd Mahdi Musa (BN-UMNO) who polled 9,084 votes and the majority was 1,412. His opponents were Adam Mat Said (PAS) who polled 7,672 votes and Mohamed Abdul Ghani Haji Ibrahim (PKR) who polled only 60 votes.

The Jertih State seat was won by Muhammad Pehimi Yusof (BN-UMNO) who polled 8,396 votes and the majority was 930. His opponent was Wan Azhar Wan Ahmad (PAS) who polled 7,466 votes.

The Hulu Besut State seat was won by Nawi Mohamad (BN-UMNO) who polled 7,884 votes and the majority was 1,570. His opponent w s Shalahhudin Jaafar (PAS) who polled 6,314 votes.

Thus it is quite obvious that the Besut Parliamentary seat and the four State seats are Barisan Nasional strongholds. It was only in the Jertih State seat that BN’s margin of victory dropped drastically – from 3,046 in 2008 to 930 in 2013.

In the Kuala Besut State seat, BN’s margin of victory dropped a little from 2,631 in 2008 to 2,434 in 2013.

Though it can be argued that in the by-elections held since the 2008 General Elections, Pakatan Rakyat had emerged victors more often than BN, I think in Kuala Besut’s case, it can be surmised that it is a pretty safe BN seat.

So, to disappoint those who are hoping for a 16 vs 16 hung Terengganu State Assembly, my view is that it will be status quo – 17 vs 15 after the by-election is held.

916 “Round 2”

576823_473831939368250_959387771_nFormer Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi did say”BN will not crumble in 2008“as Anwar Propagandared September 16th 2008 as the day when they will be a change of Government. BN did not cave in to Pakatan but Badawi relinquished his Premiership to Najib. GE13 have just concluded barely past a month and there are now so many permutations even before the Parliament seating on 24th of June 2013.

916 was Anwars call in 2008 and the possibility of a “ROUND 2” is being toyed around. This time it involves Najib and no more Abdullah.

We wrote a number of articles on this in 2008 and amongst them were as follows

It does seem that PM Najib is being harrased by not those within the BN fraternity who were not given the rightful positions and recognitions for their wins in the GE13 but also by those within his party UMNO especially when an article like this hits the internet portals and are being played up by many blogs. Click to read:-

505 Black Rallies have drawn in thousands at each venues and states and those within the BN hierarchy are feeling a bit uneasy over all these matters. We have time and time again twittered that” It only takes a little spark for it to escalate and for the sake of peace and harmony in Malaysia we hope it will not happen” 

After every elections there will be disgruntled and unhappy politicians who feels that they have a “divine right to the seat”. Of course they will read this and say what do you know? They will tell us go and listen to what Anwar and his Pakatan team have to say in the 505 Rallies. We have and we know Anwar and his strategists are using all their know how to try to “incept into the minds of most Malaysians that they won.

They have the courts to submit their petitions and even then Rafizi their “No.1 strategists” says he cannot see how the courts will overturned their results. He even gave a full rundown on how it will be against them. So whats next after boycotting the parliamentary briefing?

The news of Tengku Razaleigh must have music to the ears of Anwar. Will he be using his “war room strategists” or be employing the same modus operandi to rattle Najib this time round. Surely he will not let Najib rest on his laurels and he will use this opportunity to cause more political damage to PM and distabilise UMNO further.

Remember what Anwar said after his failed attempt “I thought the Sept 16 episode, although it did not happen, created the impression that we have a credible force which can offer an alternative (to BN).”

pkr cny open house 270210  anwarBeing the incorrigible optimist that he once described himself, Anwar (left) views Sept 16 rather positively. “Yes, we did not succeed and some are disillusioned and disappointed. And some are wavering in their support because the process seems slightly delayed. But it will happen. Of course, it depends on MALAYSIANS

Call what you want but it seems Tengku will be either” The knight in shining armour for UMNO or the Fall guy” but Pakatan will see it more as a “realisation of a vision” and tactically it will benefit them eventhough Anwar will not be at the helm.

Tengku will be a “pawn” as many disgruntled politicians will push for this agenda. The article which have many tongues wagging:-

The possibility of Round 2 September 16th 2013 cannot be ruled out and the turn of events which will take place is very fluid. The political scenario has changed so much since 2008 and one cannot rule out anything. Its just how one stategise and implement the plan and they will be VICTORIOUS.







GE13 statistics figures & facts 1

WHO IS CALLING WHO A FRAUD? ANWAR HAS CALLED THE EC CHEATS and the lasts (elections) is the mother of all frauds. He told the crowd at Penang on 11/5/13.

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