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WHO IS CALLING WHO A FRAUD? ANWAR HAS CALLED THE EC CHEATS and the lasts (elections) is the mother of all frauds. He told the crowd at Penang on 11/5/13.

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17 thoughts on “ANWAR “YOU WHAT..?”

  1. 2012 hope says:

    Once again one gets to understand what does Popular Vote mean first ?

    Wonder why Audie 61 and team dare to release and public this chart even UMNO BN is adamant of hiding it to avoid further embarrassment on the loss of Popular Vote by near 400k.

    Popular Vote does not represent seats won instead of supports of majority electorates in the polls.Get it right again ??

  2. 2012 hope says:

    Najib National reconciliation will be superficial and window dressing only.

    Ex-judge warns Chinese backlash from Malays for betrayal.

    UiTM pro-chancellor,former ketua pengarah pelajaran asks govt to close all vernacular schools for hindrance of unity.

    Muslim Lawyers; act against christian group using Allah.

    NGOs urge boycott of Chinese pro-pakatan firms.

    Thanks lots to BN blinded folded supporters who keep singing with the same tunes with them including Audie 61 and teams.Bravo lah.angkat lah tinggi supaya dapat kangtows @ projeks banyak-banyak

  3. arjuna waspada says:

    Thanks lots to Audie61.
    Give us hope that PRU14 will improve a few pple have better understanding of simple maths instead of excell.Good spread sheet for all MIB.
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak

  4. 2012 hope says:

    Tahniah swak has been rewarded with 4 full ministers for its great contributions in pru 13 , one each from 4 BN component parties including newly elected Mawan,President of SPDP as minister of New Entertainment and Tourism ministry.

  5. 2012 hope says:

    Taib tidak mengemukakan nama MPs dari SPDP ke Najib untuk candangan kabinet.

    Nak kebumikan Mawan di Saratok dan disebaliknys hidupkanna semula,hidden hands tak berjaya.kata orang lah

  6. 2012 hope says:

    Najib cabinet line up appears to be dictated by PRU 13 results.

    Swak and Sabah rewarded with 7 and 6 full ministerial posts respectively. Tahniah.

    Very disappointing SPDP didn,t get any.

    With Fadillah as minister of works ,Swakians would to see the so called Pan-Borneo Highway to be constructed to dual carriageway as soon as possible.

    Similarly Kapit-Sibu road under Alex nanta as deputy minister for Rural and regional development in 3-4 years as what he said during campaign

  7. 2012 hope says:

    Extremist Malay leaders told Najib not needing to show more kind gesture towards the Chinese community in future.

    Let them face the wrath of Politics of Revenge for ungrateful toward the govt.

  8. Kerry S. says:

    Anwar pushing it too far. If he continues he might be hauled up again. Nik is being chared now for not asking fro Police Permit.

  9. Political Observer says:

    What happen? Before G13 SPDP – 4 seats= two deputy ministers. After G13 won all four seats, hope for at least 1 full minister, 2 deputy minister, but end up with ZERO. why? Possible answers:1. Najib and Taib said UMNO and PBB can rules on their own, they do not need SPDP, in fact they prefer G5. 2. SPDP = Semua Palau Dalam Pub= None qualified to be appointed into the Cabinet. eg. Full Minister=Tiong? Opposition with harps on PKFZ. Mawan? ask him to relinquish his State senior minister post first. Anyway to be a Fed minister is not a joking matter. Nogeh and Anyi? they are new, not party men and besides their character and lifestyle is compromised. Conclusions: Sorry, spdp has no descent, capable and good people left! Najib make the right decisions!

    • 2012 hope says:

      Dont embarrass themselves and their colleagues like Sulaiman Taib who was appointed as deputy of tourism cant answer supplementary questions directed to him.

      To put further shame on him ,he had to seek help from his colleague sitting besides him.

      The video clip went viral after that incident.Sangat Memalukan Rakyat Swak

      He is neither good in BM nor English,

      Honestly speaking many of the MPs are still very poor.

  10. 2012 hope says:

    Newly appointed,home minister Zahid fires his first arrogant shot to public asking those who are happy with election result to emigrate.That is another typical leader from UMNO.

  11. 2012 hope says:

    NOT we win all we stay out auidie. if this is so meaning SPDP is very humble and sincere for not having any posts,ur statement means the other way.

  12. Political Observer says:

    Masing said we rural based parties contributed so much yet we are mistreated. Therefore PRS reject Minister and deputy minister because not important ministry. He even warned not to take PRS and Spdp lightly. Mawan said “Oh be calm, PM is wise perhaps he overlooked”. If only Masing and Mawan are not overly self serving, together they formed a pact, even Taib wont dare play play with them. We know exactly what they want, just throwing tantrum no balls actually.

  13. 2012 hope says:

    Swakians and Sabahans, make sure you mark and remember the first utmost plan of Ministry of works under 2 east masians ministers Fadiilah and Rosnah who promise to finish so called Pan-Borneo Highway in 5 years’ time.Thanks a lot and pastikan janji mesti ditunaikan selepas penggal ini.Jangan lip service sahaja.

    Can they get the financial support from Ministry of finance which involves tens of billions

  14. 2012 hope says:

    Who are you SPDP and PRS ?, UMNO top guns refuted over PRS and SPDP’s dissatisfaction on ministerial posts

    MIC with 4 MPs awarded 4 posts,100 % SUPP 1 MP win 1 post,100 % SPDP 4MPs sadden with 0 post 0 % and PRS with 6 with only 2 posts 33 % .PBB 14 with overloaded 7 post,50 %.Taib is an important figure in the eye of Najib.

    2 years’ plan initiated by PM for Taib to step down as promised during 2011 state election had been junked as Mahatir said Msians senang lupa.

    PRS supporters say it,s a great insult to them,dont be surprise that we will leave your bungalows,BN to Langkau ( Pakatan ) one day.Well say,Dayaks

  15. 2012 hope says:

    ” Deputy ministers are nothing.Crudely they are just like flower girls.They are not in the cabinet.They dont have power and they dont sign anything.Well say salang.

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