“UP FOR ADOPTION…?” ~ Malaysiakini

It was late morning when I bumped into Violet Yong (DAP ADUN for Pending) and she asked me,”True kah 6 PRS MPs so intact.” Cheekily hmm, I said with no malice,” We are not going to Hornbill to DAP “. However my conversation was cut short but I managed to talk about the ‘Serious Jam” with the Mambong to Pending a journey of Approximately 24km which during the day takes 1hour or more and when if it is completed will take only 20 minutes. ( This is part of her constituency N10 Pending)

Just then a sms came that 500 Sarawak natives has joined PKR. Its in the report by Tony Thien Malaysiakini Sarawak correspondent http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89282 . Has PKR made inroads even into the interiors of Sarawak..? No wonder a political strategists told me,” They have taken a leaf out of James Masing’s earlier statement which says the rural areas are the “Bastion of BN.” So, they have made their move and like what Anwar had said his Generals and Lieutenants are following orders. Onwards…!! March to Putra Jaya.Soldiers and second echelon leaders first from all BN component parties before the main calvary moves in.

 Familiar don’t you think..? Is BN just going to watch it happen or has 916 changed to 1016 or 1116 or 1216. It does make sense as when you add the numbers 1016=8 1116=9 1216=10. But BN will have the last laugh as 8+9+10=27  2+7=9 . “What is 9..? Its “Forever or Dog’  which is “FOREVER.B..L S..T ”

Sorry if 916 fails Pakatan members, BN will make the next wave not you. Just wait and see.Anyone up for adoption next is the question but the moves are on the way to wrestle Sarawak 2011. Do you see where Im bringing you on the journey. Dont say to me please its,” DOG S..T…!!” Below is the after shock of Permatang Pauh which I wrote earlier,”Sarawak Wave 2006, Tsunami 2008 and After Shock 2011″

This is an excerpt of the report filed ,”Frankie Bedindang, Hulu Rajang PKR division chief and a former Kapit district head from the Sarawak National Party (Snap), told Malaysiakini the first batch of 500 submitted their membership forms to him at a ceremony in Bintulu today. Good for you all them and we were told that the natives have pinned their hopes on Pakatan to protect them and that they have given up hope on BN.

Has the ground swirled and made the State leaders and administration jump from their seats.? Are they still sitting in their comfortable air conditioned office waiting for “someone” meaning the “people” to remove them. Its time these leaders adopt the simple political theory they attack,we defend but we REINFORCE and call in the firepower and artillery. Do I need to say further.?

I wanted to tell DAP they won in Bandar Kuching constituencies not because of SUPP is irrelevant but because DAP was riding on the sentiments of the people for change. If SUPP reinvents,remodel and RECHARGE THEIR BATTERIES they will be able to win back “lost causes” but if they remain what they are they are its a wiped out headlines for them come 2011. Don’t say no,no,no..Even a PRS member can say multiracial parties will have a say in Bandar too and why not swap constituencies to win back lost “battlegrounds”. I will say to this True,true,true…. as DAP has never tasted the battle with “PRS or SPDP”. 

A Divisional Deputy Chairman of PRS says that it’s very true that “when the soup does not taste nice anymore, we have to change.” It’s only the correct thing to do and BN has 4 component parties and not everytime its the same faces. A wanita chief said change the ” MENU”. These are leaders who are all below 35 and they know their battlegrounds very well.

BN should just reconsider this equation or are they in the process of doing it…? Don’t be too late as it will be detrimental to the parties concerned and hurt their CHANCES. Imagine Violet from DAP against Winnie of PRS (imaginary) or Yvonne SPDP (imaginary)- These ladies have no skeletons and are not known by the general public. Good fight.. I assure you it will be a very close fight..You can bet your last dollar on it.

As for another adoption it seems that PRS divisions have made their moves for “Homecoming” which was even published by Borneo Posts. I received so many calls and one in particular,” If they don’t want you we will have you.” Huh! you.. what ..Are we going for Sale like our MPs..? Even our adopted father seems to have disowned us PRS divisional members mentioned to me. Is it a political game again waiting for September 14th when the 29th Supreme Council meeting is going to be held at Green Heights headquarters.?  First our party says that we have to reapply as all Form 9 submitted is not applicable. Secondly the SG in question is also not recognised..Hmmm 

 I have said again and again that during “WAR TIME” where are the “COURTS..?” HELLOooo…WAKE UP everyone and are you all sacrificing the party so that PAKATAN group will reap the benefits. So much for party disciplinary committees to issue each other so called “LOVE LETTERS“. There are so many qualified,young and highly intellectual with good political “BRAINS” within the group and if DAP,PKR approaches with solid “VISION and AGENDA” I cannot see this group staying.

I was online with the Chief Political Secretary to the CM and I said to him I have “Exhaust all Avenues” to try and keep them in check as there are no such thing as LOYALTY left. I am not even a board member of a GLC nor a councillor nor a political secretary. If I am not even given a chance what about them..? Who am I to tell them..? Always the same story, don’t you think that we will look after you later. Soon it will be too late as the window of oppurtunity closes for another WINTER of Discontent.

PKR and DAP will surely capitalise on infighting and this has been the scourge of all BN parties. Too much ego,proudness and stubborness and very little compromise in the end the second echelon leaders will look for greener pastures. These words said again,” We need to change first before we change others.”

 A lady secretary working in a hotel my excollegue said to me,”Audie I can’t work with you,you look snobbish but I told her YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. I can’t change the way I look but I can change the way I do things. Then she said,true and you are a fighter that I know. You always fight for your staff and they remain very true to you. How do you do that..? Perception in MALAYSIABOLEHLAND is everything and I will for one not give up my HEART and SOUL just for adoption for a little LIU-TY’ “MONEY LOYALTY” My agenda is simple,”We adopt what is good and throw the RUBBISH OUT”…………Are you up for it..?

20 thoughts on ““UP FOR ADOPTION…?” ~ Malaysiakini

  1. Sarikei Orphan Home says:

    Its such a pity. The reason dinasour are extinct is because they refused to change!

    If I am the CM I would put you in a position where your skills and talents can be put to good use for the people of Sarawak and Malaysia!

    Bodoh punya mereka! Sorry for the language……

  2. fred says:

    SUPP should give way to PRS or SPDP in some areas. I agree in totality. Its only a little reengineering of resources for BN. Why get wipe out when you can keep the seats at other areas.

  3. Ripper says:

    My,my my you give a good piece to all concerned. I like your equations especially the 1016,1116 and 1216. where did they get you. Like your numerology. Brilliant audie love it.

  4. Greg says:

    No need to lie to the people anymore. Good start you see 500 Natives join PKR. How BN ? Everyone too comfortable. we need change and we will get in Sarawak soon.

  5. noria says:

    Yea the Jam from mambong to stutong bad everyday morning and after work. Violet do something or else we vote you out. not you but BN hahaha

  6. jeanne says:

    Aiya i stay near Unimas. Cannot stand it anymore. what happen to this work. speed it up . Or else we just change thwe whole of BN to mambong to lawas.

  7. sarawakiana says:

    SUPP should try and fight PKR in Bakun. why not give people to try whether SUPP YBs are good enough for rural especially in this interior and see whether BN coalition partners work together. Leave Sentosa to SPDP ,PRS Batu Lintang, PBB Pending. Rocket will run everyway. don’t know which one will fall to the ground. Belum cuba belum tahu!!

  8. richard says:

    Most of the YBs know only holiday and play golf. I tell you if you go golf course you see most of them there. Thats where also BN fail. If you want to play golf dont be a YB be a golf pro lah!

  9. Queen Isabella says:

    916 is a dream that will not happen. Now they are running to put up another date. like your equations and this is what Pakatan does. BN not much different but 50 years in power got experience. Rule 5 states first before thinking of taking Federal government.

  10. visi 2020 says:

    for all the sarawakians n sabahans who supported BN, u have to come over to the west malaysia to see how the Rakyats are treated by BeeN… u should not blame us(people of west malaysia) for going against BeeN because we are just being fed up with the BeeN over here… n recently with that racist ahmad saying we are ‘penumpang’… can u guys stand that??? i myself was so angry at his statement… that is why BN lost 5 states in peninsula…. my gf is a sarawakian n she told me that there are less racial discriminations in sarawak… i dunno how true is that but plz, come over to west malaysia n look by yourself… she was shocked to see the difference here… as a conclusion, the rakyat in west malaysia are tired of BN playing racial politics here, maybe not in east malaysia… so plz understand us n stop condemning DAP n the PR… they are the one fighting for the future of malaysian n our future generation…. if you are still stubborn, plz buy a airasia tix n come over here for few mths…

  11. Steve says:

    Whatever is the present political case, we still need to ‘cari-makan’ ourselves. so far we only see YBs getting richer & richer everyday & of cause the ‘near-to-YBs jackers’ too. I think it better to spent our energy thinking of how to take a better care of our family first lah. Don’t waste times on politics….

  12. visi 2020 says:

    “Ahmad did it again, told Chinese not be American Jews”

    “I want them to know, I want them to take this as a warning from the Malays. Malays and Muslims have been provoked many times. We have been patient because we want to maintain stability in the country,” he said.

    “Remember! The patience of Malays and Muslims has its limits. Do not push us to the wall, where we will be forced to reject the Chinese for the sake of our survival.
    “If what I say sounds too strong for BN, take this as a warning from the Malays and Muslims as this has nothing to do with Umno. Do not pressure Umno leaders until they are caught in a dilemma.”

    that is when u guys give power to UNMO-BeeN…. playing racial politics all the way.. think twice before casting your votes in future my fella sabahan n sarawakians…. dont jeopardize the future of your future generations by voting for these clowns

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