CM Sarawak”Sikboh Panjang Cerita..”

Wild Accusations hurled , fanning of sentiments,undivided support and everything was thrown into the pan of fire as the issue of MA63 triggered off between the Dewan Rakyat Speaker and CM Sarawak.

Just when it was going to run out of control at all levels our Chief Minister of Sarawak came out trumps and the people of Sarawak will love him more than ever and will thank him for this “SOLID STAND”. It speaks volumes.ajohaa

What is there to debate… do not create further issue (apa mahu berdebat-debat…jangan panjang cerita).

“I just want to carry on what our fifth chief minister, the late Pehin Sri Adenan Satem, had laid out to fight for Sarawak’s rights, as enshrined under MA63,”

Earlier after Pandikar had made the debate challenge to the CM Sarawak his chief political secretary Abdullah Saidol gave a swift reply,”

Pandikar should have not been too quick to make such shallow assumption as if we in Sarawak are stupid and careless in our knowledge and research on MA63. The conclusion I can make from all these, is Pandikar came up with such statement to ensure his own political survival.

“And this showed that his stance, I would assume, as politically immoral and insecure,” 

Support was also forthcoming from component party leaders in PRS where its Youth Chief Datuk Snowdan Lawan said,”

“Who is Pandikar, to challenge our Chief Minister for a debate over the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63)?

“For us, he is not of the same status as our Chief Minister. He is only an appointed Speaker, not the people’s representative.

“But, maybe he has a hidden personal agenda for his own political survival. I assume he wants to be a hero, a hero to himself only,”

This above all says it all “It must be noted too that all the assemblymen in Sarawak, including those in the Opposition, had unanimously voted for the motion on MA63 to be passed at the recent State Legislative Assembly sitting. ”

In various forums, chatrooms. telegrams, whatsapp and also phone conversations everyone could not avoid giving their opinions. It was also trending  #Sarawak on twitter.

Most Sarawakians were behind our Chief Minister when Pandikar uttered those words as they were rude and arrogant.

The Chief Minister can always count on Sarawakians to stand united behind him especially on issues close to their hearts