James Masing Is Correct on this Issue…

james mWhen it comes to religious matters I will not pull my brakes. It is because of my upbringing and which has been drilled in by my grandfather to my dad and mum. We respect each and everyones religion and there is only one Almighty GOD says my granddad to me when I was 10 years old in Mukah.

Always don’t use religion to score points in whatever debates or arguments you are involved in says my mum and dad. How I hate bigotry and religious extremists till today. I will not hesitate to raise my fists and land a right and left “hook” when its necessary.

Even in the Catholic Faith I speak my mind when  some of them act out of line and are seem to be “RELIGIOUS BIGOT“. Those who practise religious fanatism should look themselves in the mirror and then slash their wrists and see whether the “blood” that flows is green,black,orange,yellow or white.

God made BLOOD the same colour RED and we should respect each others religions as such. in all arguments one should not show power by being overzealousness. Remember we will all go back to the Almighty One and be buried in the ground and our bodies will return to the ground.( There are others who died without being buried.God has a special place for them too)



This I extract from an internet portal and I do think the Minister is right in telling the Home Ministry and the Minister in charge must take heed:-

Sarawak Land Development Minister Tan Sri Dr James Masing   has put the stop order on the distribution of Catholic weekly Herald in Sabah to Home Ministry officials making decisions in haste without consulting their political leaders.

“They have obviously taken matters into their own hands. I suggest that political leaders must be consulted first before taking action on matters which has negative socio-political impact.

“It is us, the politicians, who will bear the brunt of criticisms, not these government officers,” Masing, a senior Christian minister in the Sarawak cabinet and also president of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS), pointed out.


Masing said this today immediately after Herald editor Father Lawrence Andrew announced that the Home Ministry had given its clearance for the 2,000 copies of the Catholic weekly to be distributed after its officers at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport on Thursday had stopped it.

The 2,000 copies of Herald were meant for distribution to about 20 Catholic parishes in Sabah.

Andrew said the Home Ministry had informed the forwarding company this morning that Putrajaya had cleared the weekly for distribution.

However, today being a non-working day, the forwarding agent was unable to get the copies out to the churches in time for Sunday services.

“It will be distributed from tomorrow, but then Catholics go to church today,” Andrew said.

He added that the Home Ministry should explain its action.

“We need to know why they stopped it in the first place.”

Tuaran MP Datuk Wilfred Tangau hoped that such actions would not recur as incidents like these only cause unnecessary anxiety among the people of Sabah.

After the Catholic weekly’s right to use the word Allah was overturned by the Court of Appeal on October 14, Putrajaya assured East Malaysians that they could continue using the word in their worship and publications.

It was seen as an effort by the Barisan Nasional government to ensure it keeps its key vote bank in both Sabah and Sarawak where there are many Christians who worship in Bahasa Malaysia and indigenous languages which also use the word Allah.

The Catholic Church prints 14,000 copies of Herald every week for about one million Catholics in the country and Herald editor Andrew said Allah was used in inverted commas in the latest edition when referring to the Court of Appeal ruling on October 14.

Minister in The Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Joseph Kurup had also earlier today said he believed the authorities stopped the publication from being distributed due to a “miscommunication”.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had said the Court of Appeal ruling that ban the Herald from using the word Allah in its publication, is not binding in Sabah and Sarawak.

Even Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail had said the Court of Appeal decision was confined to the publication of the Bahasa Malaysia section of the Herald and the court had held that the Al-Kitab and the Herald are two publications of an entirely different character.

The Al-Kitab is the Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia version of the Bible and is widely used in churches in Sabah and Sarawak.

PKR Sarawak assemblyman See Chee How in hammering the government’s assurance said “credibility is just not in their vocabulary”.

Referring to the prime minister’s upcoming trip to the 9th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) in London, See said: “The PM is making yet another overseas trip, leaving it to tough guys Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz and Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to deal with the dissensions.”

Datuk Dr Thomas Tsen, president of the Sabah Council of Churches, in his reaction to the seizure said “its just very shocking, saddening and very disappointing”. – October 27, 2013.

The “Allah” stand…

audie61 have been receiving many questions on where we stand on the “banning of usage of Allah on the Catholic Newspaper Herald”. We stayed focussed and did not want to be caught in a “hail of bullets” and we know that there given the appropriate time the Chief Minister would make his stand.

He did that also during the 2010 Barisan Nasional Convention in Kuala Lumpur where he spoke,”When I travel to the longhouses, I’d just look for a Muslim cook from the city and they (the longhouse folks) would buy the food and even buy praying mats for me to pray in one of their rooms.

I was privileged to hear from 2 Menteri Besars from the Peninsula who said,”CM Taib speaks the truth and they were impressed with his words on religious tolerance in Sarawak.”

That was the day which made me saluted CM Taib for his “no nonsence approach to people who thinks they can use religion to gain political mileage especially when it comes to Sarawak”

Today we extract this from the internet portal and this is no different from 2010 which we heard at MCA’s hall,” The Allah issue between Muslims and Christians in Peninsular Malaysia does not affect Sarawakians because they are a tolerant people, said Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud.

To us (people in Sarawak) there is no issue. We have lived with people of different races and different religions for many decades, even before Malaysia,” Taib said in his first public statement on the issue since the Court of Appeal ruled last Monday that the word Allah could not be used by the Catholic weekly, Herald.

Taib declared the ruling was not binding on Sabah and Sarawak.


“We cannot alter the status quo in Sarawak,” Taib said when asked about Sarawak’s stand after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak opened the Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) convention today.

Taib said the use of the word was not a problem in the state as the “spirit of tolerance” among Sarawakians is high, one of the features of multi-racial Sarawak which made it a bedrock of stability and harmony.

“When I travel to the longhouses, I’d just look for a Muslim cook from the city and they (the longhouse folks) would buy the food and even buy praying mats for me to pray in one of their rooms.

“This is quite natural with us in dealing with people of different religions.

“I myself came from a mission school and it never bothered me when other people made the sign of the cross,” he said, referring to a Christian practice.

“It’s because it’s their religion, expressing their respect for the Almighty. I can understand it.”

Taib said he would bow and offer his own prayers the Muslim way when his Christian friends made the sign of the cross in their prayers.

“The Chinese would probably do it their way. The intention is the same.

“It’s all praying to the superior being which we believe is the Creator of this world.”

“It’s this kind of spirit we have in Sarawak,” Taib said, stressing again that it is not the thorny issue that is in the peninsula.

“The Ibans, the Malays, the Chinese have shown their respect for other religions and cultures even before Malaysia.

“When we came to Malaysia, we carried this with us and it has become one of the features of Sarawak.”

In 2010, Taib had also spoken out against an attempt to curb Bahasa Malaysia bibles from being freely brought into the state.

He described the order to stamp the Bahasa Malaysia bibles with serial numbers by the Home Ministry as a “stupid idea” that should not be applied to Sarawak.

He had also called the strictures on the Al-Kitab nonsense.

Yesterday, Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail reiterated the Court of Appeal decision was confined to the Bahasa Malaysia section of the Herald.

He said the court held that the Al-Kitab and the Herald are two publications of an entirely different character.

“The Al-Kitab is the Malay version of the Bible and meant for Christians and used in churches whereas the Herald is a newspaper which is also accessible online and can be read by Muslims and non-Muslims.”

Abdul Gani added that the court stated the permission given by the home minister for the printing and publication of the Al-Kitab, in which the word Allah appears, therefore cannot be treated in the same manner as with the Herald. – October 21, 2013.

UMNO Elections Closely Watched by PBB too.


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pbb&umno_The focus after the Hari Raya Celebrations will turn to two(2) BN component parties. UMNO will hold their elections on October 5th 2013. Any movements will definitely be closely watched by all as the outcome of the UMNO elections affects the leadership of the country.

The Tiff between Tun Mahathir and Tun Abdullah is being monitored very closely. There are also clear indications that camps are already mushrooming. Many in the social media blogs, mass-media fraternity and bloggers aligned to their respective camps are already “ON TOP” of these developments.

Many in the “UMNO family” will be divided as to their choices of  candidates and though the fight might be very bitter it might even caused ‘some permanent damage“. It is only normal to have elections in a democratic process but once the elections are over everyone must be able to accept the lists of elected officials and close ranks. It’s of course…

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Taib Confirmed to Stay as President of PBB..

After All the 71 Divisions in PBB in unity to retain Pehin Taib as PBB President for 3 more Years..

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pbb9This we tweeted today,”@PetraJayaMP Works Minister says his Pending PBB branch would not want to see anyone challenging the top posts.

This have been echoed right through to all PBB divisions and Deputy President Abang Johari,Senior Vice President Awang Tengah, Information Chief  Adenan Satem and other Divisional chiefs have made similar calls.

We wrote earlier  a week ago  https://audie61.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/taib-mahmud-to-be-uncontested-as-president/ and asked if there are any doubts?

We received many calls and smses and all were positive towards the Chief Minister Pehin Sri to continue to lead not only PBB but also to continue to administer the State of Sarawak.

Najib in his 50th Anniversary Speech at Padang Merdeka touched on the  cordial working relationship between the Federal Government and the State Government under the leadership of Taib Mahmud. The confidence of the Federal government on Taibs administration is a clear indication that the Federal Government is very much behind the leadership of Taib Mahmud.

This also dispel…

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Enemies are INSIDE and not OUTSIDE..

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When we wrote the Trilogy way back in August 5th 2011 https://audie61.wordpress.com/2011/08/05/sarawak-trilogyroad-to-22nd-floor-finalwhose-my-boy/ we did say this,”The political shift and movement of forces are anything but cordial amongst the many political rivals to the chair. They may appear as friends in front with their pleasantries but once the backs are turned all ’hell’ is let out to wander.

Today we were reminded that the PERCEPTION is otherwise. The enemy is indeed inside your own backyard and they have turn from being friends to being spies for a bigger ‘chests” which might just come along nicely. CM Taib and his deputy will no doubt stay on as we have mentioned in our previous article https://audie61.wordpress.com/2013/09/12/taib-mahmud-to-be-uncontested-as-president-2/ and it has a significant spiral effect on PRS too. James Masing and his deputy Joseph Entulu will also be reelected uncontested at the party’s TDC in Sibu on 19th September.

CM have already indicated that he…

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“Extremism,Hardliners NO NO…?”

mole-Malaysia-MuhibbahThe signals are clear for Middle Malaysia. There is no place for extremism or aggressiveness in politics . Middle Malaysia are those middle class wage earners and who represents nearly 70% of the workforce in Malaysia. They have their friends and families who are sitting in comfortable places in higher places and everyday living is enough for them and they thank God for it.

Malaysia’s transformation towards a develop nation in 2020 will be a yardstick for them. They still need to put food on the table,roof over their heads and ensure that their children will be able to finish high school enter universities and have a good career.

Malaysia is going through a passage of time. The hardliners aka veteran politicians  in all the political parties be it MCA,SUPP,UMNO,DAP,PKR,PAS  just do not want to set sail yet into the sunset. They are so afraid that the party cannot do without them. The question in mosts youths which we have interact is that they say,”You will be surprised what we can do and not what they want us to do.”

In school we are taught what we must do but in society and in political parties we want and must express what we are capable of doing meaning for the greater good of the country.

There are the Khairy’s,Tony Puas,Tan Kai’s,Fadillah’s ,T.Mohan’s,Tan Keng Liang’s,Nasrudin Hassan’s,Jahid Jahim’s, Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin’s, Wee Ka Siong’s who are more than ready to take over. Somehow,somewhere there are HIDDEN HANDS who are putting  STEEL WRAPPED COLLARS on their necks.

Najib has encouraged and engaged the youths readily and the recent UMNO results shows that UMNO is heeding to the calls by mosts Middle Malaysians that there is NO ROOM WHATSOEVER for extremism in this country of theirs.

The results will have significant shift for the younger generation who sees that if UMNO is able to give the chances to the younger politicians there are chances for them in this country. The young politicians are techsavvy,cool and knowledgable of the country’s needs and Middle Malaysia’s wants.

They Middle Malaysia gave chances aplenty to the Pakatan group and they churned out leaders who has set the standards for BN to emulate. BN will not copy and that’s for sure and its up to BN youth leaders to show their mettle and tell the veteran Chinese leaders ‘we have had enough of all the infighting and let us lead the parties and be ready for radical change

The youth leaders respect their veteran leaders but they also need the time and space to work their own agenda for the better good of middle Malaysia. What got me to write about this piece are thesewords from an internet portal,”For many younger voters, he was like a voice from another generation. For many non-Malays, he was the leader of the right-wing brigade and a reminder of all the excesses of the Mahathir era. ”

How very true? Even amongst the “taiko gangs” if you are out of the scene your influence wanes. You still can call the shots but the younger leaders have many underhands who look up to them for a living and also advice.” The veteran leader and also Taiko have the monetary influence but the young can only swallow so much. No director will be that stupid to show in a ‘gang related movie” that shows a veteran underworld kingpin still managing to pull the strings. Occasionally they do just balance their books. It’s reality and politics too is very real.

The next generation of leaders in BN and Pakatan will need to WIN the minds of middle Malaysia in order to survive in this ‘dog eat dog’ political world. Only those who know how to engage and knows the realities on the ground will be able to adjust themselves in the next generation of politics. Suffice to that there is no room for extremism and a hardline approach as the World is borderless now.

There will not be a return to previous administration of who and which era and PM Najib and Anwar knows that they too will need to call time on their own political careers too. Najib knows that he needs Middle Malaysia to ensure he survives the topsy turvy world of Malaysian politics.

The days of “My Way” are long gone into the annals of Malaysian History for Middle Malaysia. DAP can harp on Malaysia for Malaysians but those are just rhetorics and slogans. Middle Malaysia knows what they want and that is simple. A job to go to, a family to feed,roof over their heads and ensure that their children are well educated. Also they do not need EXTREMISM to send the country to the gutters.

A PKR Malay leader said to audie61,”we in Sarawak wants all races to live as one and not to be bothered about all the extremist elements that there are in the world. I want my children and my grandchildren to be proud of what I am doing and that is NO EXTREMISM AND WE MUST PRACTISE RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE IN SARAWAK “

We listened and when Khairy won with a majority he even telephoned me and said,’that is the challenge which PKR leaders will have to contain with. A young leader Khairy who is a leading moderate and progressive voice in the party” Middle Malaysia is watching on how the party moves forward and also how in the next couple of weeks PBB,MCA,Gerakans,MIC and PAS shuffle their cards in their party elections.

This is the challenge and to win elections the Middle Malaysia needs to be appease and also JOBS aplenty and opportunities must be available. If the country does not ensure that the basic necessities are met for these middle Malaysians the Extremists plus hardliners will capitalise on the situations

Middle Malaysia are not so hard to please and one have only to read the history books to ensure whoever rules the country have to ensure that Malaysia will remain a United,Progressive, and Democratic Nation.

Middle Malaysia cannot and will not tolerate EXTREMISM of any kind….THAT’S A FACT…

DAP 30 years Too Late..??

mawan63DAP who have been trying to wrestle the urban seats are now turning their guns towards 21 rural seats currently held by BN Sarawak. At the Impian Sarawak Dinner IN PJ Selangor one of the 25 volunteers even came out with a Pantun and said,”Susah susah saya buat Paip di Sarawak Ini semua Pasal Taib”

Why are they attacking the Chief Minister who all these while have talked about Politics of Development?

DAP must be “INPAIN” and not “IMPIAN” seeing their Pakatan partners in PAS and PKR not making much inroad in their quest to capture Sarawak from the Barisan Nasional Government. Now they are trying to capitalise on Volunteers and bringing in the “freshies” whose political ideologies are not so deep rooted and also not seeing that DAP is capitalising on them to spread the “WRONG MESSAGE” back to Peninsular Malaysia.

Development takes time and if the urban areas are not progressing how will it filter down to the rural enclaves? Sarawak is so huge and can fit the whole Peninsular into it and these young Volunteers who are brought down to CAPITALISE ON DAPS QUEST FOR ABSOLUTE POLITICAL POWER should not just be blinded by one such “pipe laying project”

If the 25 volunteers think they love Sarawak why don’t they stay down here in Sarawak for 6 months.  Dont go back to your nice pillows and bed and your city life? DAP is trying to “SOW HATRED” to the Taib administration and this is not healthy. Sorry young “freshies” you have been led astray.

DAP should have done this 30 years ago. We wrote about 4 years ago on one dayak DAP Bidayuh leader Jeguk who was very vocal and now he has even realised that BN is the platform where his people will enjoy the benefits. DAP will say this next “ALL BOUGHT BACK BY BN GOVERMENT” Typical of DAP isn’t it?

The DAP Dayak leaders who are speaking against the BN government are at one time also leaders in the BN component parties. They did not do enough on their part during their time and are now using DAP to further their agendas.

A PKR veteran leader when met said,” DAP are capitalising on the weaknesses of our PKR Sarawak leaders. PKR Sarawak are too weak and they will give away another at least 15 constituencies to DAP to contest. You see it will happen in the next State Elections. Moreover he said,” PKR have losts mosts of their outspoken dayak leaders to DAP”

Surely now the PKR YBs 3 of them will know that their rural constituencies will be swallowed up by the DAP Sarawak “Impian group” Do they have anysay or are they saying anything? You wish they will come out fighting but they have been very quiet on this matter. When someone tried to break the good relations of SPDP/PBB in an article which appeared in an internet portal PBB Information Chief Adenan Satem comes out with a strong worded statement,”BOND UNBREAKABLE BETWEEN SPDP AND PBB

PKR AND DAP WILL SURELY BE AT LOGGERHEADS DON’T YOU THINK? 18 PKR seats will be sacrificed…..hmmmm

DAP Mimpi SiangHari Kah..??

16 tA senior assemblyman from BN said to audie61,” DAP MIMPI SIANG HARI KAH..??

PKR have tried without much success and a so called multi racial party but Majority Chinese based party DAP is making a Big Political statement to its Pakatan allies. Have they disregarded PKR,PAS in their pursuit of trying to wrestle Sarawak? This is the question which many of PKR/PAS members have questioned.

If we look back at April 16th 2011 these seats were contested by: 18 PKR 2 DAP 1 SNAP

  •  SUPP AREAS:- 1.Bengoh- PKR (Willie Anak Mongin) 2. Simanggang (DAP) 3.Engkilili PKR (Marudi @ Barudi Anak Mawang)
  •  PBB AREAS:- 4. Kedup PKR ( Lainus Anak Andrew Luwak) 5.Tarat PKR(  Peter Ato Anak Mayau) 6.Bukit Saban PKR (Jerah Anak Engkiong @ Edward Jerah) 7.Layar PKR (Stanley Embat Pharoh Anak Laja) 8.Katibas PKR ( Munan Anak Laja) 9.Kemena PKR (Bernard Binar Anak Rading) 10. Bukit Kota (DAP)
  • SPDP AREAS:- 11.Batu Danau PKR ( Dr.Lau Liak Koi) 12.Bekenu PKR (Ishak Bin Mahwi)13.Tasik Biru PKR ( Datuk John Tenewi Nuek @ John Tenewi ) 14. Pakan SNAP 15.Meluan PKR ( John Brian Anthony Anak Jeremy Guang) 16. Marudi PKR (Harrison Ngau Laing)
  • PRS AREAS:- 17.Belaga PKR (Basah Kesing @ Ali Basah Kesing )18. Kakus PKR (Paul Anyie Raja) 19.Balai Ringin PKR ( Ibi Anak Uding)  20.Pelagus PKR (Edward Sumbang Anak Asun ) 21.Ngemah PKR ( Aris Anak Alap)

PKR will be the biggest losers in this political game. Of course,.DAP will put forward their case as such that some of PKR leaders have left them and joined DAP and also some are in SWP (Sarawak Workers Party) . Are they just going to quietly watch and see that their seats are going to be taken up by DAP in IMPIAN SARAWAK PROGRAMME?

PKR in Sarawak eventhough there are 3 assemblyman in Baru Bian,Ali Biju and See Chee How will not be able to contain with DAP’s 12 assemblyman at the present time.

It’s the numbers game and DAP is building its forces and BN will not be complacent eventhough many are brushing aside DAP’s advancement into the interior.

According to sources on the ground DAP MP Tony Pua and his group of DAP members are gaining foothold in some areas.

BN component parties needs to be aware and not to brush these DAP so called”dreams” aside.

DAP “After Pakan..?”

DAP1DAP is getting bolder by the day and their going rural “Impian Sarawak Programme” must not be underestimated. They have seen of SUPP Presidents in Wong Soon Kai and George Chan and now they are targetting SPDP President William Mawan. The groundswell is building up and they have been “bisik bisik” that Mawan is theirs for the taking. SPDP members beg to differ and see that Mawan has grown from strength to strength after overpowering Ali Biju of PKR in the last GE13.

Chong Chieng Jen is underestimating the strength of SPDP and even has targetted Mawan by saying,” We want to take on Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom. I think for him to hold a ministerial post as well as attend parliament siting is too much for him to handle”

This was written to in an internet portal,”The DAP sees Mawan as a lame duck who is burdened with duties that he cannot handle effectively. ( http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/243267 )

SPDP divisional members in Pakan ask Chong,”who are you to determine what Mawan can and cannot do? He is healthy and capable and he is the President of SPDP. Keep your thoughts to youself Chong and find someone who you can wipe away instead of attacking Mawan. Come over to Pakan to stand against Mawan then.”


SPDP Positively On Course..

spdp 5


The Party is on Course to claim back both its losts seats in the upcoming State Elections which would be held at the latest by March 2016. At the recent AGM which was held in Bintulu the mood amongst the delegates were vibrant and many were outspoken.

The President Mawan did not minced his words when he said that though some of the members and even the then Youth chief and Treasurer was not happy when Rosey Yunus (now an Assistant Minister) was named as candidate. However as a matured politician Tiong King Sing (now Deputy President) was the first person on the ground to assist Rosey.

It just goes to show that SPDP means business and as a reliable partner of BN there is no time for too much politiking. The rakyat comes first and President touched on Krian and Ba’Kalalan the two seats which was losts to PKR.

The Secretary General Nelson Balang is very much in contention to be a candidate for the upcoming polls but Krian seems to be the hot issue at the moment. Three times the name of Bell Anggan was mentioned and President said,”there will not be a swap seat as per reported in the internet portal and If Bell so decides he can join SPDP and we can consider him as well.”

This went down well with the delegates and many calls were made to Bell to inform him of what the delegates thought about it. Of course there will be many who feels that they will give a good fight to Ali Biju (PKR) instead of Bell. There are many factors which are to be considered and amongst them the warlords of Saratok.

A chanced meeting with Bell’s Anggan Father who himself is a very influential politician in Saratok thanked Mawan for mentioning his son. This will be a “hot subject” in the months to come and Bell will certainly not be a justs a bit/partime player in this battle of Krian between PKR and SPDP.

It remains to be seen how the wind will blow and whether Bell Bernard Anggan 43years old  (PBB Youth Exco and a successful entrepreneur) plays his card and how the top BN leadership will deliberate this case.

Bell have this to say,”he thanked the President for his confidence in him and will take note of that and all the bests to SPDP

SPDP has steadied the ship and it will grow from strength to strength…………...