Political Parties”Beginning of An End..??”

musaIt does seem that its the season for political parties to go through a “tumultuous” time in their history. UMNO went through it very much earlier and became UMNO Baru, DAP is going through with the call by ROS to have a Fresh CEC Polls.

In Sarawak PBDS and SNAP had theirs and were deregistered. SPDP pulled through with their divisions holding firm and are rebuilding. PRS is on solid ground after half of its rebellious members were sacked and removed from SC. Subsequently mosts of them decided to be in a new party SWP where all their MP candidates were all defeated in GE13.SUPP is waiting for ROS to give them an answer and the once mighty SUPP is now left with only 1 MP and 6 State assemblyman (aggrieved group who found flaws in the election process)

In the meantime the speculations were that 5 new political parties have been approved by the ROS with the impending State elections heavily slotted in to be held sometime end of 2014. Sources close to the CM said that the dates being thrown in between May and September 2014 at the latest.

The main reason is that GE14 Sarawak will also go to polls together. It does remain a political speculation however the PM’s “close aides “are seriously leaning their weight towards a united GE14.

Besides the obvious it does seem that CM’s close advisors are asking for a fresh “mandate” so that all the detractors will be put to the “backburner as CM Taib will have a new 5 year term. PBB remains the backbone of the state BN and it will be foolhardy to challenge the forces within the party as one will be annihilated and swept down the rivers of Sarawak to the open sea and be in the abyss. (Many have tried that in PBB and paid the consequences)

PBB will remain united to ensure that President Taib and his deputy remains for another 3 year term after the Triennial PBB Convention.

We will hear the shouts from all delegates from the corridors at BCCK SARAWAK and it will reverberate and send a Thunderous response to ALL at the closing of the convention with




Sarawak were hit hard with 16 losses to the opposition in the State elections in 2011. The shockwaves have also reached the BN counterparts in Sabah. They too also faced a testing time as the state was rocked with 12 loses out of 60 to DAP,PKR,STAR and the local parties are facing daunting tasks ahead.  GE14 the opposition would have made more serious inroads and it is for this reason that the BN parties are looking at reengineering and the changing of guards. This could be for selfish reason or fighting for power and gains but the sad fact is that “there must be changes to remain relevant” even it means changing the top leaders.

This we echoed to the Sarawak SUPP leaders and there must be radical changes and from the conversations we had with our Sabah correspondents they agreed wholeheartedly. The changing of guard is necessary when the “veteran or old guards’ are beaten or losts miserably. This case does not refer to PBB Sarawak as the party won 35 out of 35 it contested and also clean swept the opposition in their parliamentary seats.

PBS,UPKO,PBRS have had their fair share of problems and they have gone through that phase. LDP is now in serious turmoil but it does remain to be seen whether and who is behind the troubles within and who is pushing the ‘button” for a “FULL EXPLOSION.”

Will this be the Beginning of an END?

The full indepth story can be seen below as we extract from an internet portal

Sabah’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) president Liew Vui Keong went on a sacking spree today in a bid to retain his post in the party’s coming election.
Liew announced the dismissal of 23 of the party’s 35 supreme council members who have aligned themselves to a group who have demanded that the president’s post be open to contest.

A June 9 supreme council meeting had passed a resolution of a “no contest” for the party president and deputy president’s post.

Liew’s removal of the hierarchy of the party sets the stage for a protracted legal battle for control of the Barisan Nasional coalition senior partner.

The party’s ‘presidential council’ which convened at its regional office in Sandakan, endorsed the removal of four division leaders namely  Tsang Hieng Yee (Gum Gum chairman), Fam Tze Sin (Kapayan), Sean Tay Yee Chieh (Kapayan) and Lee Chin An (Tanjung Kapor).

The four were removed for failing to attend the last three supreme council meetings without permission or an explanation for their absence.

Also on the chopping block was Deputy President and chairman of Api Api division Senator Chin Su Phin who has been removed from his positions in the party for indiscipline.

The presidential council also endorsed the removal of Lim Ming Hoo, Chin Su Ying, Peter Chong Su Leong, Peter Chang Yun Hin, Chiang Butt Shan @ Chan Bhat Sing, Pak Chee Eng, Pak Fui Fah, Edward Wong Kon Fah, Margaret Chong Mui Ling and Chen Wui En for their recent conduct and behaviour which rendered them unfit to be members of the supreme council.

Also removed from their positions were Tanjung Rapart division members Mu Kok Leong and Robert Cheong. Michael Tsang, a member of Gum Gum Division was also removed.

LDP deputy secretary-general Ho Jia Lit, treasurer-general Fong Keng Sin, deputy treasurer-general Albert Ngan Yun Kiang, chief publicity officer Albert Kok Yuk Ken and organising secretary Yong Wui Chung whom Liew had appointed in 2006 have all also been stripped of their powers.

The letters of termination sent to all were backdated to Aug 30 and stated the grounds of their dismissal. They were said to have failed or refused or neglected to carry out the instructions of the supreme council and by reasons of their recent conduct they have brought the party into disrepute and contempt.

Michael Tham En Fui (deputy secretary general) , Karamunting assemblyman Charles O Pang (treasurer general), Yap Man Kun (chief publicity officer) and Lee Hing Huat @ Michael (organizing secretary) were appointed to fill the vacant positions.

The new presidential council has agreed to allow the president to fill the vacancies of those supreme council members whose positions have either been removed or suspended within the shortest possible time. Ultra vires

Meanwhile the dissenting group took out a notice in all major newspapers today demanding that the Liew call for supreme council meeting on 6 September 2013 at the party headquarters in Kota Kinabalu.

The new secretary general Loretta Padua Jr informed the presidential council he had in fact received a letter from Chin Su Phin that if the Executive Office fails to issue notice for the said meeting by 4pm today (31 August 2013), they would publish the Notice of Advertisement.

He said although the deadline had not expired, the dissenters had gone on to take out a notice of advertisement.

He said the presidential council ruled that the Notice of Advertisement had no force of law and was ultra vires against the spirit of the party’s constitution.

The presidential council affirmed and endorsed the decision made by the supreme council in their 25th Meeting on 9 June 2013 that the top two positions in the coming party election – namely President and Deputy President – remained uncontested to preserve unity amongst members.

Earlier this week, Liew sacked secretary general Teo Chee Kang when he announced plans to contest for the party’s presidency.

His move prompted 27 of the 25 supreme council members to demand a meeting of the supreme council.

Padua said that they rejected the call by the mutineers for the supreme council to meet on Sept 6.


Next Episode coming soon

OUR CORRESPONDENT BUGI WIJAYA waiting in the wings..

Pakatan Sabah Spinning Out of Control..??

bugi wijayaThe News is Out..!! 2 times DAP candidate for N19 Kepayan State Seat Stephen Jimbangan has joined UPKO. Bugi Wijay has filed this report in and he says “it looks like Pakatan grip on Sabah is slowly spinning out of Control.

It is a known fact that Jimbangan is the clear favourite to be retained by PR to contest the state seat again but in a twist of manouvering DAP  circles have indicated to us that Dr.Edwin Bosi who was a former PKR member has joined DAP.

IT’S A REAL MERRY-GO-AROUND for PR candidates in Sabah says the source. Even PKR local candidates in Kepayan like Dr.Roland Chia a practising dentist was very unhappy with the current developments.

N19 which is part of P174 Penampang Parliament seat has been represented by 61 year old Khoo Keok Hai for the past two terms. The MP who is not internet savvy will need to rely heavily on ground sentiments to be retained. Many of his MP colleagues have advised him to use the FB,twitters,smses (all internet tools) to dispel negativeness on him as they enter the crucial part of campaign.

Will he listen or will he be caught offguard by PKR/DAP or SAPP?

The ground sources have speculated that this seat will see a three cornered fight between BN’s incumbent Edward Khoo,DAP or PKR candidate and SAPP information Chief Chong Pit Fah.

Who wins will determine how they embrace the social media and for the incumbent to just brush aside the importance of this media he better have answers when the final tally is counted.

Many are pushing Khoo not to use the same methods of campaigning as it will backfire.

PM Najib “Well Done…!!”

Lajim you should know this…..

In running a country a leader needs to ensure that rules and policies are being followed. If not the whole country will be ruled by Jungle Law. What PM Najib has done to remove Lajim which of course is his prerogative “was in accordance with clause (3) Article 43A, which was read together with clause (5) Article 43 of the Federal Constitution.”

Lajim thinks as an UMNO Sabah warlord he can bring the party down on its knees and his bargaining power is so strong that he will not be removed as a Deputy Minister. There are times when you can play hardball and this time Lajim played wrongly his cards.


It will not be too long that his followers will leave him as they too will feel that their positions and livelihood are being compromised.

Najib has now come hard on those who threaten UMNO and his Cabinet and very soon this message will have a POSITIVE ROLLER BALL EFFECT on the rest of the component parties in BN.

Najib needs to make a stand and he will not let the warlords have too much say or freedom. He listens ,watches ,compromised but will not succumb to overzealous politics of confrontation. It’s never too late to make a decision and Najib has wielded his sword and the STATEMENT IS LOUD AND CLEAR.

Lajim had his Day and Now Najib will end it for him.

GE13 “Sarawak 16 seats Sabah 12 seats”

This article mentioned more or less ” Umno’s in trouble in Selangor” but what was significant especially if its alter ego of Tun Daim Zainudin there will be trouble.

Who is this man to predict ,‘BN could lose 16 parliamentary seats in Sarawak and 12 in Sabah – eight of which will be from Umno.”

Are you in agreement with him.?

This is what was is written about the man himself,”Tun Daim is a dangerous seer. In 2008, he predicted the loss of BN in 5 states. The UMNO generals were up in arms. They vilified him, describing him with all sorts of disrespectful terms. Daim is a pensioner. Daim is out of touch. Daim is irrelevant. When the results came, what Daim predicted was generally true.

31 seats Sarawak losing 16 and Sabah 25 seats losing 12. Statistically both states only have 50% support for the BN seats and whoever directed the man to predict this musts have something up his sleeve. Will the ruling political government be worried?

Forgive my ignorance but mosts political observers justs cannot see where in Sarawak the seats are going to be won by the Pakatan group.16 is a tall order and the parliamentary seats are not exactly urban seats. Sabah likewise and even if there are infighting within the UMNO ranks it justs doesn’t add up. 2008 both states losts 1 each and now in the upcoming elections it is such a significant and dramatic increase with 28 seats.

A political pundit said the worst case scenario would be only a dozen seats losts in Sarawak and Sabah. Anything more would be very disastrous for BN and 28 seats will mean Pakatan will be the ruling government after GE13.



Bung Mokhtar “Thanks Give it to ’em..!!”

Sabah BN MP Bung Mokhtar Radin is at the moment our closest ally in the fight of Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines share swap. We have also been receiving feedbacks from members of public that BN Sarawak and Sabah are being shortchanged? Why is that Federal BN ignoring the pleas of Sarawakians and Sabahans by cancelling the Firefly sector and giving it to a Pakatan State in Penang. KL-Penang Sector….Did we get that correct..!

Questionable isn’t it?

This blogger who was hit very drastically and also a “villager aka orang kampung” which Bung must be informed was hit very hard by Air Asia. Moreover Bung also musts have found it difficult to get a plane out from Sabah thats why he is taking it an opportunity to “bising”{make noise}

Bung said this we extract from the internet blog,”Bung Mokhtar also said the government should “not be scared of Fernandes Whatever he wants, we give. He wants to overcharge for excess baggage and suck the blood of poor villagers.HAHAHA ..Good One and we are pretty sure if elections is called now you will win HANDS DOWN.

Also someone must have notified him of our article on October 16th covered the “Air Asia Monopoly -Blogger Hit..!!” It was posted in Facebook,twitter and the whole cyber team associated with us make a huge effort to let everyone know. However Air Asia management justs kept quiet.


This is the extracted version from the internet portal

Umno lawmakers accused Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and Tan Sri Tony  Fernandes today of cheating the public in the Malaysia Airlines (MAS)  and AirAsia share swap.

Kinabatangan MP Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin called on Khazanah chief  executive Azman to be investigated by graftbusters after the state  investment agency exchanged 20.5 per cent of the national carrier for a  10 per cent stake in Asia’s top-performing budget airline.

“The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) must call Tan Sri  Azman … all of them … if there is any misappropriation, stuff them  into jail,” the Barisan Nasional (BN) backbenchers deputy chief told  Parliament.

“How  can Khazanah be fooled? Azman Mokhtar, how can he be so stupid, to be  ‘tuned’ by Tony Fernandes. If I was in such a position, I would resign  rather than troubling others.

“Maybe they are not stupid. Maybe they get huge profits by squeezing  and grabbing money from the public,” he said, referring to the AirAsia  CEO’s company Tune Air which now owns a fifth of MAS.

Sri Gading MP: AirAsia cheating the public

Sri Gading MP Mohamad Aziz also accused AirAsia of “clearly cheating the public and now trying to cheat MAS.”

“If this kind of man (Fernandes) can control us, God forgive us,” he said while debating Budget 2012.

Bung Mokhtar also said the government should “not be scared of Fernandes.”

“Whatever he wants, we give. He wants to overcharge for excess baggage and suck the blood of poor villagers.

“Now I hear he has a plan in the future to take over all domestic  flights and MAS will only have international flights. If we give this to  him, the country will be in ruins. It will be the end of the world for  us,” he said.

Bung said if the government could not provide a satisfactory answer,  it meant that “government officials colluded with AirAsia and has vested  interests.”

But Najib says: We have no choice!

The MAS-AirAsia swap has come under fire from both sides of the  political divide as well as employees of MAS who believe the deal will  affect their careers.

The finance ministry said earlier this month that the deal is being  investigated by Bursa Malaysia and the Securities Commission for insider  trading despite the swap being agreed on three months ago.

MAS’s poor financial performance of late had resulted in the share swap with AirAsia on August 9.

This allowed AirAsia boss Fernandes to sit on the MAS board, ostensibly to help turn the ailing airline around.

MAS had announced in August a net loss of RM527 million for the  second quarter of 2011 due to higher fuel costs despite recording a  better yield and a nine per cent growth in passenger revenue from the  same period last year.

This brings total losses in the first half of the year to RM769  million even as the airline said that profit outlook for the second half  of the year appears bleak.

Putrajaya insisted last month it had “no choice” but to implement the  controversial share swap as “if (MAS) continues to make losses and the  government has to inject funds, then there will be even more anger.”

Critics have accused the budget carrier’s boss of taking advantage of  the loss-making national airline to fuel his personal ambitions, the  latest being the acquisition of English Premier League club, Queens Park  Rangers (QPR).

The national carrier will sponsor QPR’s home jersey for the next two  seasons, while AirAsia’s logo will be emblazoned on the team’s away and  third kits in a “multi-million pound” deal.

Air Asia Monopoly “Blogger Hit…!!”

Our previous article was just a Hors d’oeuvre or also known as starters or appetizers. When our fellow blogger who writes in http://mudatengah.blogspot.com/ on the merger of MAS/Airasia for the past few weeks we listened,nodded and gave only our 2 cents of opinion. Surely, he must be wondering why we are not together on this subject. Sorry bro. Now I know…..

In God’s time something must give and it had to happen to my good friend Malaysia’s Honorary Representative to Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and yours truly in Sabah of all places.(mosts of Sabah’s revenues are from the tourism sector). First he commented the LCCT is so busy and its too small to accomodate the influx of tourists. He was on a 3.05 flight to KL while I was on 3.30 flight.

Like all seasoned “kiasu” travellers we arrived early 1.30pm on the dot. It has been five years since he travelled to sabah and the last trip was on MAS. He has already checked in through the internet. (He said so much has changed since the last time he came to Sabah.Was this like the usual commentators curse?)

Fine, he made a mistake his bag was slighlty bigger than the allowed measurements and he had to check in. So I waited for him in the long queue as I had already done the necessary online checkin with justs a small baggage.(2days trip) . He waited in line as he will be a diplomat soon but he was surprised that his online checkin was unacceptable and he had to checkin again with the bag. This he told me not much $10 only and I smiled.

The crunch came as we were about to go through the police and immigration processes. The Air Asia Staff on duty must have seen my friend and myself perspiring after going through the process of checkin. He pulled my bag up and weighed it on the scale and it showed 10kg. “Ini tidak boleh.Cannot the Police also will not allow it.” I did not want to kick a fuss up as they were so many people around.”

I told my friend you go ahead first “I check the bag in” Since they requests i justs do the necessary and had to queue up obviously eventhough I have already checkin through the internet. Air Asia No frills Airline? Are you sure?

The airline should set up another counter justs to accomodate those who are found to flount the law of 7kg. Of course people will pay up but the inconveniences that comes along with it the airline has to seriously look into. An airline is after all in the service industry and if passengers all boycott you might justs as well close down.

Next you will all say why not use MAS and pay for it. Competition is good for the customers and if there is the merger the customers will all be short changed. I am indeed happy to be caught in this predicament and in this episode at this time. It had to happen to me of all people and none other was stopped after I told the Guests relations Officer “you justs costs me M$45. Randomly picked? SOP..Standard Operating Procedures. Please lah Tony Fernandes.!! It has losts its original taste of Everybody can fly.

Come unnoticed to Sabah and do an investigative work. Your man are not working and you have losts out on the millions $$$$$$$ more that should have been collected in excess baggages..

On the way to KK from Kuching I used the same bag. I did not do any shopping nor was there any additions to my clothes.Maybe I accumulated the sand from the beach front of Sutera Harbour Hotel”  Has someone put a gold ingot in? Tony and Air Asia should thank me for this and the least they can give me is a member of the board in the Air Asia/MAS merger.

Tony has moved on to manage a football club and the airline business might justs be too much on his hands. Rafidah Aziz as Chairman of Air Asia should consider buying him out too.

There has been a fair few comments on the bag issue and I am sure there are hundreds or maybe thousands who have to cry silently meaning also to be sliced open nicely. We posts here some of the comments from Facebook/twitters for the Air Asia/MAS Merger committee to ensure it is written in the agreement and above all the operating procedures which should not be relaxed nor compromised.

We wrote:- Air asia is this bag too big and can carry on board.Wah your staff said full flight.Got daily briefing or not on passenger lists full or not or just assume? People like this posts and also commented “Time for Sarawak to start its own airlines. We should name it Kenyalang. Maybe Hornbill. Or, perhaps FairWings.

We wrote:-Tq air asia for your consistency in weighing bags checkin.so many poor souls have to pay xtras.luckily they pick me up and charge me$45. Wonder those who can’t complain are crying or not.Say no to merger of mas/airasia. Your arrogant staff in sabah at 230pm shd be replace. People like this posts and also commented,

They reduce the airfare to compete with MAS but from other charges added,AirAsia can be much more expensive especial to those who do not travel light.They knew fairly well that majority of the travellers would have more things with them dur…ing their trip home and this is one area where they can charge them to offset the cheaper fare.Many are unaware of these as most people would only compare the pricing of the fare offered.Anyway,we can’t blame them totally cos our own National Carrier(MAS),our nation’s pride is a total failure.Lately,our airports are turning………. “RED”.What a shame!!! those who managed MAS should resign immediately.

We wrote:-This bag is bigger than mine.hmmm They commented,”yours got gold bars

We wrote:-Wow the bag issue even the staff use the police saying they will stop  conspiracy when they cannot perform.BAD he took on the wrong person but correct thank you Sabah.

We wrote:- Tks Sabah for the bag 7kg incident

We wrote:-One baggage per person. Its discrimination and these two ladies got away with four.Wow!

Mudatengah blogger has a few articles which are recommended to read

We wrote:-One baggage per person. Its discrimination and these two ladies got away with four.Wow. They commented,”You not beautiful.”

The timing cannot be more PERFECT than this to hit the blogger. Well at least we are giving back to the silent majority who finds it uneasy or may even get “threats ‘ if they bring up this subject.

Air Asia do what you have to do but remember”Malaysians are Watching”

Bersih 2.0..”Sabah State Elections November..?”

By Bugi Wijaya

Sabah BN will be bracing for a “SNAP State Election” in latest in November 2011 this year.  According to a source closed to Minister of Science Technology and Innovation, Datuk Dr. Maximus Ongkili the snap poll will be a break from holding the state elections simultaneously with the parliamentary elections.  Reverting to the old practices of holding its own state elections prior to 2004, this snap polls is hope to gauge the support of the people of Sabah as a strong hold state of BN after Johor and Sarawak.

As a fixed deposit of BN, victory in the Sabah will eradicate any fallout from the recent opposition BERSIH 2.0 movement and be a morale booster for Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak to lead BN to a new mandate from the people.

The uneasiness felt by the Prime Minister who is also BN Chairman is understandable considering the fact that a “Majlis Penerangan Perdana” briefing for UMNO members and certain NGOs were held at the Putra World Trade Centre with last minute notice.  In the briefing Najib lambast the opposition led by Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahiim who has created chaos with the BERSIH 2.0 rally.  In reiterating himself as a responsible leader for Malaysia Najib choose not to mobilise the 3 million strong members of UMNO to counter such rallies and left it to the authorities to act fairly.

DAP Sabah taking it supporting BERSIH 2.0 in an undisclosed location

The fall out from the BERSIH 2.0 has been underestimated and the silence by other BN component leaders has been deafening.  With certain factions of the ruling party not pleased with how this BERSIH 2.0 or “BERSHIT” as some of them called it, Najib is under pressure to step in and trouble shoot the public relations disasters caused by others.

In calling for a snap poll in Sabah, BN hope to ride on the differences of the various opposition parties in Sabah which have not been able to come to a common stand on seats allocation and also power sharing with Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) prefering a autonomy rule unlike PAS, PKR and DAP which are all linked to Peninsular based parties and are not autonomous.

However the calling of a state elections could be risky for the state BN under Chief Minster Datuk Musa Hj Aman as the issues of illegal immigrants, high cost of essential goods, struggles of the business community and the recent electricity tariff hike has not gone down easy with the man of the street to the business community.

It would also be an opportunity to Musa opponents within the state BN ranks to use this elections as a report card on his performances.  Afterall, they only need to win the parliamentary elections to form the federal government.  The state BN component LDP has been vocal against Musa as the chief minister and they have alligned themselves with UMNO Vice PResident Datuk Shafie Afdal who is the Federal Minster for Rural Development. With Musa relying much on PBS under President Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan thus alienating UPKO and PBRS, the gripes vine has heard how the other components were not even consulted o the electricity tariff hike.

How the local politics in Sabah BN will be play out in these few months will depend on the movement and network of the key players during the muslim fasting month and the subsequent muslim festival.  So let us see who break fast with whom and what hold for Sabah BN under Musa.

Bugi Wijaya’s earlier article:- BERSIH 2.0 – The Day After in Sabah

The Day After is a 1983 American television movie which aired on November 20, 1983, on the ABCtelevision network. It was seen by more than 100 million people during its initial broadcast.

The film portrays a fictionalwar between NATO forces and the Warsaw Pact that rapidly escalates into a full scale nuclear exchangebetween the United Statesand the Soviet Union. It focuses on the residents of Lawrence, Kansas, and Kansas City,Missouri, as well as several family farms situated next to nuclear missile silos.

Unlike the movie where there was chaos and the main characters had all died in the end, there was calmness and peace in Sabah after the “BERSIH 2.0 rally yesterday.

Here in Sabah especially the state capital Kota Kinabalu, the day after is the normal busy Gaya Street Fair which are packed with local and tourists alike. However the normalcy ends here.
Among the topics in the coffee shops and the churchgoers, the topic is none other than the BERSIH campaign.

A random check with the people here at Gaya Street actually saw the anger of the people against the police for the numerous road blocks in the state capital which contributed to traffic jams.

Jacob said that it is an insult to the local that the police should mount road blocks
to look people in yellow instead of weeding out the illegal immigrants.“In Sabah, it’s a known fact that the PTI (pendatang tanpa izin i.e. illegal immigrant) problem is serious and they never want to solve it but yet I witnessed myself a lady in yellow hauled out from the car in front of me to be
questioned,” adds Jacob, “and that is for wearing yellow.”

A trader who declined to be indentified at the street fair said that demonstrations are not the culture of the Sabah people and the last previous demonstrations are mostly the ruling party
UMNO style.  “In 1986, the demonstrations participated by mostly illegal immigrants destroyed the Karamunsing warehouse are”.

As the net sphere gets overwhelms by the BERSIH 2.0 in Kuala Lumpur and even Deputy
Higher Education Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah warns that “Blocking Bersih has hurt BN”,  (http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/blocking-bersih-has-hurt-bn-says-deputy-minister/) the Sabah state security council under Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Hj Aman
has better get moving on the grouses of the people on the illegal immigrant issues which has continued to plague Sabah with numerous stories of “Project ICs” and phantom voters.

Whether this will be translated into a lost of votes for Sabah BN in the comingelection which are expected to be called soon will be seen as the day comes nearer.

Someone OUT THERE IS really worried:-


Bersih 2.0 Mania..”Sabah BN Over-Confidence..??”


As the nation is gripped in the BERSIH mania, in Sabah BN is embarking on something bolder which is the increase of electricity tariff.  Bugi Wijaya of audie61 writes from Sabah and we understand that on the day of BERSIH, PATROIT and PERKASA rally on the 09.07.2011 (Saturday), an announcement will be made that the state government has agreed to the increase of electricity tariff by the Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) to reduce the dependency on Federal Government subsidies in the tariff.

Bugi Wijaya reliability learned that a last minute dialogue session was called by the Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman with the captains of the various industries on this matter today.  However, the dialogue session turn out to be more of a pre-announcement of the tariff increased to those present.

It was believed despite being told that the increase is not a wise move business strategically and politically, the Chief Minister replied that the increase was inevitable in view of the ever increasing cost of energy productions.  To Musa’s credit, the last increase of tariff was about 25 years ago.

A quick survey on the ground shows that a lot of people believe that the state government would not allow an increase at such economical climate at the moment.  A check with other BN components parties revealed some of them were not consulted on this matter.  This was the unilateral decision of the state government as such matter are the perogative of the government and not component parties.

One leader remarked with the inconsistent supply in Sandakan that has seen blackout a frequent way of life for the local people, it would be interesting whether they can defend their strong hold seats.

Maybe this is the sign of weakness of the opposition in Sabah that the government is allow to do things at their whims and fancy.  Thus would this so call announcement be seized upon by the opposition or would it be buried among the BERSIH news or worse case scenario for BN, that is the start of the lost of BN safe deposit?

We will see soon enough.  Meanwhile, our hats off for the man in charge, for better or worse the CM’s head is on the chopping block.



Khairy Jamaluddin”Likeable by all….??”

Could we be just as critical or even worse than Malaysiakini’s titled,”LMAOs aplenty during online chat with Khairy” Some say when its protecting our turf we will go all out and leave no stones unturned. There are still a lot of people who are yet to taste the ugliness and unfortunate circumstances which they have put many of us through. We have even wrote it once in our previous article and we do not want to repeat ourselves.

Let’s talk about Khairy and how in the last couple of months he has really put himself in the SPOTLIGHT for the wrong reasons especially with leaders from Sarawak and Sabah. He is creating some tremors for both these States and he must be the mosts “likeable..excuse me” person at the moment.

Was it deliberately done…?

1.What did he say hours after the Sarawak State elections. As UMNO Youth Chief and MP for Rembau he tweeted,’In the cold light of the day although we won,we suffered our biggests losses ever in Sarawak.So,Putrajaya ,we have a problem. Face Facts.”

2.Khairy made a statement in Keningau,Sabah at the Kaamatan Festival in Penampang which was published by bernama,”UMNO Youth had been caught up in the crisis stemming from the purported cold war.

Sarawak leaders have lambasted Khairy and these can be read here which we posted from various sources:-  1.https://audie61.wordpress.com/2011/04/19/kj-misquoted-or-talking-fingers/               2. https://audie61.wordpress.com/2011/04/21/kj-1st-now-gannext/

Aziz Adenan PBB Youth Information Chief could not justs be firing blanks could he? He has already issued a Press Statement very much earlier that said,”We are disappointed and hurt by the comment of Khairy Jamaluddin in Tweeter about Barisan National election performance in Sarawak Election 2011.” Of course,Khairy avoided the subject and did not respond and it has led to an AVALANCHE of public statements from various Sarawak leaders which are attacking Khairy.

Now Salleh Keruak State Assembly speaker and Sabah UMNO deputy liason chief  did not mince his words when he said,”There’s no cold war in Sabah UMNO.Sabah UMNO is stable with party leaders and members united under the leadership of chief minister and state liason chief  Musa Aman.

Salleh went on to say such a remark showed that certain people did not understand Sabah politics.

Both Sarawak and Sabah Chief Ministers are under attack by Khairy Jamalluddin and with the Yahoo.Chat Transcripts it just shows that there is more than politics that meets the eyes. Lets put our hands together and clap our hands to Khairy.Likeable or LMAOS (laugh my ass of )


You make your own judgements….

[Comment     From VictoriaLiz VictoriaLiz     : ]

Khairy, what do you think about     Taib Mahmut?

Thursday June 2, 2011 12:10 VictoriaLiz 12:11

Khairy Jamaluddin:

I think we should honour our     Sarawak election promises esp leadership transition. This came from PM, not     me.

Thursday June 2, 2011 12:11 Khairy Jamaluddin