Extreme Religious and Race relations

2106This writer is really colour-blind and respects every Religion in the world. Everyone have their own beliefs and their right to practise their own religion and be guided by their own set of rules and ethics in their faith.

Every weekend for the past 6 months this writer would use his twitter handle to upload this:- Thank U Malaysia 4 Religious Freedom Peace & Security  . There will be a number of tweets which are shared to those who are on his twitter lists.

Giving more encouragement  is the chief administrator of the state the CHIEF MINISTER audie61 calls him previously “Robotic” Nan but who since took office in February 28th 2014 have been very determined in his approach.

We salute him for the statements like:- “described the people of Sarawak as “very lucky” because they were not split by race, religion and tradition.

“We have been living in peace and harmony and we must keep it that way. Do not follow the attitude of some groups and individuals in West Malaysia who are quarrelling every day.

“They (West Malaysians) should emulate our example in Sarawak,” he said, reiterating his stand that as long as he was chief minister, he would not allow racists and extremists to come over to Sarawak.”

This statement too have stucked to mosts of the people who believe in Adenan the CM which reads,He believed everyone was a child of God regardless of race and religion.”

So where do we go from here? We are in no position to judge anyone and only God can judge us. We are posting not to shake the apple cart which have already been shaken and gone through worse turbulent times but to REMIND THOSE BIGOTS,EXTREMISTS AND TROUBLEMAKERS that you are being watched and tracked by all who LOVE PEACE and HARMONY in MALAYSIA.

Don’t use Race and religion to champion your POLITICAL CAUSE or OWN EXTREME AGENDA as this will not sell to the majority of people.  

The pictures that we have put in here will cause a stir no doubt and there are many comments in both of them. They both have got MANY LIKES AND SHARES IN THE FACEBOOK.

Asrul Samad have so far garnered  2813 Likes and 4893 shares and 10296 comments while Rakan Bestnye Sarawak (RBS) have 6556 Likes 2308 shares and 529665 people reached with 367 comments.

Yours sincerely alone cannot be seen fighting for a truly Multi racial and religious Malaysia and this needs all of us out there to put this people in their place and even CAGED THEM UP.

Sarawak certainly don’t want them and nor does Malaysia.


Tell Me Again,” Sarawak Opposition Parties”


audie61 have received a lot of email concerning the “REALITY CHECK of Opposition penetration into the BN control system in Sarawak. Any areas of concern..? of course the Semi-urban areas where SUPP is busy fighting amongst themeselves which will benefit DAP. Sandiwara or BN SUPP reengineering/reinvent/replacing old leaders..???

” RURAL AREAS ARE STILL BN’s to lose….”. The reality is that says a prominent barrister ‘ Who will be the Candidate put up by the Opposition parties in the rural areas..?  Any one with “Clean White Hankerchief” or will it be someone who has seen the bests of his battles in previous elections.

He also went to say that BN faces its toughest yet as the infighting amongst the main component parties of BN in MCA( Ong vs Chua) MIC ( Sammy’s factor) SUPP ( Dudong controversy) might just spill over and benefit the Pakatan group if there is ” ANY.. IN SARAWAK ESPECIALLY AFTER SO MANY UNCERTAINTIES CROPPING UP..HMmmmm.

So he said tell them to look at the lists again and tell him that the Sarawak Opposition can sweep more than half of the seats and to form the next STATE Government. Are they bluffing or still hallucinating like audie61 posted in the last article  that the people have changed and are with them in THIS CHANGE..

BN looks vulnerable but when the reality BITES ,BN Sarawak will still come out on TOP. Tell me in 2012 or earlier and that BN has fallen in Sarawak he said loudly to us. ” Are they still DREAMING….?Look at the lists again and we reposts..  

  • N1 OPAR (7379) Ranum Ak.Mina (BN-SUPP)
  • N2 TASIK BIRU (14983) Peter Nansian (BN-SPDP)
  • N3 TANJONG DATU (7973) Adenan Satem (BN-PBB)
  • N4 PANTAI DAMAI (12073) Abdul Rahman bin Junaidi(BN-PBB)
  • N5 DEMAK LAUT (10080) Abang Draup Zamahari Rauf(BN-PBB)
  • N6 TUPONG (14787) Haji Daud Abdul Rahman (BN-PBB)
  • N7 SEMARIANG (13498) Sharifah Hasidah bte.Sayeed Aman (BN-PBB)
  • N8 SATOK (10835) Abang Johari bin Tun Abang Haji Openg (BN-PBB)
  • N9 PADUNGAN (24512) Dominique Ng Kim Ho ( PKR)
  • N10 PENDING (29503) Violet Yong (DAP)
  • N11 BATU LINTANG (24783) Voon Lee Shan (DAP)
  • N12 KOTA SENTOSA (18934) Chong Chien Jen (DAP)
  • N13 BATU KAWA ( 16237) Tan Joo Phoi ( BN-SUPP)
  • N14 ASAJAYA (12016) Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah (BN-PBB)
  • N15 MUARA TUANG (14303) Haji Mohammad Ali Mahmud (BN-PBB)
  • N16 BENGOH (20077) Dr Jerip Anak Susil ( BN-SUPP)
  • N17 TARAT (15171) Roland Sagah Wee Inn ( BN-SUPP)
  • N18 TEBEDU (11793) Michael Manyin Anak Jawong (BN-PBB)
  • N19 KEDUP (15994) Frederick Bayoi ak.Manggie (BN-PBB)
  • N20 SADONG JAYA (6917) Haji Wan Abdul Wahab bin Wan Sanusi (BN-PBB)
  • N21 SIMUNJAN (9846) Mohd Naroden Majais (BN-PBB)
  • N22 SEBUYAU (7549) Julaihi Narawi (BN-PBB)
  • N23 LINGGA (7545) Hajah Simoi Binti Hj Peri (BN-PBB)
  • N24 BETING MARO (7267) Haji Bolhassan Haji Di (BN-PBB)
  • N25 BALAI RINGIN (8244) Snowdon Lawan (BN-PRS)
  • N26 BUKIT BEGUNAN (7644) Mong anak Dagang (BN-PRS)
  • N27 SIMANGGANG (9849) Francis Harden anak Hollis (BN-SUPP)
  • N28 ENGKILILI (9477) Johnicol Rayong ak.Ngipa (Independent)
  • N29 BATANG AIR (7997) Dublin Unting anak Ingkot (BN-PRS)
  • N30 SARIBAS (7145) Dr Hj Wahbi bin Hj Junaidi (BN-PBB)
  • N31 LAYAR (7415) Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang (BN-PBB)
  • N32 BUKIT SABAN (6876) Robert Lawson Chuat ak Vincent Entering (BN-PBB)
  • N33 KALAKA (13379) Abdul Wahab bin Aziz (BN-PBB)
  • N34 KRIAN (10429) Peter Nyarok Anak Entrie (BN-SPDP)
  • N35 BELAWAI (8004) Hamden bin Ahmad (BN-PBB)
  • N36 SEMOP (9162) Mohamad Asfia Awang Nasar (BN-PBB)
  • N37 DARO ( 7411) Murni Suhaili (BN-PBB)
  • N38 JEMORENG (8545) Gani @ Abu Seman bin Jahwie (BN-PBB)
  • N39 REPOK (16750) David Teng Lung Chi ( BN-SUPP)
  • N40 MERADONG (14584) Ting Tze Hui (DAP)
  • N41 PAKAN (9034) William Mawan ak.Ikom (BN-SPDP)
  • N42 MELUAN (11169) Wong ak.Judat (BN-SPDP)
  • N43 NGEMAH (7849) Gabriel Adit ak.Demong (Independant)
  • N44 MACHAN (9966) Gramong Juna (BN-PBB)
  • N45 BUKIT ASSEK (26002) Wong Ho Leng (DAP)
  • N46 Dudong (21819) Dr Soon Choon Teck ( BN-SUPP)
  • N47 BAWANG ASSAN (16844) Wong Soon Koh ( BN-SUPP)
  • N48 PELAWAN (22559) Goh Chung Siong ( BN-SUPP)
  • N49 NANGKA (12973) Awang bemee bin Awang Ali Bassah (BN-PBB)
  • N50 DALAT (11423) Fatimah Abdullah @ Ting Sai Ming (BN-PBB)
  • N51 BALINGIAN (11326) Abdul Taib Mahmud (BN-PBB)
  • N52 TAMIN (10900) Joseph Mauh ak.Ikeh (BN-PRS)
  • N53 KAKUS (9417) John Sikie anak Tayai (BN-PRS)
  • N54 PELAGUS (13898) Larry Sng Wei Shien (BN-PRS)
  • N55 KATIBAS (8146) Ambrose Blikau (BN-PBB)
  • N56 Baleh (9731) Dr. James Jemut Masing (BN-PRS)
  • N57 BALAGA (6691) Liwan Lagang (BN-PRS)
  • N58 JEPAK (12049) Talip Zulpilip (BN-PBB)
  • N59 KIDURONG (23726) Chiew Chiu Sing (DAP)
  • N60 KEMENA (13338) Dr Rundi Stephan Utom (BN-PBB)
  • N61 BEKENU (10095) Rosey Haji Yunus (BN-SPDP)
  • N62 LAMBIR (11245) Aidan Wing (BN-PBB)
  • N63 PIASAU (17256) George Chan Hong Nam ( BN-SUPP)
  • N64 PUJUT (20098) Andy Chia Chu Fatt ( BN-SUPP)
  • N65 SENADIN (16925) Lee Khim Shin ( BN-SUPP)
  • N66 MARUDI (12425) Sylvester Entri Anak Muran (BN-SPDP)
  • N67 TELANG USAN (12793) Lihan Jok (BN-PBB)
  • N68 BUKIT KOTA (13328) Dr Abdul Rahman Bin Ismail (BN-PBB)
  • N69 BATU DANAU (6889) Palu @Paulus Palu Anak Gumbang (BN-SPDP)
  • N70 BA’KELALAN (6284) Balang Rining (BN-SPDP)
  • N71 BUKIT SARI (9373) Awang Tengah Ali Hassan (BN-PBB)

In 2006 Sarawak State Elections there was 54 Straight Fights,13 3-cornered,1 4-cornered,1 5-cornered and 2 YBS were returned unopposed.

” He reiterated ,” Have they earmarked their SEATS..?

Ti-Ong.Ma-“Lord of the Rings”

Oxford University professor J. R. R. Tolkien who wrote the epic high fantasy novel”Lord of the Rings”would very much love to have Tiong King Sing as a leading man in his movie.However,Tiong is unavailable at the moment as he seems to be hogging the limelight in the Malaysian Politics controversy between BN “SPDP and MCA” in which he is so “PPpppppprrrrrreeecioussssssssssss


Natasha of audie61 saw a Mirror Image and we thought of the Lord of the Rings..

BN/Pakatan”Intimidation-$$$ Ka-Ching..Hiatus..”


hALLOOOO Everybody!
What is the basic need to move a political party? It’s $$$ Ka-ching. Alright, the intimidation on political opponents is nothing new and it dates back to the earliest civilizations. So the MACC being used by BN to troubleshoot the Pakatan led government in Selangor? What is that..?.Are you so afraid..?

Pakatan says that they have all the brains and political boys who can anticipate and check the movements of BN. One thing Selangor BN is opposition and they are creating such a “LIVE WIRE” wherby they have even managed to use a COW ISSUE to rattle the MB. What about the Beer issue now.?

Is this intimidation from Najib,Muhyddin and Mahathir the “UMNO golden triangle” coming down hard on Selangor? They know very well its hard to take back Selangor as the people have voted out the BN led government of Khir Toyo. Najib is the UMNO head of Selangor and being a leader and PM he needs to ensure that his troops in Selangor are maintain and kept busy and on the march.

In Sun Tzu’s principle it is simple,”16 months have passed since 308 and now the UMNO boys are ready to strike hard into the heart of Pakatan ruled Selangor.

They are confronting Khalid and giving him a battle and they know they need to divert his attention from admininstering the state within the comforts of an aircool room and a signatured pen that will open up millions of economic opportunities and wealth.

It’s not too far away from GE13th and Najib needs to regain losts ground quickly. Selangor is his to take back as Anwar battles to keep the UMNO machinery from wrecking his plans. 

Anwar had some positives from all this  ‘SNIPERS ” in this engagement ” when PAS Vice President Mahfuz Omar was very generous in his assessement of “the golden triangle” joining forces to batter Anwar and use Selangor as the bait.

This statement,”“Umno is afraid of enlightened Malays who are now experiencing a ‘crisis of faith’ over the government.” Tell me what it means and even to a political novice its simple,”Anwar has used the spies within UMNO to bite back at the institution of UMNO and really  JOLT  it to the extend that their walls are on their backs.”

We know that in history that in any wars or battles the use of spies are a very important. Previously it was very primitive but eventhough now its becoming complicated with high tech mechanisms the art of spying remains. 

It really has to do with $$$ Ka-Ching and the intimidation will only get worse. Najib and Anwar both needs to be suspicious of their own man. There are those within their circles who are not afraid to SCHEME for their better good.

So much so that those who have read,”I heard a rumour “articles which we posted are getting so hot and bothered at their necks that they are seen on their phones wanting to know the truths. They must be some truths or one would not even WASTE HIS TIME writing to develop a following or reputation. Do we need to LIE to get to the truth.? Just as we ask in our article if you remember rightly,Do reporters lie..? Even the YB in question had to send us an sms to stop it from developing into an EARTHQUAKE.  

Updated:-It is reliably learnt from a political watcher that SPDP’s Deputy Nyarok will stand firm and be ready for any challengers that might come his way at the parties TDC. Just bring them on is his message……… 

Yours sincerely, will be taking a HIATUS and will be back in a months time. Timely one might say as the date would be September 11th. What happened then and do we need to tell you more. Meanwhile audie61 would have Natasha,Joey keeping the fort in place in Sarawak while Bugi and Cindy would be blowing from the Land below the Wind.

We say as always,”Keep this in mind BN/Pakatan boys and girls,” Once you have someone as your ruler one should guard the relationship to the death. One should not bow the head and compromise to Loyalty. Serving not the TRUE ruler is like losing your  Moral Character. Termed as ,’NOT WORTH A CENT”



The “Cawat issue” we wrote is just a reminder that in many instances political problems should be solved not by “hoodlum/hooligan ways but by a more matured without the so-called “FIRE and BURNING of FLAGS“. Thank GOD the message was delivered or else there would be serious consequences and repercussions.


Yesterday we touched on BN/Pakatan,”Want,Used and Needs”. You can read it all here again.https://audie61.wordpress.com/2009/07/28/bnpakatan-wantused-and-needs/  

Today the less said the better and after all the deliberations,meetings and strategising audie61 crew decided we justs posts a PICTURE as they say,” A picture means more than a thousand words.’ Joey put it in a nicer way,”We have run out of WORDS TO SAY to BN/Pakatan” …hahaha

The Debate”Is Malaysia’s Education going backwards..?”

The internet blogs and main stream media has got it all. The views, the reasons the implementation date and the opinions from all academicians, elected representatives and parents.

Did anyone ask the main player and conduct a poll from the affected ones that is the students? Obviously not as they do not have a CHOICE really as they are caught in the RAT RACE of coming tops and worry about whats in front of them especially ‘What are the correct employment .”

Now it seems that in 2012 when its implemented those who intend to enter ‘foreign universities” they will face obstacles not unless they can afford to study overseas anytime with their “parents wealth” Is this really good for our country..?

 I would very much want to go indepth into this subject as 31 years ago  I was also caught in the lasts of the Senior Cambridge System where those who came after us were all under the Malaysian Education syllables. We were the lasts of the Common Entrance,Junior Cambridge,Senior Cambridge and now what.

Academecians has advocated that English taught from primary school right up to university makes good sense in our long term goal to produce a bilingual or even trillingual citizenship that can compete and COMPETE WELL in the International arena. What does appear though is that English being the norm our local graduates will face unseen challenges and difficulties in making the grades especially in Foreign Firms.

This was told to me by the Sarawak Teachers’s Union President William Ghani who said many parents are in unison especially when the whole PICTURE IS PLACED IN FRONT OF THEM.

Not sounding racist in remarks or belittling any race he told audie61.The Chinese can work in Taiwan,Hong Kong,China and Singapore.The Indians can work in Sri Lanka,Pakistan, India and where can the Dayaks or Bumiputera work after they completed their Malay science and maths. Don’t tell me in Indonesia .?

There is too much experimentation and flip-flops and U turns. Does Harvard,Cambridge or Oxford change according to whims and fancies? Just look at football as an example:-

 In 1996 the J league Association has to learn from our Malaysian semi-pro league. Today Japan football is world class and many of their players are household names overseas. Where is Malaysia Football..?

Education is beyond political divide and as such English should be viewed as the one language that opens doors to International commerce,trade,industry,communications science and technology.

So even Mahathir does not have very kind words on this subject as he said,”The future of Young Malaysians will find difficulty keeping abreast of developments in the scientific field.”

A concerned parent and a VOTER in the Malaysian democratic system was even more blunt,” Ask all the elected representatives,YBs and MPs ,top ranking officials to send their sons and daughters like eveyone else to Sekolah Rendah,Sekolah Menengah,Kolej dan Universiti di Malaysia.

Don’t send them to all the elite schools. Will they do it..?For better or worse..? Don’t think they will as they will only think the bests for their own and forget about the others. The INNOCENT ALWAYS PAYS THE PRICE. So who are we to blame..??

Many parents are looking at overseas and those who have the SCIENTIFIC BRAINS will not even consider coming back. Wasn’t they a call for many intellectual and calibre Malaysians to come back to Malaysia with many promises during Tun Mahathir’s administration? Are they all back..?

When we were young our grandfathers would sit us down and look straight at our eyes,”Nobody can take away what is in our BRAINS. Today it is called Intellectual Property and In Olden China these people are feared and casts aside or put away for good. Has Malaysia just CHECKED IN or the ruling government is so afraid of their own shadows. I sincerely hope I am wrong and I LOVE MALAYSIA and do not want it to see it lagging behind if our future genrations are handicapped and losts their edge.

We say as always,”All of us need to play our part in assuring EVERY Malaysian stays competitive . Lets ensure that our Children do not suffer for our actions…

Pakatan/BN “Failed Engagement”

Hype up it was. Everyone in every state from every corner of the street and villages/longhouses were talking about PAS/UMNO getting together in an engagement party. It was to lead to a Marriage of Convenience where many BN leaders are so fond of using this political term. Alas, the fear has been erased and it has brought many smiles back to mosts spindoctors/strategists. What if it has materialised?

This is the report from Malaysiakini Internet portal

Pakatan Rakyat leaders today took a uniform stand to reject the formation of a unity government with Umno or Barisan Nasional.


The PKR, DAP and PAS leaders reiterated their commitment to the opposition coalition with the aim of forming the federal government someday.

The joint statement was signed by Opposition Leader and PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim, DAP’s Lim Kit Siang and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

“The Pakatan council of leaders has reaffirmed our rejection of the idea of forming a unity government with Umno/BN which is clearly a malicious and desperate attempt to compromise the integrity of the increasingly popular Pakatan Rakyat.

“Pakatan agrees to adopt an open approach and is willing to hold discussions with the leaders of BN on issues of national interests,” read the statement.

The statement dispelled rumours of a break-up in Pakatan over the issue of PAS and Umno holding unity talks.
We say as always,”Next–Manek Urai and Onwards to GE13…!!!!

“Animosity Is Incurable”



Heard of the phrase,”Wounds might heal but Scar remains..” Its exactly what has been happening especially at ground zero with regards to PRS infightings again. This time it does not involve the Sng factions but one of the two Joe’s. We have covered it earlier and it just goes to show that this time James will need all his knowhows to doublecheck his “BRUTUS”.

James as sources close to him told audie61 has bushed aside the spindoctors cooking up a new menu of “Divide and Rule” and has even compared it to Sabah CMs malicious rumour of BRAIN TUMOUR. If it is not true a political analyst who is ear of the one person in absolute power now says.”Let James put it to rests once and for all”.

We have the first hand information and we had this article a few days ago

Surely, we will not be the  first and the lasts as there are too many troubles brewing within PRS and the only reason its still intact is that Pehin Taib is  still the CM. Believe me,if the CM relinquishes his powers or if by God’s actions he is returned James will be just another forgotten YB and Minister. He has to make his choices now or else when the DEADLINE is in TOWN he will be out of town on his fastest horse.

His allies who have fought many battles with him are already pulling him around the neck but still he plays to the tune which he and only him listens. James must realise or else it will be just too late and even his fastest horse will not recognise him let alone have him on. If ANIMOSITY IS CURABLE in politics let me be the first to tests the new found medicine.! Even Tun Mahathir would love to try it as he would be the amongst the first to GET ONE over Lee Kuan Yew.

We say as always,”In the months ahead PRS will once again HOG the front pages of mosts main stream media. This could even outdo the Smoking Joe who fought in the thriller of Manila aginst Mohammad Ali…..

“What’s cooking Malaysia..?”

These three inescapable topics have made Malaysians wake up at the breakfast tables talking and its carried with its rounds till dinner. Firstly,Tun Mahathir has come out with guns blazing.Secondly,speculations that MACC probing the CM Minister of Malacca and thirdly the MB of Terengganu fighting for his dear life as pressure piles on him to step down.

Wow! Isn’t this all very sudden? Two State CEO’s under attack and all the chilli padi’s put into the pot to cook up the soup. It seems that former PM Mahathir is holding on to the LADLE ( a large soup spoon) and turning it round to suit his political revenge after 5 years. Now he is also putting Najib at knives edge.

Dr Mahathir urged Najib to call off the idea of skipping the Penanti vote just a day after the new prime minister floated the idea. Not only that Tun now thinks that he is even ready and prepared to lead the BN machinery.He believes he can turn the tables against his arch enemy Anwar’s Pakatan and defeat PKR at its stronghold. Stop short of telling Najib, Mahathirs supporters have been made advances and communicate with Najibs Team of  BN leaders.

It is of course a way of telling Anwar too,don’t think that you have got one over me. The next one that is Penanti I will get you. Mahathir is getting very personal and Najib who says it is a wastage of funds for the country especially with fragile economy knows that whatever decision he makes will be for the better good for BN and the country. Is this really cooking up Malaysia?

Next, the Malacca CM Mohd Ali Rustam is being investigated which can be read in this Malaysiakini article http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/102715  and according to the sources, the veteran politician who was found guilty of money politics by the Umno disciplinary board, is being probed by the commission. Is this really happening too Malaysia as there were many smses sent out yesterday? Lets see how this develops….

Terengganu MB Ahmad Said had to cancel his official 10-day visit to Russia and Ukraine to sort out the mess in Terengganu.Ahmad has come under tremendous pressure from his own party members to relinquish the post.The number of Umno/BN state representatives who want Ahmad to step down now has increased to 18. Until last week the number of elected Umno representatives against Ahmad stood at 10.

So what did the PM Najib  do? PM Najib has given Ahmad one month to prove that he has the support to lead the state. Failing which you know what will happen..and then and then and then…So Malaysia isn’t this all simmering nicely in the NEW PM’s COOKING POT. He will have to solve all these and quell all disatisfaction from within UMNO quickly and chop, chop, chop and make sure it stays as a flavour only for the SOUP in the POT. ARE WE EXPECTING TOO MUCH TOO SOON..??

We say as always,”No one when he takes over the leadership of any country will have it easy and Najib will be the better of with problems first rather than later. Many before him has experiences to tell….So Malaysia its COOKING UP….