PRN 11- Seat Swapping and Younger Candidates..??

PRN-11-Audie-61-logoA highly placed source in Barisan Nasional Sarawak says that the ruling BN Sarawak Coalition will be discussing the mechanism on the 71 seats on offer soon in the New Year 2014. The BN Coalition will take into consideration a number of factors and are seriously looking at all options even to the extend of fielding younger and capable candidates to ensure “FRESHNESS AND WHO WILL BE WITHOUT EXCESS BAGGAGE.”

The Pakatan are slowly making inroads into the rural enclave and have a stranglehold of the urban areas. They nearly made a clean sweep of all SUPP Urban seats except Bawang Assan and Senadin. DAP have managed to “hookwink” mosts of the urban voters to vote for them as alternative as SUPP is very much embroiled in fighting amongst themselves. This has not gone down very well with the voters in all the 19 seats SUPP was given to field their candidates. The semi-rural areas of SUPP withstood the “tsunami” as the rural areas have steadfastly stood behind the BN Coalition.

The NO.1 Priority will be the losts seats to the opposition and BN are seriously restrategising their machinery and thoughts towards the possiblity of “SEAT SWAPPING” . Of course they will be many “unhappy members at the grassroot levels” but the main objective of any coalition is to take back what they have losts. The POSSIBILITIES which is on offer is too good to be missed. It will be a good headache for the BN coalition and the Pakatan coalition will also be in for a surprise or two.

Surely, not all can be discussed in the blogsite and a lot of other strategies will come into play. The highly placed source said,”IT”S UP TO THE INCUMBENTS  TO  SAFEGUARD THEIR SEATS”. BN and Pakatan will have their hands full and they will take into accounts all political possibilities before they execute it fully.


Sarawak Boiling Hot 3

mawan15We have had edition 1 and 2 and this coming your way No. 3  is nonetheless on the statement SPDP President who has been quoted in the English dailies,”

With regards to the seven new candidates that I said or even eight, I see  myself also if people come along with more commitment, I also step out.

“It is not important to try to assert your own self importance that your are  indispensable even though you are YBs for the time being, including myself as a  minister.”

7 NOW TO 8

The knives are already sharpening in the corridors of power and this will indeed bring a loud cheer to those who aspires to ascend to No.2 when current NO.2 man in Sarawaks administration Alfred Jabu decides to call it a day from politics.

The remark opens up another perspective that Mawan is considering taking up an offer to be a Full Minister in Najib’s administration if MCA still declines the position which is being held by Hishammudin. Could this a diversionary tactic by the SPDP strategists?

G5 the SPDP separatists held secret meetings according to a political enforcer in view of the statement made public by Mawan. Its too obvious and they must be rubbing their hands in anticipation and even high fives each other.

Certainly there will be more counter reactions and political statements which will see Sarawak being seen as in a tumultuous state. Its a concern but it will no doubt knock a ‘small dent” to CM Taibs plans.

HOT !! Lets wait and there will be more JUICY ONES after The Hari Raya Celebrations.

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SPDP “All Because of You..!”

Anthony Nogeh(a)BN hopeful P192 Candidate has to thank the party and its loyal members for the undivided stand in supporting him to be on the party ticket to represent BN in the upcoming General Elections.

Of course Tiki Lafe and the so-called BNClub members will go all out to lobby till the last minute to ensure he stands a chance to be renominated.

PBB deputy information chief Peter Minos has thrown its weight behind SPDP’s choice. This was his the statement,” it was public knowledge that SPDP had decided that Nogeh would be its candidate  for Mas Gading and that they in PBB would respect that decision.

Read more:

Anthony Nogeh would on Nomination day be thankful and say,”ALL BECAUSE OF YOU SPDP”..

This will be a new chapter for the party. 

DPM Is this Not Sabatoging?

They are In.No questions Asked.This is how it Works.

Lets look deeper and not just point the finger at the organisers and the Organising Chairman Abang Johari who seems to be getting the blame. He has no choice but its coined in such a way that his deputies in Rosey and Entri are calling the shots.

Why? They both are YBs who are in the northern part of Sarawak and they are both backed by hidden hands who are more powerful and their whispers are enough to send shivers down Abang Johari’s spine.

Moreover,Abang Johari outside Kuching is easily manipulated and many have even termed him as Tourism and Housing Minister for Kuching Division and not Sarawak. He did try to put his foot down and defuse the situation but ‘the internal infighting of PBB succession plan” is rearing its head (follow up indepth on this in the next article.soon)

SPDP and G5 are still locked in bitterness and going by what has happen it involves a very much bigger picture than what we can see openly says a senior PBB member. It does seem that there is a struggle to get ahead of each other and the tussle of the northern boss versus the southern boss is nearing its final stages.

Mawan looks to be being pushed to the limit and the partymachinery though very much with him is being attacked from outside forces who feels that YBs and MPs on their side will mean a stronger base for pushing ones candidacy to the top.

Eventhough DPM Muhyddin has strongly made his statements on sabotaging and Mawan also especially when he worded it as an “insult and ridicule” not only to SPDP but to Barisan Nasional as a whole with the participation of an “illegal entity in the TYTs parade in Miri. Mawan went on to say it is an”act of sabotage to the Barisan spirit of solidarity to happen is perplexing, very disturbing and intolerable.”

Najib and Muhyddin have too much on their plates and the MPs who will be standing in Ge13 is very much on their minds and SPDP having 4 seats will need to deliver if the party needs to survive after the GE13. The party needs to make a stand and Najib have to openly put a stop to this infighting or else what Azmin Ali Deputy President of PKR says will come true. If there are infighting the party will loose and its a fact.

CM Taib is watching with hawks eyes and call what you may “Act of sabotaging or indisciplined by G5” the fact remains if Sarawak BN delivers CM Taib will be rests assured that his time will not be up.

There have one too may calls for his tenure to come to an end says an Assistant Minister and its nothing new but the fact remains PBB delivers as one can see 36 out of 36 seats contested and if PBB delivers 14 out of 14  who says he is not needed.

Can one blame Abang Johari for having a part in in sabotaging Barisan National Unity and solidarity? Surely, you have looked at the crystal bowl and have seen the faces who are very much responsible. Will tell you more very soon….

For now lets see whether Najib or Muhyddin will say G5 is illegal or very much part of the system of being a BN friendly entity.

A word”STOP THIS G5” will be music to the ears of BN SPDP.


Wong Judat ..Make Your Stand.!!!

If the Olympic Council Committee of Great Britain can make a decision on who should light up the Olympic flame the decision on Wong Judat is not to difficult a choice to make. We have already made our stand in our earlier posting”SPDP Wong Judat Hedging Choice over” which is reposted below.

There are at least 36 decision makers in the SPDP Supreme council and their decision will have an effect on the Barisan National Team which will make its presence felt in the 31 constituencies in the General elections. The grassroots of 1BN which is now being used as the war cry by PM Najib are getting angrier with all the “indecisiveness and selfishness ‘ of some of the socalled YBs who won on BN tickets who are making life difficult for BN in totality. The GE13 is upon us and we need to be united as one and if we can only put our differences aside and fight as a unified and solidified TEAM BN dont rule out the MANY SHOCKS of losses in the BN camp when the votes are counted.

It seems that Wong Judat,Lajim Okim and  Wilfred Bamburing amongst others of late are testing the patience of the grassroots and the BN leaders. There will be a time when the iron fists will clamp down on them and it is not a loss to BN or a gain to Pakatan. The grassroots will be more than happy to see the lasts of them and their so called hedging adventures and say”good riddance to them’

One losts means there will be 1 more new face

This article which appeared in todays Borneo Posts extracted and reposted below does make a mockery of the whole situation. The party have losts 5 assemblyman and up comes another who feels that he is bigger than the party and throws his weight to make himself all the more important and of course hedge his own reputation so that his bidding price will not be lowered.

A Vice President of the party said to audie61,”yeah, its about the numbers in the party in terms of assemblyman but with 5 gone 1 more to follow it does create a vacuum TEMPORARILY but 6 new faces will emerge and they will take the opportunity to be chosen or picked. The BNSarawak SG  has already mentioned that clearly the person can go but the seat is with the party and Larry Sngs case has all the more shown a clear example.”

The days ahead will be not be any easier for SPDP but with friends in BN who will guide the party through the stormy waters the party will be able to solidify and come up stronger. Its up to the new faces and the youth to carry the torch further and light up a new beginning for SPDP and BN in totality. The Olympics showed the world what it needs a Youthful TEAM to who will in turn spur a whole new generation of LEADERS.

audie61 previous article:-

On May 1st this appeared in Borneo Post which we quote” “How can I quit BN and SPDP? I am a strongman of SPDP. I am a strong BN supporter. I brought the seat of Meluan to SPDP and therefore to BN.”

Today Wong Judat has more than ruffled up a few feathers and his Hedging with SWP,SPDP.PRS and also to boosts his personal value is very much coming to an end. He has indeed put the party SPDP in the back burner and wants to project himself as a champion of the truth.

His personal ego and battle against Joseph Salang Vice President of PRS is due mainly to the “stalled RM3 million Nanga Entabai-Rantau Limau road project.” Salang had explained on the reasons for the divertion of funds but Judat just cannot accept the fact that the funds were stolen right under his noses.

We received from an informed source that Salang is only too happy to await for Wong Judat to challenge him as the incumbent for Julau. The source says “let him come as our personal differences or his vendetta is making him Wong losing sleep. I am ready for whatever eventualities says Salang

Wong Judats outpouring of emotions and going for broke only if Salang is chosen as candidate for GE13 has put a dampener on his hedging stances. It does appear that noises from within SWP in that the President is not too happy with Wong Judats “fast and furious ways and also over enthusiastic TEMPER. The Party SWP is going for 6 seats and if Salang is not chosen Wong Judat will not stand.

WHERE DOES THIS PUT SWP SURELY IN A DILEMMA? It will indeed throw a spanner in the works of SWP and it will benefit PRS is the voice from within.

Wong Judat needs to make his own choices very soon. He either forgos his Vice Presidents posts in SPDP (failing which it will fall to the hands of the disciplinary committee) or he resigns gentlemanly in which SPDP will have one less ADUN and left with 1 ADUN and 3 MPs.

His HEDGING DAYS are nearing the end but its also up to him to make a choice as the party SPDP will not want to get into loggerheads with PRS.

The BN component parties needs to stay united and in solidarity as it faces its toughest yet General Elections which will be called by the PM very soon.

Borneo Posts Article which appeared today 28th July 2012.

: Is Meluan assemblyman Wong Judat having second thoughts?

Following the hoo-hah over his announcement on July 21 that he would quit SPDP on July 31, Wong came out yesterday to say that news reports about his quit decision are “inaccurate”.

“As far as I am concerned, news reports on my decision to quit SPDP at the end of this month are inaccurate. I have yet to make an official announcement on the matter.

“It is common knowledge that such an important decision can only be confirmed in black and white or through an official letter,” he said when met by The Borneo Post yesterday.

Unlike his firm stand last Saturday, Wong played sly yesterday when he declined to rule out the possibility of him resigning from SPDP by reiterating “only an official letter can confirm this”.

After a `Pentas Rakyat’ gathering organised by Sarawak Workers Party (SWP) in Kanowit on July 21, Wong told reporters that he would quit SPDP, in which he is one of its vice president, to enable him to contest in Julau in the coming general election.

He had said then that he would be meeting party president Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom and deputy president Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing in Kuala Lumpur on July 30 to explain his move, and then quit the following day.

But yesterday, Wong said until such time that he made his decision official he hoped political leaders from both sides of the political divide would not rush to make comments about his move.

“Nothing real has happened yet, so there is no basis or issue for anyone to comment on,” he remarked when asked to comment on statements issued by various quarters the last few days.

He described those who had opened their mouth as being “over anxious” and lacked patience when being confronted by such an unusual situation.

He singled out comments by PBB Bintulu Youth vice chairman Pandi Suhaili and State Legislative Assembly Deputy Speaker Datuk Roland Sagah in particular.

The three-term Meluan assemblyman said it was unfair for Pandi to request him to vacate Meluan when he (Wong) had not made his decision official.

He said Pandi had pre-empted his decision, adding he (Pandi) might as well call on the five elected representatives who were sacked from SPDP more than six months ago to vacate their seats as well.

The elected representatives shown the door by SPDP for gross insubordination were Datuk Peter Nansian Ngusie (Tasik Biru), Datuk Sylvester Entri (Marudi), Paulus Gumbang (Batu Danau), Rosey Yunus (Bekenu) and Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe (Mas Gading).

Wong said Sagah was being over anxious when he said he (Wong) would be seated with members of the opposition should he resign from the Barisan Nasional (BN), of which SPDP is a coalition partner.

“If Sagah feels he is making the right decision on my anticipated case, he should accord the five sacked SPDP assemblymen similar treatment by asking them to sit with the opposition members as well.”

Wong said like the sacked five, he could also form a BN Club to enable him to remain in BN should he decide to go through with his quit decision.

1 of 222 Malaysian Members of Parliament….


Over the long Gawai weekend it was not only a time of celebration,exchanging pleasantries but also many political gossips especially from the grassroot and voters from the constituencies. One particular area which is basically a semi rural seat where the local flavour/winnable,humble and acceptable candidate is very much the order of day is none other than Mas Gading 192 Parliamentary seat. 

Its also an understanding between the Jagoi/Singai group that in 1996 they drew out an agreement that one of the clauses stated that when the MP is from the Jagoi community then the assemblyman has to be from the Singai group.

One voter even said,” you just look at the list which is being drawn up by the holding party SPDP here Rayan Narong, Anthony Nogeh, William Jinep, Henry Jinep and Ik Pahon Joyik. After much 
politiking it is now SPDP’s choice which is Salcra deputy general manager Anthony Nogeh as their pick for Mas Gading in the coming 13th general election.

OK they say to keep the peace as per agreement,Henry Jinep will have to contain with a state seat in the next elections replacing Tasik Biru incumbent Peter Nansian while Nogeh will be the replacement for Tiki Laffe.
Its not about the state elections now this is about the Parliamentary seat where DAP/PKR are in direct tussle,STAR and other independants are also eyeing this seat.

But to the many who were randomly asked and spoken to many still feel “Tiki is very much still the man to beat. He is HARMLESS as he doesn’t care too much about politiking but still does his job efficently especially though in the lasts 6 months.(hehehe)

He does however look arrogant but in actual fact he is approachable and has a listening ear to his constituents. Many feels that the Federal leaders are still very much in favour of Tiki as they have extended his tenure as NSTC(national service training camp) Chairman.

Brother they said,”Isn’t it better to know the devil who you are familiar with than to know a Saint who will turn out to be worst than you can imagine..?.” 

SPDP will have their hands full this time round unless Tiki tells us otherwise.

Parliament of Malaysia: Mas Gading, Sarawak[5]
Year   Barisan Nasional Votes Pct   Opposition Votes Pct  
1999   Tiki Lafe (SPDP) 10,684 60%   Patau Rubis (STAR) 6,664 25%  
2004   Tiki Lafe (SPDP) 10,579 56%   Patau Rubis (SNAP) 7,867 42%  
2008   Tiki Lafe (SPDP) 8,551 58%   Patau Rubis (SNAP) 4,250 29%

We came across this statement from an internet portal and this bests describe what we meant by picking 1 is difficult whatmore 222 candidates for Malaysia Parliament.

Malaysians should choose their leaders without fear or favour and support those who can deliver the goods. Candidates with tainted background should be removed. Only those willing to sacrifice and serve the people should command the respect and recognition of Malaysians to safeguard and strengthen the future of the nation.


“Cheap Politiking -SPDP President’

The Wong -Salang spat takes precedence as far as SPDP president Mawan is concerned. He has already taken the initiative to sit down with PRS but his first requests was not entertained. This weekend he will be going to Julau to meet with PRS leaders to solve the personal confusion in the personal vendetta between the two leaders.”

The President mentioned to audie61 that this “cheap politiking” should stop. He said we musts ensure that our members are told and this was exactly what was sent out in smses and in the social media by the SPDP/UMB team (unit media baru),”SWP is not BN and PRS/SPDP are to work together.If PRS under attack we attack be it SWP,PKR,DAP or SNAP. There should not be cheap politiking and as far for JUDAT party will talk to him and receive his report.Pls forward to others.”

The President is serious and he does not want SPDP to be dragged in the SWP/PRS “internal revenge” He even mentioned that our enemies are outside and not within BN and we musts set aside differences for the better good of BN as we prepare for GE13.

SPDP “Princess and Wings” Swift Response

This was in the local media.”Nansian had refuted a recent statement made by Puteri SPDP Barbara Mawan that there was nothing to rescue as Mas Gading was still with BN.

The SPDP Princess he said mentioned that MAS GADING needs to be rescued.What is there to be rescued? I suggest they rescue the losts seats of Krian an Ba’Kelalan.

The swift response to Nansians statement had the 4 wings members coming out in numbers (see picture) this evening and the SPDP Puteri Chief said that the 4 wings were unanimous in that they will defend all the 4 Parliamentary seats currently held by SPDP in Baram,Bintulu,Mas Gading and Saratok.

The enemy is not inside and the enemy is outside the party and our common enemy is at the moment DAP which is coming strong to wrestle the seat from SPDP. PKR is not even making any effort to claim the seat for the GE13.

We do not need to fight against each other as the G5 claims that they are BN members and we should think of how to bring more development and transform Mas Gading says Putera Deputy Chief Eugene Dior.

Deputy Wanita Chief Theresa Udam in a hard hitting PC against the G5 said “please tell us whether the BN SG has written to them officially as BN club members to name their candidate?

Puteri Chief Barbara continued by saying that the BN SG has written to SPDP headquarters and addressed to the President and SG that the names of the 4 candidates be submitted in two weeks time.

They don’t have “locus standi” and they are not officially named as BN Club are they asked Barbara when interviewed by audie61. On the issue of Mass resignation and cards the Vice President Narong who was also at the PC said”the G5 are not gentleman enough and the whole exercise of returning the card was very unethical”

According to a elder in the chinese community he told audie61,”we will support the candidate who will be put up by BN. Not everyone in MasS Gading is for DAP eventhough they perceived that the Chinese have made up their mind and will vote for opposition.

The SPDP wings are making the right signals and they know that the enemy is outside and their Princess swift response is an indication that they are not about to give in without a fight.

The 4 seats are SPDP’s and we intend it to be OURS and Barisan Nationals after GE13.

BN/SPDP Puteri Chief “Doer with a Purpose.. !”

We are not about to heap praises on one who shows full dedication,commitment and responsibities and in return the person in question will be fed to the wolves by being the “STAR” for the moment.

There are some who seizes the opportunity to be in the limelight. While there are some who are in those places ,as they have already been given the “divine rights”. Those who climb from the backs of others and will certainly make it as they are politically tuned and are very ‘ruthless.” Many who joined political parties still lack these attributes and are justs ‘waiting for their golden egg or eggs.”

There are but a few who are very capable and command others with their charm and enthusiasm. One particular person who was PS to Jeffrey Kitingan by the name of Teresa Margerita Alberto stood out like a sore thumb to many in a leadership organisation in the 90s. She worked and talked in the same mould like a”Generator. She was bestowed this name as she was always thinking,manouvering and chasing for excellance.

We were privelege to cross swords and at that time I held very high esteem on Sabahans on their enthusiasm and forward looking minds. She was after all very infectious and those surrounding her were left gasping for air and playing ‘catch-up”if you are not up to it . She molded the group into thinking “lets do this,done this and about to do this” It was full trottle with little time for excuses.  This was also the time when we personally came across Jeffrey Kitingan her boss in  1994 in Thailand.

Then it strucked me as I embarked on this article. Its like a second wind coming but this time instead of blowing down from the Land below the wind it comes from the Land of Hornbills.Heaping praises without justification will only ‘drown a poor soul”.

The angle we approach is simple,”Both of them are similar in thoughts giving opportunities for those around them to excel,stand firm and be able to hold their own in a ‘dog eat dog’ world. The person in question now however is a Political figure and is SPDP Puteri chief Barbara Mawan who commands nearly 8000 puteris under her whose ages range from 18-35.

She seems to fit right into the moment and have taken the platform like a newly crowned olympic skater effortlessly going round on the on the icerink. She knows that arena of piercing eyed spectators will cut her to pieces if she makes the wrong move,falls flat on her face and will only endure ‘coldness’ and will not receive appreciation of flowers/bouquets if her skating routine is lackadaisical .

In the past few weeks she has started to be a DARLING WITH THE PRESS/MEDIA and she is sharp to put her ideas across. In our meetings with her she is being looked at as “catalyst for change for the youthful minds

What has been lacking for the ruling BN government up comes a new fresh faced and ever willing learner who doesn’t mind to put in the extra hours to better herself.

On April 1st we wrote and this is extracted,” The meeting opened up strongly with the Puteri Chief Barbara talking about ‘strategies off engagement,Tranfromation and Reaching out. She quoted how PM Najib has given the BN a believe that GE13 wll not be easy if we do not go on the ground ,communicate with the voters and prove that we are sincere.

SPDP she says needs to ‘REACH-OUT to the young and not let the young reach out to us and we need to understand them, be with them and think like them. She also quoted what the CM said at the recent TGM,”The youths nowadays are varying all options and they THINK what is bests for them.”

We can see clearly what she wants and how she wants it to be done. Something on the sidelines are that she seems to be practising Sun Tzu Art of War as she mentioned she is an avid reader and will try to improve not only herself but those who have time to engage with her.”

Todays newspapers which the press quoted in an English daily reflects her true self and she is not about to make anyone push the party to the sidelines. She knows that the party needs to move forward and she is singled out by many to be a “BREADTH OF FRESH AIR” for the Youth .

She has shown her sincerity,enthusiasm and has taken upon herself and her team to be the new SPDP engine of change by transforming the mindsets while not stepping on ‘delicate”elders/veterans. She is ever so willing to learn and listen but imparts to the youthful minds within SPDP in the way they want to be told to do and want to be engaged in.

She has shown to stand strong behind the party going through 9 years of good and bad times in SPDP. The youth and the party recognises her development process and with the party engulf in serious infighting for the lasts two years she has given the party a much needed boost. Their membership drive in bringing in newer and fresh faced youths in the puteri wings and also assisted her counterpart in the putera wing is a plus sign which my friend from Sabah would be very proud of.

Surely,their paths will crossed one day and it will only benefit the SPDP Puteri chief as our friend Teresa had served under a giant of a man in Sabah politics in the person of Jeffrey Kitingan. Wonder what they will talk about and on what subject?

Both are afterall DOERS with a Purpose..

” Transformation and Reaching-Out..SPDP wings BUZZ words!!”

Lets say this out loud,” Transformation and Reaching -Out

The initiative taken by the 4 (four) SPDP wings in Youth,Wanita,Putera and Puteri should be commended and also fully encouraged. Someone in BN have to take the next step in making sure that the PM’s vision of a progressive Malaysia which transforms not only to cater for the needs of the young Malaysians but to ensure that they continue supporting the ruling coalition BN is followed through.

Its no use talking about it but someone needs to take the bull by the horns and put the foot down. SPDP has gone through the internal crisis and its up to the young ones to come together and work together to make the party stronger and making youths realised that this party is “practsing what they preach”

The DAP January issue had the Front Cover “The Bold and the Beautiful” where MPs from PAS,PKR and DAP were used as an “advertising propaganda” to reach out to young Malaysians. Najib as PM have already done that with his walkabout and his words of Transformation have reached not only in other BN parties but have more than touched the SPDP younger and eager set of politicians .

There was a number of smses sent out by the Puteri chief Barbara Mawan to all concerned in the Southern Part of Sarawak that this is the very first” Election Preparations strategy by the 4 wings” very much prior to this meeting.

 audie61 was privelege to sit in to listen to the enthusiasm,verve and young minds working overtime to move the party forward and also to ensure that the 4 seats in which SPDP contests will remain with SPDP and Barisan National.

The journalists and main stream media would be writing what was said in the Press conference but we will cover the other side of the coin. What transpired.. but of course we will not reveal what and how the strategies will be carried out.

 If that happens “I will be selling my soul to the devil which unfortunately some other coalition members have already misunderstood us in reality

Did we get over excited and went off the track..?? Lets get back to SPDP 4 wings Buzz words. 

 We leave that part out for now as divulging in it will be opening a can full of “unwanted worms” Surely,one will even say to us at audie 61 you are quoting DAP again and some will even dare to say we are bought over. Favourite words,”you see I tell you, he is giving information and he is opposition. Sounds familiar..?? hahahahaha 

The presence of Youth Chief Robert Ayu, Deputy Wanita Chief Theresa Udam(representing the Wanita chief) Putera chief Tony Chen and Puteri chief Barbara Mawan together with political secretary to CM Kijan Tonybee and SG Nelson Balan Rining with the “young minds” means that the party is ‘dead serious’ to embrace and communicate with the youths. The young puteris,puteras youth and wanitas were not there justs to make up the numbers. Their contribution was immensed.Really… (will play a recording on youtube) 

The meeting opened up strongly with the Puteri Chief Barbara talking about ‘strategies off engagement,Tranfromation and Reaching out. She quoted how PM Najib has given the BN a believe that GE13 wll not be easy if we do not go on the ground ,communicate with the voters and prove that we are sincere.

SPDP she says needs to ‘REACH-OUT to the young and not let the young reach out to us and we need to understand them, be with them and think like them. She also quoted what the CM said at the recent TGM,”The youths nowadays are varying all options and they THINK what is bests for them.”

We can see clearly what she wants and how she wants it to be done. Something on the sidelines are that she seems to be practising Sun Tzu Art of War as she mentioned she is an avid reader and will try to improve not only herself but those who have time to engage with her.

audie61 of course have the privelege to asks her and she justs smiled which was enough to say she is not new in politics having been with the good times and the turbulent couple of years.

She has devised a tactical approach in her running of the puteris role in the coming elections. she justs told us simply,”while strategic principles are unchanging for all time,tactics (meaning implementation of the strategy)vary with the times and circumstances and musts be tuned to the current situations.

Simply she said,”we musts defend what we have and ensure that the 4 seats remains with BN.” The reaching out programme in contact with the youths musts be maintained and carried out with intensity and literally we musts go door to door or even camped out to win the voters trusts. 

Both sides of the political divide will know what is bests for their candidates and they will use all methods and ways to achieve their aims. SPDP knows bests what her candidates needs and the wings will ensure that the candidates aspiration of winning the constituency is delivered by all 4 wings working in tandem and in unity.

The wanita,youth and putera chiefs were all ears and when it came to them to deliver their part they not only emphasised the Transformation and Reaching-out slogan put forward by the Puteri Chief but were unified to carry it through.

The blessings from the four wings are music to the ears of the Supreme Council where they have not only look forward but transformed after going through a much troubled time where 5 Ybs walked out from the party.

The 4 wings in SPDP have Buzzed out the correct signals to the rests of the BN coalition and it would justs be icing on the cake if the PM being a man where he looks upon the youths as the future of the nation would make a date for the SPDP Putera and Puteri launching sometime in early May.

Barbara and Tony would be brimming with smiles if their top leaders gives them the signals that the PM might just afford to come down and launch their existence.

What makes you think PM would not launch it..?