BN/SPDP Puteri Chief “Doer with a Purpose.. !”

We are not about to heap praises on one who shows full dedication,commitment and responsibities and in return the person in question will be fed to the wolves by being the “STAR” for the moment.

There are some who seizes the opportunity to be in the limelight. While there are some who are in those places ,as they have already been given the “divine rights”. Those who climb from the backs of others and will certainly make it as they are politically tuned and are very ‘ruthless.” Many who joined political parties still lack these attributes and are justs ‘waiting for their golden egg or eggs.”

There are but a few who are very capable and command others with their charm and enthusiasm. One particular person who was PS to Jeffrey Kitingan by the name of Teresa Margerita Alberto stood out like a sore thumb to many in a leadership organisation in the 90s. She worked and talked in the same mould like a”Generator. She was bestowed this name as she was always thinking,manouvering and chasing for excellance.

We were privelege to cross swords and at that time I held very high esteem on Sabahans on their enthusiasm and forward looking minds. She was after all very infectious and those surrounding her were left gasping for air and playing ‘catch-up”if you are not up to it . She molded the group into thinking “lets do this,done this and about to do this” It was full trottle with little time for excuses.  This was also the time when we personally came across Jeffrey Kitingan her boss in  1994 in Thailand.

Then it strucked me as I embarked on this article. Its like a second wind coming but this time instead of blowing down from the Land below the wind it comes from the Land of Hornbills.Heaping praises without justification will only ‘drown a poor soul”.

The angle we approach is simple,”Both of them are similar in thoughts giving opportunities for those around them to excel,stand firm and be able to hold their own in a ‘dog eat dog’ world. The person in question now however is a Political figure and is SPDP Puteri chief Barbara Mawan who commands nearly 8000 puteris under her whose ages range from 18-35.

She seems to fit right into the moment and have taken the platform like a newly crowned olympic skater effortlessly going round on the on the icerink. She knows that arena of piercing eyed spectators will cut her to pieces if she makes the wrong move,falls flat on her face and will only endure ‘coldness’ and will not receive appreciation of flowers/bouquets if her skating routine is lackadaisical .

In the past few weeks she has started to be a DARLING WITH THE PRESS/MEDIA and she is sharp to put her ideas across. In our meetings with her she is being looked at as “catalyst for change for the youthful minds

What has been lacking for the ruling BN government up comes a new fresh faced and ever willing learner who doesn’t mind to put in the extra hours to better herself.

On April 1st we wrote and this is extracted,” The meeting opened up strongly with the Puteri Chief Barbara talking about ‘strategies off engagement,Tranfromation and Reaching out. She quoted how PM Najib has given the BN a believe that GE13 wll not be easy if we do not go on the ground ,communicate with the voters and prove that we are sincere.

SPDP she says needs to ‘REACH-OUT to the young and not let the young reach out to us and we need to understand them, be with them and think like them. She also quoted what the CM said at the recent TGM,”The youths nowadays are varying all options and they THINK what is bests for them.”

We can see clearly what she wants and how she wants it to be done. Something on the sidelines are that she seems to be practising Sun Tzu Art of War as she mentioned she is an avid reader and will try to improve not only herself but those who have time to engage with her.”

Todays newspapers which the press quoted in an English daily reflects her true self and she is not about to make anyone push the party to the sidelines. She knows that the party needs to move forward and she is singled out by many to be a “BREADTH OF FRESH AIR” for the Youth .

She has shown her sincerity,enthusiasm and has taken upon herself and her team to be the new SPDP engine of change by transforming the mindsets while not stepping on ‘delicate”elders/veterans. She is ever so willing to learn and listen but imparts to the youthful minds within SPDP in the way they want to be told to do and want to be engaged in.

She has shown to stand strong behind the party going through 9 years of good and bad times in SPDP. The youth and the party recognises her development process and with the party engulf in serious infighting for the lasts two years she has given the party a much needed boost. Their membership drive in bringing in newer and fresh faced youths in the puteri wings and also assisted her counterpart in the putera wing is a plus sign which my friend from Sabah would be very proud of.

Surely,their paths will crossed one day and it will only benefit the SPDP Puteri chief as our friend Teresa had served under a giant of a man in Sabah politics in the person of Jeffrey Kitingan. Wonder what they will talk about and on what subject?

Both are afterall DOERS with a Purpose..

64 thoughts on “BN/SPDP Puteri Chief “Doer with a Purpose.. !”

  1. PRS 30 says:

    memang ini orang jahanam ruthless. Tak ada masa untuk layan dia. boleh dia cakap ka? kalau tidak dia woof woof woof sahaja

  2. 2012 hope says:

    Youths today had higher expectations and were more critical of the govt,

    This generation does not like to be told what to do and what is right or wrong

  3. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: Majority younger generation won’t mind what kind or Puteri Chief will be as long as she is not as BAD + RUDE like this ‘1’ !!!! :roll:

  4. 2012 hope says:

    BN political elites teaming up with Datuk Sng to topple PRS in coming GE.

    Masing says he is aware of that but cant do anything.

    He is very surprise why BN politcal elites can work and tolerate with him.”Money is the root of all evils.”

    • Ruthless says:

      James politics is to blame others. His politics can still works in the longhouses , while in the towns and city , forget it james. People asked james why you loss 100 meter race and the answer he replied is that he carried 2 heavy “ball”.

  5. Ruthless says:

    Why James fear of Sng???why???
    Before Sng announce the launching of SWP, Masing says he is against the registration of new party??
    Before dissolve of parliament , Masing warns of the enemy within BN
    Whenever James candidates loss the election, he blames on others
    Whenever Sng name being mentions
    He need to take stabilizer Pills or else he become panic.
    What a pity leaders?????

  6. KK Jau says:

    ruthless oh ruthless.. This one good and u musts know what your friend Billy up to. what say u?

    Dear YB Billy, now you yourself declared. Your sorrow way out is going after you fortune in Politic and PRS is not a party for your survival.. think..think .. wisely. when the times will come by your way, now you will ask yourself what wrong you have done for yourself, what great services you ever rendered to the people since 1990-2012? People are no longer blind and people now are start knocking at your footstep at your door, well Masing will not wanting to give you a chances this times around as candidate for Ulu Rejang?

    Billy forget about PRS? This are this dirty hole games play, your stewardship being loyal to a man like Masing for the past decade… will be rottan like the rottan fish died at Bakun Dam with no values for monies,

    Your sorrow are just like the misery floating Logjaws rottan trees float from Upper Baleh down to the rejang river, will your NASIB is secure under this kind of man like Masing, …

    ya my friend Billy Abit Joo, before it to late, please asking for help from Mr Najib the BN President he is the one and only who can give you tumb up and person to make final say to deny the Masing potential choices, man whom he think fit to work for him in PRS.

    YB Billy, perhap you are too powerful person to be handle by Masing in PRS? the only way to safe your water faces, please get you out fast before it too late from PRS? He may think that now, you getting power and wealthy person wanting to take control of the catchment areas concession timber, fishing, bakun Trust fund issues, tourism development and others within bakun Dam Kot? once you are out of political power this times…. Billy, you are on your out and have hard way up..

    Billy, you alot of problem and issues still unresolved within people of Baluy with Sarawak Government unresolved, especially people who are being badly treated suffered by the Bakun Dam projects since 1994-today, so far what you have done for the people of Baluy since when you became MP Ulu Rejang, 1990-2012? Billy lupa saja lah Politik… be a free man, then you will be a very happy man..

    Masing will not able to resolved your problem with him in PRS crisis kot? The undercurrent between you and masing are very strong on going attacking against each other.if he still insist his own man, answer for this crisis, let get out from PRS quick..quick jaga maruah kamu YB Billy? You like it or not, you have to make a wise decision sooner or later friend…

    • Ruthless says:

      Wah, you know so much about billy. Always remember, james is the one who say billy is not nominated as the candidates for Hulu Rajang but he is not the boss?? The finale say is still PM. My friend, if billy is nominated , and won during GE 13, who cares about james. So Billy and his terms should votes james out during the next party PRS TDM. Habis lah james and mong, pergi lah buat business dan jual tanah NCR , Sri Aman.

  7. PRS 30 says:

    ruthless…where are you? woof woof woof? now u know why we support our boss Masing. He is the bests. Anang lawan tawke kitai..!

    • Ruthless says:

      Why support a leader who is “Penakut”, if you want me to support him, can ,but with condition he must have a forum with See Chee How, berani ke ??? On the topic ” Jangan Lawan Tawke”

  8. Baleh Bajek says:

    Yame. !! Mayoh komen ditu. OMG ! Kesemua hentam James Masing President Kitai. Sng ini orang tak guna apa lah ruthless sokong sangat. Ada dengar bunyi datang dari Kapit ka ruthless? macam tok sekarang .
    deng deng deng deng macam ikan YU. Jangan lah bagi muka ka Sng banyak sekali. Dia itu boleh di cakap seorang “Penjudi Rakyat”. Dia mana ada peduli dengan orang sarawak. orang asing ada lah dia yang bawa banyak Bangladeshi masuk Sarawak.
    Kalau mahu tahu ada banyak cerita hangat lagi .

    • Ruthless says:

      Oh Balah Bajek , don’t you know that your boss masing like to show is bosses character with PRS numbers and “Penakut” in front of Sng??? . Don’t you know that he always blames others for his wrongdoing???? . Now is the time to get rid of him as president of party and replaced him with whom “you know”??? . The countdown has just begin?? Ha Ha

      • Baleh Bajek says:

        James tak ada buat apa kesalahan .Dia cukup hebat dan menang lawan Sng di PRS. Bukan James yang buat kecoh-kecoh di PRS. Yang buat itu ia orang kuat melano Taib. dia cuba dengan Sng tetapi nasib and tuhan baik dengan James. Sng di buang parti dengan yang lainlain. Sekarang dia mahu cuba menetang James lagi. Kenapa PRS saja? Kalah sudah berambus lah!

      • Ruthless says:

        Now we have to look at bigger picture on party PRS. Insides the party PRS they are divided into few factions. All of than just bound together cos of GE13. Insider source told me that big explosion would happen during the next TDM, James would be challenge cos of his arrogant and autocratic type of leadership. He only loyal supporters is mong , siki and lately vincent.
        Wait and see.

  9. semula says:

    Puteri chief spdp boleh. Kalau dia macam “siapa kamu? betul tak? Siapa kamu? tak boleh lah. Dia mesti jaga maruah dia dan tidak bercakap macam UMNO Wanita DS Sharizat. Jaga2 SPDP.

  10. phyllis says:

    Back in Malaysia. Great article this but comments here somewhat OOO. (out of order) Never mind at least these people got avenues to get their frustrations out. Not all countries are good but I love Malaysia. You will not appreciate your own country until you run into a sort of bother.
    Anyway cheers guys. Love the article though. Justs love Sabah,Malaysia.

  11. 2012 hope says:

    Another stupid assistant minister says that govt funds is for BN supportes Only.

    That minister should go back to school and learn what is Consolidated Funds ?

    His brainless and arrogant makes another shame to Swak after the infamous of Masing Slogan ” Golden of life,Jangan Lawan Towkay ”

    He deserves to publicly curse and condemn for such utterances.Betul betul memaluakn orang Sawak.

    No wonder not many are selected as candidates by Najib.

    Talk less and listen more, dont show your stupidity even if you are stupid and retarded.

    • Ruthless says:

      He is not assistant minister but master degree holder. From which university, i don’t know ???But it sound like University of Ngem….. ?? I think Adit can help you??

  12. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:


  13. extra t says:

    This i copied from iban kapit to ruthless. FIERCE ho…

    Ruthless, so what?How dare u say my mind is so narrow??Yours is narrower..never ever try to appreciate people,,u just know how to condemn TSJM in particular..Who say my President is not brave enough..he is brave enough to speak with regards to some accusations made by PAS sometimes ago,Semenanjung teachers are flooding Sarawak and derived our anak tempatan of their places in the MOE..sapa brought this matter out??Who??Mawan, Jabu?George Chan,….Non other thanTSJM..Reporters..their job is to make little thing`s their job.. Humiliate at the back??Who ??You??If dat little boy you are referring…he deserves it for his actions mau lawan tawkey..My President never blame others for anything that came across his or lost is the name of the game..common Ruthless..Pelagus seat lost to George Lagong..a proxy of Sng..yes we lost the seat..but we won by putting Stanley Nyitar to represent BN..not dat we won we don`t blame others..Award wat award??Tan Sri dah dapat..cukuplah..mana ada he shellfish…he is the real Iban who change the mindset of the Iban,a true Iban leader..right now he is visiting people in Rh Lugad Sg Majau..always put people at heart..our candidate for Hulu rajang Wilson Ugak is there hidup PRS..hidup TSJJM..sorry offence yeah..

    • Legal says:

      Oh my oh my.
      The kettle calling the pot black.
      Tell me which politician is not a rain seeker.
      I seeing a lot of cry baby politicians these days from. Siapa tauke?
      Is tauke hiding now?

    • Ruthless says:

      once you know your boss well than you can tell me who is he ? As i say again, he is the most arrogant person and also selfish person you would finds. He is daring to speak out but don’t dare to take the consequence. Like his quote” jangan lawan towke”. Until now he don’t dare to has a forum with See and also find all kinds of excuses. Tomorrow See chee how is going to have a forum, you know where is your boss right now ,and i am sorry to tell you that he is hiding in the longhouse. Please call your boss and see where is he???
      Don’t be over confident on your candidate, James can comments and the finale decision is still the PM. As long as PM has not name the candidates , billy is still the incumbent. Just like manok sabong” Bedau lekat bedau numu” . Don’t under estimates manok he is our 5 times winner. ugat susahlah ?? Wait and see.

  14. Legal says:

    Tauke is hiding slash fund in sg. Who does not know?
    Urban voters paid politicians to campaign.
    In rural area politicians generally paid voters to vote for them. Then rob them high and dry till next round.
    Why did the tauke not commission a study on the amount of spirit consumption in Ulu Rejang
    and Julau.

    • 2012 hope says:

      Rumours of 30 million-plot to topple 6 PRS parliament seats by Datuk Sng and Hidden Assemblyman as claimed by Salang and Masing.Benarkah ? Your comments PRS ?

      • Ruthless says:

        Party PRS president and few of his MP all has no “ball”. Do you believe people want to spent 30 million for 6 seats???? Think about it???Itu cakap kosong and don’t carried weights. Like i say before the PRS president is “penakut”. He take all rumour seriously. That is why you can hear a “crash” sound coming from party PRS headquarter.. Don’t you realize that ,they only know how to blames others??? That is their Medicines ,”BLAMES OTHER”. Invented by James.

  15. Ruthless says:

    Today Borneo Post, ” Stop sabotaging us” says Entulu
    Quote by Entelu” siapa makan chabi dia merasi pedas”
    Orang Selangau, go and tell your MP, don’t threaten anyone
    Why most of the party PRS MP and party president only know how to blame others
    Kalau takut jangan bertanding atau tukar candidates
    Belum lawan sudah cakap itu ini???Apa itu???
    It just like PRS MP don’t has “BALL”

    • 2012 hope says:

      Is it ” Pay Back ‘ time for PRS, SPDP ?.

      Why is it there never a strong and stable political party for Dayaks since Tun Jugah Era ?

      Are integrity,credibility,ethnics and trustworthy of these dayak leaders questionable and doubtful ?

      • Ruthless says:

        They is lot of Iban capable leaders, but the problem is that they all want to join BN, you know the reason why?????. Once with with BN you know the wonders????? Mostly Iban lawyers and Doctors join the opposition. The reason is cos they don’t need government , you know????

  16. 2012 hope says:

    GOOD NEWS for seasons and habitual gamblers during elections.

    Betting Odds for” Who will be the candidate for Hulu Rajang under BN banner ” is now open.

    Billy; RM 1.00 win to 80 sen , Ugak : RM 1 to win RM 1.20 which places Ugak as underdog by political analysts.

    Those who are interested, dont hesitate to place their bets you can contact both potential candidates’ Agents or Bookies in their areas.Kapit and Belaga.

    • Ruthless says:

      Not possible , president boy underdogs ?????something is wrong ??? where you get your odd from??? Willian Hill Ke??? or you has inside information from PM office????

      • 2012 hope says:

        Of course Billy is known to Najib as winnable candidate while he does not know who is Ugak ?

      • Ruthless says:

        but ugat is president boy, tahu tak???Do you mean ugat is not winnable??? you must remember PS umis come with a statement if ugat is pick as a candidate she can assure you that ugat would win with a bigger majority. So how???

  17. Paul Kering says:

    Macam nya aja.Kitai tok lawan tetap lawan Sng dan parti SWP.Hancurkan dan turunkan dia.Buang sekali penghianat BN.

  18. Big Boy says:

    ruthless you know or not..PRS President forgo Supreme Council meeting to go to Rh Lugad Sg Majau with Ugak according to ibankapit. He wanted to avoid Billy Abit knowing Billy will attack him at SC meeting. This is how James works lah!

    • Ruthless says:

      Now at lease you support me and know that james is “penakut”. When they is a problem “dia lari pergi rumak panjang”. Ha ha Where is iban kapit??? what happen to your president????Billy is waiting for him???Takut

      • 2012 hope says:

        Most modern young right thinking voters nowadays prefer capability over popularity.

        Popularity without capability wouldn’t bring one to greater heights in most aspect of life, what more to others.

  19. Ruthless says:

    James followers, please always remember that Sng is your boss “SIFU”. When sng appear in Julau, your penakut boss make all stupid comment.when he appear in selangau your MP become so worry. Habis lah PRS kali ini?Ha HA

  20. extra t says:

    Only you seem to say ruthless that James is ‘penakut” and Sng “sifu” maybe Sng forgot he was also a kettle before now he calls James everything. Did Sng bring down PBDS.? He is responsible too. Aiya these two characters cannot be trusted. Hope burn in hell both of them.

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